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  1. Rosa walked through the unfamiliar school halls with a timetable stuck under her nose. She was new to all this, well not school, but she was a fresh new kid. Since her father had got a new job, in an entirely different country she would be moving schools. It was crazy, but like a fresh start, and fresh starts were great. She knew absolutely no one, and no one knew her. Rosa was a very sweet girl, and was always rather cheery towards others, so she wouldn't have issues with making new friends, she was always great at that.

    She walks into her first lesson, looking about. The classroom was filled with a bunch of noisy kids. She took a seat by some girls and began to talk to them, asking them about their weekend and such.
  2. Scampering down the hallway, late as usual, was Oliver. He hardly ever cared for whether he was on time or not, but lately his parents had got a letter about it from the school, and it hadn't ended well, so he was determined to stop that. He slowed as he got to his first class, and stepped inside, moving to his usual seat at the back, settling and looking about for anything different, spotting a new girl. He wouldn't talk to her though, not when there were so many others around her, talking enthusiastically
  3. Rosa watches as a guy walks into the class and sat down by himself. He seemed quite lonely, so she decided that she should probably say something to him. She told the girls she would catch up with them at lunch and went and sat beside him, deciding to get to know everyone in her class. "Hey, I'm Rosa. I'm pretty new here!" She greets.
  4. Oliver tensed as he heard footsteps near him, and huffed softly as someone sat beside him, lifting his head to see that it was the new girl. He grunted as she spoke, and shook his head, "I noticed." he grumbled, "I'm Oliver. Leave me alone" He muttered, rubbing one of his eyes tiredly, as he tried to get on with some work
  5. Rosa just shrugs lightly, not letting it get to her. "Ah, alright then! I guess Mondays aren't for us all" She says, smiling. "You can always talk to me whenever, I'm right next to you after all" She says, cheerily.
  6. "I can see that" Oliver muttered gruffly. He needed to get his grades up, otherwise that would only make another reason for his parents to be angry at him. But talking wouldn't help him at all and, whilst it would possibly allow him to get some worries off his chest, he wasn't about to talk to someone he didn't know about his life
  7. Rosa watches as the teacher arrives and welcomes her, she had simply thanked him. She watches as the teacher announced they would be doing partner work, and to find a partner. She smiles at the guy beside her. She looks at the paper the teacher handed out to everyone and worked equally with the guy, helping him if he got stuck, not seeming to mind if he got some wrong answers.
  8. Oliver didn't seem to happy at doing partner work, but contributed anyway, grumbling answers that were usually right, and correcting the ones that he had got wrong with quick motions. He seemed on edge, as if he couldn't relax whilst near someone else
  9. Rosa notices him becoming stressed and she sighs. "Calm down, you don't have to be so intense about it, I won't eat you" She says cheerily. When the lesson ended, she looks to her timetable. "Hmmm. Science. Do you know where that is?" She asks.
  10. Oliver nodded, but wasn't really listening to her gentle advise. He packed up quickly when their lesson ended, and froze for a moment as she asked him where Science was, realising they had the same class. He lowered his head slightly, "Follow me" He grumbled, beginning to walk toward the classroom, avoiding touching anyone
  11. Rosa nods and then walks along with him before collecting her items. She headed into the science classroom and smiles at him, thanking him. She noticed that they probably had the same lesson, and asks if he wanted to sit together.
  12. Oliver glanced at her and shook his head, "I'm fine" he muttered, and disappeared toward the back again. He didn't wish to upset her, or anyone, but he just liked to be alone, and felt he'd hurt someone more if he stayed near them, than if they stayed away
  13. Rosa nods and smiles cheerily, she sat at a desk, next to a guy she thought she could talk and be friends with, but he just flirted with her, and tried to bother her, so she just moved and sat away, sighing.
  14. Oliver noticed, but said nothing. He wouldn't protest if she sat next to him again, but he'd feel uncomfortable. He lowered his head, scrawling down the answers to his work as he sat silently, waiting for someone to say or do something, or for the class to end
  15. Rosa got up once the bell went and says goodbye to Oliver, thinking he probably already had people to eat lunch with. She had waited in line and then payed for her meal, sitting with her friends she had met earlier in the day.
  16. Oliver gave her a soft goodbye in return as he moved into the dining hall. He didn't go to get lunch, not feeling hungry, and instead decided upon sitting alone, on a table in the corner, where he was less likely to be bothered by anyone else.
  17. Ross notices that Oliver was alone and felt bad for him, she said she'd catch up with the girls sometime soon and then stood up, going over towards him with a smile. "Hey, mind of I sit here?" She asks.
  18. 'Go ahead" Oliver replied quietly, looking up at her. He wondered if she was following him on purpose, if she wanted something, but refrained from asking her anything, and instead went back to doodling in a sketchbook.
  19. Rosa began to eat and then looks to him. "What're you drawing? Not to seem nosy, just curious" She asks softly.
  20. Oliver looked up at her, and turned his sketchbook around so that she could see the half finished image of a eagle drawn across the page, "This" He said softly
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