Land Of Giants (Sci-Fi Adventure)

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    2018 was the beginning of the space age. After the successful attempt on terraforming the moon, settlers arrived in waves, and soon the moon was bustling with travelers and traders, eager to make a living in the new land. As the years pressed on, man-kind got bolder and pressed on to Mars. Another successful attempt, and Mars joined the colonization of humans.

    Now 2066, technology was taken another leap, and warp speed technology is being tested. First they sent a scouting ship, full of electronic scanners and bots. As it flew through warp speed, it landed in Canis Major Overdensity, the closet galaxy to the Milky Way. The first wave of scanners sent signals all around the ship, and soon they found a planet: The size similar to Earth. Approaching the planet, the ship soon found the planets gravity. Pulled in, the ship nearly was crashed to pieces as it was forced to crash land. The surviving bots turned on the working scanners, and Earth got the results from the ship.

    Oxygen: Present
    H2O: Present
    Plant Life: Present
    Gravity: Stable

    Life Forms: **ERROR-243631** UNABLE TO PROCESS
    Status Report: **ERROR-363463** Unable TO PROCESS

    Satisfied with the results, they are sending a convoy to try and test the planet to see if we can inhabit it. Made up of scientist, soldiers, various translators, and traders, the convoy is launched through the warp transporter.

    Hello! This roleplay is inspired by multiple things, including Halo, Turok, Titan Fall and various other movies and games! In this roleplay, we will be playing as the convoy, who crash land on the planet and are pitted against the planets wildlife, and other factors to survive this hostile world.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.