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Up high in the sky, far outside of normal eye, a land floats through the air. Even though it can not be seen, it can be reached, and it is far from desolate. The entire land, and especially the Capital is bustling with life. Mainly winged beings live here but non winged too roam these parts. It is peaceful, having no enemies at their borders, and is justly ruled by an angelic household (monarchy). At this moment the Queen is the sole ruler, her husband having died a number of years ago and left her childless. She lives in her palace at the Capital and oversees the entire city.

The sky was clear blue, not a single cloud in sight, when Layana made her way through the busy market street. She had heard a rumor of a medicine man that would be able to help her with her little wing dilemma. Unfortunately the guy was either not in, or just a hoax, because there was no one to be found aside from the crowd. A sigh escaped her lips before she squirmed out the end of the street and into the more regular roads.

She had only arrived here a few days ago, but she had seriously thought that she would have been able to find a few answers a bit sooner than this. Lazily Layana ran her hand through her hair and looked from left to right. Where the heck was she? This place was so huge and spacious that it was near impossible to remember every street, for her at least. Was it left, or right to go back to the inn. She sighed again. Under normal circumstances she would have just spread her wings and flown up to figure out where she was, but she couldn't do that now. Well, she could, it just wasn't smart. This darn bat like wing just threw her balance completely off and had grounded her basically since it started to deform. What she wouldn't give to just be able to fly again, get rid of this stupid smooth wing and have her soft fluffy 'cushions' back.

It had been a long travel from her home town to here, luckily she had been able to hitch a ride on the back of a farmer's wagon till halfway the way. The rest she had been walking. And more walking she would do today. She went left in hopes of going the right direction and started walking down the road.


New Beings in the Land of Wings

Aust Silverclaw

Rahzun Kromaar (Warrior)

Ilona Chironus



Keahi Eldadir
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[fieldbox="Nyka, #D0A9F5, solid"]The young Sylph opened her eyes to the bright sunshine streaming through the window of her bedchamber. Nyka had awoken from a pleasant dream, though she could not now recall the details, and a gleaming smile spread across her face as she heard her mother's sweet singing voice echoing from down the hall. Her nose detected the scent of baking bread - "it's still early," she surmised - and her stomach growled with impatience as she threw back her blanket.

As she darted from the bed to the chest in the far corner of the room Nyka stripped off her nightclothes, and these were replaced with her favourite silver dress that she plucked from the small iron box. She closed the lid gently and turned towards the door when she noticed the sounds of the outside world flooding in. Distracted, she momentarily forgot her hunger and instead moved towards the window to peer out to the terracotta courtyard below where the temple monks were sparring. Nyka watched for a few moments before her stomach reminded her of its needs, so she glided once more to the wooden door, turned the bronze handle and floated down the hall to the kitchen.

Nyka felt the heat of the furnace as she approached the open doorway to the temple kitchen, so she descended to allow her bare feet to feel the cool of the tile floor. A little nervously she peeked around the corner before announcing her presence. "Good morning, Mother," she called as she entered, walking swiftly to the larder while taking care to avoid the fire. Nyka's mother, Trysta, looked up from the dough she was kneading and smiled warmly at her, but finished the last few notes of her song before she replied.

"Good morning, Nyka. Did you sleep well?" she asked her daughter.

"Oh yes, Mother," Nyka answered cheerfully as she reached for a knob of the freshly baked bread. "Where is Father this morning?" she inquired, and she took a large bite of the delicate loaf.

"He has gone to market, Dear. He wanted to wake you first, but I convinced him to let you sleep a while longer." Trysta nodded to herself as though reaffirming something in her own mind but did not explain further.

"Oh, I wish he had, Mother! I do so love the markets on a warm, sunny day. There is so much to see and so many wonderful people to meet." Nyka looked at her mother with a pleading look, and Trysta relented.

"If you hurry I am sure you will catch him. He was going to take High Road to the marketplace, so if you go via South Parade you will probably arrive at around the same time."

Nyka didn't wait for her mother to change her mind. She raced out the grand brass double doors of the temple of Iodemus, past the monks in the terracotta courtyard, and out onto the deserted cobblestone boulevard. Her heart was beating with the excitement of the outing as she set herself the challenge of beating her father to the marketplace. "So what if he's had a head start," Nyka thought to herself as she took off down the road, "I am faster than he ever was!"
Aust was sitting in his regular post in the back of the tavern, he looked about checking for clients or even a bounty or two. In his line of work he'd take any job just to rid himself of the boredom he didn't like it went no work comes in, normally means someone is stopping by either taking his work or scaring off his costumers. He wasn't super happy as he had finally given up on hi pursuit of a job and headed to the main areas of town spying around to make sure that no one was on his tail as he walked through town. He had his wings covered as normal as he continued through the town looking at the shops incase he spotted any weapons or armour he liked, not spotting anything he continued on through the street.
Warlock awoke early, before the sun even came out from the eastern horizon. He began walking a path to one of the towns, where a sage supposedly live who could aid him in restoring his memories. In the morning he left onto the roads, only to be bumped into by a young girl. He rose his eyebrow, looking at her. "Can I help you?"

[Sorry this is short: having some writer's block.]

After what felt like years of convincing, Deneas was finally free to patrol farther out into town. She'd been kept on such a tight leash for so long, she was sure she was going to smash another guard's head in from sheer boredom. She wasn't allowed anywhere inside the Royal Palace, despite being a Royal Guard. Only outside the palace. Where hardly anything happened. But she was finally gaining the trust of her fellow guards - which she really didn't care about. What she cared about was more freedom. She had to keep reminding herself that she was still alive because she was a guard, but it didn't always help.

But she brushed those thoughts aside. After a stern reminder that should she try to escape, her superior would hunt her down and see her hanged, she had been given the task to patrol farther out.

So that was what she did. She walked down the streets, her eyes roving over the people she passed by, looking for anyone causing problems. Praying somebody would. She really wanted something to happen.


Despite how early it was, Keahi's forges were already burning. Buried under layers of leather to protect himself from the fire and the molten metal he worked with, he was already working up a sweat. It got hot very quickly, even with the lack of walls and ceiling. He couldn't begin to imagine how hot it would be if he was in an enclosed area. Luckily the shop was an actual building with walls and a ceiling - and no fire - but until a costumer showed up, he worked in the forges.

As he waited for the iron to melt down for use, Keahi looked out at the street. That was the one thing the forges had over the shop; people didn't have to open a door. He could strike up conversations with anybody passing by, even as he worked. It also meant people came to watch him work. He enjoyed that. The conversations easily made up for the heat.

New Beings in the Land of Wings

Her Majesty Queen Lena Rucrosa

Victor Ao


The direction she was heading eventually cleared out a little. There were less people here in the same amount of street surface, which could only mean one thing. She was moving away from the city center. Layana stopped and rested her forehead in her hand. She was such a disaster lately. Well, had been for a while, but it just was so much worse. In part she blamed it on the buildings. Up there in the sky she could find her bearing in no time. Pinpoint easy to recognize marks and figure out what the relative directions, and eventually exact directions, she needed to go.

A sigh escaped her as she turned around and headed back into the crowd. She figured she must have taken a wrong turn back when she entered the main road, so she set off to find some place she recognized. She really should have bought a map.
Not entirely focussed, Layana's leathery wing unfolded further than she normally allowed it. When she, and many other winged creatures, were younger, they had to learn to keep their wings close by their side. It took practice, focus, and eventually it became natural. Just like learning how to write, walk, fly, and any other task that requires repetitive motions to make the muscles remember how to do it. However, with this 'new' wing... everything felt different. Including the muscles that were needed to control the wing. Kind of like how a teenager feels during a growth spurt. And one of the most common issues for both teenagers and Layana: bumping into things.

Or in this case, a person. Noticing she hit something with her wing, Layana snapped out of her train of thoughts to look at what she had hit.
"I am so incredibly sorry!" She said as she reached out with her hands to her wing, pulling it closer manually and making sure it didn't hit someone, or something, again as she regained her grounds.
"I'm kind of lost, and I wasn't paying attention, so, sorry. I hope I haven't hurt you?" Judging by the looks of things, he was perfectly alright. Which was a good sign. Going out on a limb she blurted out the main question that had been on her mind.
"I'm trying to find my way back to the Rover's Inn, and I'm totally lost. You wouldn't happen to know where it is?"


As the day began in the city, it began in the palace as well. As per usual the lady's maid had come to the Queen's chambers to wake and dress her for the day. However, the bed was empty and no one was in the room.
"Your Majesty?" The servant called out as she did a double check in the room. Confirming there was no one the young woman panicked and ran out of the room. As she did she bumped into Mortimer, one of the Queen's royal advisors.
"My lord, the Queen she-"
"Is not in her room. I am aware." He replied dryly. Not looking up or over he continued down the hall, leaving the flabbergasted lady's maid behind.
It only rarely happened that the Queen left the palace, to those that had been in her service for years knew of her antics and when to predict when she would disappear for a portion of the day. Work soon picked up as usual in the palace.

Down in the Capitol a hooded figure, covered by a simple deep brown cloak, waded through the people. There was a sense of exhilaration in the figure's step. An enthusiasm that seemed eager to reach the destiny in mind. But you'd have to really look to see it. It was toned down, held back, almost careful to not be noticed, or caught.
Carefully the woman below the hood peeked behind her, checking if no one was following her. Seeing no one besides the normal crowd, she smiled and picked up the pace.

It didn't take long before she reached the shop that she had intended to go to. Looking through the window she didn't instantly see the man behind the counter, so she walked around the back. On the other end a hot forge was blowing and bellowing. Sure enough a young man was working here.
"Excuse me." The soft voice called out. She had been a frequent visitor here, frequent enough to own quite a collection of the blacksmith's work and know his name. Albeit she only came her two or three times a year.
"It's been a while Keahi. Do you have any new ornaments?" As she stepped closer she smiling removed the hood off of her head. Light skin and white blonde hair, partially tied up in a bundle with a jeweled comb, contrasted strongly with the dark brown of her cloak.
While she had come here from time to time, she had only introduced herself as Lena, keeping who she was a secret. Announcing that the Queen was paying a visit and walking through town without guards would not be a wise thing to do, even if she felt she could trust this young man enough.

Keahi glanced up at the woman who walked in. He had to peel his goggles off his face to get a better look - they desperately needed to be cleaned - and when he recognized her, he broke into a smile. It had been a while since she had been by, but she was still a regular.

"Lena," he said, still smiling as he took off his gloves and face mask. "It's been a while." He walked over to the door to the shop and opened it. "Come on inside," he said, holding the door for her. "It's too hot out here." She was far too pretty and clean to be in the forges, filled with ash and dirt.

"I have something I think you'll like." Not that he would ever admit it, but he actually went out of his way to make things specifically for her, to ensure there was something for her to pick up when she stopped by. He'd made it months ago and left it behind the counter. It was probably starting to collect dust, now that he thought about it. He'd have to let her wander around while he cleaned it off. "How have you been?"

New Being in the Land of Wings

Saraad Anakros
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Warlock (Rahzun Kromaar)

The Arcane Warrior rubbed the back of his head, moving his left hand into his peripheral vision to see that no blood would pass through his snow-white hair. He chuckled, looking to the hybrid creature. Was she a chimera? He pushed the thought from his head as he checked the pouch on the right side of his swordbelt by laying his hand upon it, as it was enchanted as to hold an almost infinite amount of supplies. He did, however, neglect to hide his ears in order not to alert anyone that he was of a near-extinct species.

His armor, however, was still polished as the Arcane Warrior insignia on his left pauldron was also a tad revealing as to who he was, but it was covered by a blue scarf given to him by someone who had taken him in when he first became known as Warlock. Apparently that sigil wasn't exactly welcomed in the skies, some sort of bloodbath and ancient war regarding the divisions between the surface and the skies. Otherwise, Warlock looked like a mercenary to the untrained eye. He then chose to speak, raising his voice to the strange being.

"It is quite alright, miss. As for the Rover's Inn... I believe I know of where you speak. It is outside the town of Catharsis, is it not? I am headed down that path, if you would join me. I seek a man known as the Sage of Theius who resides there, perhaps people at the Inn will know where he is. Do follow me, and I shall lead us there. And, as to resort back to manners, the people of this land call me 'Warlock.' Now, would you tell me a tad about yourself?" The warlock then took his way down the Sojourned Path, leading the suspect-chimera to where she wished to be taken. This, however, did rattle something within the addled memory of the swordsmage. Had he met a creature like this before, or seen this terrain in another time? He couldn't tell, and as a response issued many mental profanities.


If anything, Layana wasn't exactly familiar with crests and emblems that didn't belong to the Land. She knew the sigil of the royal family, as well as the branch families, and the more notable noble families. That was basic knowledge to just about anyone that was raised in the Land.
Even if Layana had noted the insignia, her attention went more towards the shape of his ears. It kind of looked like some of the ears she had seen before, elf like, but it was different. Probably of some other being, but what she didn't know. She probably would have asked, if she hadn't noticed that he had taken note of her wings. Oh great.

She shifted her wings slightly uncomfortably when he spoke up. With how her wings looked nowadays she sometimes felt self conscious about them. At the mention of Catharsis Layana's memory rang a tiny bell. The name sounded familiar.
Layana nodded, yes, that was the district, or as some called it 'town', in the Capitol where the inn was near.
"Yeah, I think that's the one." She replied and followed him. He spoke a little funny, kind of like how they did in older books, but it didn't really bother her. It was interesting.
"I'm Layana. Came here a few days ago. I've been having a bit of a wing problem. And a bit of a magic problem." She added the magic part softer, but quickly returned to her upbeat normal tone. "So I came here hoping to find someone that could help me get back to normal." Glancing around she had a feeling she recognized some of the buildings here in the direction they were walking, guess they were headed down the right road indeed.
"So what about you?"


Delighted to learn that Keahi still recognized her, Lena smiled freely.
"It most definitely is hot out there, I don't know how you can manage to withstand it all day." She said as she entered the shop and took a brief look around. Most of the interior was similar to when she had been here last. Sure, the weaponry and other items had changed, but the layout and overall feel was the same. Then again, what else could one expect from a blacksmith's shop.

Walking by the display of weapons Lena shrugged. "Overly busy, then again, what else is new." She chuckled. "I have been doing well, nothing much to complain about, and probably gave the new maid a scare by leaving before she could wake me." Having a hard time suppressing an amused smile at the thought, she stopped by one of the weapons and picked it up. It was a sword, slightly more delicate in appearance than most, and a bit lighter too. A trained eye would be able to see that the way Lena held it meant she was trained with weapons.
"So what do you have for me today?" She asked, placing the weapon back in its original spot.

The sun shone brightly upon the glass dome of the greenhouse, sparkling off the roof. Saraad carefully inspected a one of his azalea bushes, his face wrinkling up as he squinted at a leaf. Satisfied, he took off and neatly folded his glasses, tucking them inside the pocket of his apron. Locking the door of the greenhouse, he stopped to wash his dirt-caked hands in the bathroom sink and pick up a paper-wrapped package, returning to the main laboratory. The room was rather gloomy despite the bright morning sun. Books lay scattered on wooden tables and shelves, with some taking up chairs normally used . A few rays of sunlight shined from windows above bookshelves, but otherwise it was rather dark. Yesterday's teacup and saucer lay precariously on a stack of books; it was a miracle it had not fallen and shattered. Saraad quickly moved it to the sink, placing the package aside, chastising himself for being so careless. With one final quick look about the room, he left everything else as it was, stepping out into the sunlight on the boulevard. He checked his pocketwatch absentmindedly and set out for the market.

He had not walked for so much as a minute when a sudden gale passed by him, leaving as soon as it came. Quickly adjusting his hair, he looked around confused for a moment, but shrugged and kept walking. It did not strike him as a normal breeze, but plenty of abnormal things happen, he thought to himself. As roads converged into the boulevard, and more buildings began cropping up, Saraad noticed a strange pair: one with blond hair and very unusual ears, and a woman with blond hair, darkening towards the ends. Strangely enough, she had one wing angelic, and the other leathery and bat-like. Where there's smoke, there's fire, he thought to himself, smiling slightly. He tried to catch up to her, curious about what she was, almost breaking out into a jog. He tapped the lady on the shoulder, in an attempt to get her attention.

"Excuse me miss and sir, incredibly sorry for the interruption, but I haven't seen wings like yours in many years," Saraad inquired, wringing his hands slightly. "Where are you from, and what might you be, if you don't mind my asking?" It was hard enough asking two random strangers, but he felt bad about interrupting a conversation.
Warlock (Rahzun Kromaar)

"Lanaya... a lovely name, I shall remember it. As for your wings... are you sure you're not a chimera or a hybird? After all, there are many cases where the recessive genes awaken later in the individual's life from the suppressed half. Perhaps this is one such case?... Bah, enough of my rambings. You asked about my reason, yes? Well I am an amnesiac at the moment. No memories or sense of identity, but my knowledge is intact it would seem. I know a great many things, none of them remedies for my condition. All I know is I come from the Surface, not from this Land." As such, the alv remained silent as he cast firebolts to scare away the unaware street thieves that they came across occasionally, listening intently to Lanaya's story.
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[fieldbox="Nyka, #d0a9f5"]
As she rounded the final corner before the marketplace, Nyka, who was already moving at an incredible speed, increased her pace. Now that she was so close she was all the more determined to make it to the markets before her father. A smile spread across her face as she realised he was nowhere in sight, and she darted through the crowd towards the market square where she finally stopped to catch her breath. She ascended a few metres into the air, and her eyes peered this way and that as she looked for her father in anticipation, eager to brag about beating him despite his head start. After a short while, her excitement began to wane, and she took some time to look around at the busy market.

Nyka was floating in the centre of the market square, and she was surrounded by stalls as far as she could see. The sounds of the stall-owners calling out their wares and all the different beings in the crowd, instead of terrifying her, excited her. "Over there, a pegasus with rainbow-coloured wings, how beautiful!" she thought as she scampered a few feet towards it. "Wait, behind it is a draconian with its reptilian wings, eek!" she recoiled.

She noticed the crowd parting to make way for a patrol of the Royal Guard near the southern entrance of the marketplace. Her eye caught a glimpse of a dark, shadowy figure flittering through the crowd, away from the patrol. From behind them an angelic stall-owner cried out "Stop! Thief! Bring that back!" The figure was racing towards her as the patrol seemed to spring into action, the crowd parting for all of them. Nyka reacted without thinking and darted towards the shadowy being, cannoning into them and sending them flying back on their haunches. "Hey! Put that back!" she cried, and turned to face the thief as he got to his feet. "Father! What are you doing?" she cried in shock.

@Silver Fallen (Deneas)

New Beings in the Land of Wings

Izana Kunigiri

Vamadra Lavellan
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Aust continued down the marketplace spotting a hooded girl going into the blacksmiths he didn't think much of it and he moved on through the market spotting a very nice looking dagger on display. He entered and asked the store owner how much it was and it turned out to be a good price and was placed in his boot hidden from view. He left the store after paying for the dagger and he continued down the market looking about further for anything or one interesting lurking about. He eventually spotted some Air elemental shouting about something or other, he looked up at what was happening at it had seemed that another air elemental stole something from a store and he watched from a bit back what happened next.
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In a not too distant alleyway in the marketplace, Izana lay Asleep, curled up, shivering, not from the ambient temperature, despite it being a little too nippy for his usual tastes, but from the nightmare he is having.

"Izana, hun, Please lock the door. Remember the reports of the suspicious looking characters wandering the streets? We don't want them coming in."

With a nod, Izana turns and shuts the door, twisting the lock. heading back up, he smiles, greeting everyone, and heading for his room, going about using his flames and his claws to carve on a wooden block, and burn shapes and accents into the carving, trying to kill time, when a loud scream is heard. Dropping the carving, and spinning to head out, His tail striking the block across a figure that looks like himself, while the carving resembles a family portrait of the 6 of them, he heads out, seeing his mother, hung from a rope attached to her hind paws, a slice in her throat present, and at her inverted state, her face seems to be getting gradually painted red. running out of the room, trying to avoid the murderers, all of whom chase him, he spots the others joining the chase after killing the others in various ways. He looks around the room, backing into a corner, as the murderers smirk, walking up to him, the view of the dark figures vague. more of this goes on, until a dragon in chains is drug out of the house, and as Izana looks at the house, it bursts into flames. angry, he looks around at his captors, beginning to heat up his wrists, weakening the temper of the steel enough to where he eventually is able to break it, creating a large enough fireball in his anguish, he flees down an alley, curling up after witnessing many more horrors. Shaking, he uses a stone to try and shatter the rest of the cuffs, getting all off but the one around his neck, which now jangles. Not an immediate problem, due to the room there is for movement, but as time goes on, the space will shrink and shrink, making for a tighter and tighter 'collar' that will one day need to be removed.

Opening an eye, he slowly lifts his head, moving a paw to his neck and trying to move the ring, but can't, and it had already begun to cut off his ease of breathing. It will have to come off soon, but its a matter of when. Pushing himself to his feet, the skinny sapphire dragon starts to wander throughout the marketplace, wings folded, head held low, closing his eyes for a minute and tears stream down his cheeks. Taking a deep breath, he tries to remind himself of his adoptive family, the one that he moved away from, the one that once more loves him, and he cracks a small smile, before walking down the farmers market, peering into the wastebins around them, grabbing an occasional fruit that had a worm in it or other rejects, inable to afford any fresh, non-reject foods. accidentally grabbing a few fruits as he walks that weren't rejects, but had fallen off the normal shelving unit as he makes his way down the street, he heads for the blacksmith. Upon entry, he looks around, and then meeps quickly, bowing a little, caughing at the tightness of the ring around his neck. "I hate to interrupt, but....can I get some help?" He points to the ring around his neck, and sure enough, it'd look like it were gradually starting to suffocate the poor reptile. "My flames don't seem to weaken it enough to get it's all that remains of that night, so many years ago...." he sighs, before caughing again, and quickly scarfing down an apple.

@Silver Fallen others
Pushed back by the burgeoning crowd on the streets, Saraad wasn't even sure if he was heard by the girl. The small fireblasts from the man's hands, meant to shoo away pickpockets and thieves didn't help, and before long he was lost in the crowd. Cursing at his rotten luck, he pushed his way towards the Blacksmith's shop, glancing down at the package under his arm. Inside were several small vials of serum an old woman had requested, likely a medicine to keep down coughing. He found himself making deliveries for many folks recently, but he never did mind an excuse to leave the dark and musty laboratory into the market crowds. He squeezed between two merchant carts into an alleyway, where the old woman lived. Just as he rounded the corner, he saw the tail end of a dragon disappear into a blacksmith's shop, a small cry echoing out from inside.
"What in the world...", Saraad muttered to himself, his eyes fixed on the tail. From his experience with other dragons, there were not necessarily nice creatures, but some had helped him in the past. He knocked on the old woman's door, still looking at the tail and gently set the package down on the stoop. Quickly turning around, he followed the dragon into the shop.

" flames don't seem to weaken it enough to get it's all that remains of that night, so many years ago...." the dragon said. Wiping his forehead from the sudden heat of the forge, Saraad put on his glasses.

"What's going on here?" he asked, maybe a little too abruptly. "Is there something going on? Anyone hurt?" He looked around, but nobody appeared injured, though the dragon had a chain around it's neck, and a pained expression on its face.

"Poor thing..." Saraad muttered, stroking his beard.
Izana turns to look at the new presence, tugging at the chain around his neck. "I-I'm sorry if I am causing trouble, but I came to seek help removing this....The other chains I was able to remove by heating them to destroy the temper, and then break off, but this one seems resilliant to all manner of heat I have tried...I have struck it, and clawed at it until my scales were worn away, my neck raw, and there wasn't so much as a ding on the's getting to the point where I can't breathe, and if I can't get it off soon, It's going to kill me slowly and agonizingly...Please, if you can help, I'd appreciate it, but I have no money to give, all of my goods and all of my cash was stolen while I slept a few months ago, so there's nothing I can offer in return, except maybe servaces as a furnace or a Wind source..." He takes a shaky breath, trying to hide his anxiety and fear. If there were one person here that chose to fight him, he'd be likely able to take care of himself and pwin passively, but, should they decide that they want a dragon hide, or that Izana is threatening enough to warrant execution, he'd be overwhelmed before any conflict even began. "I don't want any trouble, if you can't help, I'll be on my way, but I'd hate to die by a collar put on me by a group of murderers..."

The sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby coloured reptile looks from one to the other, and continues to try and claw the thing off, only causing his own scales to scratch and fall off gradually, while his claws seem too dull to do anything to it. With an exasperated whine, he lays his head on the ground, submitting to the others nearby, hoping one of them will be able to get it off, or know how to remove it. "If you need it, I am Izana Kunigiri, the lonely dragon, I guess is what others have come to know me as....I travel the world, Exploring, doing all I can to sell and learn, all in an effort to make the world a better place. Please, don't fear me, I am more harmless than a fly swimming in your soup."

@Jejudo Dolhareubang
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