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  1. Destiny was sitting in class, looking down at her favourite book. She was currently re reading it because she enjoyed it so much. Some people would've thought that was silly because you would always predict what was going to happen next when you flipped the next page, but she had learnt to not care what other people thought. She was a shy, quiet and humble girl who had spent years alone at school, whilst everyone had friends, and people to hang out with. She preferred to be by herself, reading or listening to music. She was a lovely person though, and was polite to anyone that spoke to her.
  2. Markus was sitting on his desk, looking bored outside the window. Right now he would prefer to be out in the forest, taking a long walk and listening to music. He always prefered freedom, to do what he want and considet right even if others judge him and being away from the noisy city. He was the type that can get along with everybody but didn't have any interest in anybody, considering them boring or ignorant, making most people to ignore him, except for her. He moved his gaze at the girl in front of him. Destiny was an innocent girl in his opinion, a girl that is the target of the bad type of people or maybe said was. At the beginning of the highschool there were a few jerks cornering a girl. At first he didn't do anything sensing she is also a werewolf, she could deal with them without showing her true form, but seeing that she don't fight back he decided to step and teach them a lesson. He got detention but he was feeling better knowing he did what was right. After that event he started to talk with her and discovered how shy was she and in time the feeling that he need to protect her, grew in him. Right now, after all this years they are good friends, she still being a shy girl and him being her protector.

    He leaned over the desk and tapped her shoulder. "How is te book Destiny ?" He had a soft voice, a voice that he usually use only around her.
  3. Destiny turns around and them looks to him. "Fine" She says with a shrug and then quickly turns to her book. She didn't know what else to say and was blushing. She didn't usually get into conversations with people. That was just the way she was. She wasn't any old girl, she was a werewolf. Werewolves kept their identities hidden. When people picked on her, she tried to ignore them. If she rose to them, she would simply get angry and reveal her identity.
  4. He smiled expecting an reaction like this, in all this years nothing changed at her, some would believe that being friends with someone like him will make her a bit more confident but maybe she kept her shyness because he was always taking care of her and didn't want to change her. Still he was a bit confused why she was blushing. "I can't wait to get home, the weather is so nice to stay blocked in school." He was planning to take a trip on the forest and would like some company. "Hey Destiny, do you have any plans after school ?"
  5. Destiny just shrugs and then wraps her arms around herself. She felt so upset at herself for being shy, and she just couldn't break out of her shell. She got so worked up about it and truly wanted friends, but she just pushed everyone away. That was just her. She heard a few girls sit near her, and begin to whisper about her.

    "She's so weird, doesn't talk to anyone" One said.

    "I know right, she's so basic and odd" Said another.

    "Haven't you noticed? She always wears long sleeved shirts, never t shirts"

    "Probably a cutter. She's so weird, she probably has tons of problems"

    "We should report her to the school counsellor. Don't want to put anyone in danger"

    "She wore her hair the same way as she did yesterday"
  6. Destiny wasn't the only one that could hear the girls, one of the advantages of being an werewolf but in her case more of a disadvantage. Markus felt annoyed seeing how them are so superficial to judge a girl that don't even know. He looked at her and felt that he need to do something or she will end hurt and a hearth wound heal slow. He raised from his desk and walked in front of hers, leaning to whisper in her ear." We have only one class left so I don't think it will be such a big problem if we leave now." He grabbed her hand and looked in her eyes, wanting to see a simple nod of approval to take her form there.
  7. Destiny thought for a moment. She didn't care where she was, as long as it was far from here. She nods and then stood up, gathering her things and then going out of the classroom, waiting for him outside. Her shoulders were hunched and she was looking down, sadly. She hated when people judged her, just for being herself.

    She pulls up her sleeves and then takes a look at her arms, covered in cuts. Yes, she did cut, but that wasn't anyone else's problem but hers.
  8. He waited for her outside of the classroom thinking where to take her and he had the perfect place in mind, the further from the city and the humans the better. Still he was surprised when he saw her hands cut, feeling a bit disappointed in himself that he didn't notice it earlier. Still he didn't say anything about it and grabbed her hand. "Let's go." He walked outside the school adjusting his peace to hers and lead her to his car.
  9. Destiny looks over at him, she let's go of his hand and wraps her arms around herself and then stops once they get to his car.

    "Where are we going?" She asks him, at a standstill. She didn't know why this guy was always wanted to be her friend, always wanted to talk to her like he was her guardian or something. She didn't need protecting. Not at all. She was fine alone. At least that's what she thought.
  10. Seeing her like this he faced her and put a hand on her chin to make her look in his eyes. "A nice place in the forest where you can show your true nature." He released her chin and warped his arms around her, hugging her gently and whisper in her ear. "Don't think to much about what they say about you. They don't know you are a cute and sweet girl." He smiled at her and released her from his embrace.
  11. Destiny looks up at him, and then back at the car. She felt butterflies in her stomach and a blush appear on her cheeks. By true nature did he mean beyond her shyness? She shook her head. Being shy was just her, she rarely spoke to anyone, she didn't believe that there was anything else to show. She was even more taken aback, especially when he hugged her. He didn't even know her, no one knew her truly. He was probably only putting on this act because he felt sorry for her.

    "You don't even know me!" She cries in an upset manner and before he could even answer, she had bolted into the woods, in full wolf form.
  12. He was taken back by her sudden reaction and thought that he pushed it a bit to far knowing well enough how fragile she was. He rose his awareness and listened if someone was nearby, the last thing he need was some crazy rumours about her and it was looking like he is lucky. He took her ripped clothes from the ground and entered the car, driving in the forest and stopped when was far enough. He took his clothes off and turned in his wolf form, the next second dashing after her, her traces being easy to fallow and her scent being commune to him. He know that maybe what is doing can hurt her and he don't have a right to be near her but she was wrong about something. He was caring about her and protected her this few years and slowly he understood that there is something beyond her shyness.
  13. She was wandering about the woods, as shr had carefully slowed down. She really wanted to be his friend, but everyone judged her before they even knew her. She decided to go back, and apologise to him. He was trying to be her friend and she was pushing him away, another reason why she didn't have any friends. After cooling off, she went off to search for him. She stood up and began to walk, soon bumping into another wolf. She looks at the wolf, who looked similar to him.
  14. Finally he found her and was looking like she had calmed down a bit. He slowly approached her not wanting to scare her, being the first time she learn the truth about him. "It looks like you are alright. You worried me when you suddenly turned in a wolf and dashed in the forest." He moved right in front of her and thought what to do next. Right now she is in a delicate state after he was to pushy with her and decided to give her space and slowly make her trust him and hopefully get over her shyness.
  15. She looks over at him. She moved closer and then nuzzles him gently, likcing his cheek in an apologetic manner. She places her head against his, and nuzzles their noses together, looking straight into his eyes. She soon moves away and the sniffs him curiously. He wasn't a threat at all, he just wanted to be her friend. She should give him a chance.
  16. Marko was a bit surprised when he saw Destiny approaching him on her own and being nice. In his mind started to grow the thought that there is a change to break through her shyness shell and become her friend now the first step was done. He moved next to her and faced the same direction as her, moving closer and rubbing the side of his head against hers. From now on he must be open and show her that he can be a good friend "Let's go back to the town...* Then he realised that there is a small problem. When she turned she destroyed her clothes and need others to change. In his case was easy because he leave next to the forest but he don't know where she live. "Destiny, may I ask where do you live ?"
  17. Destiny looks up at him and then licks his cheek. She looks vaguely in a direction. 'No too far away from here. How comes...? Oh. My clothes" She bowed her head, suddenly feeling a flush of embarrassment.
  18. Markus moved his nose under her head and and rose it. "You look better when you keep your head up." He started to slowly walk in the direction she pointed and turned his head towards her, motioning to follow him. He kept his speed low, wanting to spend more time with her. Since she turned in her wolf form she gained a bit of confidence and this made him a bit happy. Also he wanted to dissipate all the awkwardness between them. "I didn't want to ask this but why do you have cuts on your hands ?" He can easily guess that she made them herself but he didn't understood her reason.
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  19. Destiny shook her head. "I don't have any cuts on my hands" She says with a shrug, she knew she did, had he seen her checking her cuts? Even so, she denied it as she didn't want him to worry about her. Once they neared her home she moved to look to him. "I'm gonna go and switch forms and then change, you should do the same" She says.
  20. Seeing her denying it made him to don't say anything about it for now and let her speak about them when she will want it, his eyes falling on her front legs for a moment but returning back to look in her eyes. "I have my clothes in the car and after I change I will drive here and take you, I promised you that I will show you something. See you in a few minutes." He left her and dashed through the forest, knowing every part of it and feeling the best when he do it. Shortly he reached his car and turned to his human form, dressing back and entering the driver sit, next to him being her ripped clothes. "I should them back to her." He left the forest and drove to her house, reaching it after a few minutes. When he arrived, he got down and looked after her.
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