Lambs and Ladders

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  1. You are a passenger on International Flight #[REDACTED] heading from Los Angeles, CA, USA and destined for [REDACTED].

    You might be on this flight for pleasure, for work, or for some other reason.

    You might be an adult, elderly, or you might even be a kid.

    You have no idea that tragedy is about to strike.

    You have no idea that you're about to be tested in so many ways.

    Your morals. Your sanity. Your resolve.

    You might not survive.

    You probably won't.

    lambs and ladders.png

    Things you need to know!
    • This is a survival/horror chat roleplay! It will be violent and gruesome. Yaaaay! :D It is heavily inspired by a manga called Cradle of Monsters, though I suggest you NOT look that up unless you want everything spoiled for you. :/
    • You all will be playing regular people. We'll start out on an international flight, but the airplane is definitely not the setting of this charp. Shit will go horribly, horribly wrong. And then get worse.
    • Your character will NOT: have magic or super powers, be part demon or part anything other than plain ol' human, know everything, or have all the talents. I don't want anime physics fighting and I don't want to see invincible characters.
    • Some of you are going to die. You can only play one character at a time, but if I (or you) kill off your character and you still want to play, feel free to make a new one!
    • This charp will last a couple of sessions so please watch this thread to find out for when the next session will be scheduled.
    • Both age brackets will be welcome in this roleplay. That means there will be no sexual situations. Romance is fine! Justified nudity is fine. But there will be no erotic describing of tits and dicks!
    • I highly encourage backstabbing, paranoia, selfishness, and other such vices that comes with being human. >:D

    Character Sheet:
    Name: Durr.
    Age: Ahurrdurr.
    Appearance: Pictures are fine. Whatevs.
    Personality: A general gist of it. I don't need a big essay. This can and probably will change over the course of the RP.
    Talent/Skill: You're good at one thing. What is it?

    Cast List:
    This will update as often as needed.
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  2. I am good any day so long as it dun start around Noon. O_O That is when I am cooking dinner.
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  3. Evenings and nights work best for me. Preferably after 7pm, but if given enough advanced warning I can probably adjust well enough to anything (probably! D:)
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  4. Friday 13:00 CST -16:00 CST
    Saturday 06:00 CST- 16:00 CST
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