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  1. "Cas, don't you dare try any of those spells. Remember the last time you tried to use that demon book?" Dean said pointedly to the angel in his living room. They had found an old book that Castiel had once used before- to some misguided ill effect. The angel in question rolled his eyes.

    "Dean, I am an angel of the Lord, I can take care of any demonic effects of this book. I was just not in my right mind back then... Besides, I warded the circle so if anything does happen, it'll only happen in the circle." Castiel reasoned, reading the spells in the book. He paused to considered one involving time. "And suppose you end up getting your ass handed to you, like last time?" Dean questioned, crossing his arms.

    "Last time involved a major demon. If I try any spells, I'll go with a minor one. Take this one for example- it says here that if I read the incantation, a minor time demon will come forth and give me the option to go back in time- or forward- or send it back to Hell from whence it came." "That sounds stupid- but also safer because you can just send his ass back." Dean frowned then gave a sigh. "Just be careful, okay?"

    "Yes, yes. Ahem... O potens time. Eo tempore ad futura et praeterita, volo." The lights in the room went out and then came back on, but the father clock in the corner of the room was spinning its hand out of control. An orb of light appeared within the circle Castiel had warded and bobbed in a figure eight turn up right pattern. It let out a hiss, irritated by the ward.

    "You have summoned me and so I grant you one request- into time your way goes or on my way back to my foes?" it rasped.

    "Alright, Cas, you summoned it, now send it back." said Dean, uncrossing his arms. Cas looked back at the book and looked at the incantation. "Um...Praeteritum tempus, nunc hinc- Wait that's to travel-" "SO MOTE IT BE!" A bright flash appeared, so bright the entire room become a solid shape of white. But when it faded, Castiel and the orb was gone, as was the circle. Right where the angel had been was a moon glyph for time, burnt into the wooden floor. "Cas!" Dean yelled, but he was too late- Castiel was gone in time.


    A trenchcoat bearing well dressed man appeared into existence after a bright flash. He looked around with a frown. "...I have no memory of this place..."
  2. Daenerys was keeping a constant pace towards Mereen. She was now known as a slave savior, as a breaker of chains, and that was why she was heading to that primitive society to keep with her work. Besides, in order to rule seven kingdoms, she would need to control something smaller first, something that would give her true followers. And Slaver's Bay was just perfect.

    Anyway, with an army as big as hers, it wasn't easy to move fast. Moreover, not everyone had horses, so they still had a couple of days ahead in order to reach their destination. She was getting a little anxious, but a woman as she, the true queen of the Seven Kingdom, couldn't keep constantly asking how much was left like a little child. She simply sighed and stayed quiet over her horse. A moment later, she spotted a bright flash a hundred meters ahead of them.

    "Have you seen that?" asked Jorah, who as always, was just slightly behind her.

    "I have, my queen. Let us go and check what is it about. I fear it might be some warning sent by the Lords of Mereen. It would be safer if you stay here." he answered, wishing that she would listen. But, of course, she wouldn't.

    "I'm going. Just bring a few men with us." ordered him, and so he did. Most of the group stayed behind, while Daenerys approached with a dozen of the Unsullied warriors, including Grey Worm, and his loyal companion Jorah.

    From the place where the flash came from, they found a really strange man. They had never seen clothes as the one he was wearing, and he was just on his feet, in the middle of that dessert path. Her men approached first, but as he showed no threat at all, Daenerys came closer with her horse.

    "I'm Daenerys of house Targaryen, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Khaleesi of the Great Grass sea and Mother of Dragons. I demand to hear your name and your intentions. Are you a citizen of Mereen?" she said to the stranger, while three of her warriors were pointing their spears at him.
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  3. Castiel was very confused- mostly because he couldn't tell what century he had landed in due to the way these natives were dressed- nor their weapons, which he wanted to laugh at because he could snap them if he wanted to. The way the lady spoke also did not help. He had no idea what she meant by 'house of Targaryen', nor the regnant part- though he assumed it was a social status like a lady to a keep and received a similar notion when she said Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea- wait, dragons? Mother of dragons?

    Well, if an introduction is what she wants, so be it. "My name is Castiel. I am an Angel of the Lord. I came here unintentionally thanks to a time demon and a misread incantation of a book from which I summoned him with. I am the protector of Dean and Sam Winchester, the vessels of Michael and Lucifer... and I have no idea where I am, what you're saying, or why your... foot soldiers, are pointing spears at me."

    Castiel raised his hands up in a surrender gesture. "In nomine Domini, quia nisi Dominus percusserit eum aut pace dicam aut damnum quis pone mihi!" He made a face. "Um.. Peace or the Lord will kill whoever hurts me, in rough translation."
  4. Daenerys raised an eyebrow in response of the unexpected answer from the stranger, whose name was Castiel. She was not familiarized with many concepts that he used. Who were supposed to be those Dean, Sam, Michael and Lucifer? What did he mean by saying he was an angel? He also briefly spoke in a language that was unknown to her. Where could he belong from?

    She slightly frowned by his warning. If he thought that a merely Lord could do something to any of them, having the army she had and three dragons, that meant he had no idea who she was. She thought that the Seven Kingdoms would have heard from her by then, but it seemed she was wrong. Well, that might change after releasing the last slave of Mereen. Anyway, this wasn't his fault. Besides, he looked more lost than threatening, so keep the spears at him wouldn't be necessary. She made a sign with her head to her soldiers and they lowered them down.

    "Who is your Lord?" asked him, still intrigued by his precedence.
  5. How nice of her to have them lower their weapons. Castiel thought before considering her question. Ah, they must have a different religion in this time period... Well, I don't think telling them about God would hurt- for all I know, Christianity is right around the corner.

    "My Lord is the Heavenly Father himself, God. He is often conceived as the Supreme Being and principal object of faith. He is the father of the Holy Son, Jesus Christ. He is the Creator. He created not only me, but my angelic brethren- including Lucifer, that mischievous assbutt. God created everything you see before you- the grass, the sky, your horses, and you- well, human kind. I imagine he also created these dragons you speak of, but that may have been Lucifer's doing... I suppose, long story short, he is a deity that is, in some way, my father. I take it that your beliefs give him a different name? I of course mean yourself- Khaleesi, correct?- and then those of your people."

    Castiel went quiet as he tried to remember what else he should cover... and came up empty handed, mostly because he didn't want to overwhelm these people. Speaking of hands, he lowered his to rest them at his side, palms out to show he still meant peace. It's just his arms were getting tired from being up in the air. Also, speaking of horses, does he get a horse? He always wanted one but Dean and Sam always told him no... Oh, imagine the conversations he would have with one! Granted talking to the cat in the nursing home proved fruitless...

    (Ironically, I have no idea of how to describe God other than he's Jesus's dad and apparently made everything. I'm probably as confused as Dae right now.)
  6. (That's ok, you did really good! But, um, I'm going to improvise a little in here. I know there is no Christianity in got universe... but I have no idea about Dany's religion.)

    She listened closely to Castiel, with curiosity on her eyes. Which religion was he talking about? It was definitely not The Faith of the Seven. Daenerys glanced at her usual helper, Jorah, pointlessly looking for an expression that reveled understanding. Anyway, he was just as lost as her. Maybe it was something new, something that was just starting to spread. It consisted in only one god that created... everything? And he was a son of him? He didn't look as the son of someone that strong. It seemed a quiet strange thing to believe in.

    "Khaleesi is correct. And we do not need a god to pray to. I am leading this people, and of course I am no god, but I can bring them the protection they need." answered him, without giving further explanation. Of course, some people under her leadership did have a religion popular of their land, but most of them only believed on her. She had saved them and gave them a purpose to fight for. She was not their god, but she was their queen.

    "Now, angel, you've been a distraction that took more time than what I expected. We are heading towards Mereen and I ignore if you heard my intentions, but I am leading a slave liberation throughout Slaver's Bay. I am sorry for not continuing this conversation, but we need to continue right away." stated, and took a few seconds to watch him. She thought about what to say next. "I don't think you'll do good on your own in this place with no provisions, so you are welcome to join my group. You can walk with the soldier, but don't get close to the women."

    After it, she gave an order to her horse to turn around. She went back to the rest, leaving him and the men around him behind.
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  7. (I love the improv :D)

    Castiel made a face again, though it was of him trying to decide whether he should follow or not... Which he decided to go ahead and follow because these were the only people he knew of so if he were to get into some trouble, then it'd be better if he had numbers with him. He regarded the closest soldier. "I know she is your ruler, but what do you think of the situation? Strange fellow out of nowhere come along for the ride?"

    Hopefully, whatever he just asked doesn't revoke the invitation for him to come along. And hopefully it doesn't revoke him a possible mount...maybe a mule? Or a goat? Do they have goats big enough to carry him? He wouldn't know, he just got here... For a moment, he wondered how Dean was reacting to him being gone in some distant time. But then he dismissed the thought.

    Meanwhile, in Dean's time: "WHERE DID CAS GO?" Dean hollered at Sam. "HOW SHOULD I KNOW?" Sam hollered back. "I DON'T KNOW." "WHY ARE WE YELLI- Why were we yelling?" Sam questioned with a roll of his eyes. "Well I was hoping it would bring Cas back, but I don't see him anywhere- oh God, what if he's in the dinosaur age?!" "AHHH!" "AHHHH!"
  8. The soldier that Caestiel talked to just stared at him, not giving a response. The Unsullied, even though they were already free people, weren't much of the sociable kind, and most of them wouldn't talk to anyone but Daenerys and their partners. Besides, he barely understood the language. Of course, Grey Worm was an exception, and approached to the angel in order to give him an answer.

    "We trust her choices. You are a stranger, but harmless while we watch you. That's why you come with the soldiers. And no ride, because you will walk with us." explained to Castiel. Daenerys wouldn't give a stranger one of their horses. They did have a few to spare, just in case those who insisted in walking were too tired to continue, but she didn't trust someone who appeared in the middle of the way with one of her animals. Not even with a goat, if she'd have one.

    At that moment, a loud growl seemed to break the sky. The woman in her perfectly matching white horse looked up, and saw a large, terrifying black dragon flying above them. Drogon was the biggest one and the strongest one. She smiled seeing one of her babies back, greeting her in his unique way. Appreciating the majestic moves of the creature, Daenerys thought it had been a perfect time to join them back. It was a clear warning for the strange person that joined them. As far as he looked, he was just a harmless man, but she had no idea who may he work for.
  9. "Sounds fair enough. I'll follow long then." Good thing I don't find walking taxing... shame I don't get to ride anything... Granted I could just fly if I wanted to. But would that get me killed or are flying people common here? Probably are if there are dragons.

    Speaking of dragons, Castiel didn't really know what to think of Drogon. Mostly because he couldn't tell if he was hallucinating or not, but seeing how Daenerys was regarding him as well, he instantly dismissed the idea that he was hallucinating. "I take it that is one of your lady's dragons. Rather majestic, I must say." And small... Most likely a juvenile. Can't believe that those dragon books from the library are coming into handy. Hopefully I won't end up on his dinner plate...well, my vessel that is...
  10. Grey worm looked up in the sky, admiring the creature. "They are." only answered, referring to the three dragons even if only one was visible. Thanks to those creatures, Daenerys had been able to kill the people who possessed the Unsullied and free them. Thanks to them they were able to follow their queen, so he really admire those creatures. Anyway, it was time to stop watching the dragons and go back to their group. He walked towards them, making sure the stranger joined him and the other soldiers.

    Meanwhile, Daenerys already gave the order to get back on track. The interruption already slow them down a little, so they needed to speed up. She wasn't tolerating taking more time than expected to arrive to Mereen. They weren't stopping again until sunset, even thought they still had many hours left.

    (How about a little time skip? Just until sunset. They set up a camp and Dany would be free to meet Cas once again.)
  11. And so, the company continued on their way for the remainder of the day until they were a mile from the walls of Mereen. There, they stopped to feed and water the horses and set up camp. Bonfires were made and lit, along with smaller fires for cooking. Tents were pitched and tethered, and a latrine was dug. Castiel tried to help where he could but ended up being put to work grooming the horses. He didn't want to be deemed useless so he did his best to tend to each knotted tail and mane he encountered. When they were all taken care of, save Daenerys' mount, Castiel began to take his time as he brushed the equine beast.

    "Can you believe all this, horse? Such a fantastic world you live in.. Dragons, queens, and miles upon miles of grass... You must be in heaven, eh horse?" he mused at the steed, untangling a big knot near its bridle. The beastie whinnied at him and snuffled at his coat. Castiel laughed. "Yes, I am a funny man, we've been over this." he said as he petted its muzzle.

    (This good?)
  12. (Perfect! Thanks!)

    While her followers were preparing the camp for the night, Daenerys left her horse together with the others and took a walk around. She wanted to make sure everyone was ok, and to see if someone needed something. Anyway, everything was going just fine. Some of her people had a few questions for her, mainly about their objectives and strategies, but it wasn't anything she couldn't solve. After it, she just went to look for her dragon, Drogon.

    Her babies usually kept a certain distance with the rest of the human group, maybe because they didn't feel completely comfortable around them. Anyway, whenever she call them, if they could hear her, they approached as close as necessary. And, that day, it didn't take her long to make Drogon appear. She spent some time alone with him, just petting him and talking to him. Even if she knew most of the words were just noises to him, Daenerys was sure that she could transmit the main messages. And, at that moment, she just wanted to tell him how much she loved him and his brothers. She was their mother, after all.

    When they finish their talking, Daenerys thought it would be a good idea to feed him. Normally, he hunted his own food, but she wanted to give him some kind of reward. It wasn't for anything in specific, but she was about to send him to look for his brothers, because she was probably needing them for tomorrow, and wanted to give him an incentive. She walked towards the place where they kept all their animals, looking for some chickens, and saw the man they met that day talking to her horse. Daenerys smiled slightly, apparently he liked horses.

    "Maybe tomorrow you'll get your own horse, angel of the Lord. I believe it was a tiring walk you had today." told him, approaching by his back. She thought that it may had been a little tough to send him walking for all those hours, something that someone without the training of the Unsullied may found exhaustive. "Or maybe you'll have one of these." added, turning around to see her dragon, who was following her. He was already a pretty large creature, even though he was only a young male, and more than big enough to carry a person. Maybe a few. But, of course, she was only teasing. There wasn't a single person in the world she would allow to get that close to her dragons.
  13. Castiel was a little startled by Daenerys' approach. Mostly because he was very absorbed in his talk with her horse. And because he wasn't expecting the dragon to be there- when did it even get here?! But he kept his composure nonetheless.

    "Being able to ride one of your peoples' steeds would be a grand thing to do... But there are others who could ride them. Walking poses no tax on my form-except for my shoes but they weren't made for such occasions. As for one of those-" he regard Drogon with a look of respect, "-I am sure that someone else would be better suited for the opportunity to be allowed, with your permission as well as your dragon's, to soar the skies... I myself can already do this on my own. I could show you if you would like."

    Since it was getting closer to dark by the minute, his wings wouldn't be too much of a sight for anyone to see... It would be like looking into a fireplace rather than looking into the full blaze of their heavenly light. But of course he would only do this with her bidding... And hopefully, should he take flight, he won't be snapped out of the sky by her dragon.
  14. She raised an eyebrow hearing Castiel's response. "You are saying you can fly by yourself?" It seemed that the stranger was either crazy or... something else. "I would definitely like to see that, but let me feed my dragon first." added, being incredulous about the abilities the angel declared having.

    Daenerys passed through the angel and grabbed a cage with five chickens in it. It was food that would be perfectly fine for humans to eat, but luckily they were far from food scarcity, so feeding Drogo wouldn't be a waste. "I'm sorry..." she whispered to the small animals, and took the cage where the dragon was. As the horses seemed uncomfortable with its presence, and would be a lot more seeing him on the hunt, she walked a few meters away from them. "This are for you, my dear." said to the dragon, who perfectly understood her words and changed his look to a more threatening one. Afterwards, she let the chickens free, which ran towards different directions. Drogon snapped and swallowed the five of them in less than a minute. Seeing a dragon on the hunt was an incredibly, and sometimes dangerous, thing to do.

    "Drogon, I want you to find your brothers and bring them. Rhaegal and Viserion. Find Rhaegal and Viserion." told him, repeating the names of her two other dragons to make sure he understood. She repeated them once again, until the dragon understood the order and flew away, in order to find them. As soon as the dragon left, she approached to the camp, where she easily found Daario Naharis with her sight. He was just perfect for what she wanted him to, because he was definitely a fair swordman, so she called him. He ran towards her and she lead him back to Castiel. It might be a little obvious she did not want to stay alone with the man they had found that day, but it shouldn't be a big deal. She was a queen, and a queen was never over protected.

    "I ignore if you two met before. Daario, this is Castiel, an angel of the Lord. And, by the Lord he means his god, who is a powerful creature who created everything and, at the same time, his father." said, trying her best to make a good introduction about what the angel told her earlier. "Castiel, this is Daario Naharis, one of my best warriors." added to finish introducing both of them. Daario smirked by her presentation and she rolled her eyes. Well, she might had exaggerated, but the stranger didn't need to know that. "Daario, you are lucky I brought you. He was about to show me his flying abilities." told him, and his eyes grew bigger. "Castiel, you should be just fine flying now. My dragon is far enough to bother you."
  15. Castiel was a little intrigued as to Drogon's eating speed- that and the fact that chicken feathers didn't bother him- as well as to the fact he seem to understand Daenerys' words. She must have trained him well... or maybe he understands English... or would be it called Common in these days? I suppose Common works. He strayed away from his thoughts when her majesty returned with Daario- who of which Castiel had not met yet. Well, not face to face that is. He nodded his head in greeting and regarded the queen again.

    "I'll take your word for it. Hopefully my flight won't startle you or your people- from where I come, it usually causes mass hysteria." He offered a quick sheepish grin before stepping back a few paces. My Lord, please don't smite me. This won't give away what we are, as they are not of your religion. After this, I will only lift my wings in terms of emergency. His lord must have been fine with this because no lightning came to strike him down. Taking this as a good sign, Castiel let his wings unfurl, their feathers a silhouette in the waning light. "Behold, my wings for flight." Castiel said, gesturing to his wings. "Now, witness their power to let me soar." He grinned boldly before his wings gave a mighty push, launching into the air a few feet. He hovered before going a few more feet and then he glided in a wide circle. Ah, how missed flight.

    He stayed in the air for a few moments before he dipped and alighted back onto the ground. His wings stayed in view, their brilliance dimmed to a faint shimmer so they wouldn't blind anyone. He had to thank those charms Dean had made for him for that. "Any questions?" he asked them.
  16. Daenerys put an arm in front of her eyes, covering herself from the dazzling light, but still able to see. Those were... wings? It was pretty impressive how could he just hide them to keep the appearances. She raised her eyebrows seeing him flying, and that was all the only reaction of surprise she expressed. A flying man was not something you saw everyday, but she couldn't allow herself to be stunned about it, she had to think how could it affect her mission instead. Anyway, the face of Daario was definitely not like her. He was definitely astonished, and that made his queen smiled amused.

    "Anything else you can do?" asked, curious. His light could definitely be seen from a few miles away. She hoped the Lords of Mereen would see it. They would almost definitely fear something unknown as the stunning light of that man, and that may be a huge advantage for the following day. "Walk with me. My people won't understand what just happened and may fear it." added, heading towards the camp.
  17. "Ah, yes m'lady, I can do more than just fly." Castiel said as he walked along with her. "In certain times- should the need arise- I am allowed to smite people...strike them with lightning or any other force my Lord deems me able to use." He made a face at the tid bit she said about how her people may have feared what he had done. "Beg my pardon, m'lady, but should I have waited for a different point of time to show my abilities? I didn't mean to discomfort your people... I kept their well being in mind- if I hadn't, a great portion, if not all, would have perished from the true brilliance of my wings."

    Castiel was very nice to consider the wellfare of her people. I mean, he could have been like Lucifer and just not give a darn about any of them and just kill them all. But then he would be lonely and who would let him ride a horse then? No one, that's who. Dean said I have to ask permission... If everyone was dead, I wouldn't be able to... And asking my Lord is not the same as asking a person...
  18. "No need to apologize, angel. I asked you to show me your abilities and that is what you did." told him, not worrying about it. If her people got scared, it would only take an explanation to make them relax once again. "Even on a sunny day? Your skills sound interesting." added, while she was still walking towards the camp. If he could really strike people with lighting, he was definitely someone a queen should keep on her side, close and watched. "Of course, you can stay with us as long as you'd like. Anyway, you should consider permanently joining our crusade. We have noble intentions and righteous objectives, and you certainly seemed the kind of person who would care for something like that. You should consider it." told him and looked at him with a smile.

    When they arrived to the camp, they noticed it was a little chaotic. You could hear some screaming and some children crying, together with people running around. Immediately, she left her side to join a small meeting the ones with greater positions on her group had started. She talked to them and ordered them to calm down the multitude. She told them not to fear the bright light because it was on their side.
  19. Joining our crusade. The words seemed to resonate in his brain, echoing for a moment. Crusades. There were what the men of the Catholic church went on during the Middle Ages and other times throughout history. While Castiel had not been present to those events, he witnessed what happened. Part of him thought it to be foolish, especially when the crusaders ended up doing more harm than good, but they were corrupt. So far, this lady and her people have done no wrong. And by the looks of things, she must be telling the truth of having noble intentions and righteous objectives... But I can't stay forever if that is what she intends... I believe the saying goes 'if fecal matter hits the whirling device, I should get out of the area.'

    "I'll con- where did she go?" Castiel had stopped walking when Daenerys had left to go talk to her people and had no idea where she went. So he would just stay put. He also didn't realize people were running and screaming until he pulled out of his thoughts. "Oh my... Well this was expected. Not quite fecal matter hitting a whirling device though." He had no idea if he should try and help calm people down... He decided against it because he didn't want to make matters worse. Good boy.
  20. Daenerys joined a small meeting, that the men with more authority on her group had gathered. Of course, Jorah was leading it, in the absence of their queen. She explained the situation to all of them, and how he was suppose to be an Angel of the Lord, but thought it would be best to keep it from the rest of her people for the moment. She also ordered them to make sure someone prepared a good tent for him. Finishing her meeting, she went to the center of the camp, and called for her people. "My faithful followers; you should not fear. All I'll tell you for the moment is that the light is on our side. Don't be afraid of it. It seems that an unknown god is taking care of us. Pass the new to your friends who are not listening right now." said, with a strong voice, in the middle of a crowd. That should be enough to let them calm down.
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