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  1. EDITED 22 January 2017; new content in green

    I tried to make this neater via coding and fucked it all up so I gave up. enjoy this Wall of Text™

    I'm hesitant to embark on anything that I don't know will jive well with me
    translation: I'm gonna be picky, sorry pals

    Honestly please just PM me your inquiries
    Feel free to skim down to preferences to see if I'm worth your time (holy god is this long), but please read some of the 'guidelines' if we share interests, so neither of us waste any time

    • Not going to equivocate, I'm not very comfortable writing with bluestar. Not for any specific reasons, just that I'm almost a quarter of a century old and every time I see someone younger than me at all, this is me
      • [​IMG]
    • PMs > other or whatever = threads (<- not a hard preference)
    • I have messengers or whatever for OOC if that's a thing, primarily Skype and Discord
    • I’m easily overwhelmed. Light nudges are fine. Prodding me with a stick will wake the bear lol. I'll do you the same courtesy unless you welcome it.
    • I am 'ditch friendly'. I can disappear, but if I'm keeping up with you OOC regularly, I care about you and our roleplay enough to keep you updated. If either one of us wants to disappear in the planning stages, I won't be bothered. If you want to disappear during writing, I still won't be bothered. I can't be; life's too short.
    • I don't care about experience or post length (barring one-liners or purple prose) and I mirror.
    • Fandoms: I’m anime and video game trash.
    • Please avoid stereotypes in your romantic requests, and bear in mind that I prefer not to focus wholly on the romance. let it work there.
    • I write almost all the canons I get my hands on as pansexual/romantic at least. I deal with trans characters (myself) on a case by case basis and welcome anyone that comes to me to use theirs.
    • I do not, however, write anything that can be construed as yaoi or yuri, because those are fetish genres. :')
    • Doubling/playing multiple characters is mandatory
    • Do not sexualize minorities or children. Don’t romanticize abuse or mental illness. If characters use slurs, don't minimize or excuse it. If you use any, I'm either confronting you or dropping you immediately, depending on my mood.
    • Don't waste time telling me how strong, independent, impressive, or different your character is.
    • Please don't try to force romance at any point. I'm actually amenable to romance, I just don't like suffocating in it, you feel? Natural progression.
    • This is going to sound hella contradictory, but provided we negotiate, I am open to pre-established relationships.
    • For fandoms, I can and do double. canon/oc = oc/oc > canon/canon. Inquire about my canon ships if you've got ideas, but bear in mind that 99% of them are lgbt+
    • Power dynamics are fine. Dominant x submissive or any of its variants (angel x demon, good x bad, lawful x evil), I'm not interested in UNLESS you're playing with these themes.
    • I’m a mixed/aggressive writer; I c a n n o t h a n d l e people who call that and raise me ‘I will never make any contributions’.
    • Please be direct with me in your communications. I won't know what your concern is if you don't tell me in plain words what it is. I also get confused by/assume the worst of passive-aggression or indirect/vague statements, so you're best off being honest about your concerns, and I'll try my best to do the same.
    • I'm not great at coding.
    • I am unlikely to write teenaged characters.
    • I do not operate well under a presumption of romance.
      • [​IMG]

    Italics: I'm interested (otherwise I wouldn't list it), but would need convincing, a plot, or good characters.
    Strikeout: it's taken, or I'm interested but need a LOT of convincing/it's low on my priority list/etc. You can still ask for it but you'd need to sell hard
    Bold is self-explanatory lol
    If it lacks emphasis, I'm blasé—and any mix of emphases should be self-explanatory as well.

    What I can definitively list (and this will be edited over time) is as follows (now with new and improved characters I'd be most inclined to write for):
    • Psycho-Pass
      • Kougami
      • Makishima
      • Masaoka
      • Kunizuka
      • Kagari
    • Hellsing (ultimate/manga)
      • Walter
      • Alexander
      • Alucard if you've got a STUNNING offer
    • Cowboy Bebop
      • Jet
      • Vincent
      • Vicious
      • Spike, with great offer
    • Black Butler (manga)
      • Baldroy
      • Finnian
      • Ciel
      • Wolfram
      • Grell
      • Undertaker
      • Sebastian with a SMASHING offer and understanding of what he entails
    • RWBY (heavy preference for volumes 3+)
      • R W B Y
      • J N P R
      • Sun and Neptune
      • Adam Taurus (sell me on this, please. I want to write him so bad but to a good character/plot.)
      • Taiyang lmao. T A I Y A N G L M A O
      • Ozpin ?? ?
    • The Last of Us (ask with care)
    • Devil May Cry
      • Vergil
      • Nero
      • miscellaneous other shit
      • dante x pizza otp
    • Shadows of the Damned
      • G a r c i a
    • Resident Evil
      • Wesker ?? ?
      • Chris
      • Jake
      • Claire ??
      • Sherry ??
    • Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, and LR
      • Lightning
      • Caius
      • Noel
      • Fang
      • Vanille
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Maximum Ride
    • Harry Potter (ask with care)
    • some other books i've forgotten lol

    Ask about things not seen here! I'm just listing what comes to mind off the top of my head, based on current interests/fixations.

    For originals, my main interests lie in:
    • Horror
    • Psychological
    • Suspense
    • Supernatural (beings of all kinds)
    • Action
    • Drama
    • Comedy

    New aside: please come to me with some form of idea if you want an original. you can still offer without, but I'm not often inclined to collaborate when there's nothing at all, or it's just "haha i kinda want to write supernatural but idk what uwu" without any elaboration.

    Don't come to me for:
    • Mystery (unless you have a very hard sell)
    • Most historical eras (same deal)
    • Strict romance
    • (Strict) slice-of-life

    Slice-of-life and romance are permissible as sub-genres. I can't/won't write them as main.
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  2. I still live, and I still hunger
  3. Still here, off and on. Motivation is shot, however.
  4. Added a couple items.
  5. Pared down the post a bit and added a couple things. I need to stop being a windbag.
  6. Time to bring it up again
  7. I'd love to do Psycho:Pass or the Black Butler manga with you, if you're in the mood for either of those!
  8. you caught me just as I'm coming back, aha. I'd be interested in both of those, depending upon what the ideas were (if you have any). feel free to message me.
  9. I revive from the deasd
  10. I really need a necromancer at this point, for my dead body

    I'm still also dead to the world, so I need time to go through my inbox. Sorry.
  11. Back again
  12. What's your spaghetti policy here?
  13. Spaghetti—what
  14. I think we are a PERFECT match. Would love it if we could attempt something original bc im a failure and cant finish bleach, the genres you've listed are right up my alley -
    • Horror
    • Psychological/thriller
    • Suspense
    • Supernatural (beings of all kinds)
    • Action
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    While I'm absolutely up for doubling and additional supporting characters, I don't really write anything other than heterosexual romance, that being said, romance doesn't matter much to me so we could keep things mostly platonic and go from there? I just can't relate too well with sexuality and all that, aside from, perhaps, greyromantic, androgynous, let me just fade away now before I dig my own grave.

    Definitely up for starting from scratch, though. Completely understand your feelings in regards to romanticizing or 'fixing' complex personalities/impossible situations, dw that's problematic for me too. I can code simple templates for us if you would like, btw.
  15. Platonic and queerplatonic pairings for me are green light go, and I have a predilection for just putting characters together without foisting expectations on them, so you're good in regards to sexuality/romance. I'd prefer the platonic setting to anything romance at the moment anyway, if I start anything up. More organic that way, and I'm always open to romance, just not the assumption of it.

    - If you find templates necessary, I don't mind. I sure as shit don't hate myself enough have the skill to do it. Or the patience.
    - If you want something original, do you have a pitch or craving already?
    - I would prefer if this was transitioned to PMs, as I don't like to keep long form plotting and brainstorming in my (search) threads. (Or an idea thread, if applicable. Whatever works.)
  16. Hey I'm interested I'd probably lean more towards original Rps as I suck at fandoms but any of the genres could work, with psychological and supernatural probably being my favorites)
  17. Sorry I never got to this, I've been away from the website.

    That said, I'm good. Good luck to you, though.
  18. Ok)
  19. Any chance you are still looking for a partner? ^-^ because a fandom one sounds fun.
  20. Depends upon what you're looking for.
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