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  1. Captain Rhodri:
    [Good to see a familiar face, Rhodri! I'll put in some details to your backstory, if you don't mind.]

    Being a surface dweller, you've always been exposed to the heat. You've grown up in one of the more generic settlements in the atlantic, all independent from the waring factions.
    How you got the idea to hide in the sheriff's Landship as he was taking away some criminals, is your knowledge alone.
    Sneaking around on the small ship, you reached the cells. The criminals that were sentenced to death were more than eager to agree on your plan.

    Outnumbering the sheriff and all his deputies, you soon find yourself in charge of the Cykro, built on the hull of a fishing boat.
    After dropping off the unarmed and boiling sheriff with his men a safe distance from the settlement, you find yourself in command of a Landship!

    You're now on the bridge, along with some various crewmembers.

    "Everything's in order captain."
    "Coms and radar are online."
    "What are your orders captain?"
  2. "Phew, okay..."

    "You sir," Rhodri says, pointing to the ex-prisoner he found the most helpful. "Get to be my first officer, congrats. Find out where we are, and any notable, nearby locations."

    "And you," Rhodri points to a crew member that was, earlier, bragging about his knowledge in engineering. "Are now the engineer. Can you get me a status report on the landship?"

    "The coms dude pretty much assigned himself already, so that just leaves the LAAs to the rest of you... umm..."

    Rhodri then performs the ancient ritual of "Eeeny meeny miny moe" to determine the two gunners, which eagerly run to their posts.

    "The rest of you don't have any responsibilities right now, good for you. Just do whatever you want."

    With that, Rhodri waits by getting more used to the controls of the landship, via pressing random buttons.

    (Question, what is the exact number of crew members I have right now?)
  3. Captain Rhodri:

    Your first officer looks around in some of the many containers on the bridge. He finds a map, and puts it down on one of the console boards.
    He makes a quick check with the coms officer, and draws using a red marker.
    "We should be here. I have no clue of what's around us, and neither does anyone else..."

    Your engineer sighs, and pulls out one of the screens towards you.
    Screen (open)


    "Like I said, everything's operational..."

    You ask the First officer how many crewmembers the ship has.
    "25, I think..."

    You then proceed to press random buttons at the controls while your First Officer is looking at the map.
    [Rolled 2]
    The entire ship plummets down heavily, and all your crewmen fall down in the impact.
    Afterwards everyone stumbles up on their feet, moaning in pain...
    "What the fuck? Captain?..."
    "I'd be suprised if our hull isn't damaged..."

    Crewman Duncan:
    The sudden fall of the ship wakes you up as you hit your head on the bunk above you.
    There are other crewmen in the quarters, moaning in pain as they get up from the floor.
    "Are we under attack?!"
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  4. Awoken by the ship either crashing or hitting something, Duncan springs out of bed with a hand on his revovler. He wouldn't have been so startled if he could remember how he ended up on this ship... or why all these people around him were in prison outfits. He wasn't wearing one yet no one seemed to mind (thankfully) so he began to explore the interior of the ship. It'll be better to stay on this ship than to go walking through the desert.
  5. Crewman Duncan:

    You leave the crew quarters, and find a corridor leading to the command center.
    The crewmen around you look at you, unsure...
  6. Duncan will simply nod at those who would question why he was on this ship. Though honestly, he wouldn't know what to say anyways. He kept his current pace and hoped he wouldn't have to talk to anyone.
  7. Right after Rhodri smacked the ship onto the ground, he thinks of his best excuse as he gets it back up.

    "Uhh, a bunch of boulders were in the way, had to go through them. Piloting these things isn't that easy."

    As Duncan (Or "random guy" as he is currently known as) enters the room, Rhodri is simply glad that some of his crewmembers are distracted, and hopefully will forget about the pressing of random buttons.

    "You don't look like one of my original crew members... Who are you? And more importantly, how did you get here?"

    As Duncan nods, Rhodri tilts his head in confusion.

    "Those weren't yes or no questions..."

    Deciding to multitask, Rhodri picks a random direction, and pilots the ship to wherever he decides to go.
  8. "Sorry bout that, I was distracted. Anyway... I really don't know how I got here. I just... kinda woke up in the bunks."
  9. "Hmm... Interesting..."

    "There are two possibilities: You could be telling the truth, or you could be lying... But i'm not a cold-hearted, paranoid bastard, so i'll assume the former."

    "If you wish, we can drop you off at the next settlement we reach, or you could become part of the crew. The other options... aren't that pleasant."

    "Oh! Almost forgot introductions. Name's Rhodri, welcome aboard the Cykro."

    Rhodri extends his hands, an invitation to shake it.
  10. Duncan shakes his hand wearily since the circumstances surrounding their meeting have been awkward at best. "I'm Duncan... I think. I'll just stick around on the ship."
  11. Captain Rhodri:
    You manage to get the landship back up on it's feet, and you start moving...

    After a while of traveling, with no encounters or obstacles, your coms officer turns his head to you.
    "We've got something on radar. 6 o'clock, high above."
  12. "Well, go ahead and make yourself at home then." Rhodri says to Duncan.

    Rhodri turns the ship to face the object detected on the radar, and attempts to detect it.
  13. "I do have to ask though, where are we and what kinda ship is this?" He asked as he briefly scanned the control room that he found himself in. He certainly never remembered being a ship this nice before.
  14. Captain Rhodri:
    ("Detect it"? Haven't you already done that? But if you mean getting a visual, the control room have no windows. It's kinda embeded behind the crew quarters and under the radar & comms. It's hard to take out, but you (the captain) can't directly see what's going on.)

    You start to turn the ship around completely.
    "Captain, the entity is closing in fast. It's definitly an airplane!"
  15. "Gunners, fire at will!"

    Rhodri attempts to do tacticool evasive maneuvers, while talking to Duncan at the same time.

    "Where we are? In the middle of the Atlantic, not sure of any specifics. The type of ship this is... I don't know, and I don't care."
  16. Captain Rhodri:

    You order the AA's to fire, and in an instant you hear how the machineguns spray lead towards the skies.
    Suddenly, a bunch of bullets pierce the walls of the command center, and stops dead in their tracks as they collide with the floor.
    One of the bullets nearly kills the comms officer...

    "That thing's loaded with AP bullets!"
    The comms officer drags himself up from the floor, and puts his headset back on.
    "That was close... The plane passed by, and it seems like it's going for another round!"
  17. "Aim for the wings!"

    "You... Duncan, was it? I suggest you hide in the crew quarters right now, if you don't want the plane to blow your head off."

    Rhodri turns the ship so one of the sides is facing the plane, to allow both LAAs to fire at the same time.
  18. Captain Rhodri:

    The airplane comes in for another round, and the AA's fire without pause.

    You hear a loud explosion, as tiny scrapnel rains down from above. You hear one of the gunners on the comms:
    #GOT HIM!#
  19. "Can anyone one see any parts of the plane big enough for us to salvage?"

    If yes, Rhodri sends out a small part of his crew to salvage the plane for scraps. If not, Rhodri continues heading whatever direction he chose.

    "Engineer, get damage report."
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