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  1. This will be a rp forum please keep chatting and such to the signup forum. For info on rp check the signup forum.
  2. It was a loney night for Carl. He was out in the forest surronding his town hunting a playing around. He was climbing over trees and rocks catching what ever was small enough to catch with his mouth.
  3. "kyaaaa... help me" the thug screamed loudly in the middle of the night. "the sinner must die" Insigz walked slowly toward the trembling criminals who dare tried to rob him in the street. His silver hair waving when a gust of wind blowing make the scenery rather beautiful than gruesome. He enlarged his fist and pulled it up toward the shining moon. "time to pay your sin" Then he swung his fist downward tried to make the thug to be a minced meat but suddenly.... his hand stopped an inch before touching the Thugs. "why did you stop me? Byron" he said to himself then left the thugs alone and went somewhere.
  4. Carl had a fun time hunting and then went on to a branch of a tall tree and slept for the rest of the night.
  5. Insigz switched back to Byron after a few step from the thugs. "killing people is bad Sigz. how many times I told you that" he said while continuing his walk in the street.
  6. Carl woke up that morning to sun half way up the sky. Carl loved sleeping in. "I guess its time to go back home now" carl sighed.
  7. Byron arrived at some kind of lake inside the forest. He looked around and decided to take a break under the tree in the edge of the lake and took his harmonica from his pocket. the wind blew smoothly and the shade from the tree felt so good. he placed his harmonica in his mouth and play it slowly. his melody echoing in the lake inviting all kind of small animal to his side. Some of them are calmly listening to Byron play and the other closed their eyes and lay down beside Byron and his musical performance. this is the Song his mother taught him, More Love.
  8. Carl saw all the animals going to one spot and went to check it out. He hid behind a tree when he saw byron and watched him.
  9. Unable to hold his tear, he stopped his playing and closed his eyes. The wind felt so good in there, made him want to sleep for a little. "Nice wind" he muttering to himself or maybe to Insigz that dwelling inside of him the laid down his head on the grass. but suddenly his rest disturbed because of the rustling bushes "who's there!? show yourself!" Byron shouted while took a dagger from his back ready for anything that came out from there.
  10. "Carl. and who may you be?" Carl said peeking his head around the coner of the tree. "by the way were did you learn that song?" he asked. "i hope i can learn it, it would be great for getting food" he thought to himself.
  11. "i am sorry. i can't teach you this song, this is my mother momento" he said hiding his harmonica back to it's place. Byron was taught by her mother long time ago a song. a song who said able to end the war only by listening to it, more love. "Name Byron.. traveler" he said still holding his knife in his hand.
  12. "Hey you can put that knife down you know. I don't attack people dude." Carl said looking at the knife in his hand. "Sides i dont think a small knife like that could do much to my scales anyway." He says holding up his tail and showing off his scaly skin.
  13. He remembered that he still holding a knife in his hand then he sheathed it back to his hips. "ah... this is only for self defense, it can't do much damage even to ordinary skin, like human" Even after sheathed back his knife he didn't lowering his guard yet. "so who are you? and what are you doing here?" he said to the lizardman, Carl.
  14. "Me, well i'm just out here having breakfast." Carl replied "and you, what are you doing out here?" He said sitting down cross legged with his hands on his knees.
  15. "nothing..." he said while looking to the lake. "this lake is beautiful" the big pool of water surrounded by large trees make his heart at ease when he looked at it. then the animals who listening to Byron harmonica earlier started to flee leaving only Byron and Carl alone. but suddenly his face contorted and Byron felt to the grass holding the pain in his head. "a...aaah..argh" the switch has been flipped it seems he ain't got any choice.
  16. "are you ok dude? do you need help?" Carl asked a little concerned.
  17. "Hurry....get away from me!" he shouted to Carl. "Now...!" he still holding his head, he knew that somehow the switch has been flipped and Insigz will replace him soon. His Black hair slowly turned white from his head to the tip. his brown eyes turned blue then he slowly stood up. "where is this?" Byron, no.... it's Insigz that stood up there watching the surrounding and met with Carl eyes "who are you?"
  18. "I just told you im carl?" He said confused and nervous. "What just happened to you? Im a little confused..."
  19. "i see" He turned around and looked at the Lake. his confused face didn't even bother him. he looked around and realized that right now he is standing in front of a lake. "this lake...." Suddenly he took off his entire clothes leaving only his underpants alone. *Snap* a sudden snapping sound could be heard from him and his throat began to split open. no.... it's not splitting the form is like... A Gill? like a fish? of course Byron almost forgot that Insigz can manipulating his entire body as his wish and making a gill is as easy as snapping his own finger. without further warning, Insigz jumped to the lake. he swam deeper and deeper until his feet touched the bottom of the lake and some kind of massive tunnel lay down in there waiting for him.
  20. Carl just stood there confused and a little shocked. "What is he?" He thought to himself.
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