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Era of the world

  1. Ancient times

  2. Medivel times

  3. Recent past

  4. Prensent times

  5. Recent future

  6. Distant future

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  1. I will be starting an open world roleplay this like the name says will be a very free rp as a group we will create a world and play in it. There are many choices available era, amount of fantasy, races to be playable, etc...

    We will create characters after world details have been decided because those decisions can affect your character. You may post your world ideas from plant shape to what plants are were the rp is. Please don't get crazy into world details like under 4 paragraphs if you can help it.

    For voting on rp details like fantasy amount etc... Please say what your rating then rating from 1-10 1 being very little/not at all 10 being as much as possible.

    Each person can have multiple characters but a max of 2 or 3. You then decide details for each of them wether their totally different or twins.

    Character creation
    Appearance (photo or description):

    1. Nothing 18+ this will be a rp for all ages
    2. Keep bad language to a minimum
    3. Try to keep post bellow a paragraph for maximum character interactions
    4. Have fun and make sure others are having fun

    Even if theres no 18+ content death and such is still allowed but every one needs to have fun.

    If this just isn't for you i hope you find the right rp for you :)
  2. I was thinking off a world with a fantasy rating of 8 or higher in a universe much different from ours, with many, many different crazy, wonderful and scary creatures. And of course the world is in a medivel era its cooler that way (to me atleast).
  3. i thought about a world when the land separated by a massive wall surrounding the earth. It divide the world into two areas, North and South. Each of them are in the brink of battle just a little accident will bring war into the world. (so thats the current condition of the world that sure interest me)
    about the Era the medieval is a good one but for my Background history it seems off (6/10) to the Medieval Era. iIprefer use the Ancient Era (8/10) when the God still walked on earth or Distant Future (After Apocalypse maybe, thus the weapon blown back to the medieval era. 7/10 ratting) where the technology are present.
    I don't know about plantation really. so sorry can't do much about this.
  4. That sounds like a cool world it'd be fun to do a rp in. And having plants and stuff was a suggestion not a requirement so its fine.
  5. *Cough* make-the-RP-see-plot *Cough*
  6. Is anyone going to join us? If not alucard i think we should decide final details on the world and make our characters.
  7. so what's lacking in the world building?
  8. I think what you have said was a good idea and we can add onto the world during the rp when needed.
  9. I see... what's about the main plot of the RP and the Race?
  10. Well you said it was a world divided by a wall and at the brink of war. So know all we do is make our characters. And by the way do you want the ancient times because you said ancient or future and we both thought the past was cool so should this by ancient times then. And with it being past times and a fantasy rp i think it would be cool with a higher level of fantasy. If its future personaly i think id be a bit less fantasy. That good? Races you can just make up if its ancient times many fantasy species would be alive and if its future many would be discovered.
  11. I see then.... if it's ancient era, we also accepting custom race.. higher fantasy seems to be a good sounds to me..
  12. So then lets make some cool characters :)
  13. Okay will make the CS in a couple of hours...
  14. Do you think my characters cool?
  15. First thing first i saw your concept is good but I thought that his/her form as a slimeling is too abstract to grasp and too overpowered after i read that they can't physically harmed also they can absorb anything at his/her own will. tried to make some character that not too overpowered, it's fine though he/she could absorb physical material but place some negative effect because of those action such as it will destroying his/her cell or anything like that. Also if you make your character is on top of the chain it will make your character lacking a space to improve their selves.
  16. Ok i'll think of something else. :/...
  17. Your right it was too overpowered.
  18. okay... then i will begin to write my CS
  19. LoL... see
  20. Name : Byron Acrodis / Insigz Yeaz

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human


    Personality: He got dual personality that no one knew how to trigger the other personality to come out. As Byron he is a funny guys who like a child but when the situation come he can be serious too. He really like cat and couldn't resist to chase it whenever he saw one. As Insigz he is turned to be a Cold person, killed person is as easy as cutting a cake in his eyes. he never show his emotion in this state.
    Teleporter (Byron) he could teleport himself or anything he touched to any place he see with his own eyes but this power have a limit length of 1 Km from his current position and he can't teleport to the place he couldn't see.
    Body Manipulation (Insigz) as Insigz he could manipulating his own body for example increasing the mass of his muscle that enhance his power to surpass the limit of human and so much more manipulation he can do to his body make him a terrifying enemy.
    It was a curse they said. he is a demon child they said. but Byron didn't care for such thing. he see Insigz as his brother, he will protect him as long as he didn't break their promise. Byron was born in a common family 23 years ago. when he was born his body emitted a strange light..... (To be Continued)
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