Last Days

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  1. The Last Days
    A one x one between Lillian Gray and Skarlet


    In their last moments people often ask what you would've done. Where you would've gone, who you would've tried to meet, and what you would've tried to accomplish before the last breath escaped from your lips and into the air to join with nature. The cycle of life began with a breath, and ended on the same note. But people never ask about what comes after, they're too afraid to talk about the inevitable darkness which swallows us whole.

    She was there, my family donated to hers, and we met.

    Both of us were brought into this world with a breath, and we'll both leave it that way. Breathing, dying, imagining how we'll go on in the next world.

    I met her. Gods I pray that that darkness never comes, that there is some other place where we can meet again. I don't want her to die, not yet, the separation which would doom us both is too bittersweet after all this time.

    Our story began, but not with a breath, but in a room. White walls, a space between us.

    I never thought it would be like this.

    We cannot banish dangers, but we can banish fears. We must not demean life by standing in awe of death. -David Sarnof
  2. Show Spoiler


    Name: Noah Harbury
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'0"
    Hair Color: Light brown
    Eye Color: Pale green

    Personality: At times, Noah can come off as a pretentious. Coming from wealth, he's likely to take the easy way out rather than work for what he wants. Money has never been an issue and it shows in his actions. He tries to be earnest, but, old habits die hard.
    Bio/History: Noah grew up an only child in a wealthy family. His father is a doctor, working overtime hours around the clock, all day every day in order to keep his patients alive. Through him, he learned devotion and care. His mother on the other hand, is a well standing business woman. While she isn't as devoted to her work, she still took the time to teach Noah about good moral values. They appeared to be the picture perfect family, at a glance. However, upon deeper inspection it became abhorrently clear that the parents, try as they might, had little time for their only son. Noah grew up alone, teaching himself many things along with how to ride a bike, and how to pirate music off the internet. The useful skills, he'd like to think. His life was otherwise fairly normal. He had good friends, a boring high school experience, and a swift college graduation with a degree in Marketing. Nothing eventful ever really happened to Noah Harbruy.

    It was some event from months ago, Noah thought, which put him on the plane to where she was. He shifted in his seat, finding it was less comfortable than before. Economy class would do that to a person, drive their back mad with pain and their legs eager to be anything but cramped. His family could certainly afford something a little nicer, but they had to at least keep up the appearance of normality among everyone else. Simply paying for what they wanted all the time was too overbearing, it made them look bad. They had to have some morals after all.

    The plane waited on the tarmac, and Noah with it. People next to him shifted in anticipation of getting off the stuffy plane, being able to stretch themselves and raise their arms a little further than past the next seat. He didn't get up, patiently waited instead for others to disembark before even rising from his seat.

    "Now Noah, we want you to meet her, send our best wishes." His mother had instructed him, just before his 7:30 flight took off. She adjusted the lapel on his coat, brushed off a few stray pieces of lint, while his father stood impatiently staring at his watch. "There'll be a fundraiser, present the check-"

    "Yes, mom." He smirked. "I know what to do, I'm not a kid any more."

    "I know, I know." She waved him off and went back to making her child prim and proper for the flight.

    It was all a waste. His hair was a mess and his coat no cleaner than it had been when he stepped on the plane. Somewhere, in a hospital on the other side of the city, was a girl who waited for him to arrive. He didn't know a thing about her other than the disease which took over her body, ALS. His parents were wealthy, his father had worked with the hospital before and it was no small wonder they would donate to the poor girl. It was a miracle, according to some newspapers, that she'd receive anything with the hype of ALS going around the country. People were doing the ice bucket challenge left and right, Noah himself was about to do it at a fundraiser - dressed in a suit no less.

    When everyone was nearly off the plane, Noah finally got off, found himself a taxi and headed to the hospital.

    She's waiting.
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  3. Skarlet's Character (open)

    Name: Christine
    Age: 20
    I used an anime character because using a real picture is a little too sad for me ^^; sorry
    However the rest will be revealed in the roleplay itself.

    Christine opens her eyes slowly when the light from the nurse opening the curtain floods the room. She slowly rubs the sleep from her eyes, being careful not to disconnect any of the cables that are the only thing keeping her alive, watching the nurse plug in a cable to a water bag that drops vitamins into her. The disease is just starting to affect her so she has some of her movement, but it takes a lot of effort for her to even lift an arm. She gets told that today will be a very special day, but is not told why. Christine is left looking at the ceiling, left to the deep crevices of her mind.
  4. "Try to keep her calm, nothing too startling." The nurse shrugged her shoulders. "I mean, this would be a little exciting no doubt, your family has done her a great kindness."

    Noah raked a hand through his hair, feeling rather embarrassed by the admission. His family, his parents, were the ones giving away the money. It felt wrong for him to be there in place of the ones who were the real donating parties. He was only a child, an extension of gratitude and blessings.

    "Oh please, we'd do it for anyone." He said honestly.

    "Come on, she's waiting." The nurse smiled wide at Noah and led him to a door, holding her hand over it carefully before pushing it open to reveal the girl inside. Christine, the girl all this was for.

    Noah shuffled inside and took his place at the edge of the bed. She was hooked up to a thousand and one devices, none of which he was sure what they did. He made sure to smile, an awkward grin no matter how he tried.

    "Hi, Christine?" Noah started. "I'm Noah, and I've got some good news for you."​
  5. Christine tries to smile at the man on the edge of her bed, "hi Noah, its nice to see someone new around here. What do you have to tell me?" She weakly extends her arm a few inches to try and shake his hand, but to no avail as it just stops after not even a second of moving. Christine swallows and continues trying to smile to look like nothing is wrong and that everything is going to be fine, but a hint of the opposite is true in the glimmer in her eyes.
  6. Noah took a step around the edge of the bed so he might shake her hand. She shouldn't have had to work so hard for it, he thought, he was the one coming in to greet her after all. He extended his hand and took her small one, shaking it lightly before setting it down carefully on the bed again. She was so fragile.

    "My name is Noah Harbury, I already said that." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Anyways. My father has been working with the doctors here, and we've come to donate to your charity."

    The nurse was smiling with glee at her side, absolutely over the moon with the news. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, it might have been due to the rising awareness of ALS across the world. Donations were pouring in left and right, but a direct donation was still somewhat unusual. Noah's family was quite wealthy after all, so it was nothing major, but it always meant a world of a difference to someone else.

    "I'm here to tell you the news, your surgeries, medication, hospital care will all be provided by my father until you've recovered."​
  7. Christine gets a look of shock on her face, "r-really? But much! How could you afford all of that Noah? My treatment is insanely expensive." SHe stares at the young man on her bed with her eyes showing happiness, everything else showing shock. Sure she might have had some donations come in, but it only lessened the costs for her family, never outright eliminating the costs for her family. When she tells her mother and father they're going to be so glad that their baby girl is going to get the treatments much easier now.
  8. "Don't thank me, my dad's a doctor." He beamed, laughing. It was more of a reflex to her excitement, he was just glad she hadn't reacted in a negative way.

    His family had gobs of money. He hated to gloat the fact, but it was true. Paying for her care was easy for his parents, Noah was simply the messenger. Feeling as joyful as he did wasn't acceptable, seeing as it was his father who did the majority of the work, so the butterflies in his stomach had to be something else. The smile on her face was certainly worth seeing, no matter how shocked she was.

    "There's going to be a public celebration I think, involving a lot of ice."​
  9. "Why will there be a lot of ice? It'll just melt, its the summer." Christine looks at Noah, a puzzled look on her face, which shows all of her confusion. Being in the hospital so long has made her blind to the world outside of the white walls of her room. The book on her bed is the only thing she has, besides the stand that helps her read the book, but that doesn't count to her, its just a tool, not like a book itself. "What's going on Noah?"
  10. Has she not heard about the ice bucket challenge? I swear it's been everywhere.

    Even the nurse gave Christine an odd sort of look. Thousands of people had been posting videos of themselves being covered in ice cold water for the sake of ALS research, donations were coming in like crazy, and yet she'd not heard anything about it. Had her friends not thought to do the challenge for her? Noah shook the thoughts from his head and chocked it up to the sweet blissful ignorance of being stuck inside a hospital for so long. She couldn't help her situation.

    "There's this thing people do, dump ice on themselves for ALS research." Noah explained how it got started, pulling out his phone in order to show her a video or two. "It's really popular, I'm actually doing it later."

    He handed her the phone once he got a clip rolling, watching a pair of young girls stand outside in nothing but their swimsuits. A set of hands came from nowhere with a large bucket of water and threw it on them with haste. They screamed, giggled, but it was all in the sake of fun and good will.​
  11. "So people do this" she gestures to the phone, "for people like me?" Christine starts offering the phone back to Noah. "I don't get to watch videos anymore, I can't hold the phone long enough to do that. Laptops are too heavy for my lap as well, so I just read my books with the stand." She lets out a soft sigh and looks up at the ceiling.
  12. Noah shifted awkwardly on his feet. So she didn't even get to have a laptop, it was too heavy she'd said. That was disappointing to hear. He hadn't imagined it was so bad, thought at least being in bed would allow her to sit and watch movies for a good majority of the day. Even that wasn't true. She had to have the aid of a stand just to read. He felt sorry for her, sorry there wasn't anything else he could do.

    "I can bring you some movies or something." He suggested.

    "There's a dvd player we could bring in." The nurse offered.

    "See?" Noah smiled at the girl. "I'm here to help, I promise."​
  13. "I would appreciate it Noah, but you don't have to, reading passes the time just like any movie." Christine smiles at Noah and tilts her head to show that it is okay, and that he doesn't need to do so much for you.

    He cares so much about someone he doesn't even know, this is so new to me.

    Christine closes her eyes, unsure of what to say next.
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