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    Name: Kyle Stark
    Age: 31
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 206 lbs.
    Build: Muscular
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Race: Caucasian
    Nationality: American
    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Known Languages: English(Proficient) and Spanish(Fluent)
    Strengths: Hand-to-Hand Combat and Gun Accuracy
    Weaknesses: Somewhat Emotionless and Tends to be Overly Cruel with Suspects
    Personality: Serious, Strategic, Obsessive-Compulsive, Mildly Narcissistic
    Occupation: LAPD Detective for the Gang and Narcotics Division
    Weapons: Beretta 92FS 9mm Handgun and Remington 870 Tactical 12 Gauge(Keeps the shotgun in his car.)
    Vehicle: 2012 Black Dodge Charger
    Background: Kyle was raised in Seattle, Washington with his mother and father, Alexander and Elizabeth Stark. His father was a member of the Seattle Police Department who was a leading detective among the Homicide division. His mother was an average stay-at-home mom and was a very kind lady. Kyle was amazing in school. He excelled with whatever he was taught and generally picked things up quickly. However, his rather high intellect pushed people away as he often found them to be boring and unintelligible.

    When Kyle was in his Sophomore year of high school when he was pulled out of class and called to the office one day. His father was there, waiting, with a rather grim look on his face. Kyle was escorted out of the school by his father and once they reached the car, the situation was explained to him. His mother had just had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance. His father was there to take him to the hospital. Kyle was able to have another week at his mother's bedside before she'd died. She was still somewhat conscious through that time and was able to talk with him, but she was very weak. After Kyle returned to school, he was starting to struggle and cut classes. He had nothing to do really. He lost all motivation to do any work whatsoever. He ended up graduating with a barely passing GPA and was unable to go to college on anyy sort of scholarship.

    After Kyle graduated, he joined the army and served as a general infantry unit for four years. This is when he finally retired from military service. Proceeding these events, Kyle moved back to his hometown of Seattle. After a short period of time, Kyle went south to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Having had a decently long military experience, Kyle was bumped up to the top of the waiting list of potential officers of the LAPD.

    When he finally graduated from the Academy at the age of 23, he patrolled in the West Hollywood section of Los Angeles. There he did his full year of probationary services before finally being bumped up to a normal officer. When he was 28, he was invited to join the Gang and Narcotics division as a street level gang suppression officer so that he could eventually work his way up to becoming a detective. After an uneventful year and a half of basic level gang patrols, he was finally bumped up to a detective. Currently, he's a Senior Detective among a division that contains ten detectives in total.
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    Name: Allison Leveque

    Age: 29

    Height: 5,6

    Weight: 110 lbs

    Build: Small

    Eye Color: Brown

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Race: Caucasian

    Nationality: French

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Known Languages: French (Proficient)
    English (fluent)

    Strengths: Weapons Combat and Strategics

    Weaknesses: Very emotional, people toy with her, she is easily attached.

    Personality: Emotional, Smart, Strategic, Quiet, Creative.

    Occupation: LAPD Detective for the Gang and Narcotics Division

    Weapons: Beretta 92fs 9mm. And Beretta M9 and Remington 1100 competition(They are kept in her car and are hardly ever used)

    Vehicle: Black 2011 Dodge Ram 1500

    Allison was raised in Paris, France with her mother (Anne-belle Leveque), father (Jean Leveque) and older brother (Clint Leveque). Her father worked as a detective among the (DCI) The Division of Criminal Investigation. Her mother was a children's therapist and an over all gentle person. Allison was and is a very smart girl, she learned fast and has a photographic memory. She never cared for friends and liked being on her own.

    Allison was still a young girl, she had just started high school, when her life was sent down a whirl pool. Her father had gathered the family one night to tell them that her older brother was part of a gang he was involved with selling drugs, stealing and murder. Still being to young to go to prison he was sent to rehab. Eventually he decided to leave the gang and turn a new page, but that made the gang target his family. In Allison's senior year of high school her father was tracked down where he was working on a case and killed. To hear the news ripped everything apart, her mother blamed her brother and left the two kids to go live in Norway.

    None of this stopped Allison, in fact it pushed her forward. She became quiet and isolated and put her all into university. After she graduated she and her older brother moved to New York, where she worked as a therapist for a year along side her aunt. Her older brother worked with two of his old friends as a mechanic and was doing well, until the same gang members came to stalk Allison. Only being 23 and still learning how to use weapons and hand to hand her brother made her move back to live with him in California. After an incident of holding Allison hostage when she was out late to buy something, they were arrested.

    One of detectives on the case was one of Allison's father's old friends and one of her old tutors. He knew how smart she was and of her high academic qualifications. He asked her to move with him to Los Angeles. He told her that she would be studying under him and working as a detective in the division of Gang and Narcotics, as it being where he worked. Allison never liked the idea but she had worked her way up to senior detective.
  3. Waking up that morning, Kyle had a sickening taste in his mouth and an uneasy stomach. Fuck me. I drank too much. With a sudden jolt, Kyle jumped up and rushed over to the bathroom, which was connected to his room, and threw up. The throwing up lasted a solid fifteen minutes on and off. How much can I throw up before there's nothing left in me? God damn. He thought as he wiped his mouth and flushed the toilet for the third time. Kyle stood up from where he was and made his way over to the sink, cupping his hand under the faucet as water poured into it. He quickly brought it to his mouth and drank from it, swishing the water around his mouth and then finally spitting it out. I bet Edwards is going to have my ass after he finds out that I was out all night drinking. Yesterday had marked 15 years since the date of his mother's death. The constant and unforgiving reminder of that horrible day lingered in his head around this time of the year.

    Kyle washed his face off, taking note that it was pale and that his stomach felt completely empty. I should probably get something to eat. That way I won't collapse on the drive to work. He went downstairs and half-assed the creation of his breakfast. He was attempting to make good enough food to attempt to kill the hangover that made him feel like absolute shit. The breakfast, in which he'd made, consisted of: two sunnyside-up eggs, five strips of bacon, two slices of unbuttered toast, a banana, and a few bottles of aquafina water. Kyle always ate rather large breakfasts, so this was nothing abnormal for him. He needed the energy that it provided throughout the day. He glanced over at his downstairs kitchen clock and was relieved to notice that it was only 6:00, and that he had an entire hour before he was due for work. Following his breakfast, Kyle placed his dishes in the sink, washed them, and then left them to dry in the bin next to the sink.

    Deciding that it would be best to take a long shower, Kyle skipped his normal morning work-out routine and instead gathered his clothes for the shower. The warm water relaxed him and helped to relieve the headache that had accompanied his hangover. He got dressed into a plain short-sleeved black t-shirt that intentionally hung just lower than his waist. He then slid on a pair of darker colored jeans and made his way into his room. The great thing about the GND(Gang and Narcotics Division) is that it's the only division within the OCI(Office of Criminal Intelligence) that allows, and encourages, plain-clothes dress code. He grabbed his Beretta from his nightstand drawer and placed it into his right side pocket, one in the chamber with a full clip. He then ran a belt through the loops of his jeans, the belt buckle being his police LAPD shield that contained his badge number and other information. He then pulled his shirt tail so that the grip of his gun, and the belt buckle, were covered. This was to remove all suspicion of him being a cop if he were to go out among normal civilians.
  4. Pulling her hair in a tight ponytail she unlocked her front door and stepped out, locking it again "Jean!" The German Shepherd who she named after her father came running towards her. She walked with him for a bit before starting to jog, it wasn't needed to put him on leash since she lived on a farm. She sped herself up pushing her body to do better, this was her way of forgetting, that burning in her muscles brought her a sort of relief that only she could feel. After about 20 minuets she stopped at a large tree standing alone in a clearing, she and her brother carved her father's name in it and now the tree was like a memorial stone. Allison closed her eyes and did what she usually did when visiting the tree, nothing, she stood with her eyes closed and her body relaxed remembering her father.

    After a while she ran back to her house, not once slowing down. Once inside she went straight to get a shower, having already had breakfast. Once finished she dressed herself in a black jean, ankle height boots and a turquoise short sleeve shirt, she pinned her hair up in her usual french style. She put her Baretta in its place held by her belt her shirt hanging over it. 'Today is gonna be a shit day, that feeling. Wonder if my brother is the cause I'm and all his trouble sometimes' she walked downstairs and grabbed her car keys, she had a long drive living far away from the city on a farm
  5. Kyle left his house, grabbing his phone from the breakfast table on the way out. He exited his two-story house and entered the environment of a suburban cul-de-sac. He double tapped the unlock button on the clicker of his set of car keys, and the satisfying sound of two beeps sounded from the car as it was unlocked. He stepped into the car, pulling his seatbelt on, and inserted the keys into the ignition- turning them ninety degrees for a brief few seconds until the engine started. Kyle plugged his phone into the car via aux chord and decided it would be best to just play classical piano music on the way there. He wasn't in the mood for anything heavy this early in the morning, therefore he put on classical Chopin. He hummed along to the wonderous sound of the centuries-old composer.

    When he finally arrived into his parking spot infront of the OCI Building Precinct, he glanced at his car's radio to find the time. 6:49. He still had ten minutes before his shift started. I'm early. That's good. He brought down his overhead mirror and flipped the panel to it open so that he could see himself quickly before he made his way inside. At least I don't look like I got wasted to shit nearly nine hours ago. He closed the mirror and placed it back against the roof of the car, and then exited his vehicle- locking it behind him. Kyle shoved his hand into his left side-pocket, in which his phone and wallet were, and left it there as he casually walked into the door of the OCI building. He took his wallet out and presented the badge card into an automatic reader. The door unlocked and he was granted clearance into the OCI offices. The OCI was divided into three divisions. The RHD(Robbery-Homicide Division) which focus on violent crimes which include, but are not limited to: murder, robberies, rapes, and domestic violence. Then there was the OCVD(Organized Crime and Vice Division) which focuses on prostituation, weapons, organized crime groups(mafias, mobs, etc.) and other non-narcotic based drugs(cocaine, methamphetamine, etc.) Finally, there's the GND(Gang and Narcotics Division) which focus on street gangs and lesser level drugs and narcotics(marijuana, heroin, and opium are a few examples.)

    Kyle took a direct right and entered the area which was divided off for the GND. The room seemed like a standard office room, save for the everpresent odor of marijuana in the air due to the amount of criminals that come through the area for questioning. Kyle clocked in with a time-stamp based card and then went to his desk. Having not even been at the desk for more than five minutes, he was called into the office of the Lead Detective of the GND. Kyle followed the Lead Detective into his office and shut the door quietly behind him. "Please, Stark, Sit." Kyle nodded and took a seat infront of his desk, parallel to where the Lead Detective was sitting. "So what's up Edwards?" Lead Detective Edwards gathered a manila folder that, mind you, was unlabeled and was very thin, and handed it to Kyle. "What's this?" Kyle said grabbing it. "Open it." Edwards replied. He glanced at a single unsaturated black-and-white photograph of a dead body. "Okay?" Edwards moved around in his seat uneasily, "Look at the face." Kyle's eyes shifted on the slightly bloodied face and tried to make out the facial features. "This is....wait. This is Jack Clawson? Your second-in-command?" Edwards cleared his throat and nodded. "Afraid so. Which means, you're promoted." Kyle's eyebrows furrowed together as he raised his left one. "Well this is a fucking cryptic way to tell me I'm promoted wh-" Edwards interrupted him, "You're being put on the case he was on. Surely you knew he was on a case that he wasn't allowed to talk about. Hell, he was given strict orders to work on it alone. Everything he knew about the case was stored in his brain. And now, he's dead. Which means, you'll basically be starting from scratch. All I have is his cell-phone...perhaps you could find something of use in it. I haven't ventured into it at all. Nevertheless, I'll explain the case."

    "There've been reports of some pretty large scale heroin trafficking coming from the border down south. The U.S. Borders and Customs Protection has asked us to notify them of anything that we find about it. But, I don't really trust the larger federal government. The way they handle shifty. If we got customs out here in the middle of LA, a big green light will be posted on cops everywhere. Meaning, the numbers of department could very well dwindle exponentially if we don't handle this. That being said, I'm assigning you a partner. You've worked with her before with Detective Crosby on a pot sting-op. Her name's Allison Lev...Leveq... Fuck it. You know who I'm talking about. The french girl." Kyle's mind began to wander....Allison. Right. Damn good detective, nice work ethic....I could probably deal with it. "Alright. So this picture and what you've told me is the only shit we got on this case?" Edwards nodded and let out a deep sigh. "Sadly, yes. No one else was supposed to know about the case, therefore everything had to be done behind closed doors. Anyway. When Allison shows up, send her my way. Dismissed." Kyle stood up from the chair and left the room, the manila folder and Clawson's cell phone in hand, and began to make his way back to his desk. He began to ponder the situation just given to him. What the hell did I just get myself into.
  6. Allison sigh as she started her car, she loved the sound. She and her brother were building up an old mustang that they bought off of some guy for nothing, she would be driving that piece of work soon, just to get it out of that barn. She drove off, and not wanting to be stuck in traffic she cut through an old dirt road that led to a quieter part of the main road. Allison drove didn't turn on her usual music, she drove in silence, that same feeling she that morning was now becoming a lingering feeling that weighed a ton in her stomach.

    When she arrived into her usual parking spot not to close and not to far from the OCI building, she checked her watched I'm earlier then usual' she stared at her lap for what seemed like forever her mind not on what its meant to be at all. Something must be up' she pulled out her phone and text her brother to hear if everything was okay. She hoped that her brother didn't get himself in trouble again. Not waiting for a reply to her text she walked into the building Man! What's with today...maybe its just me, but..nah..just forget it Allison She greeted some of her friends from the other divisions, but cut it short to go to her division.
  7. As soon as Allison had entered the GND divisional offices, it would have look noticably different than normal in the room. Rarely was anyone ever just sitting in the office area, GND wasn't much of a paperwork-based generally every bit of the job was done out on the streets. But there Kyle was, sitting in the midst of the normal semi-dark room of the GND offices, the only light source being the light coming in from the windows. It was apt, but still less than what is generally preferred. Kyle's attention was taken by the opening of the door. "Oh. Hey. Edwards wanted to talk to you in his office." Kyle kept an emotionless tone of voice and facial expression. Kyle was always a bit strange to those he worked with. He wasn't as comraderous as the majority of the division. Almost sort of a lone-wolf, but it was quite obvious that he could be trusted in a team environment, as he'd proven himself multiple times. But other than that, he didn't really go out of his way to talk to people unless it was vital to work.
  8. Before even knowing that someone was in the room, Kyle spoke behind her. She jumped a bit then turned to him "Oh hi" she smiled then thought of what he said. "Edwards" she muttered to herself, she knew that if that man called you to his office it was no doubt important "Thank you" she nodded before walking off. She remembered Kyle was a lone wolf so she didn't bother staying a bit to talk or even ask how things were. She walked at a fast pace down the hall, it was always dark in the GND divisions offices, well who needed light when you were outside and in the action most of the time.
    In no time she came to the door that she didn't really like entering "You wanted to see me" she said once she was inside.
  9. Kyle didn't say anything after Allison had acknowledged him, simply because there was nothing else to say. Once she'd entered Edward's office, he had the same somewhat-grim look on his face. "Have a seat, Detective Allison." Edwards wasn't the best at pronouncing strange names, therefore he didn't attempt it lest he butcher it and offend someone. "Right. Let's get down to business. I'm going to tell you what I told Detective Stark out there....- Shit." Edwards was looking aroudn the room and then suddenly rubbed his head in annoyance. "Anyway. I don't have the file. Kyle does. Long story short, I don't feel like talking. Kyle's my new second, unofficially for now, so go talk to him." Edwards let out a deep sigh. Well that was pretty fucking pointless.
  10. To say that she was confused at that point would be an understatement "New second, unofficially for now?" She got up and nodded to Edwards "I will" is all she said before exiting the office. She walked back to where Detective Stark was, she took a seat and looked at him "Detective Stark, Edward said for me to speak with you, I don't know why, he said you had a file" she put on a small smile and brushed her hair out of her face.
  11. "Yeah. Let me get the light real fast. Pull yourself a chair next to my desk. And call me Kyle." Kyle stood up and walked over towards the light switch, which was near the entrance to the room itself. His eyes automatically shut due to the dramatic difference in lighting. It felt almost like being blinded by a flash bang. Which had happened multiple times. Once when Kyle was accompanying S.W.A.T. on a raid against one of the GND's larger casefiles. One of the S.W.A.T. operatives managed to throw a flashbang into a room that had already been cleared which, unluckily, had Kyle and few other detectives. The another time, Kyle was in a training session for tactical response, because at one time Kyle had thought that he'd fit in with the S.W.A.T. Team, but he soon found out that it was quite not the case when the flashbang almost went off in his hand. Regardless, bright lights were not Kyle's friend. He walked over to his desk and pulled out the manila folder which, in all honesty, looked rather had only a file or two in it. Damn. How could this be so fucking confidential that you don't write shit down."
  12. Allison did as was told and nodded to him, it was strange to be asked to call a detective by his first name. What was stranger to her is that Kyle was assigned a partner, if she remembered right he was one for working solo. "Alright, Kyle" she sat down and looked at him with a look of concentration. It was hard to figure out what the whole thing was all about.
  13. "Alright. So first of all, as I'm sure Edwards mentioned, I'm his new second. Which, obviously means something happened to Clawson." Kyle was silent for a few moments and then spoke up. "Clawson's dead." Kyle cleared his throat and pulled at the collar of his t-shirt. He always handled death well. But someone that had been his training officer when he was first starting out....that was almost like his best friend being killed. "Anyway. Clawson was working on a case that was tipped off to us by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Edwards doesn't trust Customs and has decided that we, as local law enforcement, will be better for the case. However, we're required to to keep everything between us and with Edwards. We're not allowed to officially even be on this case either....since it's federal level shit. Anyway. Heroin trafficking from down south. The reason why we're on the case is because if anything federal level got involved....chances are the big guys down south of the border will start ordering hits on us. Something to send a message. Not to fuck with them. So that's the gist of it. The only evidence or prior case work that we have are the pictures of Clawson's crime scene...which I plan on visiting later, and then whatever's on his cell phone. I was waiting until you were here to share anything." Kyle stopped talking, allowing Allison to soak in everything that he'd just said.
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