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    Welcome to Larkcliff Academy

    Everyday, you are not alone. The world watches you with keen eyes, prying and searching for the information you've tried to hide, the things deep within your soul you'll do anything to keep secret.

    Despite it's name, this place is not a school- not in the traditional sense. There is no uniform, there are few rules and many of the teachers are relaxed in their ways. There are classes- but not the ones you are used to. Subject choices include advanced sword fighting, animal training, meditation and soul connection classes.

    Oh, didn't we tell you?

    You've been chosen.

    You may not want to be here. That's fine.

    You may love it here, this home away from the world. That is also fine.

    But you HAVE been chosen for one thing- and one thing only.

    Your soul is different. It's working differently, developing on a different path to most young people your age. It's expanding and it's powerful and from the moment you were born, you have known it. It's been hovering over your shoulder, in the back of your mind like a dirty secret and everyday you subconsciously hide it from the world.

    You may be wondering what we mean by 'different'.

    Let's put it in simple terms.

    Each creature has a soul, infinitely linked to its' existence and it was thought to be impossible for souls to be transferred or.... connected. Until your generation showed up. We've noticed something, something strange. You have the ability to connect with other souls, communicate and expand and become more powerful. You can permanently connect with another, you've been connected to another since you were born.

    You know this, don't you?

    You realised it a few hours ago, when you found this letter in your mailbox and as soon as your hand hit this heavy parchment, you knew it. You rummage through the attached parcel, inside just a small oval rock sits. It's a rock, egg shaped and beautiful in appearance, in the colours and patterns you would have instinctively chosen.

    And inside that rock, you feel the first flicker of a heartbeat.

    Larkcliff Academy

    This prestigious academy is located on the coastline of Southern France, the large estate and academy perched on the edge of the vast Mediterranean seascape of southern France. With beautiful semi-tropical and mild weather, this academy is state of the art and open only by invitation, no matter how much money one is willing to pay. The school does not accept applications, it has maintained it's elusive schooling nature by contacting each student personally.

    The vast estate is a mere five minutes from the water, with a large forest to the northern and many cliffs and various areas to explore, all of which are open to the students when they have time to explore such places.

    Students are placed in dorms via their age and years, gender is not an issue and it is not uncommon for students to be paired with the opposite gender. Dorms consist of four students each, of which all four are considered to be part of the dorms successes and failures.

    Dorm groups determined your privileges and limitations while at the school. If one student screws up, the privileges for the entire group are withdrawn for a period of time.

    But this prestigious academy has many secrets, both tangible and intangible in nature and the media has very little access to the ongoings within the school.

    But within, students are training as hard as one would train an army.

    Perhaps, they are one?

    How peculiar...

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  2. Well, this looks intriguing! Count me interested.
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  3. Yay!
  4. @Detective Dekk

    Anything you think should be expanded upon or needs more information?
  5. What's the age limits for students? Middleschool through college type years, or just highschool?
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  6. Mostly high school ages, 15-18/19.
  7. You have my interest!
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  8. Interested!
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  9. lol add me to the interested list as well!
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  10. Intrest taken :)
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  11. Seems good.

    Totally interested
  12. Count me in! THis sounds REALLLY interesting!!!!!!
  13. It has peeked my interests as well.
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  14. Can I join, please? I'm super interested!! :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump:
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  15. One of the first roleplays to genuinely interest my lazy ass in a long time. Elegant but simple and to-the-point, impressive.
  16. If your still accepting, I'm very interested!
  17. It sounds cool! I'm interested! If you're still taking people, let me know what you need and sign me up!
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