Land of Thorns (Cat and Dog RP) it's not as silly as it sounds I promise...

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A Big Bear

Original poster
So just the other day I was re-orangzing my bookshelf and I came across one of my old High School books, "Animal Farm". I'm sure there are plenty of you have read the book, either forced to by your teachers or one your own terms. And I was a bit inspired by it to make this rp. That and litte mix of Warriors, because I'm weirdo who like reading books about talking animals

Be warned, there is a lot of stuff in here, perhaps I'll make it less, still unsure. I just hope it doesn't turn any possible rpers away XD

Land of Thorns​

There is a town, known throughout the country by many collared pets to be a rumored paradise. A place where man has been absent for countless years and that animals now roam and rule the mysterious, mythical place. However, Brier Town, is anything but a myth. True, the odd little town is ruled by animals, namely cats and dogs, but a paradise told in tales to lull pups and kits to sleep couldn’t be further from the truth. Brier Town is made up small shops, quaint and grand houses, a park and community that resides within it. This community has established an order for all its inhabitants, laws that have been given to the all cats and dogs to follow, or face punishment, or worse, exile. Still, various dogs and cats take it upon themselves on the pilgrimage to the famous town. Some just might find their safe haven, others find new dangerous and enemies. For new comers, Brier Town may come to as a bit of a shock, with such laws, some might even call them strict, but these laws stand for a reason, less the residents of the town fall victim to the dangers of The Woods just outside of town.

A quote by Alfred, the founder of Brier Town, as well as the oldest, wisest in all of Brier Town history. "Our humans are gone, but we must remain here. This is our home, we must protect it and those who live in it. And though we are animals and live by our natural tendencies, we must learn to work together to maintain order. Less we fall into the waiting claws of the wildness that lives in the deep darkness within us all, turning us into chaotic, beastly savages. Like those who live in The Wood."

((So far I planned out the rules of this rp and its universe. I wanted to give this rp it's own culture of sorts within this world. I hope it's not too much, didn't want to be too much and confuse or chase away any possible members XD))

Info on Brier Town
No one truly knows the actual age of Brier Town, at least when the humans left. Some wiser, older felines and canines assume it is well over 50 years, but as said before it is only assumption. The old town is typically quiet, peaceful even, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. There are loners, tribes and packs that all fight to survive. Though any real battles between packs and tribes are few and far between, it still be best to keep ones guard up. Despite what seems to be a little unnerving upon first hearing this, Brier Town has set up laws to be followed by each Brier Town inhabitant, to maintain order.

Info on The Wood
If one would decide Brier Wood is far too dangerous, then they best not be heading towards the wood. Just own the outskirts of town, lies the wood, dark and mysterious, and hold many dangerous animal, foxes, wolves, giant cats, even bears. To be sent to the woods is rumored to be the awakening of the primal desires, that lies within all animals, even those who raised by man. Turning them into horrid monsters.

Lingo and Culture Info for this Rp Universe
Briers :
a Brier is a local cat or dog to Brier Wood. Example: "Who is that dog there, is a he a Brier?”
Forester : A Forester is a native or local of the Woods, wild animals such as wolves, bobcats and foxes are all considered as Foresters.
The Marked Ones/Outcasts : Those who have committed crimes against Brier Town and its inhabitants that have been cast out of the town to live in the Woods. Marked with a scar across their chest in the shape of an ‘X’
Pack: a group of dogs or wolves
Tribe: a group of cats
Loners: Those who live within Brier Town or The Wood, but have no affiliation with a pack or tribe
Pairs : Pairs are Briers or Foresters who only have two animals in each others company but do not associate themselves with being in a pack or tribe
Strays: New comers to Brier who are either cats or dogs.
Ferals: A wild animal, such as a wolf, fox, bobcat, puma or any other animal that is not a domestic cat or dog that are not native to The Wood or Brier Town
The Council: made up of tribe and pack leaders of Brier Town, though there is no true leader of the town, the council discuss and keep the order.

Most of you know the workings of a pack, the alpha, beta, the wolves in between (which for this rp will be called gammas) and omegas. Within this rp, the workings of a tribe is a bit different from that of a pack. Leos are the tribe’s leaders, Tigris are second commands, Panthera are the rest of the tribe.

Wolfdog : Those who are unfortunate to share the blood of a wolf. They are accepted into Brier Town, but they are deemed as are often seen as untrustworthy among the Brier and Forester communities (too wild to be a true Brier and too tame to be a Forester). Sometimes they are called, half-coats, Cursed-one or Moon-babies as insults.

Why the bad blood between the Briers and the Foresters? Even when Brier Town was ran by the humans, the animals who dwell in the forest despised all those who lived within Brier Town, especially the pets of these humans. The foresters saw the humans and their pets as enemies, since some of the humans took hunting trips into The Wood, along with their hunting dogs. That and the foresters as the collared animals as snobbish and soft, traitors of the wild and nature itself. The Brier Town animals felt no love for their wilder cousins either. Many Brier animals saw themselves better and more civilized, inspired by their human companions who triumphed over their basic instinct to build and create great things. After the vanishing of man in the town, the foresters thought they could take control, but the Brier animals didn't allow it. They banded together and kept the foresters out, believing it was their time to rule and slowly become great just as their disappearing humans.
The Law of Thorns ( These laws are for the rp universe, these 'laws' can be broken by the characters to add in the storyline)

Every healthy cat and dog that is at least a month old must come to the nightly meeting under the new and first full moon

The nightly meetings are peaceful meeting, there is to be no fighting or killing of any cat or dog these tow sacred nights, unless it is prey

At the end of every meeting, every Brier in attendance must howl to the night sky

Those who belong to a pack or tribe, must never hunt, or trespass on pack territory. However, those who do not belong to a pack or tribe are able to roam freely, but they must never mark or hunt on owned territory. Pack and or Tribe members who see a loner or pair on their turf, have every right to chase them out.

Loners and Pairs do not have any territory rights, if loners and pairs wish to gain territorial right, they must join or create their own pack or tribe.

There must be at least three members if a group to be called a pack or tribe

The Farm is not to be claimed by anyone. It is for all Briers.

If any cat or dog of Brier Wood sees a forester, they must alert the nearest fellow Briers and chase the Forester out. Unless there is a large number of foresters, or a larger forester, such as a puma or bear, immediately warn everyone within ear shot and take shelter while the large packs in Brier Town handle the situation. Do not kill the Forester or Foresters, unless you wish to cause war.

The alpha of one of the larger, or perhaps the largest pack in Brier Town, must take responsibility in protecting Brier Town from forester intruders. Do not kill the intruder if they are a Forester!

Never mate or befriend with a forester, in doing so is to be seen as a traitorous act to all Briers and is punishable by exile.

Foresters are to never inhabit Brier Town. Ever.

Only cats and dogs are allowed to enter and reside in Brier Town

There is to be no killing of young, Brier or Forester.

There is to be no killing of any Brier, unless ones life in immediate danger

These laws must be abided by, unless the counsels of Brier Town state other wise

Only feline and canine characters please (list of animal species you may choose: wolf, wolf hybrid, dog, cat, fox, bobcat, puma)

Have as many characters as you choose (but please keep up with them)
No sparkle canines or felines, and this means no green wolves, dogs, foxes, bobcats or pumas

Unusual markings are acceptable, however, no unnatural colors for the markings, which mean no white wolves with pink swirly patterns :P

No tattoos or piercings

Unusual eye color allowed

Message me before creating a wolf hybrid character or puma. Wolf hybrid characters are somewhat “special” in this rp universe. And pumas are (arguably) the most powerful animals in this rp

Please be somewhat realistic, a pup, kit or small dog (like a beagle or chihuahua ) cannot take down an animal larger than itself

Plz nu tlkin like dis ok, it bee slly 4 rllz yo

Please post 3 or more lines per post

You may rp as family members or NPCs, however, no creating and rping as your own mate

You are allowed to create your own pack (for dogs or wolves) or tribe (group of cats), but private message me before doing so. Don’t want too many tribes and packs. Not only that, but because pack and tribe leaders are also part of the council that are pretty much the leaders of Brier Town, they also hold a lot of power, and I don't want rpers to abuse such power unless it is part of the rp storyline to add in drama and suspense.

If you wish to join a fellow rper's pack or tribe within this rp, or wish to be a family member or long time friend please, do ask the rper first

Naturally foxes, bobcats, and pumas do not run in packs or large groups. However for this rp I will allow only this, foxes can run in packs of 3 members max, bobcats and pumas may be in pairs. This doesn’t mean they can’t have friends, or interact with other animals, but as so far as living together, these animals are only to be in small groups or a simple pair as stated before.

No bobcat, puma, or fox hybrids please

Send me a message that you have created a character (or new character) so I can give it approval please and thank you

The “laws” I have set up for the rp in this universe can be broken (to add in drama), however be careful when your character does this, they may be punished for it

((As said before, it's super duper long and I'm very sorry for that. I just wanted to show all those who are interested what I had in mind. :x ))


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This has caught my interest.

A Big Bear

Original poster
This has caught my interest.
-squees internally- Hazzah! I'm actually finishing up making the group. Just doing a bit of touch ups now. I'll pop in a link once I'm done if you or anyone else is still interested on checking it out


Original poster
I'm a warrior fan too! and I love your idea! Sign me up!

A Big Bear

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Here's the link for any of you who are interested link, I'll be sure to post a group add tomorrow. P.S Changed the name of the rp. It will be now called Wild Thorns because I'm unoriginal like that
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A Big Bear

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Fixed the link, now it should work :P