Lands of Lemea (Fantasy Adventure)

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  1. Lands of Lemea

    Far, far on the eastern edge of the known world stands Lemea,
    There is said, that somewhere north from the Lacremia Mountains stands,
    The Well of Wishes, which is said to grant any wish that those which reach it may have.
    Lured by such promise thousands of people, marked as adventures,
    Leave for Lemea, with only a few returning from the journey...

    From the "Legend of Lemea"

    Map of Lemea (open)


    A bit more about the parts of Lemea
    Kaymari (open)
    Name: Province of Kaymari (Elv. Saro'Gavis)
    Political Rule: Judicial & Executive Rule under the Governor of Kaymari, Legislative Rule under the Emperor of Alagora.
    Status: Part of Empire of Alagora under the crown of the Kingdom of Everas.
    Location: The west most part of southern Lemea.
    History: Kaymari (and Lemea) was first discovered by the explore Gamier di Massiar, which sailed past it during his voyage around the world, somewhere in late 476 E.A. It took almost a decade for the next expedition to come to Kaymari, this one lead by the Geworian explorer (in Alagorian service) Limoy di Krama, which stumble upon the land while searching for the east entrance to the Northern Sea Route (a naval route passing north of Ainyas). They set up a small port and explored the west areas of the province, coming into contact with the local elven folk and four years later founding the Colony of Torvey (named after Limoy's first son). It was next year in December of 489 A.E., after a man speaking of wonders in the far Kingdom of Ayya that the legend of the Well of Wishes started to invite, at first more explorers and soon adventurers to come to this land, leading to a influx of settlers and quickly expanding along the coast southwards. This sudden change made the elves quite agitated and in year 495 they struck into Kaymari, taking the port of Arunin, but were unable to hold it for long as resistance from both local populace and a quickly assembled but experienced army of Alagora soldiers and adventurers armed with firearms and mounted on horses brought from Ainyas colonies. After two more years of war on 31st May 497, a peace treaty was signed between Sear and Alagora, in which all land between the rivers Ivenia and Selkiar were to become a part of Alagora in return for a promise of elven observes in all military institutions in Kaymari as well as that Alagora never keeps more than 25 thousand soldiers and 5 thousands guns in Kaymari. Later a agreement that traders of both nations would have a favored trade position in the other nation was added; as well as an unofficial promise (which until now remains unbroken) of the Alagorian Emperor to never keep military force or build fortifications inside a day's walking from river Ivenia. After this a peaceful time fell over Kaymari with only occasional raids by powerful Orc Chiefs quickly being stopped by the local military. Thanks to this and the fertility of the province Kaymari is quickly rising in both population and wealth, promising to become a second Kingdom of Sorka inside half a century.
    Notable places:
    Torvey - Port Town - Founded in 486 by Limoy di Krama.
    Iglian - Port Town - Founded in 489 by Limoy di Krama.
    Arunin - Port Town - Founded in 491 by Elasia Sirawisah (Sira's Sisterhood).
    Semera - Port Town - Founded in 491 by Semera deas Ilmas.
    Cullia - Port Town - Founded in 492 by Cullia the Great (A bastard son of an Alagorian prince).
    Covania - Port Town - Founded in 492 by Covania the Wise (Fourth princess of, at the time, the Holy King of Geworia)
    Kaymari - City, Province Capital - Founded in 497 by Aresin III (the Emperor of Alagora at that time) Kaymari Settlement Mission.

    Sear Kingdom (open)
    Name: High Elven Kingdom of Sear (Elv. Aisa'Sear)
    Political Rule: Executive Rule under the King (Ais), Judicial Rule under the Queen (Isa) and Legislative Rule under the Council of People (Sear).
    Location: North of Ivenia River and west of Kazuh Mountains.
    History: Once spreading across much of Lemea, Sear is now confined a shadow of itself, but it still has many wonders and riches, as well as some of the oldest buildings in constant use since the time even before Rheas ruled Everan. (The whole history would take books so a short overview will be enough). Until around 14 centuries B.E.A. Sear was unchallenged in ruling Lemea but then humans from Ainyas, pushed by the Orc migrations, came pouring into the lands, forcing the Elves all the way back to what today is the Middle Orclands. For four centuries this situation stood still, except for the increasingly close relations between the human newcomers and elves as Orcs pushed southwards from Ainyas into Lemea. As the 9th century B.E.A. begun the Orcs reached the northernmost parts of southern Lemea - today's High Orclands - and two centuries later took the whole Orclands, pushing Sear across the river Selkiar and humans south and west, ones into today's Yana and the others into Ayya. This was the extend of their progress as even united, the tribes could do nothing against the powerful magical defenses that Sear raised on river Selkiar and the Driders and witches which kept the forests of Aen'Rain (Liguria) and Aen'Isoneya (Black Forest) a deathtrap for Orcs for centuries, until in 1st century E.A. the Great Elven King Lians'Omeyu and Queen Ayia'Suya lead a campaign and pushed the Orcs back all the way to the High Orclands. This stayed the same until in late 5th century E.A. Alagorian explores and settlers started to arrive in the south-west part of the country at a rate which greatly worried and angered the King and Queen leading to a three years war which ended with the loss of all land south of Ivenia River. Using the opportunity Orcs also retook most of their lands, with only the south most part of Orclands under partial Alagorian control.
    Notable places:
    Lea'Veas - City - Founded in 43th Century B.E.A.
    Osi'Loas - City - Founded in 44th Century B.E.A.
    Asi'Nalea - City - Founded in 45th Century B.E.A.
    Asi'Sear - Capital City - Founded in 45th Century B.E.A.

    Orclands (open)
    Name: Orclands (Elv. Yari'Mena)
    Political Rule: Tribes (usually ruled by a Council of Elders or a Chief). Sometimes more tribes are untied under a Warchief.
    Location: Between the Kazuh and Lacremia Mountains, east of river Selkiar and north of Ligura Forest.
    History: Once a part of the Kingdom of Sear, then split amongst many human states after they arrived while running away from Orcs and finally taken over by Orcs until the Sear retook most of this area until a few years after the arrival of Alagora. Today Orcs are slowly working on repopulating the southern parts which were abandoned in the face of the Sear invasion.
    Notable places:
    Hohg'Shar - Ruins of the elven city of Lar'S'Kaya which once stood on the west shore of Kaya's mouth into Sey'Olasa Lake.

    Ligura (open)
    Name: Ligura Forest (Elv. Aen'Rian)
    Political Rule: None/Matriarchy under Queen Shhir Raag
    Location: Southeast of Kaymari, south of Orclands, eastward until Lumina river.
    History: For centuries by the Sesv'Elis-Garr Errha agreement except for the shore of Lumina was given to the Driders and their Queens. That remains so until today and driders still inhabit the depths of this forest. As peaceful people they only attack those which conduct large-scale woodcutting or those seeking to take their land and make it their own, like Orcs. For centuries this has kept the Orcs at a bay but a century ago Yana managed to use forest fire in south-east Ligura to take and expand a small territory which now driders have no way and wish to retake.
    Notable places: Ahhar Shhar the nest of the drider Queen somewhere deep in the western parts of the forest.

    Black Forest (open)
    Name: Black Forest (Elv. Aen'Soneya)
    Political Rule: None, trough some places have a basic political rule
    Location: East of Ligura Forest across the Lumina River until the River Silvinia
    History: Even in elven times this forest was a refugee for those marked or scorned for society and until their departure from some distant land at the beginning of 1st century E.A. the home of the Night Elven race. Today it remains covered both in dark evergreen forest, danger, secrets & magic.
    Notable Places:
    Witch Village – Deep in the western part of the forest stands a small village of witches, the largest known settlement of such kind outside of Ainyas. Ruled by a council of all witches older then 100 years. Founded sometime in the 2nd millennium B.E.A.
    Ancient Dwarven Tunnels of Lacremia – Just north of the forest stands the entrance to the tunnels which once connected a long forgotten dwarven city with both the Black Forest and Ayya. Now it is one of the paths which can be taken to get to Ayya from Karans, but dangerous and vile creatures now inhabit it and the city they lead to.

    Yana (open)
    Name: Empire of Yana (Elv. Seya'Losi/Yan. Oyana Teekoku)
    Political Rule: All power is in the hands of the Emperor, trough local lords with large armed forces have some influence, at least in their own fiefs.
    Location: Islands of Yana which number in thousands, a part of cleared out Ligura Forest.
    History: Settled by these running from the Orc migrations southward in 9th century B.E.A. the country was first nothing more than scattered settlements and farms, but during the next ten centuries aristocracy slowly grew in power until a state of almost constant war erupted. It was the will of four men, in quick succession, to unite the country that finally end the war in 250 E.A. by the establishment of the Empire of Yana. But soon a new problem appeared before the country, from east the Karano people arrived, settling on the coastlands east of Silvin forest and on the islands of Karans. This lead to the policy of closed borders as well as, after a forest fire cleared a large part of Ligura, to establishing a military stronghold and settlement there so one could take it and use it as a invasion point towards Yana. Even today the leaders and most people of Yana remain fearful of strangers, even adventurers, only a few places have been left open for all to pass trough that are: Wayana, Daitsuka, Asunaka and Konasu, all which stand either on artificial islands or the Ligura coast, so no foreigner steps into Yana, trough a few foreign military & science experts have been in secret (at least to the people of Yana) brought to the Imperial Palace in Yanakyo.
    Notable Places:
    Wayana – Special Port – A small port settlement which allows adventurers to head eastwards to Daitsuka
    Konasu – City – The only city open to foreigners in Yana, still the Ligura forest and distant naval trip from Kaymari make it a next to no existent Alagora trading spot
    Isuna – City – A large city facing the Ligura Coast
    Kurai – City – A large city in Yana
    Nakui – City – A large city near Daitsuka
    Daitsuka – Port Town/Artificial Island – A port town which allows adventurers to rest and then conntine towards Asunaka
    Yokazu – City – A large city, was the last city on the largest island of Yana to become the part of the Empire
    Yanakyo – Capital City – The capital of Yana. The Imperial Palace stands there.
    Asunaka – Port Town/Artificial Island – A port town which allows adventurers to rest and then leave for Karans
    Urime – City – A large Yanian city
    Ezui – City – A large city near Asunaka

    Karans (open)
    Name: United Republic of Karans (Elv. Alsia’Karano/Yan. Karano Kyowakoku)
    Political Rule: A Council made out of 12 representatives of the Port Towns, 7 representatives of the City of Karans and five experts (military, diplomacy, economy, internal affairs and legislation) [23 total] is the Executive, Legislative and Judicial body of the country.
    Location: Islands of Karans and the coastlands east from the Silvina River.
    History: Little is known from where do the Karano, the primary inhabitants come from, but they have first been noted by the Empire Yana in 312 E.A. and only eight years later Karans was build and soon afterwards the Republic was formed. Trough lacking in land command, both technologically and somehow physically & psychologically, the Karano were at home on the sea. They were so efficient in naval combat that a single victory of one small Karano vessel over three large Yana ships made the large country decide to ignore the existence of Karans rather than to risk a total naval defeat of their island country. From then the Karano people and the Republic of Karano have spread both inland, trough not to much and eastward finding and calming the strange but amber-rich Amber Coast.
    Notable Places:
    Fort Resea – The most inland and west point of Karans is a fort which marks the end of the Karans Republic and the start of the trip along Silvinia River
    Silvis, Elugia, Limina – Three port towns on the coastlands north of Karans isle.
    Karans – The capital city of the country a located on a peninsula sticking out from the island bearing the same name
    Yuyna, Oiai, Amber – Three ports leading to the Amber Coast
    Last Outpost – A small outpost build by the Karans military and maintained by passing adventurers which marks the end of the Amber Coast and the start of the sail towards Ayya

    Ayya (open)
    Name: Kingdom of Ayya (Ayy. Ayya Ehokko)
    Political Rule: A Queen holds Executive power, the Council of Sages is the Judicial body of the country and the Voices of People (a council) is in charge of Legislation.
    Location: Between the Irria and Lacremia (Ayy. Serra) Mountains.
    History: First settled by those on the run from the Orc somewhere in 12th century B.E.A. for centuries the country, safeguarded by Oppan and its Yorra fortress, stood split into small countries ruled by the great cities of that time. It was only that in 1st century E.A. with the founding of the city of Ayya, dedicated to the land and the Goddess Iunna that the unification of the country trough the standardized religion made by Ayya’s priestess and the political marriages of the ruling family of Ayya. And so as the light dawned on the first day of year 462 E.A. that Ayya was unified by the silent passing of Lord Arran of Oppan, without even a single battle or war being waged. This peace is also why Ayya is full of wonders, scattered through this land, its cities and settlements and the reason it is believed to be the home of the Well of Wishes.
    Notable Places:
    Kenni – Northernmost Ayyan city from which Ayya plans to star exploration sailings eastward.
    Awwari – A city lodged between two rivers and hills also known as “the land of wind and water mills”.
    Risse – A city known for its beautiful handcrafts.
    Nakka – Also known as “three-walled city”.
    Simma – Located roughly half the way along the Ayyan coast it is a city of merchants.
    Ayya – The Capital, “The most beautiful human city”. The center of Ayya.
    Sunna – The southernmost Ayyan city and a large industrial and agricultural center.
    Oppan – Know for many mines, blacksmiths and for manning the Yorra fortress for centuries.
    Yorra Fortress – A large fortress overseeing the only mountain pass between Ayya and the Orclands.
    (Names in these are in diffrent languages: Elv. - Elven, Yan.-Yanian, Ayy.-Ayyan)

    Notable countries or areas outside of Lemea (open)

    Name: Empire of Alagora
    Political Rule: The Emperor holds the highest Executive, Judicial and Legislative rule trough the feudal system gives a certain degree of autonomy to regions not governed by a emperor-appointed Governors.
    Location: The Alago Peninsula in Everan, Sorka region in south Lowenar, parts of coastlands north of Altakar Kingdom, Kaymari province in southern Lemea, town-sized trading ports in Ainyas and Lowenar.
    Info: Untied from the countries of Alago Peninsula on 24th August 0 E.A. Today it is the most powerful Everan country doe its advanced military technology, immense wealth generated trough trade and large population.

    Name: Holy Kingdom of Geworia
    Political Rule: Executive power lays in the Holy King’s hands while the Council of Bishops is highest Judicial body. The Legislative part of the country is in the hands of the Holy Father, a elected priest and the head of the Mersian Church (which exhibits much power over quite a few countries in Everan).
    Location: Taking large parts of west and central Everan Geworia borders Alagora's home territory to the north (trough the Alagor Mountains block all but a few miles of coast for easy travel).
    Info: Formed by the Roseliua Family from the Kingdom of Geworia this country is most notable for its almost blind devotion to the Mersian Church which teaches that all inhuman is bad and the demons and that “corrupted” by them are messengers of evil and should be destroyed. This leads to Geworia leading, roughly each twelve years, an expedition into Aiynas, the home of demons, to wage war and conduct genocide in the name of their religion.

    Name: Kingdom of Dormedon
    Political Rule: The king and a council of nobles share all power in the country.
    Location: Far East of Everan, the south of the Dorme subcontinent.
    Info: In 201 E.A. the Kings of Dormedon started to work closely with powerful nobles from their own and nearby human countries and used all possible resources to expand from a small kingdom in south-west Dorme to the second human country by area of Everan under its rule.

    Name: Orc High Chiefdom (Karz-Dera)
    Political Rule: The High Chief (Karz-De) is the highest ruler in all meters, trough local Warchiefs and Chiefs have a certain degree of autonomy.
    Location: Plains, taiga and tundra in north-west Dorma.
    Info: As Dormedon finished the unification of south-east Dorma it looked like the Orcs north from it, split in many tribes and constantly fighting amongst themselves would be an easy target for Dormedon, but then Karz-Surga (Karz the Great also The Great Chief) quickly united the Orcs by axe and then proceeded to mend the centuries of wounds caused by wars between tribes. Through its successors still had many troubles, the might of Karz-Dera makes Dormadon thread carefully and focus on the south-west rather than the north-west.

    Name: Centaur Plains
    Political Rule: Only unofficial Dormadon rule over human settlements and the Keaton, an advising council of Centaur Chiefs which rule over the nomadic Centaur tribes after being selected by the whole tribe by a decisive majority.
    Location: North-east from Dormedon.
    Info: From before written history the Centaur tribes ruled the plains of north-east Dorma and that stays so until now.

    Name: Republic of Kamay
    Info: A small country located on a strip of tundra north of the salt Lieh’s Lake and on the volcanic islands of Kamay. Little is known about it except hear-say tales of snow-white skinned blonde people who run around next to naked in a land where only two summer months melt the permafrost of its tundra.

    Name: Kingdom of Rheas (Once Empire of Rheas)
    Political Rule: All Executive is in the hands of the ruling King/Queen (in Rheas the oldest child, no matter the gender, takes the throne), while the Legislative is split with the House of Lords and the Council of Commoners (a tax based system in which those which pay more tax have greater political power). The High Court of Rheas is the highest Judicial body.
    Location: A small strip of land between the Souna River, Fealbuth River and the sea.
    Info: Once ruling most of Everan, from the coasts of present-day Alagora to the lush forests of north Geworia, now Rheas is a duchy-sized kingdom. Today it remains one of the rare places where, backed by almost a thousand years of such practice, all are equal before the law, no matter the race, creed or gender. It is also a place where the freedom of thought, speech and emancipation are on the highest level of all known lands. This is one of the main reasons that Rheas is a source of new philosophy, medical breakthroughs and engineering practices, only falling second in terms of military technology where the guns and soldiers of Alagora defeat them.

    Name: Yaes Numir Seyur (Union, Military, of Demons)
    Political Rule: Military Alliance with no shared political elements.
    Location: All of Ainyas except a few small Alagorian ports and the Rark Soval/Coast of Salvation which is occupied by a large Geworian force.
    Info: A military alliance of demons and other inhabitants of this continent against the, next to regular, military attacks of Geworia. Little is known about most of this land except that the rare spices and commodities that it generates prompted Alagora in opening a number of trading colonies on the coast of Ainyas.

    Name: Altakar Kingdom (Alt. Merak Altakar)
    Political Rule: The King has full Executive power, shares some Legislative power with local nobles. The Elasia Sirawisah (Sira's Sisterhood) provides priestess for Sirawmah (Moon’s Council) the highest Judicial body.
    Location: North-west Lowenar, right south (over the sea) from Alagora.
    Info: Formed from the breaking up of the great Arhovan Empire now only Sirawisam (a religion which worships the Moon Deity Sira) which is the most practiced religion, points out that this county once belonged to Arhovan, as with time their customs grew into a mixture of Arhovan, ancient Rhean, Algorian and even some from the lands south of the great deserts of Lowenar. Still even with this they hold tightly to the Arhovan custom of scholastics and have some of the best mathematicians, astronomers and medical experts in the world of which many decide to leave Altakar work in Alagora.

    Name: Sorka
    Political Rule: King of Sorka, a vassal of Emperor of Alagora, has full rule in all matters in all lands in Sorka not belonging to the crown of Alagora.
    Location: Southern tip of Lowenar .
    Info: This region doted by Alagora ports and mining settlement and rich in livestock, ores and farming land is it the largest continuous part of Alagora outside of its homeland. The wealth and size of the region allowed it to become the first area outside of the Alagora homeland to be put under its own crown (the crown of Sorka). Except for this Sorka is an important stop for resupplies and rest of ships heading to the east or those returning from such a trip.

    Name: Mahiras
    Location: Half way to the Far East of Lowenar
    Info: A large subcontinent, inhabited by many races is split up in many smaller or larger states with many governing systems. Alagora has a number of trading colonies established for the sake of importing ivory, gold, silver and spices as well as to supply ships heading eastwards towards Far East Lowenar.

    Name: Loraya & Inichi
    Location: Halfway between Mahiras and Orientar.
    Info: Loraya (an island chain) & Inichi (an subcontinent) are lands covered in jungle spanning around the straits of Merkkas, which allow quicker voyage from Mahiras to Orientar. It is also rich in spices and other commodities, meaning that many trade ports of Alagora dot the area.

    Name: Orientar
    Location: Far on the east end of Lowenar.
    Info: Orientar, a land in which many wonders are found and in which luxury goods are bought and sold everyday. Unfortunately the wealth of farmlands and resources means that is heavily populated and the Alagora has no way of projecting its military power more then to protect a few scattered trading ports. It should be noted that Mugen Okoku (Lit. Land of Fantasy) a country populated by Youkai is also located here. Also the ports of Orientar, in particularly Eroku-minato, are the stating locations for sailings to Lemea.

    Noteworthy stuff:
    The most advanced technologies are those of the Empire of Alagora which is as developed as the 1550's Spain.
    Elves have the highest understanding (and development) of magic and use that to counterweight humanity's technology and numbers.

    This RP will definitely include Magic, Adventure, Encounters with Hostile Life forms.
    This RP might include PC Deaths, An End, Kittens, Reference to Manga & More.
    This RP probably will not include Science Fiction, Aliens, Spaceships, Computers.

    The year is 523 of the Era Alagoria (E.A.) and now we shall follow those which dare to become adventurers and travel trough Lemea to search for the Well of Wishes.

    Questions, comments and post of interest are all welcomed.

    Oh Lemea, once home of the Elves
    Now you stand divided,
    Long has time of your glory run past,
    Trough your name
    Still inspires people of all creeds,
    Oh Land of Lemea!
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