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  1. Katia, a nineteen year old woke up the following morning. She stretches and then sat up gently. She rubs her eyes softly, and then props herself slowly up. She sat up, and then got out of bed. She opens the curtains and looked out. It was a beautiful day with the sin just at it's peek. She takes a shower, gets dressed and then goes downstairs. The cupboards were empty, no food in sight. She needed to go grocery shopping. She began to head outside and towards the supermarket. She grabs a trolley and then puts in the items she needed. She picks up fruits, vegetables and a few pieces of food. Especially strawberries, since she was pregnant, she had a craving for strawberries. She picked up two packets and giggles softly. She went over to the checkout and waited in line to pay.
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  2. Brian was just going out for a walk, wondering what would he should do. Suddenly, he felt thirsty and decided to go to the Grocery Store to grab some sweets and soda. He was quite into Junk Food, but still took care of his dental hygiene. While in the check-out line, I saw a beautiful looking girl. She was probably much younger then him. All he had in his hands were a can of Pop, a Chocolate Bar and a Bag of Potato Chips. It is quite a wonder to him how he still has a hot body, especially the way he eats. But then again, he ate healthy most of the time. Being a Mechanic sure was fun too. Street Racing was another thing, but perhaps it was time for him to find a girlfriend and calm down. So he doesn't have to go back to Korea or take Chances in Jail. He was caught a few times back in Korea, so he tried to stay clean now, since he left for a fresh start.
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  3. Katia have the cashier her money and then bundles along with her bags. She looks up at see's a guy. He was pretty good looking she hadn't seen him about before. She turns away quickly. What was the point? She had already broken up with her other boyfriend. There was no point in finding love. She sat outside on a bench for a few minutes.
  4. When she handed the cash to the Cashier, he caught a glimpse of her stomach. She was pregnant. Well that's a spirit breaker, because Brian was actually thinking about hollering at her later, like maybe for a date. From what he knew, pregnant women are often always married. When he saw her sitting outside, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Where was her baby daddy? That's messed up if he sent his poor pregnant wife to go grocery shopping on her own. He sat down on a bench on the opposite side of the Supermarket's front door to enjoy his chocolate and chips. Afterwards, he had best go to work. Wonder which cars he would get to work on today...
  5. Katia sighs to herself and kept on looking around. Being pregnant sure made her super tired. She could barely have the energy to walk, but she needed to get out and excersise once on a while. She started to unpack her strawberries and eat them, as her cravings began to sink in. She giggles softly. She was glad her craving was strawberries, they were her favourite fruit.
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  6. Later, Brian went to the Autoshop that he was working at. With that in mind, he was wondering if the pregnant woman he saw was single. Not that he has ever dated a pregnant lady before. But where was her baby daddy? Hopefully he didn't skip town on her. Because that'd be pretty messed up. As he slipped on his Jumpsuit, he started working on a Car that had been in the shop for almost a week now. In particular, it was the Audi A4. Brian was never really fond of working on German Cars, mainly because they are a pain to fix. Much easier to work on were Imports from Japan or sometimes American Cars. But European Cars were annoying...
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  7. Katia returned home and packed away her shopping, until she decided to go to the park. She bought some strawberries and a blanket along with her as she left the house, shutting the door behind her. She goes towards the park and laging a blanket down on the grass, she sat down underneath the shade of a tree.
  8. While her big brother was at work and she didn't have school today, Mimi decided take her three-month-old kitten, whom she named Chloe, out for a walk. Her kitty wasn't too happy when she put the leash on. "Aww, Chloe, you don't have to be mad..." She said. The cat just sat down before she pulled on the leash. "Okay, let's go for a walk!" She exited the apartment happily. Mimi carried her cat from when they exited the Apartment till they got to the entrance of the park, where she put the cat down and they began walking. As they did so, Chloe paddled over to Katia. "No, Chloe, bad kitty. That's not nice." Mimi scolded her cat, who didn't really proceed to listen to her and instead stared inconspicuously at the pregnant woman's swollen belly. "Uh...Hi." Mimi said awkwardly. Could it be possible that Chloe sensed the life inside her? Suddenly interested in her large stomach, Chloe sat down on Katia's lap and put her paw on her stomach, further embarrassing Mimi.
  9. Katia looked around and then noticed the kitty come towards her. She giggles softly and was far from annoyed, and the. Strokes the kitty's head. "Aw, now sweet. No, it's okay" She says to the owner of the kitty and looks up at her smiling. "Hey, I guess your cat is pretty fond of me, huh?" She says in a friendly manner, still stroking the kitten.
  10. "Yeah, she can be like that. Well, except for my Brother and any guy that attempts to pick her up." Mimi was pretty happy that she had an affectionate kitty, well, one that was sexist, but she didn't mind. The one thing that made her laugh was whenever she picked up Chloe, its okay, but if Brian did, then it wasn't. When the cat was being stroked by Katia, she started purring. Mimi also couldn't help but stare at the woman's stomach. Honestly, its been a while since she has seen a pregnant woman up close, and for her cat, its her first time. "How far are you?" She couldn't help but ask, as she saw bringing life into the world as a beautiful thing. Or at least, that's how her Mother used to describe it when she was little. Hmmmm, where was the Father-to-be, she wondered...
  11. Katia smiles up at the owner of the kitty. 'I'm seven months pregnant" She says with a shrug. She was more then ecstatic about having her first baby. She may be a single mom, but she could handle looking after a kid. She knew it was going to be tough, but she would be able to look after this baby. She. Onto usd to stroke the kitty, giggling softly as it purred.
  12. Since her Cat wanted to sit around for a little bit, Mimi decided she would keep the pregnant woman company. "Oh, my name's Mimi by the way. What's yours? And congratulations on the baby." Mimi smiled courteously. When she attempted to pick up her cat, Chloe meowed at her. "Oh, alright, fine." She responded to her cat meowing. "I know this isn't a question I should ask because its none of my business, but...Where's your husband?" Like Brian, Mimi was also used to seeing a Mother-to-be with her Father-to-be. Or at least, a loving husband around his pregnant wife, because that was a special time in any couple's life. Well, ones that she saw anyway. And here she was, still not dating and living with her Big Brother because Mom and Dad decided that they wanted to move back to Asia. So for Katia, it was a little...different.
  13. Katia smiles weakly and ruffles the kitty's fur. "You're so sweet, aren't you little kitty?" She cooed softly at the cat. She looks up at Mimi and smiles. "I'm Katia and oh, my boyfriend left me" She says with a light shrug. Since she had been single, she still felt emotionally wounded by her and her boyfriend's breakup. She wanted to have someone to love her.
  14. Mimi couldn't help but feel bad for Katia. Her baby daddy skipped town on her. "Just a deadbeat who just skipped town on you and your baby. It must be rough. Have you considered dating at all. I'm trying to get my brother to date, but he's not budging."
  15. Katia giggles softly. "Well, don't recommend me to your brother then. I doubt he'd want to be with someone who's pregnant, and has massive cravings for strawberries" She says jokingly.
  16. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I mean, in the past, he's dated someone with two kids, made me play babysitter on some weekends..." She rolled her eyes at the thought. "If he can date someone with kids, I'm sure dating a pregnant lady won't be a problem for him. Both him and I are good with children, so there's no need to worry." Mimi seemed very cheerful. "Although it would be a first. I think its cute though. When a guy you barely know is willing to be a Father figure for your child because dear-old Dad decided to skip town on you." She said with encouragement.
  17. Katia nods gently and smiles. "Sure, I'd like that. We can sort something out. When can I meet him?" She asks, smiling softly at Mimi. She was still stroking the kitten carefully, she was the loving type of person and would make a good mother. The kitten had curled up beside her and was purring gently, she giggles softly and then looks over at Mimi.
  18. "Well, I'm free tonight. I'm just waiting for him to get off of work right now. But that's not for a little while." Mimi's cat seemed to have taken a liking to Katia, which was perfectly normal in Mimi's eyes because Chloe falls in love with every girl on sight and gets whiny whenever a guy picks her up. But if anyone is petting her, then its fine. Finally, the kitty yawned, squeaking in the process. "This would be the first time I hook my Brother up though. He might feel awkward because I'm a lot younger then him. I'm in High School actually."
  19. Katia nods lightly. "We'll have to wait then, I don't mind" She says gently. She places a hand gently to her bump and smiles gently, the baby was kicking. When the baby kicked, it felt beautiful and comforting. Whenever she remembered her and her boyfriends break up, it always reassured her to keep on going and that she had a little one to look after and care for. The kicks felt like little bubbles, soft and gentle.
  20. Mimi couldn't help but stare inconspicuously at Katia's baby bump, despite it not being the first time she's seen a pregnant woman up-close. Chloe stretched before hopping off of Katia's lap and sitting down right between the girls. "Is it a boy or a girl?" she blurted out, curious.
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