Large Scale World Building Roleplay?

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What Genre for a Worldbuilding Roleplay?

  1. Fantasy

  2. Macabre

  3. Sci-Fi

  4. Realistic Fiction

  5. Misc [Explain]

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  1. I don't have an exact idea/theme for the world, but how about a group/large scale world building roleplay? Would any one be interested? If you are pick a genre to do!
  2. Actually, given that everyone is open to listen and work things out, this would be one of the few instances of 4+ players rps I would be interested in. Though Macabre sound best to me at the moment, mixing it with other genres would be absolutely rad. c:
  3. If we can find a few more people I'll write up a start point/group!
  4. Dropping some interest.

    Do you have anything concrete in mind, or are you simply testing the waters?
  5. Definitely interested!
  6. I'm more so testing the waters, I have a few flimsy ideas but they aren't anything completely solid.
    I''m open to suggestions!
  7. Oh and the poll has more votes for realistic fiction genre. Is that what everyone is okay with?
  8. Realistic fiction is still very broad.

    Will we be creating an alternate earth? Something else entirely? What about geography? What exact time period will we place it in (I'm an advocate for something post WWII technologically wise)? Is it largely following our own world history?

    What Is realistic fiction?

    I see it as something contemporary or from the recent past. My own suggestion is thus (not surprisingly) something set in a time period 1950s till present day. I'm not sure what other people's take on 'realistic fiction' might be. For me it also reminds me of Tom Clancy's works.
  9. For me realistic fiction is a work of fiction set in some type of time period. But that's just me. I think an alternate universe would be kind of cool. hmm
  10. Should we make this a group or just a thread? ^.^
  11. Generally world-building stuff works better in a group. Lets you have tabs dedicated to portions of world info, plots, etc.
  12. Okay I'll make a group and link you guys.
  13. So, what's up?
  14. I'm thinking realistic fiction- it's easier to work with (for the most part)