Laid Back and Living the Good Life (Modern Group RP)

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  1. Hiya everyone! I'm just gonna cut to the chase with this and make it small in scale so we can work on it together after some interest has been gathered.

    Basically, I'm looking for a very basic sort of Modern RP that takes place in either a small town or a large city. The RP would mainly consist of a group of residents who go about their daily lives, making friends and enemies along the way. We would basically be playing either altered or changed versions of ourselves or original people altogether (I normally base my characters off myself, but its fine if you font) If you're interested, post below and we'll discuss things later on when we have some interest gathered.
  2. This idea was also influenced by the popular game series, the Sims. I'd like to capture that sort of calm, collected and easy-going feeling the games produce while watching people live their day-to-day lives.

    As per usual, there will be drama, intrigue, comedy and many more things that make a good RP. Just thought I'd add that as a footnote ^^
  3. Oooo I wanna play as myself with other people! Still work at my crappy job...and my painful life... and... Oh...
    ... That was what you were getting at right?
  4. Yeah you can do either. Play as yourself/a varied version of yourself (name changes, appearance changes, ect) or an entirely new character.
  5. I'm in. Love to express myself in an RP. Sounds like a cool idea, I'll be going all in!
  6. Sweetness!
  7. Any ideas in terms of the location (city/town/IRL/OC) or anything else you may want to contribute?
  8. Well I am not a big city person but maybe somewhere neutral that had a little bit of both city and a country feel. I would like to see a small historic downtown with a coffee shop and some little shops surrounding it.

    Historic Downtown Wilooughby
    The similarity of ^ is where I will feel comfortable.
  9. Hmm, that could work. We could also have it connected/located next to a city so that we have the option of going there during either interactions or if somebody decided to live there.

    And I'll have to check that place out, have you actually been there before, or is it a made up place?
  10. I live there~

    But that is a good idea.
  11. Oh xD I see

    I'll think about that, somewhere based off that could be fun. I'll put it to a vote when we have some more people.

    In the meantime, is there anything you'd like to discuss about this?
  12. Hmmmm~~~~
    Nope. Seems very self-explanatory to me.
    Will we know these people already or no?
  13. I'm not too sure. I was thinking maybe of having us all meet at once, but that might be a bit cliche and difficult to pull off. What might happen is we pick at least 1 person that our character's would know (from the roster or an NPC connected to a person. Ex. Dean's gay brother, Edward, is an NPC, but Paul knows Dean through his brother).
  14. Sounds fair enough.
  15. Yeah, so that's that. Now we just wait for more people!

    I'm also thinking I should post the character sheet here just to give everyone an idea of what I'm expecting. Just the basics, huh?
  16. Yeah you can totally do that and in return I will be kind and do it too. Just to make it... look good. ;)
  17. XD nice. I'll also have mine up for reference.

    So, I was thinking of having this as the core idea for the sheet. Let me know what you think:

    Character Sheet

    (Image of Character)


    Age (19-38) | Nationality (optional) | Occupation [/I]

    * 5 things about your character

    • Living Conditions (Do you live in an apartment/townhouse? Do you pay rent/own a place of your own? Do you live with family/have a roommate? Also describe your home briefly in a paragraph. Feel free to include images rather then actually describing if you'd like)

    ~ Relationship Status (please ask players before making pairings with other characters)

    - Interesting Info you'd like to address (can range from blood type, to their ideal relationship, to pets, to even their favourite way of ordering in take-away food)​
  18. I am so on it!
  19. There's nothing you think should be changed/added on?
  20. I didn't check I just got excited one sec
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