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  1. Casper was walking alongside his brother. This was his first time in an actual school away from home. His first views were: loud, crowded, squishy and unpleasant. His mom had driven both his brother and himself to school, even though the two were two seventeen capable boys to walk by themselves. His brother, Alex, was giving him lectures on what to do, and what not to do during his year of school. He sighs and nods his head vaguely as he clasps a book to his chest.

    "Don't act all weird. Don't read all of the time. Don't take any educational clubs. Don't fuck up. Don't flirt. Don't leave the bathroom door unlocked. Don't shit in the toilets. Don't talk. Don't embarrass me and most of all, stay away from my girl, she'll think your a weirdo. Got that dork? Don't let me down" He lectures, poking his brother to get his attention.
  2. Michelle was walking around the hallways, her green eyes searching through the crowd as she looked for her boyfriend who she missed dearly. She hasn't seen him for the whole summer due to her parent's trip to Switzerland. As she fished out her phone and locked her gaze on the screen, she didn't notice her boyfriend Alex until she heard his voice.

    "Alex?" she called out, her voice full of yearning and love. The guy she loved since the 9th grade hasn't changed much and the moment their eyes met, her heart just stopped. How can she be so lucky to have someone as gorgeous as him? Pouncing over the poor boy, she nuzzled her cheek with his "Oh gosh, I've missed you!!" she exclaimed, taking a quick glance at the male beside her boyfriend and quickly let go of the hug, blushing a little at how embarrassing she was. Clearing her throat and tucking a black stray hair behind her ear, she asked the stranger "Uhm.. who might you be?"
  3. Casper noticed a student punching over to his brother, like an animal finding it's prey. This was probably his brother's 'girl'. Huh. Interesting. He payed no attention to the girl, but grimaced at all of the mushy romance. Romance. It disgusted and disinterested him. He just stood there, turning his brain onto his book of mathematics, which seemed much more interesting.

    "Oh. That's my brother Casper. He just started here" Alex pinches his brother in the arm. "Say hi" He says through gritted teeth.

    Casper instantly switched his attention when his brother pinched him. He glared at him and rubs his arm. "What the heck was that for?" He replied through gritted teeth. He looks up at his brother's girl and shrugs. "Hi".
  4. Michelle looked at Casper for a minute, looking at the math book then back to him. "Alex!" she scolded, seeing him pinching his brother. She was slightly annoyed at how he was treating him but maybe it's just the way they treat each other. Michelle wouldn't really know for she is the only child of her family.

    She smiled brightly towards Casper, extending her hand for a hand shake "Hi Casper, pleasure to finally meet you~" she greeted, her eyes twinkling with amusement and excited. She is determined to get to know him and be close to him so that she can know more about Alex. What kind of girlfriend would she be if she didn't accommodate her boyfriend's brother?

    "I'm Michelle by the way, Alex's girlfriend" she introduced, smiling at him sweetly.
  5. Casper looks down at her hand but then slips his hand into his pockets, not wanting to shake hands with her. "Sorry, I don't really like to touch other pe-" But Alex had covered his mouth before he could say anything more and gave an awkward smile to Michelle.

    "What he's trying to say is that he's very glad to meet you!" Alex says nervously, glaring at his brother.

    Casper raised an eyebrow and removed his brother's hand from his mouth. "He never talks about y-" He couldn't even end his sentence when the bell rung for first lessons. "Guess I'm out of here" He grumbles and walks away.
  6. Michelle was a bit disappointed, seeing Casper walk off to his class and leave her hand hanging. She can't understand why he's acting like a jerk towards her. She's just trying to be friendly, that's all.

    "Looks like he doesn't really want to meet me." she mumbled, looking towards Alex with a faint smile " and you never talked about me huh? good to know.. I got to get to class. See you around" she said and walked away from him.

    She was already having a bad day. Seriously? Alex haven't mentioned her? not even once to his family? They've been together since 9th grade! It's kinda hurts knowing that he haven't talked about her, not even to his own brother.

    Entering the class, Michelle sat down to her usual seat at the back and opened her notebook to write all her frustrations down.
  7. Casper went through his lessons perfectly fine. He barely talked to anyone, and tried to dodge answering any questions. He was quite an intelligent student, so getting work done was hardly and issue. He sat through his English lesson boredly, until the bell rang for lunch. He began to gather his things and began to wander to the cafeteria with his brother, who wanted to tag along to watch his every move, guiding him to the things he should eat, and the things he shouldn't. He just ignored him and then got what he wanted and paid. He began to wander over to a table, but his brother caught him and pulls him away.

    "Not so fast, dork. I don't want you to get into trouble. You can sit with me and Michelle. I can show you how to flirt with girls, huh?" Alex says.

    "No thanks, I'd much rather read my book on mathematics" Casper says, but soon enough he was being pulled by his brother to a table.
  8. Michelle let out a huge sigh and went to the cafeteria. She was watching Casper throughout the class, watching him very closely. She was worried about his welfare for he barely talks to anyone and he's always alone. She really wanted to be friends with him but it's like he's scared to approach someone or maybe that's really just his behavior.

    Seeing the two boys already seated on their usual table, her tired face suddenly turned bright. "Hey guys! How was your classes?" she asked the two but mostly towards Casper as she dat beside Alex, kissing him softly at the cheek.
  9. Alex nods. "It was awesome. They made is work up a sweat in PE today, had us work super hard for soccer. Right Casper?" He says and nudges his brother, who just shrugs and nodded lightly, who seemed much more interested in his food, whilst glancing down at his mathematics book. He sighed and snatched the book from him. "Hey, I told you reading was stupid. You aren't going to make friends with anyone with this stupid maths textbook. What's wrong with you, you think that equations will want to be friends with you? No. Dork" Alex says and shoves his brother.

    Casper sighs and then snatched his book back. "It's actually quite interesting. You wouldn't understand. All you care about is good looks and soccer. That's hardly interesting. Won't get you far in life" He grumbles.
  10. "Alex, you shouldn't treat Casper like that!" she scolded, feeling like a mother than a girlfriend. Michelle hasn't seen Alex behaving like that before which bothered her greatly. Even if she doesn't have a sibling, its basic morale to respect one another right? shouldn't they treat each other dearly for they are brothers?

    Moving over and peeking behind Casper's shoulders, she giggled at what he's reading. "so you're interested in math? Huh, I guess I'm not the only dork around here~" she said with a smile, sitting beside him. "So what else interest you?" she asked, wanting to know him better.
  11. Casper shifted in an uncomfortable manner when Michelle came and sat beside him. "I'm gonna go to the library, to see if they have any other books" He says and stood up, he moves over and throws the remains of his food away. Once he got to the library he looks over at the non-fiction section and picks out a few other educational books. He sat down after borrowing them and began to read through them until the bell rung. He sat through his last few lessons quietly, keeping himself to himself. It was just the way he was, he was particularly anti social and spent most of his time alone. He didn't really have many friends, but he didn't mind either way. Once the bell rung, he headed home by himself, not needing the company of his brother or his girlfriend.

    Alex had his arm loosely wrapped around his girlfriend as they walked home. "Wanna come over to my place?" He asks her.
  12. Michelle was once again ignored by Casper as he went to the library. The day went on and she just did what typical students do: read, take down notes then go home. As Alex and Michelle are on their way home, she didn't even bother to look for his brother. She clearly understood his message that she should just stay away from him and deal with it.

    Hearing Alex's question, she smiled and nodded "I would love to." she said with a smile, wrapping her arms around his waist and kissed him.
  13. Alex nods and then leads her to his home. He goes into his bedroom to play video games, leaving a chair out for Michelle if she wanted to watch him play or play too. He was a generally lazy person, with dirty clothes all over the floor and mess. Pure mess. Casper's room was much more clean and organised. He could hear some piano playing nearby, and realised it was probably his brother. His brother was fluent in piano. He wanders over to his brother's bedroom and pounds on the door, "Keep the noise down dork! I'm trying to do something here, you do this all of the time" He says, but the piano just kept on playing, even more louder.
  14. Michelle scrunched her nose, seeing that Alex still has dirty clothes scattered on the floor. She isn't a neat freak per say, but she does want everything organized. Sighing, she started picking up the dirty clothes and cleaning his room. She always does this every time she visits and she's starting to feel tired about it. "Alex, how many times do I have to tell you that if you're inviting me over, you should have cleaned your room." she reminded, taking all his laundry and putting them in the laundry basket.

    She was finally done cleaning most part of his room. Michelle didn't dared to clean under Alex's bed for she feared she'll find all his secret stash of lewd magazines and stuff. "Do you want anything, love?" she asked her boyfriend, planning to make him a snack or something.
  15. Meanwhile, Casper was in his bedroom. He was sitting by his small piano and playing some music from his music sheets. He was fluent in piano. He had been playing it for three years now. Self taught. He ignored the banging.

    Alex growls. "You can't stay in there forever dork, you're gonna need to eat and shit sometime soon" He snaps. He turns back to his girlfriend. "I'm gonna go and order some pizza".
  16. "Alright then." Michelle said and watched Alex leave. She really can't understand why Alex is being a jerk towards Casper. Is that how sibsling really treat each other? She's thankful that she haven't got a sibling to argue with but sometimes she feels lonely because of it.

    Softly knocking on Casper's door, Michelle was hoping that he'll let her in. She wanted to talk to him, get to know him, even for just a little while. "Uhm.. Casper? Want to talk to me?" she asked, hoping that he'll say yes.
  17. Casper sighs and then stopped playing the piano for a short while. "Fine. The doors open" He grumbles and then awaited for her to enter. He looks around his room, the room was spotless, not a dirty piece of clothing in sight.
  18. Michelle was surprised that he said yes and he's room was spotless, completely opposite to his brother's bedroom. She wasn't really expecting him to let her in and talk to her so she didn't know what to say. "Uhm.." she started as she stood awkwardly in the middle of his room, fidgeting a little and shaking her brain for some conversation starters but to no avail. She just stood there as awkward silence filled the air, waiting for him to say something and cut the awkwardness between them.
  19. Casper sat there staring at her for a moment, frowning. After a few minutes of staring at each other and being silent he sighed heavily.

    "Well?" He asks, expectantly.
  20. Michelle didn't know what to say for she wasn't really expecting this situation. Looking around, she saw the piano "I just want to say that you're really talented playing the piano" she stated, fidgeting a little "uhm.. what song were you playing earlier? I think I've heard it before but I'm not quite sure what song it is."
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