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  1. EDITED 10 JULY 2016

    Despite my better judgment, I'm making another, separate thread for the Libertine forum. Highlights in bold because I don't feel like organizing this

    Just as a warning, my guidelines might sound a little hard-assed, but that's because I'm wary after years of ugly experiences in online roleplay. It's easier to be a bit of an ass and deter people I might not get along with than leave anything out and have to turn down loads of people that ask the same questions.

    10 July 2016: I do not currently have regular Wi-Fi, so much of my internet use will be from coffee shop Wi-Fi when I walk down to them, and mobile from my telephone (with a lean toward the latter). As such, my activity might be a little erratic.

    SAMPLES: here's a blog I've made to keep my writing in; it will serve as samples.

    Guidelines (open)

    • I'm not looking for straight smut. I don't care for it; I'm putting this in libertine because I want more creative freedom in fandoms that are detailed in other categories. So no smut, but I'm open to psychological themes, gore (and I mean gore lmao), etc. It's basically my other search, but geared toward demented assholes like myself.
    • For characters, I don't mind canons, originals, or a mix. In my years of roleplaying online, I've been trained to, and biased for, a mix. I've also been "trained" to enjoy doubling, though for my part, I just really enjoy writing multiple characters and carrying along the plot for myself lol. Please god almighty don't take this as a hint to do no work at all
      • For canon-centric ships, you can send them my way, but I tend to base whether or not I'll enjoy them on a number of different criteria.
        • Example of critera: can't be unhealthy, can't be non-consensual, has to have logical reasoning behind it, etc. It has to be a pair that, in combination with those things, is one that I would root for to begin with. I personally can't write ships that I don't actually support, so I often can't get on board with "well, they're great together because I like them!" yeah, but, series-related reasoning?
    • I'm not sorry for this, but I don't write anything based around abuse or anything non-consensual. I'm willing to lighten up on this for purposes of backstory or if it's mentioned or happening elsewhere as an event—or even a short-lived one I have to write through, not something an entire relationship, arc, or plot is based around.
    • Since I prefer a build-up in any and all relationships, I don't like people centering their entire intent with me around the romance, so if you're here for that, I'm not the person for you. This applies across the board. I am a hopeless romantic and shove fluff in places where they shouldn't fit (and they do anyway), but I do not tolerate characters tailored for romance with a canon, or when a person thrusts romance on me as a pressing expectation, not a bonus
    • Villains, antagonists, 'evil' characters, amoral characters, etc.: ask with discretion. I prefer to focus on them and their motivations, not whatever people want for romance (which I've gotten a lot, hence my tone). If you want an 'evil' character, you'll get an 'evil' character, and you'd better tolerate romance being a slow burn or not existing at all. The less human they are, the less likely they are to experience or express human love, you feel?
      • This also applies to characters with mental issues. I much prefer focusing on them working through those and the repercussions of them than catering to a romance. If the character is really fucked up in both morals and mental health, don't expect any miracles lmao
    • Be honest with me about your expectations. If you come to me with "well, eventually there will be romance" in mind, just tell me. I might say no or be wary knowing about it, but I do respect honesty. I'd prefer to be told straight-up if someone wants romance, not get some coy message that may or may not include ass-kissing lol
      • This includes non-romantic expectations as well. I want to communicate with you about plot, characters, interactions, etc. Let us converse openly and jovially. Let us shitpost and shit talk
    • Just so no one is confused, I hold myself to the same standards in romance, so if you are or have been wary of playing characters for this reason, you're cool. There's no pressure here, because I'm in it for the fun and interactions.
    • If there's a character for these that I haven't listed, ask me anyway. I'm listing characters I have direct experience with (or enjoy the most); if you have an unsung hero or underrated character you'd like to request, ask me. I am 1,000% likely to accept because I love getting requests for obscure characters.
      • If there's an anime I haven't listed, feel free to ask for it, so long as you bear my criteria in mind.
    • I'm kinda stringent on how I play canons. Honestly, I understand interpretations and whatnot, but for my own practice, I try to stay as close to canon as possible. The 'exceptions' to this are when I form headcanons; if I have something not mentioned in canon or only touched on lightly, I cross-examine the series itself, the character, the other characters, and so on to see if it's logical. So, if I've got headcanons, they're usually after some exhaustive (though lightning fast) analysis and have reasoning behind them.
    • I play almost all characters I have listed that are not expressly stated otherwise as pansexual/romantic, which is a detail I find important since I feel that some people go with the heteronormative idea that everyone is straight until proven otherwise lmao. There are a few outliers to this, and they tend to be the characters that I dislike playing in presumed romance—but even for them, it's more that I don't think about their orientation/don't have an opinion on it. That and I just write for chemistry if romance is involved at all, so I'm not often inclined to limit them to one orientation, UNLESS they're canon lgbt+. Hence. . .pansexual/romantic.

    I've got character ideas for all of these, woops.
    The anime fandoms in question are, so far (to be edited):

    Psycho-Pass (open)

    • I'm most experienced with Kougami and Makishima. I've played and love the shit out of Masaoka and Kagari as well, but for the most part, Kougami and Makishima are my mains. I love the shit out of them. Love them. Secondary are Ginoza (this is iffy, see above about romance lol) and Kunizuka (for f/f or platonic only; since Kunizuka is canon lesbian, don't come to me asking for het romance with her :^) )
    • The notable exception to this is Makishima, whom I am reluctant to put into romance at all because of his characterization.
    • I never did like season 2, so I'd like to avoid basing something around it. I'm not 100% against it, but I do prefer season 1. (My reasons for disliking season 2 are mostly nested in the writing; since Urobuchi stepped down from writing season 2, no wonder the quality tanked lmao. no offense.)
    • Most of my ideas are for added antagonists, twists to the main plot, and so on. In short: "How can I make this more fucked up?"

    Hellsing (open)

    • I'm picky af about who I play certain canons for (both in and out of character), so Alucard, as an example, would be a hard sell. I love the hell out of him and want a chance to write him, but I've found way too damn many people that want romance with him for me to feel comfortable just putting him up here. TL;DR give me a phenomenal plot and a character I haven't seen before and we might be solid.
    • Otherwise? Walter is a preference. So is Alexander and Pip. I've got a soft spot for Integra, if applicable, and I'd be willing to go for Seras. Really, I'll write anyone, but for Alucard specifically, I've got a lot of hang-ups with pairing him opposite an OC. The main reason for this is the many years I've spent playing antagonists/'evil' characters/assholes where the majority goal is "get into their pants, pronto!"
    • While I'm thinking about it, I do enjoy the Valentine brothers, but I'm not keen on using them in romance. Jan is a huge shitlord and Luke is an arrogant fanboy (and I still love them both), so there isn't much room for them to be used in any relationships that might end in romance, imo. If you can find a way to include these characters—provided you want them, of course—in a way that doesn't screw the main plot (if it's not AU), then tell me.
    • I've got extremely loose ideas for twists. I've just fallen back into the hole of Hellsing, so I don't have solid ideas down that don't just involve "hey look, new characters" and "how can I make this more fucked up?"

    Cowboy Bebop (open)

    • Oh man. Okay, so for Cowboy Bebop, I'm garbage. I've been a fan for years, so I've got the most solid ideas here. They are, however, episodic, to stay with the spirit of the show itself. As such, I'm open to characters and plotlines that diverge from the "main plot" (whatever that means, other than Spike's business), since the nature of the series was just a bunch of shitlords living on a ship together in the first place.
    • In order of preference: Jet, Vincent (please god), Vicious, Faye, Spike. I've stated this, but ask about people I haven't mentioned.
    • Three of these characters have caveats for any possible romance: Vincent, Vicious, and Spike. They are as follows:
      • Vincent: due to his character arc, a number of things apply. If he's kept around past his death, it's AU. If he's not, his arc will be confined within the movie parameters, though I'd move it around episodes, since the timeline of CB is about as blurry as Spike's perception of it is. I am not inclined to put him in a romance, for the most part because he's mentally fractured and not a healthy candidate for it, unless you go for something AU. (He's also kinda garbage in regards to almost raping someone, but I digress.) His relationship with Electra tugs at my heart, so if you give me that, I'm still down. All in all, I'm actually down for possible romance for him, but only as long as he lives past the movie. You see a glimpse of a 'better' side when he's dying, and if I use him for anything past the movie, that's what I'd like to capture. A road of recovery. /cheesy music playing
      • Vicious: I don't know why I should have to explain this one
      • Spike: I want to focus on his mental processes and life views if I'm going to play him. If it's during the series, good luck with romance having a single chance in hell (I'm not much for the Spike/Faye dynamic lol). Post-series, ehhh maybe. His entire existence is so revenge-oriented and self-involved that I can't fathom a serious relationship right now.
    • So with that said, Jet, Vincent, and Vicious are my preferences. To be honest, I've kept my writing of Spike confined to my own works because I cannot stand the romantic expectations lmao

    Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji (open)

    • Manga only. MANGA ONLY. -flashing rainbow letters- M A N G A O N L Y
    • Not a Ciel/Sebastian shipper, sorry lol
    • I have the most direct experience with Ciel. I will gladly write Sebastian, but with the same sort of expectations/provisos as Alucard. Yeah, sorry, if I write strict romance with Sebastian, it's because he sees some benefit to doing so. I write him as a demon, a veritable monster, not someone that is just a human with red eyes and fangs. He has even less (read: none at all) humanity than Alucard does, so my writing him will be completely on my own terms and for my own enjoyment, really.
    • I also like Undertaker and Joker, same limits apply (except for Joker, the bean)
    • I would love to take Grell for a roll, but I write her as a trans woman, not an okama. : )
    • Willing to do AUs, just keep my criteria for Sebastian in mind

    Bleach (open)
    Nothing here yet. I'm on volume 43. Inquire about preferences; I'm too damn lazy to put them here on mobile.

    if you're a fan of either of the first two, you'll know why I'm here instantly lol
    I don't like discretion shots much when it comes to gore and violence, so I'm here. I'm not horribly over the top, rest assured, but I've written out torture and dismemberment before, so. (Holy shit that makes me sound bad)
    As for Cowboy Bebop, I just want to be able to write something with other adults.

    This turned into a wall of text. You're welcome to skim and I'll answer questions, but for the most part I've listed what I want.
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  2. Added samples to first post—well, will be samples.
    Also, as a note, though the only one currently there is in present tense, I don't always write in this. Wanted to try it out /loud shrug
  3. Updated first post with availability changes. Still looking.
  4. Willing to give it a shot.
  5. What're you interested in?

    If possible, please PM me.

    Also, bear in mind that I'm not very lenient about doubling/multiple characters when it comes to canons.
  6. I cannot update too much of my main post at the moment (on mobile).

    Things are rocky, but I wish to feed my inspiration.

    Please PM me for interest; I'll get back to you ASAP.
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