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  1. Katia walks into school the following morning, the classroom was filled with kids, she could see they were talking a lot, but she couldn't hear anything. She was born with deafness, and could only understand by writing on a whiteboard, which she bought around with her. She runs a hand through her brown hair and sighs. The rest of the class always left her out. She felt excluded because of her deafness. It upset her occasionally, but she learnt to just go along with it.
  2. Calum is sitting in the front, his usual spot. He's reading a rather interesting novel which he seemed obsorbed in...that is until Kaita entered. As soon as he brushed his messy auburn hair out of his face,
    He couldn't help but stare at her and gave her a big smile as she passed, trying to be at his friendliest.
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    Katia was confused as she noticed one of her classmates smile at her. She hesitated, quite embarrassed as she began to grow flustered by the situation yet, she smiles back weakly and then took her seat. She began to get a few of her textbooks out, putting her whiteboard and pen beside her so that anyone could talk to her if they needed to, but not many people did. She sighs to herself and sat quietly as she waited for their class teacher, she looks out of the window for a while, daydreaming until the teacher came in and their lesson started.
  4. Calum looked at Katia and her whiteboard with a twist of confusion and fascination across his face. Still, he couldn't stop looking at her. Something about this girl just...fascinated him. He then snapped his head around to look at the teacher, and begin his lesson. His education was a crucial part of his life, it was always before everything.
  5. Katia noticed the guy looking at him but she blushes and looks away. Why was he looking at her? Was there something on her face? Did she really smell. She checked both of those things but nothing was wrong. She shrugs. The lesson dragged on and she barely concentrated, it was super hard for her, but she tried to go along with it. Once the lesson ended, she stood up and got her things together.
  6. Calum packed up everything neatly before leaving. Trying not to make it too awkward, he slowly observed the girl until she attended her next class. He sighed and went into his art classes, clearly peeved they weren't heading in the same direction.
  7. Katia went through the rest of her lessons until it was time to get lunch. She grabbed some food and payed for it, then sat by herself whilst she ate happy to be by herself.
  8. Calum say at his normal table, with all his friends. He was rather popular, and lots of people likes hanging out with him. But, seeing Kaita alone, he decided to sit near her. It was really a shame to see people sitting alone. "Hey.." He greeted her with a kind smile. "You always alone..?"
  9. Katia watches someone approach her. She managed to read his lips and then sighed, fathering her unfinished food. I'm gonna go now. See you She wrote and showed it to him. She was really nervous around others, and incredibly shy.
  10. Calum's shoulders, eyes, and any other facial expression to show his cordial aditude was then destroyed, hence his slumped shoulders. "Please!" His voice called, cracking in the dry air. "Don't..."
  11. Katia sighs, uncomfortable with the thought of sitting down and eating wuth someone. She sat down even so, and began to eat, not saying much to the guy.
  12. Calum looks down. "I'm sorry..." He said, the red streak across his face becoming too obvious. "I really didn't mean to offend you..or scare you."
  13. Katia nods gently and then continued to eat. Once she was done she stood up and emptied her food. I'm gonna go outside and sit for a while until lessons start up again. Thanks for sitting with me She wrote with a shrug and wanders out of the cafeteria.
  14. Calum sighed, pushing his curly auburn locks off of his forehead. "Bye..." He slumps his shoulders again.
  15. Katia sat outside until she noticed people begin to walk to their next lesson. After her final few lessons, she began to walk home. She didn't have any siblings, so she didn't have anyone else to wait for. She began to take some books from her locker carefully.
  16. Calum, obviously depressed about before, was a bit hazy on the lessons that came after lunch. He drearily trudged to his locker until someone caught his eye again. Katia. He knew she would probably run away, so he straightened up and have a nice warm smile and waved to her, praying she would return a positive response.
  17. Katia shut her locker and locked it up, then turns to him as she noticed someone in the corner of her eye. It was that guy again, what was with him? Maybe or was all just a joke because she was the loner of the class and he was dared to spend the day with her or something, that's what all the popular jocks did, spend time making fun of people with less friends.

    What do you want? I know you're just doing this because I don't have any friends. I don't need any friends, I'm happy by myself. Leave me alone, no one cares about me and my deafness and is always making fun of me and always judges me. You're no different. Go and talk to one of the pretty girls who can at least hear.

    She showed it to him, growing teary eyed, but she tried to stay strong, she didn't want to cry in front of him.
  18. Calum is a bit taken aback by this, he grimaces. He tries speaking, but can't really find his words. His grimace slowly transforms into a chuckle, and then a smile. He looks up at Katia. "We can be friends!"
  19. Katia shot him a look and then wanders past, this was definitely a trick. Friends? She didn't need friends. She was quite fine, if he wanted to be friends so badly then why didn't he talk to her before. Instead of heading straight home, she sat outside of the school to try and gather her thoughts on a bench.
  20. Calum's eyes widen, as if he were injured. He stumbles into a few people and falls down, in shock. He stares at the ground as people glance at him curiously. "She...she just..left."
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