L'amour, L'amour, je ne sais pas

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  1. Elvira Summers clumped through the front door and dumped her bag on the table. She glanced in the mirror, and tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear.

    A smile spread across her lips, as she thought about the fact that this was the last day before summer started! She was now off on her summer holidays, and she couldn't wait.

    Maybe this summer, her best friend would come to visit..... She sighed. Aisha had been her best friend since they were four, and they were close as siblings, but Aisha was in a popular band, and they had been on tour for the past six months, so she hadn't seen her. Elvira missed her "Aisha-Bear" as she called her best friend.
  2. Aisha Tucker hopped out of the van, her worn, off-white sneakers smacking against the road with a low clapping sound. In a familiar neighborhood, on a familiar street, in front of a familiar driveway, across from a familiar house was exactly where it was great to be. More specifically, being so wonderfully near to Elvira's home, after six long months, was a phenomenal feeling.

    And really, six months was too long a time to be without your number one favorite friend! Swallowing down a refreshing gulp of air, she jogged up to the door her knuckles knew so well. Six months of Elvira-less concerts, touring all around the country, mixing her drums in with her band's music...even that couldn't compare to this. It couldn't compare to seeing her friend again after such a long time. Not ever.

    Knocking on the door loudly, she grinned. Why, if this little stunt didn't give Elvira a nice big shock, she didn't know what would. A good shock, mind you-- like a pleasant surprise.
  3. The tiny brunette was in the middle of putting on a pair of clean jeans when the doorbell rang, and she fell over with the surprise. She swore under her breath and pulled the jeans on firmly.

    That done, she strode downstairs, and opened the door, ready to yell at whoever it was for ringing the bell so loudly. Her words vanished though, when she saw who it actually was. "Ohmigod! Aisha!" She squealed and threw her arms around her best friend's neck, ecstatic. "I can't believe you are here! You should have told me you were coming home!