Land of Mist

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  1. We start off at a abendon house two storeys and 12 rooms. Im going be the leader of the group.
  2. Hey Im Blaze nice to meet ya'll.
  3. A large black wolf strolled along the edges of her forest. She came upon an old house that she hadn't seen before but normally she didn't wander so close to the edges. She pricked her tufted ears and started forward on her long legs, her muscles slid under her black coat but her enormous body didn't make a sound as the five foot tall wolfess moved. Her pure white eyes scanned the house as she scented the air. There was someone there or there had been recently. Her permanant smile widened a bit as she moved up to the door and sniffed around. She raised her head and easily looked through the window at what lay inside.
  4. Kat stood at the large window in the living room of the two-story house. It was cold, winter was setting in. She shivered a bit and glanced longingly to the fireplace, wishing for a burst of warm soothing flames from the depth of the unforgiving stone mouth. She sighed gently, as she did every time she was in thought. What were they doing here? All she'd gotten in her letter was the address, and now here she was with some random stranger alone in a house. She bit her lip for a moment, then her head whipped back to the window as she heard something move around outside. She furrowed her brow carefully and stepped forward, peering through the frosted glass, then she jumped and let out a cry as a large black wolf's head lifted to the window and she met snow-white eyes. Kat's brown eyes grew and her blood ran thick with fear as she backed away from the window, gripping her arms tightly around her.

    "Uhm... Hey... Uh, guy? I th-think... There's a huge dog outside the window..."