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  1. Hello, my name is LaFatte and I am looking for some roleplays!

    Something about me:
    I am female and I prefer Female x Female relationship. I like both, short PWP RPs and longer plot-based ones. In pairings, I usually prefer playing more submissive, but still defiant, characters.. My writings skills are, in my opinions, intermediate and I can write 2-4 paragraphs per post. Also, activity isn´t much of a problems with me.

    Things I don´t do:
    Futa, scat, tentacles, animals

    Pairings I am craving to do:
    Sith x Jedi
    Demon x Knight/Nun/Priestess
    Master x Slave
    Vampire x human
    Mother x Daughter
    Sister x Sister

    I am open to other pairings too, just ask.

    Also I would like to try RPs including rape, BDSM and other not exactly traditional things.
  2. Demon x priestess would be good.
  3. Great! PM your ideas and preferences.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.