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  1. The small city of Lambī Dūrī, USA. A rich, traditional city where the people are tight knit and everyone knows everyone at least a little bit. Famous for it's coal and also the history of its lands, built upon by one of the original tribes cast away on the Trail of Tears. Some of course say the land is cursed, but that's if you believe in that mumbo jumbo. Sure in the past there have been disappearances around the woods but I mean...that's normal for stupid people who wander there alone right? All I know is, this place is only as worse as the lore allows it to be. I love the people here, my family, my friends, the food, the tradition.

    But I feel like it's a bigger world than this you know? Something greater calling us from the outside, compelling us to reach to the furthest of our potentials to become all that we can be in this world. I swear you move off to college in this town you may have well killed someone. But I think it's that sense of longing and sense of tradition combined that makes this place so unique. I'll certainly miss it when I'm gone. Until next time people!

    - Hannah Clifford, Long Distance Town Blog Guru.

    Town Motto (open)

    "Do not fret, do not steer from which that is known, for the reaches of beyond are not in our grasp. For our wake is not upon death, but in life. The old ones come and go for us, but the dark will come to consume us. Hence, stay forth in the light, as the wisdom of the unknown lingers in the distance...

    For if I awaken you, do not open your eyes. If I call to you, do not beckon. If I offer you a heifer, do not spill its blood. If I whisper among your ear, do not heed the message.

    For if you see me in the distance, avert your eyes."


    This rp will be an extreme horror once things get underway and is not for the faint hearted/minded. There will be gore and some very dark and creepy undertones of this rp, and will be mildly psychological as well. From the interest I had 6 total including myself, I may take one or two more depending on the circumstances just message me to get a spot, because there MAY be death based on some choices made [do not write yourself in a corner, figurative and literal]

    Done. Horror time.

    Please refer to the CS template that I will have up and then we will be good to go! Standard rules apply, along with no metagaming your charrie out of an impossible situation, or starting them out with a million dollars or something they could easily use to overpower the rp.

    If you stop posting, you will die. If you slow the rp down, you essentiall are that person running from the monster that falls and looks back...we all know where that leads. I don't need super frequent posts, once a day will be just fine, if you can't bc of RL then let me know I'll gladly work with you.

    ch0sen1 - Hannah Clifford, 18, F: A keen but zany city personality. Loves her city a ton, but can't wait to get out and see the world. With college in her sights, she wants to capture everything the nation sees her city for in one big project to use to launch her official blog network.

    sleepingxdragon - Alastor Heron, 20, M: Still considered an outsider despite his family being there for a few decades, Alastor's interest in the town lore and history made him one of a conspiracy theorist to the elders who simply believe in the old ways of the traditional town. His interest in mythology and psych had him well off to college, until his mother fell ill, the townsfolk saying it's all because of the curse.

    Moogle-Girl - Nicholas Vaughn, 47, M: The creepy animal man from out of town. A rugged but open soul. The rumors say that he's come to do harm to the city, that he's a convict on the hide, but most people know it's a bunch of bull.

    Ali - Lacey Cooper, 27, F: Famed paranormal investigator that loves the search and meaning of the paranormal mysteries in the universe. Her intelligence comes off with wrong vibes, as her general self-centered demeanor creates a bubble around her.

    Kirisuna - Alice Yang, 26, F: Known as "The Town Widow" despite her young age and vibrance. A woman who stuggles with the single life after losing her husband in a fatal car crash a small time ago. Some of the town elders call it part of the curse, that if you're not from here the surrounding spirits will haunt and torment those souls for eternity.

    Cactush - Ned Lion, 25, M: TBA

    Cybermoon - Zelda Volk, 19, F: Raised by the Volks, her grandparents to be specific as they are from a long lineage of natives of Lambi Duri like Hannah and very few other teens in the town. Really superstitious but recluse in that way around peers. She's working to go off to college, and her hospitability draws nothing but good karma for her. Elders call her blessed.

    LibraTheScales - Elliot Jasper, 27, M: A mysterious outsider who carries a large collection of art and materials with him. He's rather quiet, but some people recognize his face from his apparent work and pieces. The city folk don't like his presence here however, feeling an unusual vibe with him...
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  2. CS Template


    Pros: 5 good personality traits
    Cons: 5 bad

    Hobbies: [skills/interest]


    Bio: [5 detailed sentences will do]
  3. CS: Hannah Clifford


    Name: Hannah Clifford
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 128 lbs
    Occupation: Blogger / Network Personality
    Zodiac: Libra

    - Diplomatic
    - Graceful
    - Peaceful
    - Idealistic
    - Hospitable

    - Stubborn
    - Superficial
    - Vain
    - Indecisive
    - Unreliable

    Hobbies: Blogging, technology, hiking, camping, cooking, volleyball, running, working out, adventures, Netflix and friends (not in that way), horror movies, road trips, video games.

    Pic attached.

    Bio: Hannah grew up in the ripe small city of Lambi Duri since birth, where her parents and theirs before them and so on were born. The city is a very close knit town, so anything that was worthy of recognition stuck and spread amongst the area. She was a mix of a nerd and a jock as a kid, making her really peculiar among her peers. She eventually found some really close friends to grow up with and to be able to have those typical childhood and adolescence type memories and experiences with. She along with them attended Tall Trail elementary, middle, and high schools, and just recently capped off her graduation. She was in the top 3% of her class, and a decent volleyball libero. She's now heading into summer, where nothing but fun, freedom, and fate awaits her. Her parents, Mr. Conner and Marissa Clifford are very supportive of her internet blog that covers many intellectual and deep topics, from spiritual to political. Her site even got so much as a small fan base and a small section in the city paper, but she wants to use her apt knowledge of the internet to go into college after the summer and maybe create an app. But for now she settles among the "City of Reaching Distances" where the city is chalked full of lore and mythos, rooting into the traditions the city has today. The town motto was created and made by Indian tribes long ago before their land was taken by the pilgrims. Some people say it's cursed, others say blessed, but none can ignore the string of disappearances and murders that happen every decade or so to unknowing outsiders even locals. The elders say it's the woods surrounding Lambi Duri, that they are actually an incarnation of darkness, and that anyone who travels with a heart of fear will perish. OF course Hannah blogs about it now and again, but she's just ready to face what the summer has in store. She has no idea.

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  4. I was looking over the rules; what do you consider to be "too slow"? My usual posting pace is once every 2-3 days if the RP is moving at a good pace, but if things go too quickly then I get overwhelmed pretty easily. owo'
  5. Anything slower than 4-5 days to a week without notification of why
  6. Oh okay, that's fine then. o3o I'll have a bio up soonish!
  7. May I ask why the zodiac sign is needed?
  8. Super excited :D
  9. Just a backstory type of thing.
  10. Name: Nicholas Vaughn
    Age: 47
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 220 lbs.
    Occupation: Veterinarian
    Zodiac: Aries

    Pros: Humorous, hard-working, loyal, optimistic, prepared
    Cons: Loud, no sense of personal space, opinionated, flaky, selfish

    Hobbies: Farming, rock climbing, camping, bird-watching

    Appearance: Nicholas looks every bit like a grizzled adventurer, from his short ponytail to his ducktail beard and mustache to the leather eyepatch covering his bad eye. Frequent exposure to the sun has also led to a tanned complexion. Age has flecked his normally-dark hair with white and set some wrinkles around his large round nose, but it hasn't done much to his impressive height (just over six feet) or his broad shoulders and tree-trunk legs. His teeth, however, have suffered quite a bit; they're covered in stains and a few are even missing completely.

    Bio: Nicholas grew up a poor farmer, living with his sister Katherine, taking care of his parents, and tending to the fields and the animals nearly every waking hour. They made enough money to make sure everyone was kept fed and warm, but it was hardly the life Nicholas wanted. He wanted adventure, where every day was different and you never knew just what was waiting for you when you got up in the morning. His hometown, which neighbors Lambī Dūrī, saw plenty of travelers that were always willing to share their most exciting stories with the eager Nicholas. A few months ago, he finally decided it was time to get moving and chase his dream, so he could put a few stories under his own belt; the problem was money. Ignoring the indignant arguments of his younger sister, Nicholas packed up his few possessions and moved to Lambī Dūrī, where he has been making a decent living doing veterinarian work, slowly saving up for his big dream cross-country trip. Unfortunately, he won't have to look very hard if he wants adventure. Adventure is about to find him...
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  11. My CS is up now guys, where's everyone else?
  12. I'm in the process of finding inspiration for mine :) It will be up tonight, however ^^
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  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Lacey Cooper
    Age: 27
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 147lbs
    Occupation: Paranormal Investigator
    Zodiac: Libra



    -Hunting Ghosts
    -Investigating Paranormal Occurrences
    -Studying the occult

    Lacey is a small, petite girl with dark brown hair and chocolate irises. She has small pink lips pierced ears. Normally, she wears leather jackets, whether they be faux or real. She tends to accessorize with scarves and necklaces, but is never seen with bracelets, rings or anything else. Lacey wears contacts and generally forgets to take them out, causing her strange blurry vision from time to time. Aside from her forgetfulness, she always constantly has manicured and french-tipped fingernails which make it difficult to remove her contact lenses, even after a few years of practice.

    Lacey Cooper was born into a family of evangelic Christians, making her dream of paranormal investigation a near impossible feat' as a child. As a young girl, she enjoyed reading about the science behind the paranormal and peoples emotions. She was shut down by her parents at every opportunity and therefore never flourished in her chosen field of study during childhood.
    As she got older and gained the funds to move out, Lacey decided to pursue her career, creating a small paranormal investigations business by the name of Cooper Hunters Inc.
    She had traveled most of the known country (USA) in search of truly terrifying stories and legends, coming short at every stop to either discover it was a cause of natural sciences, or crazy people who wanted their 15 minutes of fame.
    Lacey has since decided to go solo, leading her to a legend surrounding the town of Lambī Dūrī, USA. It would be here she would finally get the paranormal experience she wanted, she just knows it!​
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  14. Name: Ned Lion
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 149 lb
    Occupation: Freelance Photographer
    Zodiac: Scorpio

    Pros: Level-Headed, Creative, Loyal, Honest, Athletic
    Cons: Clumsy, Easily Persuaded, Self-reliant, Condescending, Does not trust easily

    Hobbies: Photography, Reading comics, cross-country athletics

    Appearance: Thin and Lanky, with Curly hair adorning an almost rectangular skull, adorned with freckles and pimples. His favourite choice of clothing is a flat green short sleeve shirt, covered with a maroon flannel jumper, underneath he wears brown tight jeans with white adidas running shoes.

    Bio: [5 detailed sentences will do]

    It's late, so I'll finish it up tomorrow, sorry I took so long.
  15. Can I join? This sounds like fun.
  16. Sure, there were some others that wanted to join but if we get enough people on the CS we can start without them
  17. OH this is up? Sorry!
    I'll post my CS in the morning
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  18. Kay ^,.,^
  19. Name: Zelda Volk
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 139 lbs
    Occupation: Convenience Store cashier
    Zodiac: Capricorn

    -family oriented

    -too trusting
    -narrow minded

    Hobbies: helping others, taking care of her grandparents, roller skating, reading and picnicking

    Appearance: she has long curly reddish-brown hair, light blue eyes, is slightly tanned. She is usually seen with a white tank top, a pull over green sweater, blue skinny jeans and white van shoes.

    Bio: Zelda was raised by her grandparents most of her life in Lambi Duri. As such, she picked up on their superstitious ways, but tones it down when around friends. She is kind, thoughtful and spends most of her free time helping others when not hanging with her friends. She has dreams of going to college once summer ends and it working hard at her job to raise enough for her tuition.
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  20. CS Template

    Name: Elliot Jaspier
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'4
    Weight: 159 lbs
    Occupation: Artist
    Zodiac: Cancer


    -Unable to depend
    -The Done-with-Everyone's-Shit type
    -Ignorant to the meaning of Love
    -Tries to intentionally freak people out in the most nonchaulant way possible

    Hobbies: Art, photography, poem-making, and "trolling"


    Elliot is a tall young man, normally roaming around with formal clothing. He has abnormally long black hair; clearly pointing that he never in his life had cut it. His skin is a normal shade for a white male, and his eyes are a reddish brown. He sometimes has a backpack, but only to travel someplace and paint.

    Bio: Elliot had proven to be a rising multi-media artist, constantly traveling around and creating wonderful masterpieces. Despite his damp personality, he was a child prodigy. His first poem made many who read it weep tears; it was one based off The Ugly Duckling, but with a darker twist. He continued making more and more of these wonderful pieces, being highly regarded in his school for being an excellent artist. As a young adult, he was sent to a well-off college due to his popularity and high recommendations of his former schools, graduating at the age of 25. Since then he accepted many art requests, posted his work online (Under heavy copywrite, of course. Anyone who copied it was detected within three days and dealt with.), and grew one hell of a fanbase. He then came to this town, unaware of what lurks.
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