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  1. I have no idea what happened. I posted something then a small bar popped up saying there were new posts. I clicked on 'show them' but they were all replicates of my original post- two of them. I thought it was an accidental double post so I deleted one of the replicate posts only to find out that it deleted my original post. -___-
  2. Something like this happened to me when I had the same thread open in multiple tabs. I posted a reply in one, only to tab to the other and see more or less the same post I had already been working on (since it was saved by the editor), as well as the new post notification. So I clicked "Show" and was profoundly confused! But then I realized it was because I'd already posted it before.

    It's possible this is what happened in your case. If not, see if you can replicate it and we'll have to look into it!
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by multiple tabs. I only opened the page once. Even then though, do you think this could be a bug?
  4. Has anyone else had this same problem? Is this a bug?
  5. I think this was just a fluke server lag error moment. o___o Whenever there is lag (or if you're someone using multiple windows), a page might not refresh properly, and there will be double posts, or the ajax refresh stuff won't kick in, etc.
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  6. Agh, hate those. Thank you for the explanation though.
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