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  1. A relatively fine, Spring day. The LARP festival was about to go full-swing, but the GM wanted a quick, private roleplay to commemorate the third anniversary of the LARP group. Into the woods they went, with the GM happily describing the forest as a magical, fantasy elven retreat, and the rustling of squirrels as the hushed footsteps of orcs setting up an ambush.

    It was supposed to last only an hour, then the group would have returned to the main area to start the mass roleplay. The group was way too into the setting the GM had made, and spent a good three hours LARPing by themselves. Dusk had fallen the forest, and try as they might, the group couldn't make their way back to camp. Their GM had gone missing too, after he'd said he needed to take a leak. They heard a rustle from behind, and thought the GM had returned.

    It wasn't him. Instead, what came from the treeline was a horrendous orc, six feet tall, with heavily scarred features and grey, mottled skin. Dismissing this as a LARPer with extreme makeup skills, they asked for directions back to camp. What the orc gave in reply was a series of grunts, gurgles and growls. More orcs came from behind.

    The LARP group asked them nicely to stop roleplaying for a while, and for directions back to camp. They replied with throwing axes. One of the group was caught dead center in his chest, and he fell to the ground with a thud. With a scream, the group began to run, deep into the woods, afraid and alone.

    Setting! (open)

    The world your LARP group has been thrown into is a mashup of various fantasy, steampunk, and magitek tropes and generic races. By the start of the roleplay, the group will have found a clearing out of the forest and away from the murderous orcs. What they meet though, will have them truly questioning their perception of reality.

    The LARP group, though unnamed, has been going on for three years, having monthly gatherings. Many members have come and gone, though the Game Master has been there from the very start. As such, your characters can already have friends in the group, or be complete newbies to the group, or even LARPing in general.

    They find out the characters and backstories they have made truly make an impact on their new world. Magic works there. More importantly, your magic works there. Someone who couldn't lift a five pound weight in real life can suddenly lift boulders! The fictional backgrounds the group has written for their characters and personas don't just exist in their imaginations. They happened in this world.

    The main plotline to the RP is to, obviously, go home. Myriad dangers stop them, however, namely the threat of looming death. When you die here, do you die for good?

    Character Sheets (open)


    (Their real appearance and the costume they wore when they went into the forest. Written, image, or both is accepted! Please write at least a bit, though. Anime images are fine, too.)

    Real Background:
    (Basically what they do for a living, hobbies (apart from LARPing, of course) and significant events in their life.)

    Character's Background:
    (Basically how you would write any character's backstory from any RP here in Iwaku! It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or good, in any sense, since technically you'll still be you, per se.

    In fact, it might be more realistic for someone new to roleplaying to make their 'character' overpowered and Mary-Sue-ish. (Though your real roleplaying shouldn't be so! You should use your good roleplaying to roleplay as a bad roleplayer, if you want!)

    (Also, be sure to add stuff like class and race! Any generic, well-known race. No homemade race, please. Sorry!

    And finally, don't add stuff like likes, dislikes, and personality to the backgrounds. (Character background is fine for this.) Just build your character as the game progresses.)

    • Follow every Iwaku rule!​
    • Follow societal norms! Don't be a dick to others! Even if your character is a dick, make sure it's clear that your dickiness is directed to the character, not the person roleplaying them!​
    • Follow general RP guidelines! No godmodding, no mary-sues (except for that exception, stated in the character sheet section), no killing other characters without permission, etc.​
    • The posting expectations are at Beginner. This means that Beginners are totally allowed. But I expect them to learn, and I expect more experienced RPers to teach! (I will too, not saying that I'm particularly good) Things like making better characters, how to write better, etc.​
    • This is first and foremost an exploration game. To explore a new world, to do things you couldn't do normally, and to be who you always wanted to be. ​
    • Although I am the GM, I'll take turns with people to make a new plot-arc or a place to discover and explore. At first, I'll do the first plot arc, just to set a base to work on. Then, when that quest or storyline is resolved, someone can volunteer if they feel they have an idea to share with everyone!​
    • Okay, this is a lot of rules, sorry.​
    • LAST one. I swear. I'm allowing you to add whatever you want to the world. It doesn't even have a name yet! I have not planned anything for the world. However, I do have a direction for it, and I want it to be paced. You can't have a group of newcomers to the world rescue a family from bandits, to have them immediately dispatch the world's oldest and evilest dragon! Also, no laser guns, aliens, robots, or that sort of thing, sorry.​
    • Just post whatever idea you have here, in the OOC thread. Even if the current plot-arc is still ongoing. Everyone can voice their opinion of it, try to make it so everyone is happy, and decide when to switch over to it after the current arc is done! This is a group roleplay! (PS, I lied about the previous one being the last rule.)​
    Alright, five-six players, depending on the interest generated. Posting twice a week is what I'm asking for.
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  2. *peeks in* by generic races, would D&D (or any other popular roleplay game) races be alright? Or just like your basic human, elf, orc, dwarf, ect.?

    also, interested and I'll try to get a sheet up either today or within the next couple of days
  3. Basically anything that doesn't prompt a "what's that" response. DND is pretty well-known, at least the races are, and are many other races of games. Even setting-specific ones, like Tauren from World of Warcraft, since you guys are LARPers.
  4. ___Real:_________________________________________

    Name: Evelyn (Goes by Eve) McClain

    Age: 22

    Gender: female

    Evelyn is tall at 5’11 and still managing to be on the curvy side of average in body shape. The young woman’s brown, shoulder length hair seems to always be wind swept, never able to be completely tamed into submission. Big, green eyes seem to be almost alien behind glasses that only seem to magnify their size even more. A dusting of freckles covers the bridge of Eve’s nose and random moles (or dots as she calls them) are sprinkled about on her pale, easily burnt flesh.

    Eve is for the most part the average 22 year old. The young woman comes from a family with both of her birth parents, and one younger sister. She has an Associate’s Degree in Office Administration from the local community college. For the past six months she has been working as a receptionist for an explosives company. Eve enjoys reading, surfing the net, crafting (and other DIY’s), artsy stuff, filling out or making forms, finding pictures in things, and really any other thing that flits through her mind.

    Eve’s been into the fantasy genre since before she can remember, devouring books since she could read. The girl started videogames around the age of ten but never really took to them like she thought she would. With the future exception of MMO’s. She found out what RPing (by forum) was near the end of middle school and took to it with abandon, loving the ability to write a story with more than one person. Then, finally, in high school, she learned what LARPing and Tabletop Roleplaying were. However she didn’t begin to trifle in it until after graduating the closed minded private school, Roseville Prep. The young oman met her small group in college and has been going to events with them ever since. Eve still gets burns about it from her family, but she decidedly loves LARPing and RPing and doesn’t care that its “uber dorkiness to the max”, as her sister puts it.


    Name: Kierra Celir

    Age: 27

    Gender: female

    Race: Half-Elf – Werewolf (inherited from human lineage)

    Class: Archer

    Kierra stands tall at six foot or so in height. Her frame is fairly slender with enough of a curve to it to make some look twice. Pale flesh with a misleading softness covers her body. Her hair falls in raven black waves down to her mid-back. However, the strands are most often kept in a loose braid. Kierra’s eyes are a near startling gold in color and they remain that way in both of her shapes.

    Because of her unique heritage, Keirra doesn’t have the hybrid form most lycanthropes have. Instead she just has her main form and a wolf shape. Given, her wolf shape is larger than a normal wolf’s. Kierra’s fur in her wolf shape is the same as her hair color and her eyes remain gold. Her body is lean than bulky, making her built more for speed and dexterity than strength.

    Kierra was born to an elven father and a human, or so she seemed, mother. The child’s parents while never together officially, had good relations. So when Keirra’s mother died a few months after the girl reached the equivalent of six, her father took her in. However, it wasn’t long before the elven man begin to realize that his daughter wasn’t quite what she seemed. At first, the man was very confused but when he brought it up to the village elders, they pointed him to a book about lycanthropes. Then the mystery was solved. It took a couple years, but the man was able to work with it.

    When she hit her preteens, the young girl began to follow her father out into the woods, fascinated with how he used his bow. Often times, she would do this in her wolf shape. She continued to do this off and on for a few years before she asked her father to teach her how to use the bow. Henceforth, began her lessons. Her father taught her how to use the bow, a simple blade, and the ways of wilds.

    When she hit adulthood, Keirra left her father’s colony, seeking adventure and her own place in the world. When she left, it wasn’t on bad terms. But she’d always felt like an outsider because of her unique heritage.
    Kierra stumbled across her current group while in a pub some many years ago after overhearing them describe their latest adventure. The rest, so it is said, is history.
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  5. ==================================Player=======================================

    Player: Calamity

    Name: Aaron Johnson

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Aaron is a charismatic, and attractive young man. Tall, around six-foot three. Raven colored curly hair, and eyes like Hershey's Dark Chocolate. He is a built young man, many competitive years on the field as an offensive lineman has conditioned him well through his middle and high school years. Leaving him toned and a heart-throb for many girls.

    Real Background: Aaron enjoys many things. Football is but a drop in the pond. While many may not consider athletic types to be as intelligent as say, bookworms, he would fool them with his repertoire of handyman skills. He's good with his hands, though not with things like painting-- more like wood shop, metal working and car mechanics. He enjoys the challenges these things bring him as well as the adulation of his team winning a big game.

    But at the same time...its part of made him disillusioned with being HIM. Girls saw him only as eye candy; constantly flirting just because they believed they could 'upgrade' their social status--and others didn't think or really, believe he could do much more than tackle someone or work on a car. It was this kind of social stigma that brought him to LARPing even if it was an accident. The experience of losing yourself in a character you created was...exhilarating.

    It was both like being in a championship game, but not all the same. Skip ahead a few years to his final year in high school, and he's become adept, he's becom a casual figure head among players in his area--and no one really knows he'sthe top lineman from the reigning football team. He's just, him. Doing what he wanted, and enjoying himself for once rather than feeling the pressure and weight on his shoulders.


    Name: Veleriya

    Race: Udaeus


    Shielded Fighter: A shielded fighter focuses on both offense and defense, blending weapon and shield in perfect balance to impede his enemies while delivering deadly blows, and even turning the shield itself into a formidable weapon. These fighting school benefits apply when wielding a weapon and a shield simultaneously.


    Gladiator: Most fighters battle out of necessity, with each battle a contest of life and death. Some, however, fight for glory and for the adulation of the crowd. The gladiator is both a cunning warrior and a consummate performer, knowing life and death are balanced not only on a sword’s edge, but also on the cheers or jeers of the crowd.

    Appearance: Velariya resembles a seven foot tall, athletic human with bone-white skin and black hair. He marks himself with tattoos or brands, usually of weapons, dragons, or battle scenes. When Valeriya hardens his flesh with its innate magic, these markings look like carvings and cracks in a marble statue.


    Age: 20 (Ages slower than humans and Elves, lives longer than Humans but not as long as Elves.)

    Gender: Male


    • The Hasta (Masterwork): “Hasta” means ‘spear’ in Latin. It was six and a half feet long, or two meters. Much longer than most swords can reach, and rather than most, was not meant for throwing but goring your enemies with the six inch, leaf-shaped spear head. The haft is made from ash.

    • Aspis (hoplon): Measured at least 3 feet (0.91 m) in diameter and weighed about 16 pounds (7.3 kg), and it was about 1–1.5 inches (25–38 mm) thick; was deeply dished and made primarily of wood, laminated with thick hide and a thin sheet of bronze on the outer face, that also formed a thin, but solid rim.

    This large shield was made possible partly by its shape, which allowed it to be supported on the shoulder. The revolutionary part of the shield was, in fact, the grip. Known as an Argive grip, it placed the handle at the edge of the shield, and was supported by a leather fastening (for the forearm) at the center. This allowed hoplites more mobility with the shield, as well as the ability to capitalize on their offensive capabilities and better support the phalanx. The shield rested on a man's shoulders, stretching down the knees. These large shields were designed for a mass of hoplites to push forward into the opposing army, a move called ‘othismos’, and it was their most essential equipment.

    The main purpose of the Hoplon shield was defensive; however Spartans also used it to bash their opponents. This could be to stun them, knock them down or get some room to use another weapon. The shield could also be used as a killing weapon outright, its weight and thin edge making it a superb blunt weapon.

    • Cestus: The cestus is a glove of leather or thick cloth that covers the wielder from mid-finger to mid-forearm. The close combat weapon is reinforced with metal plates over the fingers and often lined with wicked triangular iron spikes along the backs of the hands and wrists. He only has one, and its on his left, spear-wielding hand. His forearm has overlaps the lower one third of the Cestus; down to his elbow and is also covered with spikes to prevent any would-be attacker from grabbing his arm.

    • Sica: The Sica was a short sword from Ancient Rome. To the Romans, it was a weapon associated with criminals, although it was also wielded by a class of gladiator known as the Thraex. The Sica's angled blade was designed to reach around the shields of opponents, which was necessary since the Thraex's typical opponent, the murmillo class of gladiator, carried the large scutum shield of Roman legionaries. With the tip pointing up, the Sica would often catch on the bottom of opponent's helmets, allowing the user to force the blade upwards through the jaw and into the brain.


    • Heroic Armor: A sleek bronze colored, Greek inspired muscled cuirass made of a substance called Adamantime. A type of body armor cast to fit the wearer's torso and designed to mimic an idealized human physique. The muscle cuirass, known also as the 'heroic cuirass' for its impressive and statuesque look, often features what is considered to be the height of physical perfection; in a male, featuring well-defined muscles in the chest, particularly along the pectorals and the abdominal muscles. The brass muscle armor is a perfect example of this favored cuirass.

    This chest armor also lacks a collar, featuring only a neckline that approaches neck, while leaving it free to move. The arm holes on the armor are also fairly expansive, providing for a range of movement that would be required of any warrior. This armor is made from fine metal materials and features a truly impressive looking polished brass finish. The breastplate secures to the back plate along the shoulders and the sides.

    This brass muscle armor is a great representation of the an armor that not only provides more than adequate protection but also serves to enhance the appearance of its wearer, making any warrior look more grand and more statuesque in terms of their appearance. It is commonly depicted in Greek and Roman art, where it is worn by generals, emperors, and deities during periods when soldiers used other types.

    • Shin Guards: Made of adamantine, these go from the front of the knee, to the tops of the feet.
    Character's Background:
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  6. I'm down for this, I'll have a sheet up for Mercanor later ^^
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  7. Yep, sorry just been busy replying to my other RP's. I'll hopefully have something up today, if not then later this week
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  8. @Sora1297 I can't wait to see what kind of character you came up with....
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  9. Sorry, I meant to post sooner but I forgot ><

    I'll try to have it up this weekend.
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  10. *comes through and sprinkles some sparkles up in this shit*
  11. Got room for another?
  12. Sorry about not getting my sheet up, gonna post it tomorrow for sure
  13. No problem, all. We've got plenty of room!
  14. Ooh I wanna join!!
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