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  1. Katia was bundling into the front room after a short jog. She had picked up a few magazines from the local store that specialised in weddings. She was originally from Russia, but had moved to the US to marry her American boyfriend. She has been living with him for a couple of weeks, his clingy and jealous best friend had been hanging around to. As she steps inside, shutting the door she let out a shocked expression as she dropped the magazines completely.

    There sat her boyfriend, husband to be, and his best 'friend' kissing.
  2. Justin had taken a shower when Katia left their house for a jog and apparently his best friend entered the house. Sure he gave her the key though he trusted her most and he didn't expect she would abuse her relationship with him.

    Soon he left his own shower he got dressed and went down stairs. Then suddenly he saw her and she spoke "Justin can you come here" she seemed to be looking at the window then suddenly once he went over she went in for a kiss and she knew Katia would be here now.

    He heard the door close and his girlfriend standing right there hurt and shocked. "Katia she pulled me in for a kiss I didn't have any time to react, please forgive me" he said to her. Though his best friend, Jen just gave Katia a cruel smile. She wanted her out and she knew this would set the Russian girl off.
  3. Katia glares at him and picks up the wedding magazines. She storms upstairs to her bedroom, it was the guest room she had been sleeping in and sat on her bed, crying. She was shocked that he would do this to her, the week before their wedding. Sure, he had plenty of time to react.
  4. Justin soon pushed his bestfriend off of him then ran up to her room. "Please Katia I'm sorry I didn't know she would do this. Is there anything I can do to make you understand it?" He asked her though why would he ask her to live with him if he was only to cheat on her.
  5. Katia just shook her head, wiping at her watery eyes. She wraps her arms around herself and then turns completely away from him. She didn't believe that he was telling the truth. She believe that he had kissed his friend, knowing fully what he was doing.
  6. Katia was clearly being stubborn and he knew that she was like this at times but she never fully not talked to him. "Katia why do you think I kissed her I want to prove it to me. I love you more than anyone else and I would never use you" he told her. He sighed and looked at her then just sat there and hugged her passionately.
  7. Later that day, Katia had been up in her room ignoring everyone. She had been packing all of her things and once she was done she goes downstairs, not bothering to speak to her Financè but she returns his ring to him. "I no longer want marriage. Take this ring, give to someone else" She snaps, slightly.
  8. She handed him her ring and he looked at her "Please don't do this Katia, I don't want to have you in Russia far away from me" he said to her.
  9. Katia didn't reply and just shook her head, pulling her suitcase out the door with her. She had looked inside her wallet to check she had enough money to get some things for the airplane journey.
  10. Justin sighed and looked at her ring and he had slight tears when she left him. She was probably going back to her home country when she left. He was gonna have to go to her country and convince her that he still loves her and didn't kiss his best friend. He knew atleast where she lived after all but he didn't know where to go to get there.
  11. Katia arrived at the airplane after a short train journey. She was already getting tired as the night drew on. She began to make her way to the airplane with the other passengers. She took a seat and then straps herself in, wrapping herself in a blanket. The journey would be long, but it'd be worth it. What did she have left in this country? Nothing.
  12. Justin just sent a text to Katia "please text me back I want to talk to you I don't want you to leave me ever I deeply care for you please don't go" he sent the text to her and then just went to his computer and booked his own trip to Russia.
  13. Katia felt her phone buzz, but she didn't reply as she felt very wounded from what she had seen earlier. Once the plain landed, she got off and headed back home. She was shortly greeted by her family, and was shown to her room, which hadn't changed much since she left.
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    He sighed and he prepared to pack it was gonna be costly to try to win her back how could she just stop trusting a man who she truly loved and wanted to marry. He didnt know why she didn't believe him but it had to be fixed. He wanted his girlfriend and future wife back this was his only way if he goes to Russia...
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    Katia spent most of her days alone, until one day she was up in her bedroom and was staring down at her phone, which she hadn't picked up since she left him. 'Him' being her so called Fiance who had kissed his jealous best friend, right in front of her. She thought about it for a moment. Maybe he was telling the truth about the situation? She was so jealous that maybe she kissed him and it was the wrong way wrong. She decided to text him. They needed to talk about this, together or not. She had felt hurt, ever since leaving him. He was always her one happiness in her life, despite her family and friends. She felt as if she was being incredibly selfish about the situation and avoiding it wasn't going to help. She took a deep breath and picked up her phone, unlocking it and then beginning to call him. She bit her lip, and then hoped he would answer.
  16. Justin was just packing his clothes preparing to leave to go to Russia for the past few days he postponed everything by three weeks to make sure that she will be willing to marry him. If she doesn't he would cancel everything he had planned.

    After those days passed he was just arriving at Russia where her town was and he soon got a phone call from Katia. He hesitated to answer due to how much it would cost and he sighed and answered. "Hey Katia could you go to the airport we need to talk about what happened" he said to her.
  17. "Yes. Yes. Okay" She says softly. "See you" She says, her voice was weak and hurt. She began to get some new clothes on and headed out to the airport. She sat and waited for him, sitting in the waiting area with a few others, reading a a magazine whilst she sat there.
  18. About an hour he finally arrived to Katia. "Sorry about taking too long my bag took a long time to be found" he said to her honestly. He sat next to her and tried not to show how hurt he was, "Should we go into a more private area to discuss this or do you want to do it here?" He asked her.
  19. Katia just shrugs. "Go for walk? Yes. There are many nice forests" She says. She took hold of his hand and squeezed it gently, in a comforting manner and smiles warmly at him. She stood and then blushes, she hasn't seen him in so long.
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    Justin looked at Katia and smiled as she said go for a walk in a forest. She was someone who takes it slightly too far but he didn't care for that. He just started to walk out and he soon went to the forest.

    Justin her hand was warm though when he realized the temperature he was cold. "Is it me or is Russia always this cold?" He asked her being extremely cold and he was starting to shiver. Though it wasn't something he expected.
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