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    "Well, sir, it is a vintage Les Paul's, used by Slash himself. It even has the signatures from all the members of "Guns'n'Roses" right on the back. See?"

    "But still, eight hundred? Its an old guitar, its already been used, and its got some "road miles on it", if you know what I mean. Couldn't you settle for eighty dollars, or maybe one hundred?"

    "I'm sorry sir, but I can't lower the price. I'm not making any money off of it, Slash is.. Look, if you buy it, I'll throw in a free amplifier and you can pick out a guitar pick of your own. I'll also give you 20% off your next purchase."

    "... Fuck. I really shouldn't, but at the same time, I really like that guitar... Fuck."


    "Would you like a carrying case to go with it, sir?"

    "Sure, why not."

    "Then that'll bring the total price up to $5050."

    God dammit..

    "Are you paying with cash or credit, sir?"

    "(sigh) Credit.."


    Exiting the hobby shop, Dylan took in a breath of fresh air as he went over the consequences that would arise thanks to his reckless purchase. We can forget about Chinese Food Wednesday, and the rent is gonna be late again.. Damn it Dylan, why do you always do this stupid shit close to Rent Day? the young man thought as he cursed the latest in a long line of stupid transactions he had made. Adjusting the heavy instrument in his hands, Dylan realized he should have just gotten a delivery boy to ship the stuff to his apartment. The combined weight of both the Amplifier and the guitar itself was enough to make his lanky arms tired in minutes. Dylan was never the "strong man", but even in the past he had been able to carry heavy stuff before. This feeling of exhaustion was on par with the feeling you'd get trying to hold an anvil over a cliff while balanced on a tiny China dinner plate. All while wearing nothing but your underpants and a series of weights tied to your chest. It seemed outlandish, but that's how Dylan felt: outlandish.

    C'mon Dyl, you can do this mate.. And, HEAVE! the British man thought as he lifted the heavy objects into the air respectively. The strain on his arms was starting to make them sore and he knew he had to move quickly before he dropped the $5050 worth of merchandise. This stuff cost him a fortune, so he would be pissed if he let it break before he got the chance to use it once. Like the epic, heroic beast of a man he was, Dylan hobbled like a mentally challenged penguin all the way to his bicycle. Gently placing the expensive guitar and amplifier on the ground, Dylan unlocked the chain attaching his bike to a lamppost and shoved it into his pocket. Then, the realization of a more serious issue dawned upon him: how the hell was he going to get home with all this crap, on a bicycle, one of Man's "easiest-to-flip-over-and-fall-off-of" modes of transportation. Shit. I can't seem to win today, can I? Grabbing his iPhone, Dylan quickly searched up the number for his best friend and roommate, Thomas, and clicked it. Holding the phone to his ear, Dylan waited for Tom to pick up.

    "Hey dude."

    "Tom, hey."

    "You've reached Thomas.. I'm not in the casita right now so leave your low down at the ding dong, asta."

    "Hey Tom, its Dylan. Listen, I'm kind of in a pickle right now. Could you come and pick me up? I'm at the corner of-"

    You have reached the voicemail system.

    Dylan sighed before he continued speaking. "Ok, ok...come on."

    To leave a message, just wait for the tone.

    "I know how to leave a god damn message."

    When you are finished recording, just hang up, or push pound for more options.

    "Really hang up? No shit... I was just going to keep on talking till he decided to check his voicemail."

    For delivery options, press 5.

    Dylan grunted in frustration before he continued once more.

    "Just give me the damn beep!"

    To leave a call back number, press 6. To page this person, press 7.

    "COME ON!"

    To repeat this message, press 8.

    "I will fucking stab you computer phone lady!"

    To mark this message as urgent, press 11.

    "There is no 11 you fucking whore!"

    Hanging up angrily before the automated voice could continue, Dylan scrolled through the list of names on his phone once again. Eventually he found Jean, Thomas' girlfriend. Clicking her name, Dylan took a deep breath and tried to calm down. Thomas never answered his phone and right now, Dylan needed him to. "Hey, Jean? You there?"


    You have reached the voicemail system.

    "OH COME ON!"

    To leave a message, just wait for the tone.

    Before the entire one-sided argument could continue, Dylan shut off his phone, closed his eyes, and took a couple of deep breaths to calm down. Once he finally found himself relaxing, Dylan opened his eyes and looked at the newly purchased equipment. "Well.. Looks like I'm out of options. May as well call a cab.. Dylan thought before he grabbed the handle of his bike and clicked the button to make it fold up. Manually folding bikes, god how Dylan loved technology. When he had everything set and ready for the drive home in a taxi, Dylan walked (and dragged his stuff) to the curb to wave down a cabbie.

    Despite the attitude of one certain lanky individual with brown hair, life in Silver Falls seemed totally normal. The quaint Canadian city was just as calm and relaxed as it usually was. People going about their daily lives, exploring and learning more about themselves and the world, and keeping up with the latest trends an styles of the generation. Nothing could disturb the peace here short of a natural disaster. They say that Gods watch over the city, controlling everything that the inhabitants do and defining their life decisions and choices.. But then again, this isn't the Sims, now is it? Now, lets take a look into the daily lives of a select group of individuals and observe how they act. This is going to be fun, isn't it?
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  2. Downtown "Silver Falls Diner"
    Resting her feminine chin on her hand, Roslyn looked down at her cell phone as she read through her planner. The woman was dressed in her polished style of a white blazer and coral colored pencil skirt. In fact Rosy always looked as though she was about to interview someone, after all she looked much too put together to look the part of the one seeking the job. Her well groomed hair that took all of three hours every morning to put together and expensive manicure told all. "Rosy! How are you?" Alice, the Silver's girl was always such a peppy little thing. She was the only one who was spared Rosy's judgmental thoughts, the girl was such a young thing and already a mother. But Alice's lasagna was only second to Grandmama's. Rosy only sighed and smiled a wistful little grin, "Oh Alice, I will never know how you do it. How's little Nix?" Alice's face became all dreamy like as she thought about that adorable little green eyed baby. "Oh he is just wonderful, I just can't get over how well he talks now. Even if its just a bunch of gurgles and giggles." She gushed, her little boy was positively cute even Rosy couldn't deny it.

    "Anyways! What can I get ya? The usual?" Alice flipped open her pad when Rosy realized that they were a bit understaffed for such a high quality place. One of the only places that was still yummy and kept modern furniture, most likely Alice's doing. "Umm..." Rosy ran a slender finger over the leather menu before deciding. "I will have the Bisque le France plate without the fondue. Also can I get a strawberry fresca and a slice of lime?" Alice scribbled it down and nodded with a grin. "Got it, we'll have that right out for ya!" Not long after the pretty young thing hopped off with Rosy's order had the bread and olive oil arrived. A little Italian treat Mrs. Silver always sent her way. They were lovely people.

    Friday, April 23 2014
    10:30 AM Pick up Dogfood
    11:00 AM Brunch with Melissa
    12:30 PM Call Mom about Majesty's Papers
    3:00 PM Get Read for Cocktails
    5:00 PM Cocktails at Galleria
    7:00 PM Get Ready for Galleria Opening
    8:00 PM Galleria Opening
    11:00 PM Club!

    Sighing heavily, Rosy stared idly at her cellphone before locking it and setting it screen down on the table. It was a beautiful day out and even though she would much rather be with Echo and Ghost, she couldn't help but feel the excitement of a future party. The Galleria was going to be a blast, her mother's work hung around for all the world, or at least Silver Falls, to see. Daddy was finally going to be home, and for an entire week. At least that is what he said. Rosy knew better than to take what the man said as stone engravings, he was always busy even though she swore one day he was going to croak from a stroke. Her father was a workaholic, thank the Gods that she didn't get that trait.

    A plate hit her table causing her a bit of a start, looking up into Alice's green eyes she finally realized the woman was talking, "... and no fondue!" Nodding with her hands on her hips, Alice looked at Rosy as her smile faltered. "Hey Roslyn, are you alright?" Rosy smiled apologetically and nodded before she picked up the fork, stabbing a piece of the deliciously salted sausage. Moaning in delight, Rosy grinned up at Alice while chewing. The young woman laughed and gingerly touched Rosy's shoulder before walking off to let Rosy eat in peace. The two had gone to highschool together, yet they were never closer than just friendly. Then again everyone loved Alice, even though she was a young mother she still had men who chased after her like wolves. She had no idea though, it made Rosy envy her slightly. Roslyn Birzio was the irresistible one! As soon as the thought passed Rosy felt bad, after nothing but kindess from Alice... this was how she thought. Feeling a bit lonely and out of sorts, Rosy ate the rest of the delicious food in silence.

    - - -

    After leaving quite a hefty tip for Alice, Rosy left the diner with a flawless wave and farewell. As she walked out to her sleek silver Audi, she noticed some guy across the street carrying what looked like one of those collapsible bikes, an amp, and a guitar case. Looking closer, she began to rate him as she did every time she saw that of the opposite sex. Thick dark hair, wiry frame, loose jeans, a kind of rocker look what with the guitar and all. Tilting her head she watched as he attempted to wave down a cabbie, she began to put together what was happening. He must have just visited that scam of a hobby shop, bought an amp for a brand new guitar forgetting all he had was a bike to transport it on. Effortlessly, Rosy put on a smile that was well known for breaking hearts whilst flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder. Target sighted, Ms. Birzio never passed up an opportunity to flirt.

    Making her way to the edge of the curb, The young woman looked both ways before she gracefully jogged across the street in five inch stiletto heels of course. No one ever said she was practical. Approaching the stranger she smiled laughed breathlessly before diving into her go to line, "Oh wow! I can't believe you're here of all places!" Her italian accent was strong as ever, something she had never been able to drop completely as she leaned in and kissed both his cheeks smiling warmly. "Victor, its so good to see you again." Her voice was a soprano purr. Of course she knew that the cute guy before her was no Victor, she had never met him before in her life. But he didn't need to know that he was just target practice for a wealthy girl from Italy. Her hand was still on his arm as her lovely blue eyes gazed into his.

  3. .:Jesika Winters:.
    Winters' Pets, Downtown Silver Falls

    Jesika held a brisk pace as she made her way around to the front of a building from the staff parking space behind. Hands full of keys, coffee and breakfast, she fumbled about to find the right key before sliding it into the lock and twisting until the -click- welcomed her to her second home. The gentle chime of the shop door bell rung out through the darkened space before her as the deep green door of the pet shop swung open. Whistling, she held the door open for a few moments, as if welcoming a ghost into the threshold, but not so long after the tune left the air, the sound of paws on concrete precessed the appearance of a handsome looking dalmatian. Arceus.

    "Come on you lazy old pup. Not such a morning hound any more, are you?" She laughed as the spotted canine pranced across the dark brown stone tiles of the floor, beelining to a large dog bed nestled into a floor level cubby beside the till. Jes let the door close behind her, clicking the lock shut so she could open shop.

    She stached away her belongings in the "Staff Only" quarters and pulled her dreads back from her face, tying them into a low bunch with a few of the longer locks. "Welp," she said, taking a drink from her coffee, "Time to release the hounds I suppose. Arc, get up old man, let's go." The dalmatian lifted its head and lazily rose from its comfort zone, padding after his owner.

    Making her way into the back of the store where the breeding and adopting kennels could be found, she went about opening all the dogs' doors and sending them barreling down a hall to a steel door. Pushing through the mob of excited dogs, she unlocked the heavy door, she pushed it open and released the pack into a beautifully landscaped, very large backyard. Her uncle, much like her, had a strong disliking towards the idea of keeping animals locked up in tiny cages all day and expecting them to be happy and healthy enough for adoption. Cages and confinement created anxiety in animals.

    That's what made this shop different from most all the others. The animals weren't in "cages", rather large rooms used as kennels with dog doors into outside pens with grass, rainwater, stimulating toys, and fresh air. This gave them freedom to relieve themselves outside, helping house train them for future owners, as well as enjoy the outdoors whenever they pleased, without having to let them all stay mixed up with each other when the the staff showed up to let them run about in the yard for the day. Each of the breeding kennels were suited for mothering dogs and their pups, encouraging the health and happiness of both.

    The feline residents were not excused from the enrichment offered to the dogs. While they did not have a joined yard, they too had access to outside pens with ramps and ledges for climbing and all the scratching, pawing and batting structures they could need.

    Smiling at the happy group of dogs, including Arceus, that ran about the morning dew-covered grasses, she let the door close and made her way back to begin her rounds of feeding, watering, cleaning, grooming, tending and otherwise caring for the other animals. When she had finished, she checked on the new litters and the pregnant mothers, and then tidied the merchandise section of the store before flopping down onto a couch in the staff area.

    "Bah, no coffee is strong enough today." She was especially tired after a late night of gaming. Her own fault, yes, but she'd be damned if that ten year old japanese kid from CoD Live was going to best her KtD ratio. Looking at her phone, she saw that it was now about 8:00 and therefore time to open shop. "Uggghh."
    She got up and grabbed her lanyard with her name tag attached to it: the only thing that differentiated her from a customer, apart from the fact that she worked here all day week days and most of the customers were regulars.

    Flicking on the neon "Come on in!" sign her uncle Jeremy was so fond of, she unlocked the door and quickly went to collect a tired Arceus from the hyper pack of dogs in the yard. Propping open the door to the feline kennels so she had a clear view of the door, she went to work grooming and refreshing the pen of a female Abyssian who had just given birth to a beautiful litter of 5 kittens. While she enjoyed the company of the animals, she actually found herself wishing she had some company around her once in a while. Maybe a familiar face or two would show up today.

    And so their day began.
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  4. image.jpg

    Jo was late.

    11:56 a.m.

    Oh shit, she was so so late. Paps was definitely going to be grouchy today, but honestly when is he not? "Senile old man..." she hissed, tossing clothes upon clothes across her room to find something decent she could throw on. When was the last time she did laundry? Was that brownie mix on her favorite Guns N' Roses shirt? Jo groaned and picked up a random plaid shirt that had been patched up about twenty times as well as a pair of dark jean shorts. Shower? No shower? When was the last time she took one? She sprinted down the halls and into the bathroom, throwing her hair in a bun to keep it from getting wet and taking the quickest shower she could manage.

    12:15 a.m.

    The door shut behind her, but it wouldn't make the clicking sound, which indicated it locked. "Fuck me." She grabbed the handle and forcefully pulled until... Nothing. It wouldn't lock. Jo decided that maybe this was a sign: DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE JOLINA. She gritted her teeth, opening the door, waving at her cat, and the pulling quickly so the door slammed into the frame and fit into the locking mechanism. CLICK.

    About ten minutes later she was outside Geezer's Magicz, bag in hand, cell phone in pocket, and good... She had everything. Walking up the steps she saw that the old sign that told people whether they were OPEN or NOT was turned to, "
    Closed?" she banged on the tinted glass door, "Paps?!" Where was he? What was today? Jo pulled out her phone, unlocking the screen and pulling it close to her face so she could read the date. In front of the pictures of her cat, DJ, the white letter claimed it was her day off. In fact, it said that today was the only day the shop was closed. Her hands slowly dropped to her sides and she took about thirty breathes, "In and out... In and out..." before she was sure she wasn't going to scream. Peace is virtue. Peace is life. The mantra chanted on in her fried brain as she made her way back to her baby. A sleek, black, '67 Chevy Impala. The thing was her absolute most prized possession--and her keys were sitting on the driver's seat.

    "No!" She pressed her face against the window and shut her eyes. This couldn't be happening. Keeping the tears at bay, Jo unlocked her phone once more and decided to call AAA or maybe a locksmith? This had never happened to her before. This shouldn't have happened at all. Not to her baby...

    The wait was antagonizing. Thirty minutes on hold and four employees later, AAA decided to send out a towtruck guy that could help pick the lock of her car, but that meant breaking the lock in car company code. So Jo was already setting up a note to figure out how much she had in the bank. A thousand just went to rent, she spent fifty at the grocery store yesterday, so in all, she only had one-thousand left. How much could a new lock be? She walked across the street to the coffee shop an ordered herself a simple black venti cup. After it had been given to her she found a table and began using their wifi to find a new lock.

    "Six hundred dollars?!" Jo spit out her coffee, soaking her phone and the circular table she had planted herself five minutes ago. She didn't realize an Impala lock was so expensive! That was more than half her savings. That was ridiculous. She internally screamed, but externally cleaned off her phone and the mess she made on the mahogany table. She was going to need more coffee and this run-of-the-mill Starbucks would just have to do. Jo locked up her phone and stared out the window, kicking herself for not picking a card this morning. She could've avoided every event leading up to the present if she did.

    "Just my luck..."

    Today was going to be a loooong day.
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  5. Dylan was on the verge of a public meltdown. Today was just not his day, and he was starting to show it. "OI! ARSEHOLE! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO STOP WHEN YOU SEE THE GUY WAVING HIS HANDS AT YOU!" Dylan shouted angrily at the cab-driver who just passed him at 90 miles an hour, well over the speed limit. "Where are the bloody cops when you need them?" Despite being pissed at the driver, Dylan continued to hail down cars in the hopes that he could get a ride home. One of the taxi-cabs finally stopped and Dylan sighed a breath of relief. Picking his stuff up, Dylan lifted his head from the ground just in time to see what appeared to be your average "John Businessman" climb into his cab and shut the door. "OI!" Dylan called out before the taxi drove away and Dylan cursed to himself silently. "Fucking DAMMIT!" Dylan exclaimed to himself before he suddenly heard a voice call out for him. Raising an eyebrow in both confusion and partial frustration, Dylan turned around thinking it was Jean. Before he could shout at the woman for not answering her phone, Dylan realized the voice actually belonged to a stunning young blonde woman. With an Italian accent. Hot damn.

    Staring at her with a tired look, Dylan's face suddenly perked up when she kissed his cheeks. What DA fuuuuuuuuq? he thought, not even bothering to properly render the words out of confusion and shock. Dylan took a moment after she had kissed him to contemplate what had just happened:

    Dylan's List Of Events:

    #1. Got up for the day.

    #2. Daily Ablutions (hair, clothes, shoes, shirt, and a quick shower)

    #3. Bike into town for groceries

    #4. Find awesome Hobby Store (and get ripped off by clerk)

    #5. Taxi Rage

    #6. Hot chick... Kissing me?

    #7. ... Woah, hold up. #6 is absolutely bat-crap insane! I did not see this coming, like, at all!​

    Snapping back into reality, Dylan tried to think of a way to respond to her words. Finally, he decided on a casual response. "Heeeeey.... Youuu..." Dylan awkwardly said, putting on a concerned smile as he studied the girl. Did he even know her? "Long time no see... Buuuud..." Then, she spoke about some "Vincent" guy and Dylan realized what happened. Laughing a little uncomfortably, Dylan shook his head and said "S-Sorry, love.. But I'm not Vincent. You must've gotten me confused with somebody else.. If you were expecting him, I-I bet that Vincent will show up anytime now.. I don't see how anyone could stand up a girl like you.. "
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  6. [​IMG]
    The alarm buzzed loud in his ear. He swiped at the cellphone screen blindly and groaned, looking at the time, though he should remember as it was the same one every day. 2:30. He yawned and stretched, feeling his muscles sore from the night of work. While he enjoyed his job, it was still rough on the body and he never seemed to get enough sleep.

    Stretching long, he swept his legs out of bed and hopped in the shower then threw on some sweatpants and simple sleeveless t-shirt for his day off. He needed to get some stuff done today. He slumped down the hall to the kitchen and threw together a bagel with cream cheese and checked the weather for the day. It was so bright out there. He blinked at the brightness and finished the bagel. He looked at the note on the fridge.

    "Leo, gone out to see Liz for the day, there is leftovers in the fridge. Don't forget to pick up some kitten chow for Rain. Oh and that new video game you wanted is on sale, you might wanna check that out. Later, Nij" Leo smiled. Today was the day he was going to pick up that kitten from the shelter, and he needed to check out a pet store for some food and litter.

    Picking up the cat carrier he borrowed from Nij's family, with more of a spring in his step now, he made his way out, locking the door and heading out. "Hmm to take the truck or bus...can't have a cat on the bus. Truck it is." Turn for the parking he found his 2005 Full-cab Ford F-150 and hopped on in, carrier on the passenger side. He was so glad his job paid well or this car would have to go. He smiled like an excited school boy and started it up, and headed downtown to the animal shelter.

    They already expected him. Leo had been in here four times since Daisy gave birth to the huge eight kitten litter and has wanted Rain from the moment he saw her, even making the name for her. "Soft like rain, grey like rain and she reigns over my heart." It had make the girls in the shelter laugh and even a few male workers chuckled to themselves. He was such a romantic and he knew it. Rain was all sleepy when he scooped her up in his arms and kissed her tiny head. Little blinks and a tiny kitty yawn followed as Leo slipped her into the carrier. He signed the paper work and handed it back to the fellow behind the counter. "Don't forget, she needs kitten food, not adult cat food, for at least the next three months. And she needs to be fixed around that time too, so give us a call when she is ready." Leo nodded, as he tried to pet Rain through the carrier bars. "Thanks Dave, I'll see you in about three months then." Leo waved as he left, hopping back in to the car. "Just you and me now Rain. How about we get you some yummy food and some nice kitty litter. I sure hope Nij likes you." He pondered it, but he knew somehow she would. She just couldn't resist a kitten as cute and fluffy.

    As he drove around for a bit, he kept an eye out for a place to pick up some supplies. After a bit of singing in the car, and sort of to Rain who mewed in response, he spotted something. "Winters' Pets eh. Well...I hope this place as food for you kitty, cause otherwise I don't know where to look. I wonder if grocery stores have cat I'll look later." He pulled the truck up to the parking lot and got out of the driver's side going around to collect Rain. As he came in he heard the sounds of barking and he though some meowing too. He smiled. Ah, this feels like home, he thought. As he approached the counter he put the carrier up on it and waited to see who was around.
  7. Downtown
    Rosy's smile was still open and friendly, but her eyes were filled with allure. Her bold italian greeting set his face alight, and also dumbfounded him. Of course when a beautiful woman walks up to a man without reason, they first feel shocked. Then they feel that grip of cocky pride, that's when Rosy was notorious for sinking her claws in to get exactly what she wants. Leaving the other feeling breathless as if they had just woken up for a dream. His response was nothing short of calling a baby giraffe graceful, it was awkward to say the least. Rosy's eyebrows arched as she nodded a bit her smile becoming familiar. When he decided to take the "totally normal" path, she laughed throwing her head back a little. "It hasn't been that long Victor!" She giggled and winked coyly, her tone suggesting something along the lines of a literal insider. Then came the truth.

    At first, Rosy looked at him with her head tilted as she asked confused, "Vincent? I know no Vincents." Then putting a finger to her chin she smiled apologetically. "You're not Victor, I am so sorry. I have never really been good with handsome faces, though I now that I think about it..." She trailed off drawing a line down his arm before folding her hands behind her back. "I would remember a face like yours." Her smile turned much more intimate. "Girl like me? How do you know what kind of girl I am?" Rosy asked honestly, though her tone did not suit the smile on her lips.

    This was a normal thing for Rosy, she would find a plaything that would only keep her attention until she found something shinier. Right now, Rosy had a thing for the darker spectrum of music and the rock star life. The guitar could have been the only reason for attracting the man-eater, but his sexy accent drew her even closer. Glancing down at all the stuff he was carrying, she slowly climbed up his figure and then met his eyes. "I see that your bike cannot transport all your things, how about I ride you home?" Rosy jingled her keys and nodded her head in the direction of her car, of course she was aware of her little grammar slip up. But that was the thing, she would play stupid when he brought it to attention. If he was modest. This flirting, was all a game for her, and so were emotions and feelings of other's. The poor boy would become a lovesick puppy and in two weeks time she wouldn't call and somehow manage to completely avoid him. That was the classic Rosy.
  8. [​IMG]

    Walking down the street whit two hands ocupied by two leashes and I am the best by 2NE1 playing on highest volume in her black headphones while wearing boots whit heels so high that people turned around and stared at the asian girl. Neikan dident like how some people were looking at her and she acted childish by sticking out her tongue at them and go on walking while her brother were watching her whit a beutiful, amused, smile. Neikan and Katashi were taking the dogs for a walk as they always did this time of the day. Katashi took care of Cho and Grumpy while Neikan had responsability for Yuki and Luna.
    "We need to buy dog-food" Katashi sudenly said. Neikan jumped at the sound and turned her head around to look at her brother.
    "We checkout the next petstore we walk past" Neikan said simply, she dident have any particular store she she bought petfood from, as longe as they had the type she wanted.
    Sudenly Neikan spotted a petstore named "Winters' pets".
    "That sounds good" she thought.
    She draged her brother in to the petstore and started looking around.
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  9. Andreas was in a bad mood. His moped had broken down last night, and after paying to get it repaired he could no longer afford a ticket to the game development conference next month.

    "So what else is going to go wrong?" He muttered to himself as he walked past one one the more expensive cafes. "If Jess breaks as well, I'm taking a week off to visit uncle." Andreas sighed and opened his notebook to check his to-do list for today.
    Drag moped to mechanic (ugh)
    Buy new notebook
    Check thrift store for bowties
    Call cousin Jane, you forgot to ask when she would come visit
    Do something unexpected, be spontaneous!
    Andreas then draw a pen from his vest's inner pocket and added 'Meet new people, make some friends' to the list, and looked around before closing the small book again. The city was full of life, and yet he had never really thought about taking part of it. "Cars and people rushing by, going about their insignificant daily lives, just like me." Andreas thought to himself, as he looked at his vague reflection in the coffee shop window. A black vest over a green dress shirt, paired with blue jeans and sneakers. He decided against opening his vest, and then proceeded to enter the coffee shop.

    With a 'coffee of the day' in hand, Andreas sat down at an empty table. There was only a few people inside, and most of them paying attention to nothing but their phones.

  10. .:Jesika Winters:.
    Winters' Pets, Downtown Silver Falls

    It wasn't long after Jes had finished her second morning rounds of the furry residents that the familiar chime of the bronze bell above the door chimed. Pushing open the swinging doors that led into the dog kennels, she walked past the aisles and made her way to the till where a casually dressed man stood waiting, cat carrier in hand.

    "Sorry about that sir, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long." She said with a smile. Glancing down at the occupant of the carried, her smile grew further, "New kitten eh? What a little cutie. Have you already gathered all the supplies you're going to need to welcome your little one home? We have an entire section of high quality kitten supplies, including food, litter and litter boxes, toys, scratching posts, beds, you name it. And don't worry, it might be high end but we keep our prices well within range of all of our customers. Does your little friend have a name?"

    As she spoke to the man, the bell above the door chimed once more and a couple walked in, each leashing two hounds. Arceus perked up at the site of new dogs and casually got up off his bed near the till to go and greet the newcomers. "Hi there, welcome to Winters' Pets. Don't mind Arceus, he's friendly and you can shoo him away with hardly any effort. I'll be with you both in just a few moments, feel free to browse. If your dogs are well socialized, feel free to let them out into our pet yard while you shop. It's just down that hallway, through the steel door. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to help you with them."

    The couple looked interesting enough, they could have been lovers, siblings, best friends, she couldn't tell. But she felt like they could strike up a gnarly conversation, their sense of style was adverse and wild, she loved it! She let her thoughts go and returned her attention to the man and the kitten before her.
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  11. Leo smiled awkwardly. "Well actually, I haven't picked up more then the litter pan and the trays. I figured I'd get the actually litter and food after I got her. My little Rain." He looked into the carrier and smiled at the little fluff-ball in the corner. Standing back up, he looked around at the two that just came in. "Hey" He greeted nonchalantly. 'whoa' he thought 'that's the most unique clothing style I've ever seen.' He did a double take on the heels, hoping that she wouldn't fall over in those. Glancing at both of them in turn he puzzled over who they might be and where they might be from. With a wild style like that, could they have been born in Silver Falls like him? Eh there were always a few like that, and more than a few rebels, so who knew.

    Trying not to stare too much, he glanced around the store. He spotted a few things he knew he would want right away, like the little cat toys and maybe that cat tree while he was at it. He still needed to get the kitten food, specifically kitten, and some litter for the pan. "So, what kind of kitten food do you suggest, she's only three months. And you mentioned something about beds and scratching posts?"

  12. .:Jesika Winters:.
    Winters' Pets, Downtown Silver Falls

    With a friendly smile on her face, Jesika nodded her head towards the back of the store and walk around the till, leading the man to the back of the store where the kitten supplies was kept. As she walked she spoke, the words she formed all too familiar from the years of helping new pet owners settle their pets in.

    "We have a few different brands of kitten food, all are great quality, easy on the stomach, smaller and softer kibbles, packed full with the good kinds of calories and proteins, and a variety of taste. Personally, I prefer this brand." As they reached their destination, she gestured at a cooler filled with bags of organic cat food. "It's more expensive than the rest of the brands, due to the fact that it's fresh and completely organic, and it won't keep for more than a week, but it's good stuff and I get a pretty good employee discount." Winking, she walked down the side of the shelves that were packed with different colored bags of kitten chow. Reaching a section with silver bags adorned with bright blue writing, she selected a medium sized bag as an example for the man.

    "This, is your second best bet. Great ingredients, oils added to help with coat health, no artificial dyes or flavoring, and it comes in a hypo-allergenic version as well. There's 5 flavor choices, but honestly a kitten isn't typically picky, it's more for variety. Now," she led him down farther to where the cat accessories were, stopping in front of the scratching post section. All sorts of unusually shaped and colored posts lined the shelves,"a cat needs to have something to scratch, it helps them sharpen and regrown their nails as well as work their upper body muscles, encourage active play and encourage young kittens to learn basic skills such as climbing. Not to mention it'll save your couches and drapes. I suggest you go with one big enough for your kitten to use when she grows up. A post that's too short won't allow a full grown cat to stretch out the way they like to and she'll likely go looking for arm rests and drapes to meet her needs. Honestly I don't know why we carry these shorter posts but the owner, my uncle, insists on supplying a wide variety of choices for our customers. Most of these have little dens or flats the cats can use as beds, but if you'd like to get little Rain a space of her own in your room, just down there are all sorts of cats beds. I recommend one of the covered, den styles. A new kitten needs a place of comfort where she can hide when she's scared. When she's more comfortable in your house you can easily transition her to a simpler bed."

    Up until she finished her spiel, Jes hadn't realised just how much she she had said. Blushing at her over enthusiasm, she apologized for her rant and asked if the man had any questions for her before she went to tend to the other customers.
  13. Neikan took a fast look at the persone working in the petstore, then, she looked at the costumer talking to the girl looking persone, the costumer were holding an adorable little kitten. She nerly let aout an awwww becaus the little animal were so cute.
    When the employer talked to her she completly ignored it and started looking around for dog-food.
    "Mayby I should buy a little present to Blue" she said loudly to her brother while thinking about her bestfriends cat.
    "That sounds like a good idea" her brother answerd whit a half distracted woice as he were looking at dog-food. She ignored her brothers answer and started looking for the girl looking human working in the petstore. She couldent find any good dog-food and wanted to get some help.​
  14. Leo smiled as she talked and tried not to chuckle at her wink. 'very friendly, good attitude and a love of animals. I know where I will be shopping for now on for Rain'. He looked at each item she presented. He added in as she went "Price isn't a problem for me". He wasn't rich but he didn't spend much on anything so when he did he could afford it. He made a note to get one small bag of the first two she showed and to get more information on the organic one. Looking at the scratching posts he tried to find one that was kind of big-ish. "I was thinking, of maybe getting a cat house...I think that's what it's called..." He blushed unsure of himself. "So she could sleep there and play and scratch it too cause I've seen those ones with the fur on them and..." He blushed again, rambling embarrassed him. "I you have anything like that with the covered bed you were talking about?" As he was talking he was sure he could hear the 'click click click' of heels coming towards them. He figured he was probably taking up her time a little. "I-i-if you want...I can look around and get a feel for stuff and let you see to the other customers as well..." He stammered a little shyly. Being on the night shift it seemed had made him more social shy and a little awkward. Or at least he felt it.
  15. Once again, this gorgeous woman caught Dylan completely off guard. Now she was realizing he wasn't "Vincent", nor was he "Victor". But she was recognizing him for who he was, which wasn't the best thing for the British lad. First off, she would notice how nervous and confused he was. There was nothing confident about him at the moment and it seemed as if he was trying to slowly move away from her with every word. Secondly, Dylan was still aggravated and as a result, was in a bad mood. Anything could have set him off on a rage again, and this poor unfortunate girl would be in the warpath. As she asked about what kind of girl Dylan thought she was, Dylan let out a low breath and studied her closely. Flowing blonde hair, protruding pink lips, voluptuous body with developments others may be jealous of, piercing blue eyes, clothing that fits snugly but still shows off her curves, expensive outfit and accessories most likely bought at some kind of high ranking branch... Dylan thought before he lifted his head and said "I'm guessing you're some kind of fashionista who absolutely loves the spotlight. A trait no doubt passed down from your family, I'm guessing your Mother? And you're rich. Very rich. You came from a wealthy background and can easily lure people in with your looks so that you can increase your paparazzi appeal and continue making headlines. You're also a bit of a Daddy's girl, because lets face it, a father always spoils his little princess. But in terms of your clothes, they tell a different story. They tell the story of a party-animal demanding to be let out of its cage. All in all, I'd say you're someone who likes to party and toss cash around like its no issue. Somebody dangerous, someone that a person who craved the wild life would very much enjoy being around."

    After a moment of silence, Dylan took a deep breath and returned to his nervous state. "Sorry, I'm just good at reading people. I hope I didn't piss you off with that.." Dylan apologized, silently cursing himself. Idiot! Every time he did something like this, people thought he was some kind of pretentious asshole who knew better then anyone else. Dylan didn't mean to come off as a prick. His technique of reading people helped him decide who he wanted to hang out with and gave him an advantage over others when it came to events like parties (which he very rarely went to because of personal preference). It was his way to break the ice in a conversation, as if to knock down the walls of social interaction preventing any actual bonding from occurring. Despite how he felt about his little technique, it had resulted in people storming away from him, and even tossing food or drinks in his face out of spite. One girl he did it to actually vomited on him, but she was drunk already so he let it slide and didn't count it. To this day, he can't wear that white shirt in public without feeling ashamed and dirty.

    Then, despite his words, this girl actually offered to ride him home a ride home. To Dylan, this was slightly weird and a tiny bit creepy. Why would this woman offer to drive him home? He barely knew her. Maybe she was a stalker. A crazy stalker. She didn't know who he was and the way she spoke to him was unsettling. Dylan wasn't sure wether or not to thank her for her kindness, or drop his crap and run away screaming in fear. "Um~" Dylan groaned out, unsure about how exactly he should answer. Meh, if anything happened then he could probably take her. She didn't look too tough, especially in those heels. "Sure, why not? By the way, nobody is "riding me home", especially not you. I'm not that kind of guy, sorry."

  16. .:Jesika Winters:.
    Winters' Pets, Downtown Silver Falls

    Getting a kick out of the man's slight social awkwardness, she reinforced him with a kind smile, "Hey, no worries. The cat houses, and yes, that's what they're called, are at the very end of this aisle, on the right. See down there? Why don't you go have a look, see which one interests you the most. They're all great, it's more of an aesthetic preference than anything. I have to go do some rounds, but I'll come check on you as soon as I can. If you're ready to check out, don't even hesitate to ring the bell at the front, that's why it's there." With a friendly nod, she set off towards the sound of approaching heels.

    Round the corner into the dog section, she found the woman with the peculiar style, apparently looking for some assistance of one kind or another. "Hey, welcome to Winters' Pets, sorry to have kept you waiting. It's only me here so while I try to be punctual it's easy to get tied up. I hope you'll forgive me. Is there anything I can help you with? Beautiful dogs by the way, quite a breed variety, all stunning specimens though. Did you purchase them from a breeder around here?"

    Jes was in a great mood. The veil of exhausted that once blurred her mind had lifted and she was enjoying meeting new customers and helping them take care of their pets. She loved that her job was so fulfilling in that way. Not only did she get to pursue her ambitions in breeding, she also got to be thoroughly immerse in one on one customer service with the very people that may one day look to purchase her animals.

    Arceus came around the corner of an aisle and took a place at Jesika's side, nuzzling her hand to instigate a head massage. The dalmatian was a baby, but she loved him.

  17. Leo smiled and lifted up the little carrier, looking at Rain. He yawned. Still sleepy. The little kitten seemed to yawn in response. "hehe, you and me kitty, looks like we were made for nights eh?" He chuckled to himself and headed down towards where she had pointed. He looked at each in turn and brought Rain's carrier up to look at each. She watched with her little sleepy eyes. While he couldn't be sure, it looked like she was more fascinated with the third from the left. Not the biggest one but still not tiny. It did have that sheltered bed she was talking about too, on ground level, which was good till she could climb higher. Lots of little shelves and a good scratching material. "This one eh Rain, that's the one you want?" She peeped up in a little mew and Leo took it as a yes. "Now my little one" He put on a fake dracula accent "We must find de litter for you then pick de food, mwhahaha" He snickered, at least he was in good spirits this afternoon? Meh morning to him.

    He walked back to where the food has been and picked up one little bag of the second one and then one of the organic near the start. It wasn't too hard to carry it under his arm and Rain's carrier in the other hand. As he approached the front, he saw the girl...darn he was going to have to ask her name...with the two strangely dressed duo. He put the carrier and the food back up on the counter carefully and put his finger to the caged door. "I'll be right back, just need to get you some toys so you don't eat my wires and stuff. Don't wanna have to buy some new chargers and stuff ya know." He picked up a few little cat toys, one with catnip and one that moved, and a few just simple ones. While he was walking he listened to her and the duo talk and kept an eye out for the kitty litter.
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