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  1. The Moon fall

    A long time ago the word lived in nice harmony. Humans lived in small civilizations, and the world was rich in power and sustainability. Clean water and electricity where very accessible, as well as the luxuries of life. However that all changed with one massive phenomenon. The moon fell. No one knows why, but the moon suddenly the moon dropped straight into the pacific ocean. This devastating blast brought the whole world to its knees in a matter of seconds. Everything crumbled before the human race, and the world itself was terraformed. The new world was flooded with waves and ripped apart by shockwaves. Humans and animals alike hid themselves away until it was over.

    20 years later, the world has regrown. It was formed a planet covered in extreme conditions, super hot desserts, uninhabited waste lands, ice cold snow plains and dense jungle areas. Only small traces of urban civilisation remain. The humans that survived try to breed to keep the population moving. But it is getting harder and harder everyday. 10 small rocks orbit the earth, acting as a makeshift moon. However it is common for huge tsunamis and giant hurricanes to manifest on the surface.

    People try to rebuild their lands, but often are crushed by other human groups, animals or even nature. Many struggle to find suitable supplies, but some do live. Some hunt and gather. Some build and create. Some even kill and murder. We do anything we can, because these are out last days.
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  2. I sit atop the overhanging ledge of my tree house home hidden high above the beast infested forest floor. My hands absently play with a small apple that barely fills my palms. All the others have gone and died, whether it be by predation or disease, I don't really care. So long as it doesn't happen to me, I couldn't care less. We're a stubborn species after all, we'll just regenerate like rabbits. They'll be replaced soon and then I'll have companionship and hopefully forward the species myself, despite my pathetic, petite frame. An owl zooms by, scratching my forearm.

    "Agh! Damn bird!" I growl while sneaking into my handmade shelter to treat the light wound. This better not get infected, that could be the end of me and I'm not about to die from a fowl's attack. What the hell did it want anyways?

    I finish binding the wound then head out to my 'balcony' once again. My knife comfortably rests against my hip as I slide down one of the various weaved vines attached to my forest home.
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  3. A man of about 26, grizzled and wrapped in a brown cloak, looks towards the sky. The color of his apparel almost matching that of the overgrown forest floor. Devastation was everywhere, even if in small amounts. Traces of rubble could be seen in the forest. Various items that told a miserable tale of what humanity once was. Even if this man was only a small child when the 'world' ended, he could still remember what it meant to be civilized, but those times where over.

    The man, with a length of sheet metal wrapped in leather padding his forearm, held it out for a large owl. With his free hand he fed the animal a piece of dried meat, which it hungrily devoured.

    "Slow down, Nightshade, you'll break your beak" The left corner of the man's mouth curling ever so slightly. His one companion in this world was an owl. Their relationship was no doubt dependent on the fact he helped feed it, but nonetheless, he loved the animal as much as a post-apocalyptic man could.

    "You've found someone, haven't you?" Nightshade made a guttural noise in his throat. The man had sensed someone may be nearby and now it was time to make contact. Be it friend or foe, it was time.

    He carefully made his way deeper into the forest. Up ahead, about 20 meters, he saw a girl sliding skillfully down a vine. He froze, now easily close enough for her to see. The man had learned that in this world it was never safe to frighten a person, so he stood a safe distance away, in the open, nightshade perched on his arm.
  4. Silence... I wake up, an old man in a destroyed cabin unable to recall who I am but all I see and all I know is that I am alone in this waste land. Was it a famine? Was it a war? Questions I ask myself that bring nothing but more confusion.


    I seek the answers to my past as well as what exactly happened to cause all this. The only clue I have to go by is this knife I found with two dog tags attached to it in my pocket. What these dog tags meant was beyond me but all I knew was that I had to get out of this waste land.

    I gather my thoughts and get up as walk into this long, lonesome, land...
  5. @Faber and others

    Cursing and whisper-ranting, a lightly wounded girl made her way through the forest that was filled with normal animals and mutants alike. A blood-gashing, deep slice across her upper left arm showed that she'd probably been attacked not long ago, but made it out alive without serious injuries. Then again, serious injuries? The lightest scratch could lead to death without medical treatment, so every little booboo had to be avoided if possible.

    The brunette seemed to be in her late teens, her brown locks tamed by a messy pigtail. Her outfit was dirty with blood, mud and other substances one could only guess, as if she'd spent the last few days fighting her way through these cursed woods.
    "I swear, this is like the dinosaur era again.. unbelievable what gross beings one runs into!", she complained to herself.

    Though she hadn't noticed the men yet, she had taken note of the other female when that girl cursed about an owl scratching her. Not having had any contact with another human for a few months, the loner wasn't sure what to do. To avoid any risks, her hand rested on the small gun attached to her belt. She didn't look like she had bad intentions, but wasn't sure what reaction to expect from the stranger.

    "Uhm... are you alright?", she decided to ask the girl that just landed on the damp forest floor about 15 feet from her.
  6. The young boy was walking through the forest at the time. He was only in his teens. He had lived all is life in this climate. He had only known his parents for a short time till they disappeared. He seemed to happy as he walkedntgeough the forest, like the world wasn't collapsing around him.

    On his back was a large camping bag, it seemed to have multiple pieces of equipment. He was wearing tracksuit trousers and a hoodie covered his body and most his face. On his face was an medical eye patch that covered his left eye. But the rest of his face was not very visible due to the hood.

    Whilst strolling through the forest he heard some noises. It was people, people speaking. It had been a while since he had heard people talk. Most of the people he met were shouting or screaming. The boy was spurious and walked towards the noise. Eventually he came across two girls. "yo" he said, giving them a wave.
  7. My bound feet lightly skirt the forest floor as I land onto the mossy covering. I release the vine and readjust my filthy clothing. There're eyes here. Too many eyes. Who're they? Who's hunting? My hand itches at the dagger tied to my hip. These stares don't feel like those of feral animals. No. It's more... human. There're still some alive? I crouch into a fighting stance attempting to estimate the fight awaiting me. This is the last thing I need. Blood rushes. My heart aches and my limbs tingle. This isn't good.
    A young voice comes from my side, a sweet, innocent voice of a young girl, much like myself. Can I trust her? My fingers only rest on the handle now, less eager to whip out the blade.
    "H-hel..." I manage to stammer out before a second voice comes into the air, a man's voice. Nerves bombard me once again and I'm put back into fight mode. She has back up? Hah. I bet they think I'm easy pickings. I'll show them.
  8. She gasped and averted her attention and eyes from the girl that had just slid down the vine. In a quick turn, she was facing the boy who so indifferently had said "yo" and was pointing her gun at him. Although she didn't trust people at first in general, Levy at least wanted to assume the best and approach people kindly. There weren't many of their kind left, so the few that were shouldn't be killing each other. So she thought.. but when this guy literally came out of nowhere her survival instincts snapped.

    "Who are you?", she asked, a little louder than expected, giving away her nervousness. Did that girl and the newcomer want to steal her weapons and food resources? She quickly glanced at said girl, obviously expecting an attack and taking a few steps back from those. "Look, you don't attack me and I don't shoot, ok?!"
  9. "You look kinda jumpy" the boy said. "Sorry if i scared you" he apologized giving a small bow. He removed the large camping bag and dropped it to the ground, it made a loud thud as it hit the floor signaling that it was very heavy. He didn't flinch as the girl pointed the gun at him, he found it a natural reaction. Many people would kill others to survive.

    He held out his as a gesture of kindness "I don't want to attack you so don't worry" he said. Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the boys hands were bandaged up. He still did not remove his hood so his facial features were hidden. He looked at both of the girls.
  10. Things happened quickly in a world where it was kill or be killed. Everyone was always cautious, if not paranoid, when meeting strangers. It was the way things were now. The man, who would shortly introduce himself simply as 'Doc' was waiting as the people exchanged glances and went to their weapons. Doc had seen enough killing in this world, he did not want any more.

    "Easy, now, easy. Everyone, please. Let me be the first to introduce myself. I'm Doc, and this is nightshade" He flicked his head towards the owl perched on his arm.

    "I recon he gave you a little surprise." Doc looked to the Tree girl "But I promise, he's not vicious, just hungry and curious. Really a silly bird with an enormous appetite is all. "

    Doc laughed uneasily, hoping to break the tension.

    "I'd be more than happy to have a look at that cut, and you as well. That's a nasty wound on your arm. Might get infected" He said to the other girl. The one pointing the gun. "You can trust me, I used to be a Doctor."

    He next smiled at the young man with the camping gear. "Hello, there. I see your far more prepared than the rest of us. I have only a few basic supplies. Maybe you could spare some cloth for a bandage, that is if we all lower our weapons and decide that we don't want to ill each other."

    While it wasn't a lie that Doc's Owl, Nightshade, was just hungry and curious, he was also a trained attack bird. At a moments notice he could be used as a weapon.
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  11. As soon as the newcomer's voice hit the girl's ears, she took out a second gun after some effort, pointing one at the young camper and the other at Doc. It took her a few moments after Doc's intro that she'd let them sink and warily look them from head to toe.
    ".. so, you two claim to have no vile intentions." She sighed heavily, putting away one weapon into her back and attaching the other to her belt where she could reach it within moments if it became necessary.

    "Sorry, dude, but I don't trust you enough to let you touch my wounded arm yet. People have often attempted to murder me to get my weapon arsenal.", she mumbled, turning to the other guy. "What are you doing here anyway?"
  12. " taking a walk" he said . The boy removed his hood to reveal his face, he was young about 16. He had jet black hair and the eye that wasn't covered by an eye patch was a dark blue. There was a long scar across the young boys nose. He had a stupid looking grin on his face as he lent back on his heavy bag. "what about you?" He asked the girl.
  13. "Me? Uhm.. well, I'm looking for a new temporary place to stay as my last home has been run over by.. let's call it, mutated wolves. One of them uglier than the other. I will also need to find a town with a police station to stock up my bullets. And of course, like everyone else, I'm hungry.", she explained, relaxing more and more in the dudes' presences. After the initial shock had passed, Levy seemed to warm up to the youngster a little.

    "I got a few cookies left, though. Found them in a slot machine in the last town I've been to. Want any?", she asked, taking out a bag of cookies from her backpack and starting to eat some herself. If she was eating this stuff herself, it meant that it wasn't poisonous, right? She offered him and the Doc as well as the girl now that she was at it anyway, some.
  14. "yeah sure" the boy said, stepping forwards with an out stretched hand. "i haven't had cookies in a while" he sighed. His hands were laced with bandages, and it looked like the travelled far up his arm. He had a soft smile on his face.
  15. Pumpkin.png
    Pumpkin yawned, rolling over on her bed. It was hard and made of straw but she knew no better. Sitting up, she glanced around, looking for the source that had woken her up. It certainly wasn't Halloween, he was asleep next to her. The building she had made from a tree house blueprint her father had found and the only way in was a window and a small hatch in the floor. Nothing was there. Perhaps it was a dream. Once again, a yawn overcame her as she stood and dusted herself off. She was feeling hungry. It was item to hunt.
  16. "A hooray on industry and their rotten chemicals. At least the food won't rot so fast like this.", Levy mumbled, letting the boy have some.

    "Say, what happened to your eye and arms? They look gross.", she noted bluntly.
  17. A sad frown moved across his face at her comment. "Really?" he asked looking at his hands. They were all covered in the bandages, the bandages themselves were dirty and bloody. He fiddle slightly with the eye patch but did not take it off. He looked back at his hands, then over at the man called doc. "Do you have any clean bandages?" he asked him
  18. Anxiety bolts my joins together and revs up my heart. They're getting friendly with each other, probably forming some kind of alliance. Yeah. Yeah. That's what they're doing. I look over the doctor with the bird then I glance down to the reddening cloth bound around my forearm. He's after me to then, huh. That whole being curious crap is just bull shit. He sent the damn bird. Yes, he had to. That was too much of a coincidence. I slide one of the blades into its holster and grip the other with my teeth. There's no way in hell that I'm going to let them have the upper hand.

    I jump up the vine and grip it with my uninjured hand before wrapping my ankle around the green rope. I readjust then swing my injured arm up to the vine. A sharp pain shoots down the limb causing me to loose my grip and precariously hang from the plant.

    Shoot what am I going to do now? I'm going to die. They're going to kill me and raid my home. I'll be another casualty
  19. As she climbed down from the tree house that served as her home, Pumpkin glanced around. She had heard something, no doubt, but it didn't bother her. She wouldn't give whatever it was the chance to hurt her. She had not only the tree house but a cavern just below, one that had been dug out by her father and her in preparation. There was plenty of places to hide. Reaching out for a vine, she let herself fall off the edge, trusting the vine, which was constantly checked for fraying parts, with the weight of her body. Pumpkin then slid down, landing softly on the ground. It wasn't soundless, like she had hoped, but a soft crack of pebbles. Some poor creature had tried to build a nest under her home. The girl sighed, kneeling down and picking it up gingerly. She could only imagine what creature it was as she moved it under the next tree and out of the way.
  20. Emi (open)

    Age: 17
    Has: Short cut hair, loose tank top with no bra, and old ripped skinny jeans. Soccer cleats with dirty socks.


    Emi coughed as she walked down the rubble road that cut though the jungle. She had some experience with surviving, but it had only been two weeks since though bandits raped her mother and killed her father. She had gotten away, but unfortunately Emi had cough something bad. She started to form a lump on her neck. She though it might be a mutation, or some kind of parasite. It was probably from her eating the raw bugs from under the rocks from the what was paved roads. It was a stupid idea. She was not well experienced in survival after all. The road seemed to end and she came to a hill. Atop the hill was a great tree with a house in it, and there seemed to be a cave on the side of the hill. She thought she saw someone near the cave, but before she could do anything a pain went to her neck. It was extremely painful. Like she was just put into an oven. Her ears started to burn and she felt light headed. She streamed as the lump seemed to move around and grow. "AAAaHGGGA!!" she let out before she collapsed on her knees and passed out on the jungle floor.
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