Languages That Could Get You into Bed

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  1. Simple. Straight-forward. Easy-as-pie to answer. I'm curious to know what the people of Iwaku have to say.

    And you know what, I'm adding in accents and anything really voice related.

    For me, Spanish. I am a Spanish speaker, and if a girl called me Papi, god damn...

    Um. Probably Russian and German, too. I'll add on if I think of anything, and if this thing takes off.
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  2. French, no matter how cliché that might sound. I live in a very diverse area with many Spanish, Farsi and even French speakers, and I do occasionally use French phrases in my everyday life. It does get noticed, and most especially in 'that way.'

    Also, in men? A Texan accent is hot.
  3. [​IMG]

    Ahahaha! I couldn't resist. In my home country (Indonesia), a girl calling her boyfriend "Daddy/Papa/etc" would make her instant social pariah... alright, maybe not that extreme, but it sure would get her funny "Dafuq?" looks, me included.


    Back on topic, I find girls speaking Japanese and South Korean accent to be quite attractive. English' Received Pronunciation is also hot, I also like Russian accent.
  4. Heh. That was pretty good. It made me laugh. But yeah, I think anywhere you go, you'll have people giving you that look. But everyone's different.
  5. Just gonna leave this here...

    I'm a sucker for just about any European accent. Australia too, and dat Afrikaans doe
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  6. “Your beauty could only perhaps be matched in the vastness of the universe by thy charm and intelligence, which leaves me as breathless as the vacuum of space. You, frankly, dearest, make for the most irresistible sight, to such measures as to leave myself a witless, drooling wreck. If you were to be so generous and kind of heart as to bequeath upon me even but ten minutes of your precious time, then I would be so blessed as to share every moment of warmth within my heart to try and create the most bright and stunningly magnificent thing in the universe: Your smile. I await your response with baited breath.”

    I've been dating and thus have gotten overly romantic as of late English is a beautiful language and if you've managed to master it to such a degree as to delve a cunning dagger with your words, I will be spellbound to listen to what it is you have to say. This goes doubly if you're a role player: Mastery of the English language is hot. Hot. Hot hot hot. Tssssssssssss~

    Where was I? Oh yeah... Daydreaming. :ferret:
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  7. Portuguese. It's a beautiful language, what can I say.
  8. Latin. If I started speaking Latin, and a girl responded with it, or just said something in it, oh, boy. It's rare, but, still. This is one reason I'm with my girlfriend.

    Like @Izurich said, South Korean accents. My girlfriend is South Korean, and I love her voice.

    Combine that with Latin, Oh my God.
  9. I adore British accents, so there is that. My boyfriend uses French one me from time to time (he's French Canadian so has the accent and everything). Other then that I'm honestly not sure.
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  10. There is this commercial on TV for yogurt in which they speak Icelandic and oh man, I love how that sounds! It really makes me want to learn the language.
  11. Huttese.
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  12. I'm a sucker for those Jersey accents. Also the bitchy attitudes, but mostly the accents.

  13. You said bed, nothing else!
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  14. British accents.
  15. Southern drawl is amazing. Not too heavy, but just enough twang to be noticeable <3
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  16. Perfect impressions of Kermet the Frog.
  17. Hmmm, a language that could get you into bed..... KLINGON.
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  18. A nice Upper Midwest/Canadian accent.

    A very very soft Southern accent also works.
  19. Hey. ;D
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  20. Ohaithar~ ;3
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