Land of Opportunity

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  1. Rosaleen Ferox has royal blood in her, but alas those times are over. Royal blood no longer ruled over kingdoms. Besides her royal blood was from Ireland. The royal Ferox family. She is the daughter of a Warden and a Scholar.

    Name: Rosaleen Ferox
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'6"
    Body Type: hour-glass figure
    Species: Vampire
    Sexual orientation: Pan sexual
    Parents: Mother is a Warden and her Father is a scholar. Names unknown
    Looks: Long wavy orange hair that goes down past her butt, fierce green eyes, and pale skin. Generally wears a long brown dress and flats when she is working at her book store. Will wear a top and jeans when she goes out to take care of business. Her breasts are a c-cup and she had small but defined hips.

    The bookshop was empty and it was almost closing time, Rosaleen just sighed. It was only a few minutes until closing time. She started to get ready to close up the shop. The sun was going down and she wanted to go out. Not that she was incapable of being in sunlight. It was simply that the sun made her weaker, and dulled her senses as it would a bat. After the store was closed up she stepped outside. Feeling the cool evening air on her face. She wore her back t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

    Shoving her hands into her pockets she walked down the stone steps that lead right into town. Ah, America, a land of opportunity. Which was apparently why her parents moved her here with her Aunt Chrissy. After walking around a bit she decided to stop in at a bar. Not to drink, but to get some tomato juice and relax. Her cravings have been getting better and easier to control. When she walked into the bar she sat down and ordered her drink.
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