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  1. Rosalina was sat in the depths of a beautiful forest in her large dragon form. She had been born with the skill of being able to shape shift into a dragon whenever she wanted. She was curled up by a lake, sleeping until she was awoken by a few birds. She opens her eyes and flutters her wings, stretching.
  2. Fire looks around, Smiling softly. He is alone now, and been up for several hours. His family was gone, and most of his friends had either died in the horror years ago or moved on. Even still, the Natural sapphire dragon walks happily, before noticing a larger dragon nearby. walking in, he tilts his head and sits some ways off, looking to her. "Hello Ma'am." he smiles, stowing some of his nerves at her being larger, and likely older and more experienced.
  3. Rosalina looks to him, she backed away slightly and looks to him. She had always been a shy person near strangers, even her family members. She shine a softly, and her wings flutter again for a few moments.
  4. Noticing The larger Dragons Discomfort with him, He backs up a bit too and lies down, looking at her, waiting for her to approach. He doesn't mean her any harm, but hed have to let her learn that in her own way it seems. "Hey... I'm not going to hurt you... all I wish is to be friendly...."
  5. Rosalina moves forwards a little and then settles down beside him, though at a little distance. "Hi" She says to him, shyly.
  6. He looks over, warmly, his body giving off natural heat. Awefully friendly, for a Fire dragon, though. "Hello ma'am...Are you quite alright? I hope I haven't offended you in any way...."
  7. Rosalina shook her head and then moves over to sit beside him, feeling his warm heat over her less warm body was comforting.
  8. He looks at her, and tilts his head. Smiling softly, he nudges her nose with his, playfully trying to cheer her into speaking, but not forcing it, not very good with these things. "If I am not Offending you, Whats wrong? You seem nervous....."
  9. Rosalina whines softly in a comforting manner and then nuzzles him gently and shrugs. "Just... Shy" She says quietly and then looks to him, flapping her wings in a friendly manner, at least she knew that he wasn't going to hurt her.
  10. He nods* I see...Well, If you wish you can stay in the cave I have been using for a while, its empty. I tend to travel a lot, for reasons I'd rather not discuss." He smiles weakly, looking at her. " 'Course, No one says you need to. I could leave ya alone if you'd like.....I know what its like bein Shy...." he looks away from her and sighs, but looks back* "its up to you." He softly nuzzles back and smiles again* "My Name's FireDrake......Well, Its Really Izana, But I tend to go by Fire nowadays..." he looks into the distance, not knowing what else to say or what else to do*
  11. She nods gently with a slight hesitation but then stood up. "My name is Rosalina" She says with a small nod and then slowly began to wander out into the woods. "Which direction?" She asks.
  12. Fire smiles and follows quicklt, nodding to the right a bit* This way. C'mon. *he looks to her and Can't stop smiling, though he has no idea why that is.*
  13. Rosalina nods her head silently and then follows along with him, staring down as she walked. Why was he being so nice to her? It's not like she didn't like that, but why? No one ever came to talk to her, and she was always quite lonely.
  14. He nudges her head upwards lightly. "Hey, no frowning." He smiles softly, despite being a Smaller Dragon, and tilts his head. "It sure will be nice to has company again, I've been alone for too long now...."
  15. Rosalina looks to him happily and then nudges him back softly. When they reached the cave, she hesitates but them wanders inside.
  16. He smiles, Following her inside and happily Lies down out of the way*
  17. Rosalina watches him and then lays down beside him, she carefully places her head onto his side and nuzzles him carefully.
  18. he smiles, looking at her* "Hey, You alright? You seem like you could use a hug." He smiles softly, licking her nose affectionately, kinda like a puppy would.*
  19. She looks over to him and smiles weakly, nuzzling against his head and them nods gently, whining appreciatively.
  20. He smiles and Gently gives her a hug, happy she seems to be slowly warming up to him, *no pun intended.*
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