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  1. EDITED 11.18.2016

    As an advanced warning, based on my activity, this thread may look familiar. It might also look familiar because I am, but I digress.

    I’m going to try to keep this as brief as possible. After a lot of BS in life, I’ve returned to the roleplaying and writing scenes. With that said, my perception of my future is nebulous, so I cannot always give people an accurate estimate of my time and my reply abilities. I will try to keep any prospective partners apprised of my situation, as much as I feel comfortable divulging, and I understand any limits others have to their time, energy, and so on. This is meant to be a laid-back search that (hopefully) does not impinge anyone’s freedom.

    This is already longer than I’d like. Lmao
    • I’m easily overwhelmed. Please don't nudge me too much.
    • I don't care about how much experience you have or how much you write. I tend to "mirror"; as long as you further the plot and are not mind-numbingly passive, I don't mind length. The only exceptions are one-liners and purple prose.
    • Tell me if you welcome or need reminders, because I'm unlikely to bother you about the roleplay.
    • When it comes to fandoms, I’m anime trash. I’m not part of DC or Marvel fandoms (and what I am a fan of, I don’t write); I am not engaged with the Holy Trinity of Supernatural, Doctor Who, or Sherlock; I have Netflix but I a) don’t watch, b) don’t enjoy, or c) don’t write any of the originals therein
    • I’m buddy-buddy with darkness but I don’t smut, unless the planets are aligned, it's a blood moon and lunar eclipse, and I get a holy sacrifice
    • I play all genders and sexualities. I would prefer you be open to this as well. I will not play male all of the time, or by default, in heterosexual romances. I do not roleplay with people who ONLY write cishet female characters. If it's your preference, cool. If you are absolutely against the idea of playing anything else, I'm sure you'll find someone. Good luck to you.
    • Do not sexualize minorities or children. Don’t romanticize abuse or mental illness. If you are the type to use slurs for any minority, I’d prefer not to write with you. If characters say the words, it can get a pass. But if you use them as shorthand for roles in pairings or as shorthand for people, or if you excuse the characters' use as acceptable, I’m not the person for you.
    • Good characters can speak for themselves. Don't waste time telling me how strong, independent, impressive, or different your character is.
    • My negative or dark characters will be negative and dark. You will not get me to lighten them up for the sake of romance. (If confused, I mean any attitude toward negative or toxic characters that can be summarized to "hmm, how can I make this romantic?" followed by attempts to lighten up the character or brush aside their shittiness for romance.)
    • For fandoms, I do double. oc/oc = canon/oc > canon/canon. Inquire about my canon ships if you've got ideas.
    • I play multiple characters. A plot or setting that revolves around only two characters for its duration is impossible with me and bores me to death.
    • There are certain stipulations to my playing as any ‘dominant’ role, which I’ll go through below. I’ve been at this for over a decade. I know all the tricks.
    • I'm not great at coding, so if you want a lot of it in thread setups, you will be disappointed. Every time I try html, I start with a fire in my heart, and then realize I don't hate myself enough to continue
    • I don't know if I mentioned this but I'm editing it in: I don't want to write teenaged characters.
    • I do not operate well under a presumption of romance; if there is an assumption that there will, without a doubt, be romance in our roleplay, I'm going to freeze up at some point.

    What I can definitively list (and this will be edited over time) is as follows:

    • Psycho-Pass
    • Hellsing (ultimate/manga)
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • Black Butler (manga)
    • Saiyuki (manga)
    • Pandora Hearts (manga)
    • Code Geass
    • Samurai Champloo ? ???
    • Death Note ???????
    • Bleach (now that I've finished it and it's FINALLY OVER—for now—post-Aizen/time-skip preferred if canon. manga heavily preferred.)

    • The Last of Us (ask with care)
    • Devil May Cry
    • Resident Evil
    • Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, and LR
    • Persona (3 and 4, 3 preferred; I'm knowledgeable in and therefore particular with this series)

    • Maximum Ride
    • Harry Potter (ask with care)
    • some other books i've forgotten lol

    Be aware that I list these, but they come with stipulations, so take care when asking for them.
    Ask about things not seen here.

    For originals, my main interests lie in:

    • Horror
    • Psychological/thriller
    • Suspense
    • Supernatural (beings of all kinds)
    • Action
    • Drama
    • Comedy

    My least favorite are mystery (because good lord is it half-assed when done at all, and I’m a stickler for details), historical, and strict romance. Slice of life is also not preferred, but negotiable (esp. if mixed with other genres).

    Regarding “““““dominant””””” characters: I love the hell out of playing them. I’m a mixed/aggressive writer. The main caveat to that is the fact that it’s been leapt on for years and thus I’m sick of overly submissive characters and writers. I’m putting a full embargo on any pairing that screams of a ‘dominant/submissive’ balance (that also reeks of an excuse for the person to write passively because their character is), and any partner who is overtly passive and puts all or most of the onus for plotting and moving the story forward on me. If you’re the type to get wishy-washy and say ‘Oh, well I’m okay with whatever you want’, ‘I don’t have any ideas, do you?’, or are a professional at dodging direct questions, I am, again, not for you. If you’re shy or have social phobia, I assure you that I’m not actually as scary as I seem—and I realize that those are just words and anxiety is a real pain in the neck—but it drives me up the wall. I prefer direct, proactive communication during plotting.

    Second: I love writing dark characters and villains, but again, that isn’t an invitation to:

    • shove a submissive character under the radar
    • try to ‘cure’ them, especially if they’re bonafide pieces of crap that are honestly beyond saving unless you force it or take an assload of time working at it
    • Bring on a manic pixie dream character for this reason
    • Try to romanticize anything they do, a la some antagonistic character just ‘needing some love’ to ‘change their ways’ and it’ll magically erase whatever shitty things they’ve done
    • Infantilize the character in order to excuse their behavior
    • Bring in characters that bend over backwards because they just care so much, or they’re convinced the character just doesn’t know how to communicate properly—did I mention that I'm not interested in seeing or playing out abusive relationships?
    • Use it as a wish fulfillment outlet for an abuse pairing
    • Try to find a way to make the character a bit less horrid in order to fit some romantic pairing (see also: romanticization)
    • Present an exact clone of the character in question in order to ‘better fit’ into some setting or pairing

    This post will see edits for clarity and formatting
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  3. Still here, off and on. Motivation is shot, however.
  4. Added a couple items.
  5. Pared down the post a bit and added a couple things. I need to stop being a windbag.
  6. Time to bring it up again
  7. I'd love to do Psycho:Pass or the Black Butler manga with you, if you're in the mood for either of those!
  8. you caught me just as I'm coming back, aha. I'd be interested in both of those, depending upon what the ideas were (if you have any). feel free to message me.
  9. I revive from the deasd
  10. I really need a necromancer at this point, for my dead body

    I'm still also dead to the world, so I need time to go through my inbox. Sorry.
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  12. What's your spaghetti policy here?
  13. Spaghetti—what
  14. I think we are a PERFECT match. Would love it if we could attempt something original bc im a failure and cant finish bleach, the genres you've listed are right up my alley -
    • Horror
    • Psychological/thriller
    • Suspense
    • Supernatural (beings of all kinds)
    • Action
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    While I'm absolutely up for doubling and additional supporting characters, I don't really write anything other than heterosexual romance, that being said, romance doesn't matter much to me so we could keep things mostly platonic and go from there? I just can't relate too well with sexuality and all that, aside from, perhaps, greyromantic, androgynous, let me just fade away now before I dig my own grave.

    Definitely up for starting from scratch, though. Completely understand your feelings in regards to romanticizing or 'fixing' complex personalities/impossible situations, dw that's problematic for me too. I can code simple templates for us if you would like, btw.
  15. Platonic and queerplatonic pairings for me are green light go, and I have a predilection for just putting characters together without foisting expectations on them, so you're good in regards to sexuality/romance. I'd prefer the platonic setting to anything romance at the moment anyway, if I start anything up. More organic that way, and I'm always open to romance, just not the assumption of it.

    - If you find templates necessary, I don't mind. I sure as shit don't hate myself enough have the skill to do it. Or the patience.
    - If you want something original, do you have a pitch or craving already?
    - I would prefer if this was transitioned to PMs, as I don't like to keep long form plotting and brainstorming in my (search) threads. (Or an idea thread, if applicable. Whatever works.)
  16. Hey I'm interested I'd probably lean more towards original Rps as I suck at fandoms but any of the genres could work, with psychological and supernatural probably being my favorites)
  17. Sorry I never got to this, I've been away from the website.

    That said, I'm good. Good luck to you, though.
  18. Ok)
  19. Any chance you are still looking for a partner? ^-^ because a fandom one sounds fun.
  20. Depends upon what you're looking for.