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  1. EDITED 10 JULY 2016

    I'll try to keep this as brief as I can and as clean as I can. I'll also be as honest as possible, as loath as I am to give personal details.

    SAMPLES: here's a blog I've made to keep my writing in; it will serve as samples.

    10 July 2016: I do not currently have regular Wi-Fi, so much of my internet use will be from coffee shop Wi-Fi when I walk down to them, and mobile from my telephone (with a lean toward the latter). As such, my activity might be a little erratic.

    Personal (open)
    → My life is a maelstrom of hell at the moment, so I can't give any accurate readings for how often I can reply, what it will be like, etc. However, I do like/try to keep people posted OOC.

    → If I seem off-putting, I'm not.

    → I love playing villains, antiheroes, antivillains, people of grey morality, etc., but that is not a chance for people to come running at me to play some horrible Defrosting Ice trope or to write out someone's dream of domination. I say this because I've had it happen a lot. My villains are far more likely to not give a shit about any of the peripheral characters unless said characters have something to offer them—and then if they've achieved what they needed and the character isn't of use anymore, they become obsolete, boring, and unnecessary. So if you've got a dream of romance with a villain, I hope you're a good salesperson and know what you're talking about.

    Expectations/Guidelines (open)
    → I'd like to stay away from presumed romance. I'll follow pairings for loose role assignment, but I am wary of accepting scenes/roleplays that presuppose roles, positions of power, etc. The reason I don't list pairings is because most of the time, people use them under the assumption of romance.

    When I see someone trying to covertly force romance, my instinct is to try and cockblock that person at every single step of the way. : ^) Examples of what I mean:
    • trying to force my hand ooc via guilt, passive-aggressive (or even just aggressive) complaining, snootiness, passive-aggression in general, etc.
    • moving characters around in character in order to give them a better advantage. this one's a bit harder to explain, but I mean in-character behaviors that are pushy, underhanded, indirect, and even warped in order to seem more appealing to the 'opposite' character.
    • adding to the 'warped' bit: presenting a modified version of a character when I say that I play the character a certain way (this is with canon characters, and I am damn picky and thorough when I analyze them, so I have strong opinions about what works and what doesn't), or that they have some attributes, or whatever. Just put in your regular character and see what happens. There isn't a need to edit them in order to force them to fit into an ideal romance mold.
    • wanting me to break character in order to fit their character who is an absolute impossibility.
    I get these a lot with villainous characters or would-be antagonists. People try way too hard to make characters fit a narrow expected set of attributes in order to be the "best fit" to a character that has way too many hangups to be a good romantic interest/partner in the first place. When I see it happening, I'm apt to call it out or drop the person like a sack of maggots.

    → I don't want plots or ideas presented me in the form of dichotomous pairings a la angel/demon, human/anything, "bad boy"/"good girl", etc. Keep that away from me at all times. I mean it; I don't want black-and-white pairings by themselves unless there's something compelling about the setting, plot, and characters. Nothing in life is so black and white.

    → While I'm at it, don't tell me what you expect my character to be like. Find someone else if that's your game.

    If you couldn't see from the above, I have some caveats involved if you're asking me to play a villain. I am extremely picky as to who I play them for, because there are a handful of character archetypes that people try to put across from them, and it is rare to find a case that differs from that. I also dislike the tendency of some people to try and 'force' the characters to fit in order to reach the ideal result, as mentioned. This is a large part of why I prefer using the characters as 'villains' or in settings where there isn't presupposed romance, because I'm not feeling pressured to fit some mold.

    I will not accept anyone that refuses to play a certain type of character just because they're not that type. I'd rather not roleplay with anyone who:
    • refuses to play anything other than cishet (for no better term) girls, for -insert rationalization here-
    • same goes for sexuality, ethnicity, (dis)ability, class, etc.—especially if the reasons amount to "I'm not ______, but" and "I can't do it because I don't know what their life is like. I don't want to give an inaccurate representation." This is understandable to a point; my rebuttal is: why can't you do research? Why can't you write that character? Is it not 'can't', but 'won't' or 'don't want to'? Be honest, here; you can easily play anything you aren't familiar with with enough research—and it's not like our lives revolve around these small parts of our identity in the first place. It only looks that way because it's such an issue in the society where we live.
    → Playing multiple characters is mandatory, unless you have a phenomenal argument as to why there should only be two main characters. I'm not apologetic for this one; I can't get myself into a story if there are only two characters and "a bunch of sides", because that's code for a lot of boredom on my part lol. I understand if this is difficult. Everyone starts somewhere. It doesn't even have to be a focus on every single one of them all the time, but enough to give more nuance to the characters and the world.

    → LGBT+/MOGAI friendly, if that wasn't obvious.

    → I'm pretty laid-back, but I do want something of substance to respond to per post. I'm not bothered about length unless it's horrendously short without substance, or obscenely long without substance—see the pattern?

    → I think I'm a pretty aggressive writer. That said, I don't like people who ride my coattails. Not calling out anyone specific, but I've gotten it a lot: people who see that I love putting work into the plot, drama, characters, etc. and see that as a chance to only write by summarizing my posts and giving nothing to respond to, and to say "I dunno lol" to every single question I ask. If you do this regularly, or if you're very wishy-washy and need your hand held a lot, no offense, I don't want to write with you, unless you're proactive in your approach. . .but if you are proactive, you're probably not one of these people.

    → If you think abuse, non-consensual ANYTHING, or fetishizing or romanticizing minorities or mental illness is cute, don't contact me.

    → I want a lax schedule as well where no one is pressured to reply automatically. I'm going to read your responses and then go off and do something else. It's going to happen. If I read it and then just leave, that doesn't mean I'm ditching you. That said, my working memory is absolute crap and I welcome light nudges or reminders. If I give you an answer, please don't continue reminding me once or twice per day, because I'll see it more as nagging than reminding.

    → If I disappear without a trace, I either forgot about this website or got pulled into the hellfire of depression and cannot be bothered to reply to anything.

    → If you want fandoms from me, please know what you're doing, whether that's the lore involved, the characters, or both. I understand differences in interpretation, but I don't want people butchering canons if they end up playing them, especially if this is done (or expected from me) for the sake of romance.
    • I've caught myself being lax on the lore front when it comes to AUs and I've opened up roleplays before where I needed to freshen up on my knowledge, so I've got no problem if you're rusty and just need to bring things back to the forefront of your memory. But if it's shit like breaking the atmosphere of the series in order to fit a shitty character in, or demanding a dark canon "played light" (as an example) for the sake of romance, I'm done lol.

    Fandoms (open)
    I welcome original characters or a mix of canons and originals. If you want canons (more importantly, if you want canon pairings), beware that I'm picky.

    I'll list characters I'm best with below. Negotiations can be had and I'm leaving out a few characters deliberately due to my own preferences or something else.

    A lazy-ass asterisk (*) means I have an idea/ideas. Strikethrough is self-explanatory.

    At present I'm most interested in:

    Cowboy Bebop *
    • Jet
    • Vincent
    • Vicious
    Psycho-Pass *
    • Makishima
    • Kougami
    • Masaoka
    • Kagari
    • Kunizuka
    Kuroshitsuji (manga) * — if you want me to write as Sebastian, give me a damn good pitch and an even better character. I love the shit out of this series, but I've got my eyes on you, clan of human maids.
    • Ciel
    • Joker
    • Undertaker
    • Grell—sorry everyone, I don't play Grell as an okama, I play Grell as a trans woman. I am extremely vehement about this one. I will not play with anyone that refers to Grell with masculine pronouns. Yeah, I'm That Guy, and I have my reasons.
    • Sebastian
    Hellsing (manga/OVA) — you need to have a very, very good character idea that is unlike the droves Alucard players have seen before (or I don't know, normal!) for me to even think about writing Alucard. Despite this,
    • Alucard
    • Walter
    • Alexander
    • Seras
    • Pip — if there's a pairing with Seras that is canon, I prefer this one, and I like writing as the little ass
    • Integra
    Bleach (volume 43)

    and the like

    and a few games. JRPGs and survival horror, mostly. Think the TWD game, TLOU, Persona 3/4, FF XIII, etc.
    (I'm not necessarily interested in writing games at the moment.)

    I have anime and manga lists. I update them periodically; ask about things that you don't see.

    I read a lot, but I'm rarely interested in writing from them. The only book fandom I've ever bothered to write from is Harry Potter, and even that's a stretch because of how people treat it. Second to that, Maximum Ride.

    Originals (open)
    Since I don't like going by pairings, I won't list any and I don't see myself changing that anytime soon.

    With that said, I enjoy:
    • contemporary fantasy
    • supernatural themes
    • faustian contracts
    • monsters that aren't obligated to "become more human" for baby waifs that think they can teach them to love
    • sci-fi
    • dystopia
    • mixing mythologies and folklores
    • magic and superpowers

    I have a preference for fandoms.

    I'll edit this post as I think of more relevant details.
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  2. Well - I don't know the titles listed under fandoms very well and I don't have any supernatural/contemporary fantasy on the back burner - but I like the way you write a search post.

    That being said, if you're willing to start from ground zero, I'd love to talk with you.
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  3. Aww someone else coming from MAL lets talk I'm sure we can come up with something.
  4. I've messaged both of you.
    And here's to hoping I worked the multi-quote correctly.
  5. I'm in love with Kuroshitsuji and I can play any character, Canon or OC, I'll willingly play them all. Give me a name and I'll type away. I can and will abide by all your rules and expectations, quite gladly, just shoot me a message if you have any pairings you want to try, I love them all.
  6. I'm more curious about what you're interested in, but I'll shoot you a message.
  7. Still tentatively looking.
  8. I think my teachers are getting tired of my sarcasm and cynicism. You look like a good outlet.

    I have a character in mind, pretty old and dusty, or we can start from scratch.
  9. LMAO gods know I can handle it.

    Please tell me more about this character, preferably over PM.

  10. I'm with Jess on this bit... shame I only play alien/fantasy critters. Don't have any idea if my characters would fit your specs.
  11. Hit me with it anyway. If you mean non-humans or anthropomorphic characters, I've got no problem with them. I just don't write them often myself.

  12. Ah... I've encountered people who don't like having alien characters in their RPs. Thanks for the clarification.


    I have several ideas I've wanted to play with my character Peet. One involving him captured in a "First Contact" situation. Another with him seeking shelter from a sudden downpour in a VW "Love Bus"... only to be caught asleep by the hippie couple who just so happen to own that Bus. I also have a Christmas-themed idea, where Peet ends up in a farmhouse in a snowstorm a week or so before the holiday, caught up in the life/lives of the person/people who live there.

    I also have a number of other characters your character(s) could encounter. In any of a wide number of situations.
  13. I dropped off the face of the earth due to stress, but I'm still more or less present.
    I've updated the first post by bolding two fandoms. Impressive. lmao
  14. Edited and updated today. I'm doing my best to become more active, and that resulted in cleared inboxes on three websites and my focus on this one.

    So, I'm open, tentatively. Deepest apologies to the people that it didn't work out with.
  15. It sounds like we might be compatible. You can browse through my rp resume if you like, it'd give you a fair idea of what I'm into.
    I think if you're interested, we could write something original. I'm not familiar enough with your fandoms :/
  16. I obviously just read your search and I think we could possibly write rather well together. I recognize all your fandoms. Hellsing being my preferred preference if I were to choose ^~^
  17. Once again, I return from another unplanned 'hiatus' due to life being a pile of excrement. I've updated the opening post and cleaned it up a bit.

    I am tentatively open/picky.
  18. I return and am determined to find something to write. This near two-month block is unacceptable.
  19. Hey! I think we've got a lot of crossover between our search pages, so you're welcome to check mine out.

    I have a vague idea for something based loosely on the Hozier song "Foreigner's God" that I think might fit in well with your idea of crossing mythologies/folklore. If that sounds like something you could get into, I'd love to hash it out with you and see what we come up with. It's barely an idea at the moment, but the Hozier album has been creative gasoline for me, and I'd love to give it a shot.
  20. I'm interested in both the faustian contract and mixing of mythologies concepts though I'm a bit confused and curious about the 'monsters' original concept and what you mean by that. owo
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