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  1. Katia was standing by her locker, waiting patiently for her boyfriend to arrive. She needed to talk to him in private, without his 'friend' tagging along. His friend being some irritating girl who constantly ran around him, whilst he gave her comfort and attention, so much that they couldn't even go on romantic dates because he cared about her so much. She felt so angry with him, and this annoying girl. She had, had enough. She was going to tell him about it, whether he liked it or not.
  2. Mike noticed Katia standing at her locker. She did not look happy. Maybe it was because of Liz always hanging around him. He liked Liz, but Katia was the girl he loved. He hoped she knew that. Mike honestly didn't mean to let his friends get in the way of their relationship. He walked up to her. "Hey, Katia. What's up?," he said, concerned.
  3. Katia glares at him lightly. "I'm tired of it. I'm tried of Liz hanging around you all the time and you putting up with it. You don't even value our relationship anymore, I'm so done right now" She says weakly, turning away.
  4. Mike sighs. "Katia wait! I'm sorry. If you want, we can hang out tonight. Just the two of us. Let me make this up to you." He really hoped that she would go for this. He didn't like the thought of loosing her at all.
  5. Katia just shook her head and began to walk away. "No, you and Liz can always do something together and push me aside" She mutters sadly.
  6. Mike tried to hold her from behind. "Please don't be this way. I really mean it. There won't be any Liz tonight, just us." He tried to look into her eyes to show her that he meant it.
  7. Katia shook her head and pulls away. "Nevermind. I have to uh, study tonight" She says with a shrug.
  8. Mike thought. "Then let me help you. It cam be fun. Please?"
  9. Katia shook her head lightly and rubs at her eyes, hiding her face lightly as she began to cry and walks away. "N-No... Have fun with L-Liz!" She says.
  10. Mike tried to follow her. "Katia, you know I love you! Liz is just a friend. Please believe me!"
  11. Katia just continues to walk to her next lesson as she heard the bell ring. She noticed Liz and just shoves past her without even stopping to say hi. She heard Liz say, "What's up with her?" PBut she didn't care.
  12. Mike sighed and walked to class. There was nothing he could do at the moment but hope that Katia would forgive him. He watched as Liz asked about Katia, but just shook his head.
  13. Katia had the same leason as Mike, but she chose to sit in a separate seat, not next to him. She wraps her arms around herself sadly.
  14. Mike tried to pay attention to the teacher, but found himself constantly looking over at Katia. Why couldn't she just believe him. The bell rang. School was now done for the day. Mike looked around for Katia to try to talk to her. He had a plan to try to get her to talk to him again.
  15. Katia had left the classroom with the other students and were filling her locker with some books.
  16. Mike saw Katia at her locker. "Can we talk now, please? I really want to make things up to you." He really hoped Liz wouldn't come by and ruin the moment. That would be the absolute worst possible situation. "Can I at least help you study?"
  17. Katia shut her locker and walks away. "No. I don't wanna talk" She says.
  18. Mike followed her. "Come on. Other than Liz always hanging around me, what reason do we have to break up? I love you Katia. Liz is second. I'm really sorry that I kept putting her first." He was telling her the truth. there was no other girl he would rather be with.
  19. Katia wanders out of school, not saying anything as she walks home. She really loved him too, but she couldn't have been any more mad at him then she was.
  20. Mike gave up and started to walk home. There was apparently no talking to her when she got like this. He hated that she couldn't forgive him. He and Liz hadn't even done anything. Every time she'd tried to kiss him or anything more, he pushed her way. She just couldn't understand that he was taken. He pulled out his phone and tried to text Katia. "Hey. Call me." Then he waited.
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