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  1. I thought, would it not be nice to have a code that would allow us to set a specific day cycle that would indicate either
    active or inactive?


    This person has been active but did not reply to the IC thread, so the post with the code itself shows:

    while a person that has not been active at all on iwaku for an, in the code decided time, will show:

    In this case I think that the "Last seen" settings should influence weither or not somebody can do that.
    So if a person decided to turn off the last seen option it would show


    Does not essentially need to be on a thread itself, on a RP group it would work very well, too.
  2. Seems like a silly way to implement this kind of activity monitoring feature, honestly.

    The timed cycle of active or inactive seems like a poor man's version of the simple online indicator we already have, which shows with utmost accuracy whether or not someone is online. It would be really goofy to code in a cycle saying you're active from 7PM to 11PM your time, for example, and then have it still display you as active even if something keeps you from getting online during that time period one day. You'd be better off adding something to your signature, profile info, or RP resume that gives what times you're usually active, because then there will be no confusions with someone being displayed as active while they actually aren't.

    As for an activity display thing to indicate whether or not someone has been online since they last posted or since others posted and have been waiting for them, it would be better to give an option to allow a user to display when they were last active in the little section under their name, where currently you see when they joined and how many posts they've made. That makes it a simple matter of checking the time of the post of reference, then checking when the person was last online. This wouldn't currently help with groups, but once the new group system is done being tested and is applied to overwrite the old group system, then group threads will look just like normal threads and you'll be able to see such an indicator.

    Another better way to get this kind of functionality would be to copy Facebook a bit. They have a feature for their chat system where you can see if someone has read a message you sent them. For roleplaying, this could be useful for RP threads by making it so there's an unobtrusive list of who has viewed each post, perhaps as a little button near the ratings that expands into a list of names when pressed. That way you could go see who has viewed the most recent IC post, thus you would know if particular people have not yet viewed it. I don't know if anyone has made any such add-on for XenForo, but it would be a fair bit better than a bit of code shoved into a post that shows when the poster is active.
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  3. That would actually be even better. That would give a lot of information with such a little thing. :)

    Read receipts please! Give us a button we can click like the ratings that allows us to see who has read (or at least marked as read) our posts!

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  5. I do not believe this is technically possible without paid addons, if suck addons exist..
  6. Ugh, I'd personally vote against implementing a feature where you can see who has read your posts and when, unless a person can opt out of it like the current 'last active' feature. Those kinds of features make me hella anxious due to the people who use them to go 'I see you read this and didn't reply.... why. let me ask you. and keep asking you. and keep asking you.' I just like to retain a certain level of privacy/anonymity and the way Facebook lets other people know you've read their message just makes me anxious as heck.
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