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It was a beautiful and sunny day in the land of Ellivrotciv. Birds were chirping, children were playing, groups of citizens were laughing and sharing their latest juicy gossip within their circles. It was a typical day, to say the least. Rolling hills of green surrounded the beautiful crystal castle that belonged to the royal family, which had Princess Amara residing inside. All the land knew of what the Prince and the King had in store for them, which was the main reason that a lot of the population had sent their children to other families and loved ones of theirs, to keep them safe. They managed to do this without the King and Prince knowing, all because of Princess Amara. She happened to be the Kingdom's savior and she knew that she was going to remain that way, because she was going to find a way to stop the tyranny that was going on within the castle.

Amara slowly retreated from her sleeping chambers, after getting fully dressed in her outdoor attire; being: A long red dress that covered her legs and arms, which also had gold embroidery and random stitchings along it, it was an off-the-shoulder dress and she wore gold slippers on her feet, while a gold circlet headpiece rested against her forehead. Her brownish-blond hair was placed in the traditional royal up-do, so as to go properly with the headpiece and her skin was as fair as ever. Her gorgeous piercing eyes were what she scanned her surroundings with. She was ready to conquer the day and take care of her people. Just as she always did daily.

Walking briskly down the corridors of the castle, she heard some squeaking from behind her and looked over her shoulder, not slowing down at all. It was her petite squirrel companion, that she had grown to care for and love. Though, she had been with the squirrel for many years, she had never properly given it a name. Smiling lovingly to the creature, she tapped her shoulder and it jumped up high onto where she tapped. The squirrel rested its little body there, as she left the castle, quickly going down the many large steps that led down to the Town Square. Upon arrival, she was instantly greeted by the people getting on the ground and bowing to her, with respect. She smiled to them all and stood in place, while watching them. "Arise, my loyal subjects. There is no need for bowing. Yes, I am your Princess. But, I am also to be your best friend." She spoke in her soft and gentle voice and they all arose from their bows.

It was time to get to work.
Aegis and Vitesse had arrived in the city some hours prior. Aegis rode into the town on his horse, who he patted and spoke to, in order to soothe the beast. The horse wasn't used to the large crowds of Ellivrotciv, even the capital city of Brathis wasn't as large as this place, and the Brathian capital was certainly less crowded. Aegis looked down at the people from horseback, humans and elves -- a fact that disturbed him greatly, and almost convinced him that this place was a dream. Elves were long gone in his country. "Easy, Farris," He said to the horse gently, his dark blue eyes scanning the crowd. They were kneeling now, for some reason, and Aegis and Vitesse stuck out like sore thumbs, since they didn't bow. The fact that one of them was a large, bipedal rat-like creature might also have something to do with that, Aegis thought bitterly.

He wasn't sure why he had brought Vitesse with him. He should have just killed him in that duel, before they began this quest. A quest that Vitesse knew nothing about, he hoped. Besides, he wouldn't have been able to kill him anyway. He looked back at his young rival, found himself staring and tore himself away. He bit his lip, trying to focus on something other than the fact that his worst enemy was right there next to him. He swallowed, and looked through the crowd to see who exactly they were bowing to. A girl. A girl with a squirrel. An elf girl with a squirrel.

Aegis narrowed his eyes. She claimed to be the princess. He was a prince. Alright, he reasoned, You're a noble. You've had years of experience dealing with nobles, this girl is no different from the lot of them. The young man ran a hand through his hair and dismounted his horse, and did a slight, half bow -- more of a bend of the waist then anything else -- to the self-professed princess. He did not smile, or offer her any expression that he was here for anything but what he was here for; business. He narrowed his eyes slightly, and stood up straight.

"Are you the lady of this town?" He asked politely, but tonelessly, "My name is Aegis Mandubrath, Prince of the Nation of Brathis," He cleared his throat, not eager about introducing Vitesse, and not really sure what to say about him, "And this is Vitesse Einhander of Kreig." He said that part with even less enthusiasm, but did gesture to the young man. He met his eyes for a moment, before looking back at the princess, "I have come to discuss--" He almost said it, but then he looked back at Vitesse. He couldn't say his true purpose. Vitesse would think that he intended to kill him, or worse. "I have come to discuss a matter of great importance with your King, in regards to the ongoing war in my homeland."

He slipped past the people, who had at this point, stopped kneeling. He kneeled infront of this princess, and took her hand, which he kissed gently. Though it revolted Aegis, he didn't let it show on his face. He let go of her hand quickly, but remained kneeling, and looked up at her, "I humbly beg your hospitality and protection for myself and my ...companion for the duration of our time in your country," Aegis remained stony faced and kept his head held high. He wasn't proud of the fact that he had to act sycophantic to this princess, but he needed her father's help. For the sake of Brathis, he kept telling himself, for the sake of Brathis...
The land was in the midst of a struggle, with both the Prince and the King having plans that did not bode well for the country or it's people. The castle it's self was split, unevenly with only a few servants siding with the only one who cared about Ellivrotciv. Everyone knew, or at least they knew some of it. So why were they all acting like nothing was going on?

Rikana stood in the grounds outside the palace where she normally trained. it was becoming obvious who the soldiers were siding with, and the fact she was already different already didn't aid the rift growing between her and the others, so now adays she trained alone.

She had never fully got other people. While since she'd been chosen to look after Amara things had gotten better, they still acted in ways she didn't understand, didn;t see the point in. They seemed perfectly fine with the idea those in charge of the throne cared little for them, or was it just she was missing the fear underneath?

Shaking her head she looked towards the castle. The Princess would most likely be waking soon, and getting ready to go into the city. Why she continuously put herself in danger by standing out and actively working against the Prince and King was another thing Rikana doubted she would ever get. But the answer did matter. All that mattered was that she made sure nothing happened, when all the other guards would be likely to turn their gaze.

Sighing she began to walk, not to the castle but to the Town Square. If the Princess had woken she would have wasted little time heading there. If she wasn't Rikana could always retrace her steps. The fact that she was seperate from her at any time was a cause of concern to the Changeling, but training was a necessity if she was to do any good, and so far little had happened. Perhaps they feared a backlash from the citezins if the Princess was harmed, or perhaps they were just waiting.

Or perhaps you're over thinking this Rikan reprimanded herself. Worrying would do little good in the end. If an attack, from either the Prince or elsewhere she had to be alert and prepared, nothing else mattered.

Reaching the square she noticed her prediction was correct. Amara was already there talking to the people arund her. She slowed her pace, content that she was okay when she noticed something out of place. A horse, along with a human and...something else. The human seemed to be talking to Amara, about something. Her hand went to her sword as she sped up again.

She was almost at the pair as the human took hold of the elf's hand. The sword was already partway out of it's sheath before her mind caught up with her actions, reminding her teh action was just a greeting, no matter how strange it seemed. Sheathing her sword discretely she finished taking the final steps that took her to Amara's side. Her red eyes fixed on the human, filled with mistrust as she took him and his companion in.

"Princess, may I ask who are" They were different, almost certainly from out of country, and Rikana did like it. She didn't like anything that was different and could pose a threat.
Rosalina's eyes fluttered open as the sun filtered through the water, casting ripples of light across her body. She sighed and stretched, wondering what her day would hold. She cast a quick glance around to check that she was, as usual, alone, before swimming up to the surface. For the moment, she had been residing in a little lake outside the town, deciding it had been high time she took a break from the sea.

She pulled herself out of the water, flicking her tail lazily, then wrapped her fingers round her pearls and shut her eyes, concentrating. The tail seemed to melt slowly into legs, blue scales shifting to act as 3/4 length pants. The fins melted away entirely. She stood up, shakily. Two steps away from the lake, she stumbled; she hadn't quite got her balance back as a "human" yet. She took it slow, reacclimatising herself with her legs. Only when she felt comfortable with walking did she start off towards the nearest town.

Having left the lake at daybreak, she arrived at about the same time as the Princess had. She hummed softly as she wandered into the Square, the sound of her voice floating round the ears of those gathered, turning a few heads. Those same people proceeded to stare strangely at her, although it was hardly surprising. With blue hair, eyes and "clothes", she stood out among the warm colours of the townsfolk. She just smiled back at them, waving slender fingers at them in greeting.

Upon the Princess' arrival, she was the only one that hadn't fallen to her knees, not quite realising that she was in the midst of royalty. The realisation set in soon enough, but rather than throw herself to her newly-shifted knees and possibly skin them before the morning even started, she dropped a curtsey.

She noticed two other outsiders then, mounted on a horse. That itself seemed strange enough, and then you saw the appearances of the riders. Hardly normal, at least as far as this town was concerned. She watched quietly as the seemingly human rider dismounted. He seemed to have picked up on the bowing too, even formally greeting the princess. She raised an eyebrow as he kissed said Princess' hand. Rosie dropped her own curtsey in favour of crossing her arms across her chest, watching from the ranks of the now-standing townsfolk.

She started to wander closer, only to hesitate as she laid eyes on the guard. The guard seemed a little on edge, and didn't trust the man kneeling before the Princess. Not that Rosie could particularly blame her; it was probably her job to worry about such things, but it did mean that Rosie wasn't going to exacerbate the situation by actively putting herself into the picture.
Standing next to the horse (horses and he had never gotten along), Vitesse glowered at the proceedings. Bright sunny days made him irritable. He couldn't train, his ears picked up on way too many side conversations, and the sun was making his burns itch. Worse, sunny days meant humans, and humans loved nothing more than to stare at him. His lips were pursed in a permanent scowl, showing only a glimmer of the canine teeth that his muzzle sported. His arms crossed across his chest, tail whipping at the ground as he walked...

Only for them to stop, looking at this... 'princess'. While everyone else bowed, Vitesse stood straight and tall. "Fools," he thought, looking down at the kneeling populace. His eyes looked towards the female... elf? He had never heard of an elven princess leading a human populace. Just didn't seem fair to him. Elves lived far too long, their minds worked in the long-term. How effective would that be for short-term minded creatures like humanity? He shook himself out of those thoughts, as his companion dismounted, and knelt before the woman.

A low growl escaped the warlord's throat, and his fur rose - a small trail of lightning rolling across his chest. He then looked away... which set his gaze exactly to match Rikana's. Glancing over the woman quickly... "A warrior. Guard." This one, he offered a respectful nod, and as warm a smile as he could muster. His face did not lend itself well to human expressions, and his missing eye made that slightly worse. At the very least, he seemed unarmed - dressed in only a purple vest, a pair of breeches, the eyepatch, and a small black bow tied to his tail. His taloned feet clacked slightly on the cobblestone, and he looked back to the proceedings with the princess. He'd let Aegis do the talking. If he opened his mouth, he was likely to say exactly what he wanted to, and Aegis knew that.

...He couldn't do it. Looking to Aegis, he asks, "I'm not sure these people are looking to aid Brathis in the war effort, Prince Mandubrath." With that, he stands there pointedly - looking like a storm given flesh.
Collo was sitting in a tree watching the festivities, and trying to get some rest he had been up for 30 hours straight trying to get somewhere populated. Now he was here in teh midst of a town he didn't know and right by its castle no less, he has no Idea how he and Fanor had gotten this close to the castle but the maple they were sitting in was pretty big and hid them well. "Hey Collo." Fanor whispered.

"What is it Fanor?" Collo responded.

"Don't you think it be nice if there was a wider branch up here." Fanor poked.

With that remark Collo was puzzled by what she was hinting at. "What do you mean by that?" He inquired.

"You know what I mean Collo, honey." Jabbed Fanor.

With that last remark Collo lit up like a Christmas tree, and Fanor being in her mainly human state she was quite attractive. "Uh... Um... Uh..." was all Collo could stammer out.

Then something was happening that caught his and Fanor's attention. A woman was coming out of one of the gates and everyone was bowing to her. The whole square were on their knees, well almost all he pointed out 3 that weren't. One was a girl who looked off balance so no surprise she wasn't on her knees she probably was afraid she wouldn't get back up again, then there were the two on the horses. The one started yelling and got off his horse, he then proceeded to the woman who everyone bowed too and introduced him self and his friend he even kissed her hand. At the same time though Collo noticed a female guard come up too the woman after putting her sword back in her sheath and stood by the woman everyone had bowed too and had a look of disdain all over her face. "Interesting... I wonder how this will play out?" Collo whispered too him self.
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As soon as Amara stopped speaking to her people, as if on cue, different races of all sorts started coming out of nowhere. First, there was Aegis Mandubrath; who was also royalty and then there was his "companion" Vitesse. He was seeking out help from her Uncle, to discuss matters of his own land. She watched him kiss her hand and kneel before her, which she knew was something that was proper, but not many people did so. She smiled a little at the thought and then looked at him, graciously. "I AM the lady of this town, Aegis of Brathis. My Uncle is the king here... But, I would highly doubt that he would even consider helping you and your kingdom. He and my Cousin are both very corrupt people. They only care of themselves, their riches and how they are both going to ruin Ellivrotciv." She spoke softly to him and motioned her hand for him to rise.

She then felt a presence by her side, instantly knowing that it was her most loyal and trusted bodyguard - Rikana. She was quite protective of her and she loved that about her. What kind of bodyguard would she be, if she wasn't? She smiled more to Rikana and then looked back to the traveling men. "This is Aegis Mandubrath pf Brathis and Vitesse Einhander of Kreig. They wish to speak to my Uncle about... Peace." She said the last word in almost a joking tone, to her true friend. She took a deep breath and then looked around at the group of people that were in front of her.

Looking off to the side slightly, she saw a beautiful woman coming towards the group of people, from out of the forest; where the enchanted lake resided. The woman was... Wobbling, it seemed. Amara raised an eyebrow at seeing this and wondered if the woman was alright. She was worried and intrigued at the same time. She was going to pay this girl a visit later on that day.
Aegis frowned, and stood up, dusting himself off. He did not like this princess one bit. He was starting to realize why Vitesse hated royalty, a fact that he had made abundantly clear to him on their many encounters on the field. He felt sick in the presence of this princess, not because her appearance was particularly revolting, or because she was particularly cruel; but because she seemed to be more of a parody of a princess than anything tangible. She was too self assured, and too condescending towards her family. Aegis and his elder brother didn't get along, not in the slightest. Aegis was well aware that his brother was of sub-moronic intelligence, but he would never go so far to say that he was corrupt. Besides, Vortigren would never try to actively ruin Brathis, even thought that might be the result of his rule. Even if Vortigren became king, Aegis would still respect his rule and try to help him, not just criticize his brother's lack of skill. Brathis was about honour and pride, and thus, so was Aegis.

"Milady," he said dryly, catching her tone in the way she had said that aside to her bodyguard, "Peace may seem humorous to you, but I fail to see how." He wanted to add 'Don't you dare mock me,' but he didn't have any authority in this place, other than his role as a visiting diplomat, and he figured that threatening the princess of the land was not the best way to start his diplomatic proceedings. Especially considering that he didn't truly know whether she was mocking him, or was just that ignorant of the plight of him, and of his home, "My people are tired of war, and for the sake of my nation, I have come to the conclusion that peace is the only way to do it."

He looked back at Vitesse, looking at the irritable young beast-man.The scowl didn't suit him, in Aegis' eyes. He preferred to see him laughing, quipping as they battled for the safety of Brathis. It was strange to feel nostalgia for the battles he had fought with Vitesse, but for some reason, Aegis couldn't bear to see the Blitztail so unhappy. This fact made Aegis very uncomfortable, and he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as it tied itself into knots. He looked away and met the princess' eyes. Some people said that the way that Aegis looked at them made them uncomfortable. He had sharp eyes and an inexpressive face, making people feel like they were looking at a machine or something equally unfeeling.

"Nevertheless, milady, I would like to speak to your Uncle. I have no doubt that he will see me," He made an effort to smile, though it came out a bit forced, and didn't reach his eyes in the way a true smile would, "I am, afterall, a Prince of Brathis, and a knight as well." He turned his back on the princess, and returned to Vitesse resisting the urge to pat his shoulder in an effort to convey friendliness, "Vitesse... I'm not here to gather more troops. I'm here to end the war. End the war in a way that will be agreeable for both of us," He was lying. He wished it would be like that, but he had the notion that Vitesse wouldn't stop until Brathis was part of Kreig in name and culture, and until the Mandubraths were gone. Aegis was too proud and too stubborn to ever agree to unconditional surrender, and he had a feeling Vitesse was too. The Prince of Brathis looked back at the princess, "I wouldn't dream of causing trouble for your town and your country."
Obsidian closed his eyes as he soared above his forest home, he allowed himself a brief moment of relaxation before his thoughts turned to the task at hand. This is what he enjoyed most flying, he could block out all other thoughts while he was up here. Alas he had a job to do and it wouldn't be easy, he set down near the edge of the forest. He was well hidden but had a clear view of the town square, he knew he'd have to hurry if he wanted information.

His eyes closed once more as he concentrated, soon he was human. Obsidian shuddered at the thought he hated his human form, so weak, so limited. However it was necessarily to get close to the castle, most had long given up dragons for dead and he wasn't keen on enlightening them. Making sure to correct his appearance he stepped out of the woods and towards the square, he walked with purpose and with a slight unsteadiness. He was not used to having just two legs, but he handled himself well.

He weaved through the crowd and stopped near the princess, he wanted nothing less than to bow to this girl. He had not yet met her, but he saw no reason to think she would be different than the king and prince. Besides dragons knelt to no human, royal or not. He knew however that he must somehow gain her trust in order to gain access to the castle, so he could see for himself if the prince's plans were serious. Biting his tongue, he bowed lowly but straightened himself quickly.

He listened quietly to the princess conversation, satisfied her attention was not on him. He casually watched the crowd and caught sight of an unsteady girl emerging from near the lake, he was certain she was a mermaid. He hadn't spent much time around the lake and so hadn't met her, but he was positive of what she was.

He turned his attention back to the princess, listening intently and waiting for the right moment to ask of her his favor. He had decided to ask for a job in the castle as a court magician, he was adept at magic and knew the tricks of magicians. He would be overqualified for the job, not that he really wanted to portray a mere magician. However it was the perfect way for him to gain access to the castle and not arouse suspicion, he decided to wait until she had finished speaking with the foreign prince.
Rikana's girp tightened on her weapon as the human's companion looked at her, and only relaxed slightly when he nodded to her. Giving a slight nod back, she allowed her eyes to roam over his body, taking in all the unique features. While the frail frame didn't appear dangerous, whatever he was was unknown to her, and she didn't like taking chances.

As he spoke, the grip tightened again for a different reason. A prince. At least according to him. Her eyes moved to the human, sweeping over him like they had the other. While he looked able the idea that a prince would come into an un-allied country with only creature for company seemed idiotic. Unless they were strong enough for it not to matter.

As the Princess answered her question she nodded in respect to them, not wanting to appear rude, but not partial to the idea of bowing before another. At the same time the names ran through her mind. Brathis, she was aware of it, though knew little. Kreig was a different matter. She'd heard the other soldiers whispering about the country that had seemingly appeared from no-where yet was already taking over others. That and the ine hailing from it, now identified as Vitesse, had spoken about the war effort made her anxious.

She smiled lightly at the Princess words about them seeking peace, not missing the tone. She disliked the way Amara spoke openly about her thoughts on the rest of the roayl family, it was asking for her to be made a target, however she couldn't help but admit the idea of someone seeking help for peace from the King who couldn't care for his own country was amusing.

As the Prince spoke again she turned sharply to him, fixing her red eyes on him. The way he spoke to the elf,...he was using respectable words but even so the idea that he was disregarding what Amara had said about the King and still aking for an audience it angered her. She wanted to snap back, tell him to respect her properly, but she had little doubt it would worsen things, so she averted her gaze, knowing she would glare if her eyes were on him.

Instead they surveyed the surounding crowd, due to habit, to make sure that there was no-one of threat. While a couple caught her eye, including an unsteady looking girl, nothing seemed really out of place except for those in front of them. Therefore they were the ones she would have to be most careful of.
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Collo and Fanor were paying attention to the scene very carefully, and were not at all surprised when the guard looked over the whole crowd trying to spot threats. "Huh... Wonder if she saw us?" Collo inquired.

"I doubt it but it's not entirely impossible." Fanor remarked. "Anyway we could both deal with a bath honey." Fanor said while blinking bashfully.

"Yeah, but not to gather." Collo quickly responded.

"What you don't trust me." Fanor replied shimmying up close to him.

"Wow. Hold on. I need to be focused on my mission not having fun with my guide wolf." Collo responded while blushing.

"I thought you might say that. hehe." Fanor jabbed.

The the branch broke and they both nearly fell out of the tree. They both had to grab the next branch down before the one they had been one fell with a very loud noise. "Aw! Hell!" Collo whispered under his breath as people started to stare at the tree as well as have many of them rush to the tree to check it out better.
"Hrmph," Vitesse scowled openly at Aegis, before turning his stormy gaze to the princess herself. He was not impressed. "Both your cousin and uncle are... 'corrupt'? What excludes you from that, oh fair Princess?" The gasps and outraged cries from the peasants fell on deaf ears, staring at the princess. "You dress in the height of fashion. You speak down to my friend, who only comes to you because he's worried about his own family. He leaves them in less capable hands in the hope that he can offer them aid, and you discourage this?" He shakes his head in disgust, looking to Aegis. "You'll find no aid here, Aegis. As callous as it is, I'm sure she speaks the truth. You might recieve aid from this one's uncle and drives my forces out, only for them to conquer you from behind. I doubt you'll fare better under their rule."

Heedless to the glares he recieved from speaking his mind, he shrugs. "No matter. This is a kingdom of farms and artists, not soldiers." He falters, looking towards the bodyguard to Amara. "Well... There might be some here with the soul of a warrior." He amended, looking to Aegis, "But not enough for what you desire... Peaceful or not." Folding his arms over his chest, he turns - walking from the scene, pushing through a few no-names that got in his way. Powerful legs bent, and with a single, standing jump... He launched himself to a nearby thatched roof, turning to sit down, scowling at the gathering.
Rosie could feel eyes on her. She squirmed uncomfortably, wishing that she had taken the time to bother shifting some more appropriate colours into her attire. It was clearly too late now, and really, she hadn't intended to stay as long as she had. It hadn't seemed important. Relief washed over her when assorted individuals began to create their own waves, drawing attention. It took some of the heat off her. Taking the initiative from the crowd, she turned her gaze away from the Princess to follow one of the disturbances.

She was one of those whose eyes followed the ascent of the Blitztail after his little speech. He struck her as slightly frightening. Living below the water for so long, all she had dealt with recently aside from the merfolk were sharks and other such aquatic creatures. He was more complicated than what she was used to and it seemed only second nature to regard him as something to be scared of. When he directed a scowl down at the crowd in general, she glanced up at him. He seemed frightening, yes, but disregarding the lack of respect for the Princess, he wasn't causing any harm. A snap judgement that again, could prove to be wrong, she supposed. Attempting to abandon the thoughts of a moment ago, she directed a smile towards him, knowing full well he probably wasn't paying attention.

The atmosphere shifted. Taking the movement to mean that she was no longer expected to be attentive to the situation and not wanting to seem too out of place, she found herself a perch on a wooden crate below a window. She kicked her feet out, liking the feeling of wind between her toes, and waited for the crowd to disperse, still listening out for the Princess' response to the strangers.

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A lot of conversation and various actions had occurred since the last words came out of Princess Amara's mouth. She merely smiled to Aegis and nodded her head once to him. "Peace, kind sir, is not a laughable matter to me. I strive for peace. 'Tis why I leave the castle often... To keep distance from my Uncle and Cousin. They, you see, are blood relatives. Father and son, in fact. I am merely a niece and cousin to them. My father used to rule these lands with such dignity and pride. He cared very much for the people and even more for their peace. This trait of his has gone down to me, since no one else in the royal family will take it. If you would like to meet someone who will laugh at the mere thought of peace... Then, you may speak to my Uncle and Cousin. I love them with all of my heart, but... Their hearts are in darkness. And speaking in terms of warriors... They are housed within the castle. None of the royal family or its subjects are really allowed to be and about. But, the King never pays attention to his surroundings. It will be his deadly fate, one of these days." She said and then slowly curtsied to the men, taking a deep breath. "I did not wish to make you unhappy. Or to make you think that I was mocking you. It was nothing of the sort. I just... Wish people saw what I saw." She said the last sentence with great sadness and it even showed in her eyes, as she watched Aegis and Vitesse.

Slowly turning her attention back to her personal guard, Rikana, she smiled weakly and then clasped her hands together quietly. "May you please escort these gentleman inside the castle? Take them to my Uncle." She said softly and then slowly looked back to the traveling companions. "You may let your horses rest within the stables. They will have plenty of food, shade and water, for the time being." She added softly and then took a shaky breath, looking down to the ground for a few brief moments. She knew that she had other matters to attend to. So, she swallowed hard and then looked back up, making sure that she showed no weakness to others. "What can I help any of you with?" She asked softly and then looked over the large crowd.
Aegis didn't appreciate the way the princess was treating her family, and for that matter, the treatment of both his companion and himself. He refused to leave the sight of the princess, and actually stepped within her line of sight, until they were face to face. He analyzed her face for a moment; she wasn't beautiful, he realized, she carried a certain mousy elegance that even the most common of peasant girls carried on their faces. Her lack of uniqueness and distinction was strange to Aegis, and he viewed her in the light that he might have judged his fiance by; a harsh, calculating critique of her face. He judged her coldly, and actually moved to touch her, grabbing her by the shoulder with some lack of elegance or gentleman conduct that he had shown before. It was a rough touch, but not threatening. It was to let her know that he was serious.

He looked at her personal guard, or what he assumed to be such, and nodded at her, attempting to tell her with his face that he didn't mean the Princess any harm. Yet. He turned his attention back on the woman, and narrowed his eyes, "Listen," he said harshly, and for once there was a tone in his normally flat voice, "Your family is not evil," He said, in a huff of rage. His anger was beginning to show on his face, like the storm clouds that had rolled into Brathis some months, "You need to show proper respect to your family, and to him," He pointed to Vitesse. The anger melted away a little as he looked at the rat-like man, "You may not find peace a laughing matter, but you DID laugh at it," He shook her shoulder a little, seething. He was truly furious now, a contrast to his normally stoic personality, "I heard it in your voice."

The Brathian prince let go of her, and walked to the nearby house that Vitesse was sitting upon, "You were right about nobles. She won't help me, and thus, you'll win the war," His expression began to work itself back into a stoic mask, "Let's see if her uncle won't help," He said, grabbing the reins of his horse, and slipping on to the saddle, "Princess, if you'll do me one final favour," He was no longer angry, and his voice became toneless once more, as if the incident hadn't happened, "Point me to the castle."
Amara just stared at the so called prince that stood before her. His attitude showed no trace of royalty to her. But, of course, hers probably never showed to him either. She heard Aegis' request to show him to the castle and she gladly accepted the request, to a certain point. She swallowed hard and the raised her head high, making sure that her dignity was still in tact. "Follow me." She said softly. She turned her back to him and then slowly started to walk toward the castle, keeping her hands in front of her, nicely folded. Nibbling on her lower lip, she felt like she wasn't fit to be a princess anymore, with the way that Aegis was making her feel.

She wasn't necessarily mad at her Uncle or Cousin. She just knew how their hearts were and what they were most focused on. She wanted nothing to do with their plans. So, that's when they decided to marry her off and excuse her from the castle. Just thinking of that one subject made Amara upset, but she didn't let it show on her face. There were a lot of inner demons that she had to face alone, due to her mother not being there to help her through. But, in the process, it had made her stronger. Slowly walking up the many stairs, she lifted the front of her dress slightly, so as not to trip in front of everyone. She slowly looked over her shoulder, to see if the "prince" and his companion were following her.

She had her doubts about them.
Hearing what prince Aegis had said to the princess of this land made Collo raise an eyebrow. (Tisk. Tisk. Where are the princes manners and how can he say that her family is not evil when he is not familiar with them.) By this time he and Fanor had snuck close too the conversation the royalty were having. (Huh. I much prefer the seemingly rude Virtesse. This prince of Brathis is very hotheaded.) Then Collo heard the princesses response and heard her uneasiness as if not sure to strike out or keep her calm facade. (Well she at least kept self preservation with not responding back in a hostile fashion.) Collo also noticed how the guard looked ready to rip Aegis' heart out with her bare hands and feed Aegis his own heart. (Ooh. she looks miffed. But then so does everyone around us right now. I would not wanna be him right now knowing that if I made another wrong move could end in my death and or loss of a potential ally. Huh. The young have lots to learn, but then again so does everyone.)

"Hey Collo." Whispered Fanor.

"What?" Collo whispered back to his guide wolf companion.

"What do you think about that princes rudeness?" She asked.

"I think he should think before he speaks and not respond about people he is not familiar with, that's what I think anyway." Collo answered.

"Yep same." Fanor responded back.

Right then Collo felt ALOT of eyes looking at him and Fanor. (Well so much for not drawing attention.)
Glowering, the ratlike man followed. He effortlessly launched across the rooftops, powerful legs carrying him clear across streets to the houses on the opposite side. This method of travel was far too fast to continue following them, so he eventually left the rooftops, landing near Aegis and causing a swirl of dust. His arms folded, he turned to Aegis and spoke in Auran, "Vashalas neel, Aegis. Sho suul oolas... Telvah Princess Amara vel yula warrior. Shintula agata." He shook his head in disaproval, but continued onward.

Long fingers stretched towards Amara, gesturing towards her turned back, returning to common and whispering, "Don't you think manhandling the princess of the nation you want help from is counter-productive? Not that it's any of my buisiness... Or is that some 'nobles-only' thing I'll never understand? Not that I don't approve of forceful teaching." He shrugs, dropping the subject and stretching, tail flicking.

"Stay alert, Aegis. If her family is corrupt, who's to say she won't send assassins after you, too? All nobles are backstabbing politians." He scowls, "All waiting for you to turn their back, before they insert their poisoned daggers. Hardly a warrior's way - flowered words and honey compliments to your face, barbed comments and malevolent comments behind." He didn't care about keeping this part whispered, either - speaking aloud and plainly. The young warlord's contempt for the "higher-ups" knew few limits.
The conversation was becoming infuriating. Rikana's grip on her weapon was tight, though with no excuse to use it it remained in it's sheath as she listened, her annoyance at how the princess was being spoken to clear in her eyes as she glowered at the offending 'prince.'

When commanded to escort them to the King, the guard looked to her charge, somewhat surprised. Displeasure at such a task quickly crossed her face, before vanishing again. She didn't like being around the King, or the Prince. Not that she really liked being around anyone, besides the Princess, and perhaps a couple of those on 'their side'. The thought of passing the couple to another guard after entering the castle crossed her mind as she nodded, and began to turn. However the thought and everything else vanished as Aegis grabbed Amara's shoulder.

The sword was out of it's sheath in an instant as she took a step forward, ready to cut him down, when she looked at his face. While she didn't completely trust what she saw, she stepped back slightly, though her sword remained out of its sheath, slightly raised. Her eyes focused on him in case he made any moves besides touching her shoulder, her lips began to pull back in a snarl as he spoke.

"And how do you know that? Have you lived with them most your life? You say she should respect them, but where's you respect for her? Don't think you, who has never set foot in this country before, knows more than her about her family" She knew she could be just making matters worse, especially as the Princess had already agreed to grant him the audience he wanted, but she didn't care. He had to realise that even though the Elf wasn't becoming angry at his words it didn't mean he ,or anyone else, could say what they wanted to her.

Which was why her anger swiftly turned to the blitztail as he reappeared and spoke up. Her sword was raised as she replied. " Watch your words. You do not know us, or this land, and I find it strange your speaking out against someone who has yet to show you hostility, while you and your friend, who himself is a 'noble' have done nothing but doubt and ridicule her words"