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  1. Rose groans lightly as her alarm clock goes off, she was seventeen years old and was a normal high school student. Like any other student, she dreaded school, with all of the drama and incredibly boring learning that came with it. She got out of bed and took a brisk shower then grabs an apple from the fruit bowl, heading out. She took a noisy bus journey, and then got out with the other kids when the school bus dropped them at their school. Instead of looking around for her boyfriend, or bothering to wait and say hi to him, she sat in her first class with some other kids. Recently, she hadn't been so close with her boyfriend, because of him always being with his other 'friend' and not her.
  2. Raife woke up in a rush. He slept through his alarm and took a quick shower and had a quick breakfast. He rushed out on got on his bike that he got for Christmas. He was probably the only one in his class with a licence. When he arrived at school his new friend rushed up to him and greeted him . He said hi back but his mind went back to Rose , she has been distancing herself from him a lot lately. He said goodbye to his new friend and ran to class he was late at this point in time. When he arrived he ran in everyone looking at him and laughed slightly. He stopped when he saw Rose he froze for a second.
  3. Rose looks to him, but quickly turns away. She noticed that the young girl whom had been hanging out with him had saved him a seat and was waving towards him. Rose had been sitting with someone else, someone who she rarely spoke to and seemed upset as he would of course choose to sit with her over him. She began to look through her notes, deciding not to stress on the matter, she would talk to him about the issues she was having later in free period.
  4. Raife could barely concentrate the whole class. He couldn't stop thinking about Rose. When class ended he walked up to her wondering why she was ignoring him the way she did. " Hey.... You know I love you. So why don't you talk to me anymore why are you ignoring me " he said with a saddened tone.
  5. Rose looks to him. "I'm not ignoring you. You can hang out with your friend if you want to, I just don't want to get in the way of your friendship. You've been hanging out a lot. See you later" She says, trying to be cheery about the situation.
  6. Raife sighed "Don't be like that Rose , she is just going through a hard time and needs a friend. Besides you don't call any more or even text and it worries me , just talk to me and I am sure we can sort this all out don't push me away. I won't be able to handle that." he said looking at her with a sad smile.
  7. Rose shrugs. "It doesn't matter. I'm completely fine, if I was ignoring you I wouldn't be talking to you right now" She points out. "It's okay if you want to hang out with your friend, have fun" She tells him, looking down at her timetable. She wanders out of class and then heads to her next lesson.
  8. Raife sighed when she walked ou. The whole day passed and he looked around for Rose when he said goodbye to his friend. When he finally found her he walked up to her and smiled. " Hey, we are alone wanna talk for a little bit. "
  9. Rose was by her locker, putting a few books in when she noticed someone's voice from behind her. She shuts her locker and locks it, turning around and smiles weakly at Raife, she wanted to be at least positive about the situation despite how incredibly awkward she felt. Her eyes were red and swollen, she had been crying by herself for most of the day.

    "U-Um, sure" She says, her throat was slightly froggy with hurtness.