Lake Pontchartrain

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    Welcome to Lake Pontchartrain
    The sign says its Cherokee for Kitten Lake


    You and your friends are on a road trip. Its spring break and you're looking to get away from the demands of college life. Its been great so far but you're all looking for a way to finish it with a bang.

    You're sure as hell not going to find it here. The town you've found yourself in is a backwards as mountain towns get. Everyone walks around looking like they're still in the '70s. The jukebox in the only diner in town has nothing newer than the summer of '69 and try as you might your phone get nothing. Still its getting late and the roads are windy and slippery at night. Warm beds and coffee in the morning sounds better than nothing. Any they have a festival day after tomorrow, you've got a couple of days to waste.

    But you should have listened to the chill that ran down your spine when you saw the empty houses on the edge of town, the strange feeling that not all was right in Lake Pontchartrain.

    Rules and Info​

    You are a college student traveling with your friends and have never seen or heard of Lake Pontchartrain before.

    There will be some dice throwing though this will only occur when needed and most of the time will not have an impact on the game.

    You may use any bio you like and go as in depth as you like but remember you're a regular human, and you're friends with at least one or two of the other PCs.

    Here the fields I will need.



    Appearance: (Real life pictures preferred)
    Relations: (You relationship with the other PCs. Its OK to leave this blank at first. Plot with your fellow players and make magic!)

    STATS (divide 200 points as you like between them)

    Skill: (combined mental and physical skill.)
    Intuition: (The only skill you can use at any time to get a hint/information from the GM... ME!)
    Luck: (Used to determine if fate is on your side.)



    1) There is the possibility of character death in this RP, though I'm not going to go out of my way to kill you. Though too many failed luck or skill rolls can result in an unhappy end.

    2) You character has to be friendly and cooperative enough to have been brought along on a pleasure trip. Edgy loners will be fed to shoggoths.

    3) Respect your fellow players and the GM. I will not say this twice.

    4) Above all. Have fun!

    Name: Haylie Blue Masters
    Appearance: 1234.jpg
    Relations: TBA

    STATS (Divide 200 points as you like between them)

    Skill: 67
    Luck: 67

    Is the lead singer in the symphonic metal band, Thy Satan. She believes herself to be unattractive, honest, and kind of a cynic. She majors in Engineering now, and is hoping to be a robotics engineer. Whittles wood in her spare time, and takes commissions, occasionally.
    Positive: focused
    Negative: thrill seeker
    Mask (False front): indomitable

    Hope this is okay, message me if it isnt ^^
  3. That looks good. You may want to juggle your points around until you're happy with them.

    I'm looking for up to 7 players (in which case the car you were traveling in is now a minivan) so don't be shy people.
  4. Name: Esmery Feruchi
    Relations: (Not at the moment, looking for people)

    STATS (divide 200 points as you like between them)

    Skill: 60
    Intuition: 70
    Luck: 70

    Esmery is a dancer who is very outgoing and bubbly. She likes looking at the bright side of things instead of the bad ones. Her bad habit is that whenever she is nervous she tends to talk a lot. Other than that, she is fun to be around, always being the random and weird one in the group. A great thing about her is that she cares about her friends and help people in need of help. In times to get serious, she is worst than a business woman, all focus, calculative, alert, and taking action.
  5. Another thing I'd like to say. I'm going to be lenient on the tone of this RP.

    Its a horror comedy, you may have noticed song references and Iwaku memes in the OOC.

    Pop culture references and the like coming from the players is OK but that does not mean the character are having a good time when things go south!
  6. Hya Captain! -salutes- I know :3
  7. I know there haven't been posts for a week, but this looks interesting. Are you still planning on doing this? Also, sorry for the big image. I still have yet to figure out how to do attachments on this forum. Any help in that respect would be fabulous!


    Charlotte Arella


    Esmery's best friend.


    Skill: 40
    Intuition: 95
    Luck: 65

    Additional Information:
    Char is very friendly an outgoing. She loves people, and loves to feel included. As a child, she was bullied for being overweight, but she has learned to leave her past in the past. Now, though, she constantly needs to feel accepted. She is always seeking affirmation, which is probably what drove her to join Chi Omega women's fraternity. Though she is unfit and has a difficult time with any physical activity, Char is very smart. She has been on the Dean's list since the end of her Freshman year. She loves studying, and plans to attend medical school after graduating.
  8. Name: Evie Fosters.

    Appearance: images-166.jpg

    Relations: Met Haylie through joining her band as lead guitarist and they soon became best friends. Later met Esmery when her grades began to drop and she needed a tutor, the two of them becoming friends but not really close, and met Charlotte through Esmery but hasn't really talked to her all the much.


    Skills: 70
    Intuition: 65
    Luck: 65

    Additional Information: Evie has always been what you would call a rebel. When she was younger her parents split up, but the process was long and dragged out, and Evie turned to music as an escape, mastering the guitar and piano after a few years - though she struggled with the violin and has since given it up, referring to the instrument as Satan's ploy on music - she can have a bit of a sharp tongue at times, but usually gets along easily with others. Evie is what you would call a pervert, making obscene comments to anything that can be twisted around, plus her lack in boundaries and a filter, but that's just what adds to her charm. Evie is a big movie buff, and secretly loves comics as well. She prefers being around others than being alone, and will usually trail after someone if everyone else has since left, no matter how annoying it can get. In awkward or weird situations, Evie is always there with a sarcastic joke or sexual remark just to mess with people, but deep down she is really a sweetheart.
  9. Alright discuss relations and we can start.
  10. sounds like a plan
  11. Alright, well since I made Evie a music lover and Haylie is a singer for a metal band, we can say that Evie joined her band as the guitarist and they just hit it off becoming good friends....yes, no?
  12. Yeah, I like that idea :D
  13. Best friend of Charlotte :3 Since their personalities are almost the same and they can be nerd study buddies ? Met in school perhaps.
  14. Alright, as for Esmery. How about we say Evie needed a tutor and got Esmery as said tutor and they just became buddies, and she met Charlotte through Esmery, but she is best friends with Hailey. Sound good to everyone?
  15. I like it! Sounds great to me.
  16. *checks people's sheets for their relations*