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  1. Hello everyone! My name's lakhrymosa, but you can call me Mosa or Isaac. Before we begin, here are a few facts about me.
    • I'm an 18 year old college student. As such, I might not always be available to RP, but I try to stay active and reply at least a few times a day.
    • I love dark RPs, as well as science fiction and fantasy. I prefer them to have some kind of horror element, but I understand it's not everybody's thing.
    • I'm actually quite shy, but I pretend not to be.
    • I've been RPing for about six years now, although I'm relatively new to this site.
    • I have... kind of a weird sense of humor.
    • I love playing multiple characters! My stories are very character driven.
    Now, onto the fun part! These are some ideas that I have that I'd like to discuss and build upon with a partner. Some are more detailed than others, and some need to be discussed before they're ready to be written. Keep in mind that everything here is flexible, and I'm completely open to ideas that my partners have. That's part of the fun!
    (Some of these ideas contain possibly triggering content involving medical abuse and psychiatric asylums.)

    -The Greatest Show Unearthed
    Ever want to run way and join the circus? No? Too bad! It looks like you're here to stay, now. You'll meet extraordinary strangers, beasts you've never before imagined, and, if you're lucky, the mysterious man they call the Ringleader.

    -This Is Just Like My Video Games!
    When a hole opens in the very fabric of space, you'd think that anyone with a triple digit IQ would know not to fall into it. Well, you'd be wrong. What happens when a loser college student is transported to a world of dragons and warlocks? (Hint: the answer isn't "he's immediately eaten.")

    -Asylums Aren't As Great As You Think, Especially When There's Demons Involved.
    So you're stuck in a psych ward for trying to murder your family. Boo. And the doctors keep using you as a test subject? Double boo! It doesn't help that you're hallucinating demons everywhere you look. Hey, at least one of them is kinda hot.
    Hey, wait, these are just hallucinations, right?

    Those are my three ideas. If you're interested in RPing any of them, if you have any changes you'd like to make, or if you've got any ideas of your own you'd like to discuss, feel free to PM me!

    Please only message if
    • Your are 18 or older.
    • You can post at least a few paragraphs multiple times a day.
    • You can formulate full, descriptive sentences. Write as if you'll be handing it in to your English teacher.
  2. Hello! I'd be interested in sharing some ideas and maybe doing an rp!
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