Lands of Lemea (Fantasy Adventure)

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    The Sun dawns upon the Lands of Lemea, starting with Ayya and Karans in the east, then bringing light to Yana, Ligura, Black Forest and the Orclands until finally rising in the sky of Kaymari and Sear.

    Kaymari, this most distant of all lands under the crown and specter of Alagora, is famous for two things, the mines of Covania and as the place from which most people begun the journey towards Ayya and the mythical Well of Wishes. But to most of its citizens this was a spring day as ordinary as any other and everyday jobs were more to their concerns than anything else. Bakeries, which started baking bread when it was still dark, now opened the doors so people could get their bread, shops of many kinds begun working, preachers of religion and philosophy took the squares and begun their speeches, the night shift of the town guards was replaced with the day shift, doctors opened their doors to those in need of their services, merchants & peddlers begun a busy day at the marketplace, in all parts of the province of Kaymari the daily life begun. But this was Kaymari, the land which leads to the Well of Wishes and a day would be nothing without the dozens of adventurers pouring out of ships coming from Orientar or Ainyas.

    Kaymari was not the only place where daily life went on with only a few notable events.
    In Sear the elves begun their morning meditation; in the Orclands one tribe was preparing to hold a feast after an extremely successful hunting; deep in the western parts of the Ligura forest the Drider Queen and her subjects were preparing to fall asleep, they were creatures of the night; in a small settlement of witches in the Black Forest an explosion cloud be hear, someone made a mistake while mixing a magic potion again; on the many islands of Yana the nation was informed that during the night, from old age and after ruling the Empire for 52 years, Emperor Kazuma died leaving the Empire in the hands of his oldest son Yataru; in Karans one of the pirates, from one of the smaller Everan countries, was still celebrating the capture of an Alagorian ship full of gold, this begun yesterday afternoon and promised that it would go on for at least few more hours; finally Ayya hold its breath, a state which was going on for weeks, due to the sickness of their King Lervan, whose only son was exiled years ago after plotting to kill his father, making the whole country fear a civil war amongst all the sons of Leveran's brothers and sisters.

    * * *

    Port Town of Semera, Docks

    With Immes, in his short sword form, safely tucked in a sheet and with a smile on her face, mostly due to finally getting off the ship which brought her trough the stormy seas of early spring, Aerrea h's Fargur Zeharr with all her earthly possessions on her, stepped on the dock at which the ship with which she came here, the "Lavvarian Swallow", moored itself to. Naikawa, so only Aerrea cloud here him whispered: "So here we are. I always wished to visit this place once I heard the tales about it. Strangely it looks like any other port I passed trough." Aerrea, ignoring the comment made by the demon which made most of her clothing, decided to head to the nearest tavern and look for an adventurer or two to travel together with, at least until reaching Ayya. Without any particular rush Aerrrea made her way to one of the nearby taverns that Naikawa, knowing that from who knows which sources, told her that was a commonly frequented by adventurers looking to form groups before heading towards the wilder regions of Lemea. Her feet, as she made her way into the city, joined with dozens of merchants, citizens and other which had some business in the general are of the docks of Arunin ...
  2. Feilia hated the sea. In fact, she hated just about any body of water larger than a bathtub. It's a fundamental law of nature that water and fire don't mix, and Feilia knew not to mess with nature. When the Elusive Chicken finally boarded in the Kaymari docks, Feilia felt as though a massive weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. When she stumbled off of the ship and onto the docks, she nearly kissed the boards, before realizing she'd probably contract at least 7 diseases from doing so. Feilia got up quickly, nonchalantly brushing herself off and hoping no one saw her (of course, they did). However, once that was off of Feilia's mind, she remembered why she was here.

    She was here in Kaymari, this grand city opening up in front of her eyes, for one reason - to find the Well of Wishes. However, she knew she couldn't do it alone, so her first step was to find adventurers. She was told every adventurer wandered here to Kaymari, so this is where she headed, after all that dreadful time on the boat. With finding comrades in mind, she decided to find a tavern. She turned around to a crewman of the Elusive Chicken, who was still unboarding some barrels of wine from the ship, and asked him where adventurers usually gathered once off the boat. She was given directions to a tavern not far from the docks. A tavern. Not surprising. I'll head there. It's about time to break my fast, anyways. She started walking into the city, amazed by the surroundings. She had never seen so many humans in one place, and it was a bit amazing. She did not harbor any hatred for humans like some elves she knew, so all of this felt like just a new environment, not hostile nor friendly.

    Eventually, she reached the tavern and stepped inside. It was not special as taverns go - she had frequented a few back in Asi'Sear. There were a few people here, but it was still a little early, so she had not expected that many here. She sat down at a table and bought some bread, cheese, and wine to eat with the money she had brought from Asi'Sear. As she munched on her bread, she surveyed the room. Those here did not appear to be the warrior or adventurer type, but she would wait a little longer here in this tavern, in hopes that one of those types would show up.

  3. [​IMG]
    The woman dressed in all black, as she walked by people, they all parted like the sea. They saw her with a beast of the shadows. Her eyes the color of the richest blues, the same as her beast. Her hair the color of onyx and ivory. The whispers could be heard from everyone. "The witch that lives in the dark, the mistress of the night." Her name is Deliriah Von Lussepe. It wasn't the first and probably not the last time, that Deliriah will here the rumors about her. Deliriah is a witch, yes she does love the darker side of life, yes but she's not evil or wicked. Deliriah has been in Semera for a few weeks, as she made her way to the center of Kaymari. She needed to find the Well of Wishes. She couldn't possibly just go by herself and her wolf Shadow. Deliriah needed an army with her. She just had to find people who didn't judge her without knowing her. On her travels, Deliriah has seen many things. Magnificent and terrible at the same time. Deliriah has seen people die, people live and people in between. Those stories are for another time. Right now see needed to find an army. An army of strong individuals, that could handle anything that they would face. Deliriah walked down the streets as people ran from her. The woman veiled in a mystery of dark shadows and visions. Deliriah found herself at a tavern. She walked in, people stared at her. For now she would sit in the far back, waiting to see if anyone sparked her interest.​

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  4. Jex-El Aldiere

    Jex-El hated to wake up. Especially after a night that he couldn't remember. As a few dim rays of light filtered through whatever protected Jex-El from direct sun contact, he pondered for a moment where he was. It wasn't usual for him to get so drunk that he didn't remember falling asleep, nor where he did fall asleep. Opening his eyes finally he squinted through the shadows slowly realizing that he was in the back of some covered cart, where only a moment ago he was sound asleep next to a chest. From the sound of the outside world, he guessed that it was still only early in the morn, enough time for him to sneak away before someone realized he was in there cart. With a quick scan of himself revealed that though he was extremely disheveled he still retained all his belongings.

    Pushing himself to his knees he began to crawl head first out of the cart. A sigh of relief that things might be going his way today was cut short when, as he stuck his head out of the opening. It was to both his and the owner of the carts surprise that both their gazes found each other. "Heyy!" He called out immediately, jumping a foot away, immediately on alert. "Get the hell out of my cart you asshole!"

    "Yah yah, I'm coming out, give me a sec." Jex-El replied sighing discontentedly. He Really wished that some things would go in his favor sometimes. He scrambled out of the cart, a migraine already pounding against his temples. He stood as straight as he could trying to message the headache away while maintaining some composure. "Sorry man, Had a little to much to drink. Nothing is stolen, hunters honor."

    The man only mumbled something about hunters and their honor as he looked Jex up and down. Then past him into the cart to note that indeed everything was still in place. "Well..." He began sighing angerly. "If your going to use my cart as an inn, you might as well pay me for my service." He extended a hand palm open and facing the sky waiting coin. Jex immediately patted his pockets his eyes closed as he prayed that his coin would still be there when he heard a few words said under the mans breath. "Danm son of a whore."

    Jex-Els reaction was both immediate and violent to the extreme. He paused for only a moment as his hands stopped patting his pockets for coin. His eyes opening to look into the mans face. Suddenly without warning Jexs hand shot out, grabbing the mans face and salmming his skull against the side of his own cart. Stunned for a moment he could only watch as Jex brought back his arm rearing back to slam his open palm against the cart owners sternum. He went to the ground in a heap, coughing and sputtering, trying to breath through the pain. On his hands and knees he barely registered the fact that Jex had walked behind him, but all thought was lost when he felt the cool touch of steel press sharply against his nape. "S-sir, I did not mean."

    Jex cut his off, "For the love of god, shut up." his voice barely above a whisper, all thought of his hangover was over, he was a deadly machine waiting to be unleashed as he pressed his long sword against the mans neck with one hand and grabbed hold of his hair with the other. "You can insult me all you wan't but my mother was a saint, you would do well to remember that." With that he stepped away sheathing his blade once again and tossing what was left of his coin as compensation. He walked off leaving the man on the ground, literally stomping his way through town trying to find the tavern he began his night in.

    After several wrong turns, and a few choice curses he finally found himself once again pushing his way through its doors. Taking a moment to look around he found the first face he didn't recognize (Not a hard feat) And walked toward the women in black.

    "Miss," he began looking slightly sheepish, "Could I perhaps help you in some way for a drink? I have a hangover you wouldn't believe and I don't seem to have any coin. "

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  5. "Waaarg!"

    A roar echoed through the forest as Karnage tore into the toad demon's flesh. Despite being a fatty looking creature it was much tougher than it's bloated appearance would imply. Karnage's claws could only make superficial scratches into it's belly. The toad demon retaliated by flinging it's tongue at Karnage, hitting with a force of a punch. He managed to block the blow but the sticky substance on the frog's tongue held onto Karnage tightly, pulling him right into the demon. It swiped Karnage as he flew towards the demon and knocked him into a tree. At least it freed him from the toad's tongue.

    As the toad bellowed at his success Karnage slowly got back onto his feet. "Tch. Tough bastard, aren't you? Well, at least your bounty matches your challenge." Karnage spat out a bit of blood from his mouth as the toad demon charged, launching himself through the air to slam his body against Karnage. he rolled off to the side and saw the toad demon break the tree in half, but was utterly unphased by the damage. He even picked up the fallen tree and intended to use it as a crude club of sorts. This didn't scare Karnage however, and he stood ready for the toad demons' next offense.

    The creature leap into the air once more, this time to slam the tree down onto Karnage. But this time Karnage had a counter: Before the tree impacted Karnage threw an overhead punch, but instead of hitting with his fist the ground behind him rose out of the ground and followed the same path of Karnage's fist, knocking the tree out of the toad's grasp. "Heh. It's over!" In his new stance Karnage carved a rune of Flame Strike, engulfing his arm in fire. How it didn't harm him a bit, and in fact would make his next attack even stronger thanks to the intense flames around his arm. And that was before Karnage turned his arm into a large, shape blade.

    The toad tried to control his fall, to avoid Karnage by launching his tongue at a tree in the hopes of pulling himself out of the way. But he was too slow and gravity would not wait for the toad demon. Karnage stabbed his blade skyward as the toad demon decent, impaling the creature From it's sternum through the back of it's neck. "Hmm? Still alive? You are pretty tough... But this is the end for you." Karnage pulled his down downwards, the cutting edge of his blade cleaving through the toad's bones, fat, muscles, and even armor, slicing him down to the groin. He was almost perfectly bisected, with only his head intact. Which was a good thing because Karnage needed to bring it's head back as proof of the kill.

    The grey demon returned to Kaymari, carrying a sack containing the toad demon's head. There was a bounty out for the creature who had been harassing trade groups these past few weeks. Normally things like this was taken care of by which ever traveling group of adventurers were passing through town, but since the reward was only coin and gratitude most skipped out for whatever pressing matter they had to attend to. It got so bad that they had to raise the bounty on the demon just to attract anyone to deal with the monster, which was why Karnage had went to look for it. He turned the head on over to the city watch, who verified the identity of the monster and gave Karnage his reward. Coin was useful for the road and money had it's own power, and more importantly it would allow Karnage a reason to enter certain establishments. As his appearance would imply, he doesn't have much in terms of belongings. He only had his belt and bandoliers, which only served to hold his coins and the occasional potion. He meat to go hunt some animals to make a backpack, but one thing led to another...

    Anyways, after obtaining his bounty Karnage headed over to a tavern. It was a bit too early for shops to open up and it looked like a fresh wave of adventurers arrived. With any luck one of them would have an open space for a demon to tag along. As he entered he noted the various colorful patrons, both of the lighter and darker alignments. Karnage didn't care who would hire him as long as he could find someone who'd be willing help him find the Well of Wishes. He tried go at it alone, and sufficient to say that it didn't turn out well. He couldn't even say for certain where the Well of Wishes was, and if anyone knew they were keeping it a secret. The barkeep, familiar with the grey demon, already had his breakfast ready: A slice of dark toast with scrambled eggs and a bowl of creamy potato soup. In turn Karnage put a few coins in front of the barkeep and looked for a table, preferably with someone already there for him to talk to. He spotted the blue haired elf (Feilia) and figured that she'd be willing to keep the company of someone like him, so Karnage went over to her.

    "Mind if I take a seat, beautiful?"
  6. Feilia had been keeping a close watch over the tavern over the last few minutes that she was here. A couple unnoteworthy folks had drifted in and out, yet there were a couple that were definitely people Feilia took care to watch. The first to come in was a tall woman, dressed all in black. The woman gave off an incredibly sinister aura, and Feilia decided not to approach her, in fear that she might be attacked, as well as the fact that she had no idea what to say to her.

    The next person of note to walk in was a man, one that Feilia immediately recognized as gorgeous, with long dark hair and a smooth, mysterious look on his face. The mysterious part was probably the fact that he looked tired as all hell, and more than a little hungover. She was about to go introduce herself to him, but before she could get up, another figure walked into the tavern.

    Feilia took one look at the figure, and gasped. It was very tall, muscular, and its skin seemed almost metallic. Whatever it was, it was a creature that almost oozed the essence of pure danger, and Feilia felt a chill go down her spine just looking at it. She wasn't sure what it was, but she was even more curious why it had just entered a simple tavern in the middle of Kaymari before many shops were even open. The bartender seemed surprisingly unfazed, and prepared a breakfast for the thing. Wait, does that mean this thing is a regular here? Feilia thought Can it really be that dangerous, then? The demon grabbed its breakfast, and walked to where she was sitting. Oh my, it means to talk to me. Feilia felt her heart starting to race, but quickly calmed down. I need to remember my goal. Find adventurers. This... thing is definitely skilled in combat, and it doesn't look like it wants to kill me. Maybe I could recruit it?

    Feilia stifled a laugh, raising her eyebrows at the thing. She hadn't expected this thing to even speak the Common Tongue, much less try to flirt with her. Feilia tried not to laugh more, but eventually couldn't help herself and let out a giggle. "Sure thing, sit down," She managed, smiling. It still seemed incredibly dangerous in a combat situation, but it seemed like an interesting thing to talk to. "Can I ask, who are you, exactly?" Feilia asked.
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  7. Deliriah Von Lussepe
    Deliriah was in her own world, she didn't have much to do. The tavern wasn't as lively like she liked it. Her eyes did spark up when a man, a very handsome one at that, came over to her. She hoped he didn't want to flirt or court. Her true love was still out there and she would find him. When the man asked her for a drink, Deliriah sighed in relief. She did not want to knock the man unconscious right now. Deliriah took out her money bag.

    "Sure, and tell the barkeep to bring me a bottle of their finest, My Dear." Deliriah gave the man 5 gold coins, knowing that it was way more then enough. She was just being kind, that was the only way to get people to trust you. Deliriah learned from a few times that brute force, it did not get you anywhere but to an early grave. Deliriah was worried about her wolf, Shadow. The barkeep wouldn't let her bring him in the bar. Fearing that he would frighten the patrons.

    Deliriah went outside to check on him. He was laying down, tired from the long walk. Deliriah patted his head. "Shadow I think I might have found our first ally. Now take this and I'll be back later." Deliriah gave Shadow a biscuit as she walked back into the tavern. Deliriah was waiting for the handsome man to come back. Maybe he would be able to join her on her mission. She would first have to gain his trust of course.
  8. [BCOLOR=#339966]Jex-El Aldiere[/BCOLOR]​

    Jex-El was many things, and usually out of pride, he would never accept such a large sum of money. However, with a bottle of the Taverns finest just out of reach, he could't help but accept her coin without a word. He bowed his head quickly before stepping back to make his way to the Bar. Behind it was the obvious owner of the place, and by the dark glare on his face, he remembered Jex

    "You!" He growled out immediately as Jex-El stopped in front of him. A sheepish grin plastered on his face.
    [BCOLOR=#339966]"Yes me, look don't remember much of-"[/BCOLOR] He was quickly cut of by the gruff man by a raised hand, signaling for him to stop.
    "Look sir, I don't want to hear it. Just tell me what you want so I can get you out of here." Jex-El's smile fell off looking simply defeated. Turning slightly he was about to motion toward the women who had given him the money, yet she was no where to be seen. [BCOLOR=#339966]"Uhm a friend asked me to get her a bottle of your Fire Whisky if you wouldn't mind. "[/BCOLOR]

    The gruff bartender looked him up and down once again before sighing loudly. HE then wen't on to kneel down under the bar, rummaging through the cabinets for a few moments before finally pulling out the right bottle. "Fine, but I don't want you in here after sun down. Understand?" He extended his hand expecting the money before even offering the bottle. Jex jumped at the offer[BCOLOR=#339966] "Yes, Yes. Of course. You won't be seeing me anymore after today, trust me! I feel like today is going to go my way."[/BCOLOR] With that he tossed the man a gold piece and in return he was giving the bottle and two small glasses for him and his "friend".

    Turning away from the bar, Jex walked slowly toward the table he had first met the disappearing women. As if on que she pushed her way through the front doors. Smiling at her he called her over with a wave of the bottle before taking a seat and offering the seat beside him to her. As soon as she sat down, he pulled the cork off the bottle and poured them both a steaming glass of whisky. Sitting the bottle on the table, he allowed a moment of silence to pass before quickly pouring the liquid down his thought. He immediately shuddered as it made its way down, letting out a loud whistle.[BCOLOR=#339966] "Damn, that is some fine whisky. "[/BCOLOR] Offering the empty glass to be tapped against in a cheer he smiled at the women next to him. [BCOLOR=#339966]"To new friends, eh?"[/BCOLOR]
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  9. Bowing his head Karnage took a seat and took a sip of his soup. He lacked the proper lips to seal around the edge of the bowl so he had to pour it into his maw. Regardless, he did not spill a drop. The elf asked him who he was, which made Karnage sit up in careful contemplation. "'Who?' 'Who' is but the form following the function of "what" and what I am is a demon." Karnage gave a stiffed laugh as he poured more of the soup into his mouth before setting it down, readying himself to eat his toast. "Forgive me. Of course you can see that. I am not questioning your powers of observation; I am merely remarking upon the paradox of asking a demon who he is. Understand that our true names have... Power. A power over ourselves. It is not something that we can give freely, less we give another the power to control us." Not quite true as far as Karnage could determine. Though he did know that his former masted had put on some sort of spell whenever she called on him, he would know and be magically compelled to come to her. He had since broken that spell, but not knowing how it was created in the first place Karnage couldn't risk letting it happen again. Not that he distrusted the elf, but... Better safe than sorry.

    "Ah, but I fail to satisfy your answer, do I not? You are a stranger to me and I to you, and yet you still allow me in your company. So I have no reason to suspect that you hold any ill will against me or my kind. So I shall entrust you with a fraction of my name: I am Vorinclex. The towns folk would know me as "The Grey Demon", for obvious reasons. Now to whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" Karnage ate his toast in one bite, washing it down with soup. Barely here for more than five minutes and he was already done with breakfast. This also meant that the elf had his rapt attention, since he wouldn't be distracted with eating or anyone else. Unless someone came in and started punching people, though that would certainly liven up the morning, even if Karnage already had his fight for today.
  10. "You said it was near," she whispered to Naikawa as the tavern stood in front of her. It was a fairly large tavern and a sign "Old Adventurer's Tavern", made out of wood and quite old for something in Kaymari, hanged on a pole sticking of the tavern wall. Aerrea could notice that the tavern was more than popular, with many people already taking some of the tables outside as well as, she guessed, inside the tavern.

    "Oh! Like I could have know that a freaking weapon delivery carriage is going to block thee path for five whole minutes," the demon quietly complained back as a familiar scent came out of the tavern and Aerrea said, her voice sounding extremely happy: "Karsa (Coffee)! Oh Mersian I haven't drunk that in years! Let's go get some! Also for this having Karsa I forgive you Naikawa!"

    Then without wasting more time, and with a rare establishment that is serving Karsa outside of Ainyas was a being a good place by Aerrea's standards, she walked inside the tavern and came up to the counter and said, while pointing to a empty seat: "A cup of Karsa and some bread and butter. Bring it to that table." To make sure that she will be served she flashed a silver coin, stressing the fact that she was ready to pay for a good and quick service and then headed to the empty table that she pointed out.

    With a smile, on her face, partially due to the promise of Karsa and partially to look more friendly to other adventurers, she sat down as Naikawa begun telling her, again quietly so only she cloud hear, how this tavern got its name, including the fact that it was in this tavern in which the legendary adventurer, who brought the story of Ayya, first appeared in December 489 A.E.

    After a minute or so of his rumbling Aerrea had enough and without any smarter idea said to the waiter that just came to her table: "Mind a favor? A round of Fasell wine or Dorme mead on me for all adventurers here. Tell them that Aerrea d'h Fargur is wishing them a safe trip and hopes that they reach destination safely. Add a invite to join me and point those interested in joining here." She handed him a few bronze coins as a tip while adding an adequate number of gold ones for a round of the expensive and delicious Fassel (red) wine from Alagoria or the traditional strong and exquisite Dorme mead (both roughly the same in price) for all the adventurers in the tavern.

    This shut up Naikawa and hopefully got her some attention of adventurers gathered in the tavern as, sooner or later, a waiter came up to each of the adventurers in the tavern and offered them a round of wine or mead while adding: "Miss Aerrea d'h Fargur wishes you a safe trip and that you reach your destination safely. If you want to join her on an adventure she is the black-haired beauty clad in leather armor sitting at that table (pointing at said Aerrea)."

    While this happened her order came, sparking another smile on her face as she ate and drank happily while waiting for someone to come and speak to her.

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  11. The thing sat down in front of Feilia, and she leaned back, doing her best to look relaxed on the outside, yet she was still fairly frightened on the inside, albeit much less that he seemed normal. After a second or two, it spoke.
    A demon, huh? Well, at least there was a category to place it in. From what Feilia had read about demons, they were rare, and very dangerous creatures, embodiments of power. It would make a powerful ally. She realized the uselessness of asking who it was, then, as a demon's true name could control them, and they would definitely not give that away. The demon went on to tell her this, and she blushed a little at her mistake. He then went on to say, however:
    "Vorinclex, huh?" Feilia said to the demon. "I am Feilia Woodsong, from Asi'Sear. I'll get straight to the point, I-" Before she had a chance to tell the demon of her journey, however, she was interrupted by a waiter. He put down a glass of wine for herself and the demon, saying "Miss Aerrea d'h Fargur wishes you a safe trip and that you reach your destination safely. If you want to join her on an adventure she is the black-haired beauty clad in leather armor sitting at that table." The waiter pointed at a woman sitting at a table alone, sipping on a drink of her own. When the waiter had walked away, she said to the demon, "Join her on an adventure, huh? Well, I'm up for it - the nice lady got me this, after all," Feilia said, taking a sip of the wine. She was not knowledgeable of alcohol, yet this seemed expensive to her, so she imagined this woman wanted to draw some real attention. "Care to join? You seem like the type who'd get bored sitting in a tavern like this all day." Feilia didn't wait for a response, and walked over to the table with the woman, taking her wine with her, and sat down at the table.

    Taking another sip of her wine, Feilia said, "Thank you so much for the wine. I'm Feilia Woodsong. However, I'm not here to talk about wine - I'm here to talk about this adventure." Feilia put the cup down, and leaned back in her chair a little. "What kind of adventure are we talking about here?"
  12. Deliriah Von Lussepe
    Deliriah looked at the dashing man. He seemed like a fellow warrior, he would make a grand ally. "Yes, to new friends!" She cheered with him, taking a sip of the whiskey. It sat her throat on fire, that was the good stuff alright. "I realized I have never told you my name, it's Deliriah...what is yours..." Before the man could answer, a waiter came over with wine, expensive wine. Whoever this Aerrea woman was, she had great taste just like Deliriah. Another ally, perhaps?

    "Well we should go thank our new friend." Deliriah stood up, fixing her black laced dress, as she sashayed gracefully to the woman. Deliriah saw that an elf girl was over there to. She looked at the one that claimed to be Aerrea. "Thank you very much, I would gladly join your adventure." Deliriah took a seat. "I would also like to know what adventure that you speak of? Pardon my manners. I am Deliriah Von Lussepe." Deliriah said, smiling hoping that the handsome man would follow her over to the table.
  13. Thkea peered at all the action happening in this port from a rooftop. So many people comng here. Many of them appered to be adventurers.
    "Odd, but perhaps this is good. What us am I if I meet a monster I alone cannot defeat? There are bound to be adventurers making parties somewhere...but where?"
    That is when the Giratabilu saw many of them entering a tavern nearby, "The Old Adventurers Tavern" . Many of the people entring it seemed strong enough. So, she decided shewould approach this place. Wih that, she casually began walking down the side of the building until she hit ground level. Turning, she walked towards and entered the tavern, and quickly she realized she was the only Giratabilu in the entire building.
    She spoke under her breath "Well this ought to be fun. I need to find some allies now."
    Th'kea then walked over to table and settled in (as she couldn't sit on a chair becuase, well...scorpion body.) She seemed to hav arrived a bit later as multiple adventurers were already in groups together, though the one she found most interesting was a group that held a woman who gave off a surprisingly devious aura.
    "Hehe, I like this place already." She smirked slightly under her veil before returning to her normal look of lacking emotion.
  14. "Hello there Feilia. Rare to see one of your kind on an adventure, elves are not the most adventurous creatures of Merian," Aerrea replayed to Feilia, but before she could answer the approaching and arrival of another woman stopped her from doing so.
    "My the Moon bless you Deliriah. You are from that village in the Black Forest right. I will not ask what do you seek in a port so far from home, but rather answer your and Feilia's question," Aerrea spoke to Deiliriah, greeting her with the traditional greeting of users of magical techniques or spells based on Moon and its powers, then proceeded to take the last piece of her bread and butter and a long sip of Karsa before answering the question both of them had asked: "Naturally for the only reason an experienced adventurer like me can be in Lemea, to seek the Well of Wishes and the legendary land of riches known as Ayya in which it is said to lay. I assume you two are here for the same reason?"
    In the corner of her eye, living up to her status as one of Seyur's top informants, she managed to notice a odd figure joining the crowd in the tavern. She thought: "A Giratabilu? Here? What a surprise. This reminds me of the events that happened five years ago when I visited Ebana and its scorching sands. I wonder what is it seeking here."

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  15. "Feilia Woodsong. An interesting name." Before Karnage could say much else a servant came by to offer the two drinks. Karnage hide his distaste; he wasn't much of a drinker. Not that he couldn't hold his liquor, but alcohol was an acquired taste, one that he never bothered to acquire. He unceremoniously drained the wine down his gullet, taking note of the taste but not really caring for it's significance. Still Feilia seemed interested in the patron, and Karnage would be hard pressed to admit he wasn't either. Choice of drinks aside the generous host did also offer partnership for a party and Karnage was up for that. "Sounds fun. Let us introduce ourselves."

    Felilia got to the table first, and was joined by the shadowy woman he saw before. She introduced herself as Deliriah Von Lussepe. After her introduction the host, Aerrea , told them about the reason she invited them over: She wanted to create a party to find the Well of Wishes. "Good news. It would seem that we have similar goals. " Karnage approached with a humble demeanor, but his vicious appearance and ghastly demonic visage made him look far from friendly. And yet he acted curious enough, even bowing his head to Aerrea as he approached, a habit he formed back when he was a mage's familiar. "If you would have me, I would gladly join you in your quest. I am the demon known as Vorinclex."
  16. Jex-El Aldiare

    It was no secret that Jex-El enjoyed drinking, spending almost any night he slept in town in the tavern. So it was a very happy surprise when a waiter brought over a glass of fine wine. His hand outstretched to grab it paused however, stopping short an inch from the glass when the waiter told him who it was from. He grew silent, his face growing passive, his smile melting off his face as business presented itself. He watched as his new found friend made her way over to the table that was pointed out introducing herself to the growing number of interesting characters. He waited, allowing them to speak for a few moments among themselfs as he waited to see what sort of adventure she wished to partake.

    That is when he heard the words he dreaded, The Well of Wishes. He almost left the tavern just then, knowing how dangerous this quest would be. Hundreds of people have left in search of the well, not one ever returning. Looking from the door to the glass half filled with expensive wine back to the door, he eventualy released a large disheartened sigh before downing the wine as quickly as he could. He set the glass down, wiping his face with the back of his hand before standing and making his way to their table.

    "The Well of Wishes you say?" He said loudly to ensure they would all hear him. He shouldered his way through who ever was in the way to stand directly before the women who had bought him the drink and called this group together. "Many people leave this town to search for it, I have yet to hear of one returning." Puasing he looked from her to each member of the group of people before back to her. "Interesting group you have here miss, but if there is anyone in this town, no this country who can lead you to the well it is a member of the order of Drachazor, me." He smiled for a moment before continuing. "If you want my help then you better give me a danm good reason for taking you there."
  17. Feilia smiled at the woman's response. It was true many elves did not adventure so often as they once did long in the past, but that did not stop her sense of adventure. Just then, the ominous woman with the dark hair walked over, sitting down next to her. She introduced herself to the wine-giver as well, saying her name was Delirah, and was from the Black Forest. Feilia made a mental note. It seemed the woman also seeked adventure, and asked the wine-giver what her quest was. Finally, she answered.
    Feilia was stunned for a second, then a grin slowly grew across her face. Good, she thought. I'm not the only one here who's crazy enough. Well, this was a relief, in a sense - she didn't have to organize the party herself, now. She noticed that Vorinclex also joined the small party that had gathered, stating that he was after the Well of Wishes too. That was a bigger relief.

    "Well, yes, that's exactly what I came for-" Feilia started, but the man talking to Delirah earlier suddenly interjected.

    A Drachazor, huh? Feilia had read something about them in a poorly-written manuscript one time, but could only remember that they were accomplished hunters who fought dragons. Feilia decided to stay silent for now, waiting for the woman's response.
  18. ¥Deliriah Von Lussepe¥
    Deliriah was impressed by the man, she knew something about him was intriguing. He would really be a great asset for the journey. She nodded her head, when he asked the woman, the reason she was going to the Well Of Wishes. "Yes, why do you want to get there. You must have a wish for yourself don't you." Deliriah looked up and saw a Giratabilu, she had came across many of them on her journeys. Deliriah liked them, they were magnificent, yet ferocious creatures, like her wolf Shadow. Speaking of Shadow, Deliriah hoped he wasn't doing anything, to bad right now. When Shadow got bored, he tended to cause trouble. Deliriah brought her mind back to the situation. "So...what is your wish. If it is a good one, I will join your journey."
  19. Aerrea was glad that reaching into her pockets got so much attention from the adventurers that gathered in the tavern. She took turns to reply to each of them.
    She begun with the one that humbly, with a bow, introduced himself as a demon. A Summoned Demon, moreover, if Aerrea's knowledge of demon tribes of the non-summoned kind doesn't fail her. Glancing over him she could sense his strength and power. "Glad to meet you Vorinclex. I will gladly travel with you on this journey."
    Then she turned her attention to a man of a interesting attitude which called him a Dragon Hunter. Aerrea left a chuckle escape her mouth and spoke to the man, starting with the traditional greeting of the Drachazors: "My your prey be great and your hunt even greater." She made a pause to take out a ceremonial Drachazor dagger to prove her at some point being one. "Five seasons I lived as a hunter in the wilds of Dorme. Three giants, five trolls and two dragons I have hunted during that time as witnessed by others," she said, introducing her own past as a Drachazor and listing the prey that she fell. Then she added: "I am also the Sword Champion of Sorka [best swordsman in Sorka], Ex-Mercenary of the Savaha Mercenaries [famous mercenaries of great skill], Explorer of the Ethipas in Lowenar [a region in Lowenar, Aerrea was in charge of an expedition there] and Swiërmëist [Swordmaster, Geworian title]. If you don't think that is enough for you to join me then we can spar outside so I prove you that there is nothing to lose and much to gain by joining me." With that she turned her attention to the next person.
    "Do I really need to have one? I am an adventurer and an experienced one. Just going on the search for the Well is enough of a reward for me. But if we do find it I will have to greatly consider if and what I want to wish for," she answered to the witch without any particular emotion.
  20. Feilia watched and listened as the woman responded to the Drachazor. She pulled out a dagger of her own, which had the symbol of the Drachazors. Feilia remembered that from a manuscript long ago. The woman proceeded to list her lofty accomplishments. Feilia had heard of the swordsmen of Sorka, the Savaha Mercenaries, as well as brief mentions of Ethipas and Geworian titles. Although she wasn't sure what "Swiërmëist" meant, she was sure it was something else very noteworthy. I may be the best pyromancer I know, but when it comes to adventuring, I am truly a novice compared to ones in this tavern, Feilia thought.

    However, when Feilia heard that she had no wish, Feilia protested. "Wait, what do you mean you don't even have a wish?" Feilia blurted out. "You may be an accomplished adventurer, yet no one has ever come back from an expedition for the Well. That's foolish, if you ask me, to seek this only for the adventure." Feilia knew that her own wish was selfish, but at least she had a reason for searching for the Well. "However, it appears that we have the same death wish, to find the Well. I'll still join you, but you'd better have a wish by the time we get there."