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    Seventeen year old Destiny wanders into her first lesson, this was her first day of school. Well not the first, but this as her first of the last year of studying. It had been an incredibly hectic year, as she had been teased continuously by a group of her classmates, particularly a guy and his followers. But this summer had been great for her, she had me an amazing, loving guy over a social media website. He always understood her, and for once she felt loved and respected. She heads inside of the noisy classroom, and took a seat out back, so the bullies wouldn't target her easily if they couldn't see her.
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    Scott McKannon was always the mans man of the elite few. He only joined their ranks as of last year as a junior, but he definitely seemed to fit in. Tease the geeks, knock the books from peoples hands, make up names for them, and whatever else. Only he didn't do that some of the others would was get very physical. Occasionally he would get up close, shove them into lockers or "accidentally" bump into them but it seemed he preferred the mental abuse. As he and another jock entered the classroom, he spotted Destiny in the back.
    "Hey, look who it is man!" Scott looked over and rolled his eyes. "Please, you can't find destiny that easily. She's hard to spot." They both snickered as the jock sat in front, but Scott decided to sit in the back a couple seats from Destiny.

    Normally this would have been rare, but he couldn't pass the chance to possibly tease her more. The other jocks, especially Matthew, would like to hear of it.
  3. Destiny just shrugs and tried to ignore them. She had been ignoring them continuously since seventh or so grade. She was tired of it but always told herself to keep her head in her school work and let people say what they wanted, they would eventually get tired. She wanted to so desperately ask what good things were happening in their life, that they had to always knock her confidence down, because if their lives were so great in the first place they wouldn't spend time worrying about hers.
  4. He watched her shrug and huffed loudly. "So destiny, tell me something: did you find that special guy yet? Has fate been kind to you? Is he special? Or maybe...she? Is that it? Is it a she?" His eyes went wide with false shock. "Oh my...I had no idea." One of the girls a couple rows ahead snickered and then went silent. Scott faced ahead as the teacher came in. Scott was no stranger to Destiny's ignore attempts, but he knew at least some of his jabs always got her going. He knew her buttons and when and how to press them.
    "Class, today we have a special assignment. It is a group project. I will be assigning you in groups of two or three and you'll have to pick a topic by the end of class. Ok, now here are the various groups I've chosen at random"

    After he finished speaking, Scott grinned. It was him, destiny and his jock buddy Zack who entered class with him. She was doomed. "Hey! Partner..buddy! Desy! Look at that, you get to be one of the cool association of course. You're way too weird to be as cool as Zack over there. Hey Zack! Back here!" He laughed as he turned, allowing his medium length blonde hair wave with the movement.
  5. Destiny sighed. She took the work that the teacher gave them and thanks the teacher, she took a look at it and passed it around. She wasn't looking forwards to working with them but hey, you had to do things you didn't like doing in life. She ignored everything they said, and wouldn't let them get to her. Bullies had low self esteem and had to pick at other people to make them feel more confident in themselves.
  6. Scott and his friend gave her only a little more teasing before they went about their work on the project. Apparently, they had chosen a historical documentation project and each one of them had their assignments. Zack was to gather minor details on the subject not relevant to his major discoveries or accomplishments and Scott had to document his life until the age of 18. He couldn't remember what Destiny was supposed to do but he knew she had some role. Speaker, organizer, something. She was supposed to do something.
    As class ended, he and Zack stood up. "We'll see you tomorrow. Maybe even sooner if there's more classes we have together. Although let's hope not....hate to get on Destiny's bad side." Zack laughed as he left the room. Scott merely rolled his eyes and smirked as he gathered his materials for the next class.

    His schedule was random. After this class he had a intro to college writing course only offered to seniors, gym and weight lifting mixed class, computer programming, and a novel study class, all in that order. Well, first was history, which was the class he was leaving now. Each one of the groups had their assignment and had to turn it in to be approved before the groups left. The teacher stopped Scott at the door.
    "Do you have your subject McKannon?" He shook his head. "Nope. Destiny said she would give it to ya. See ya." Before the man could reply, Scott rushed out the door into the flow of people. The teacher sighed. "Well Destiny? Does your group have a subject?"
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