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What do you get

  1. Cramps

  2. need chocolate

  3. bloated

  4. cranky

  5. tired

  6. hungry

  7. all of the above and more

  8. other things

  9. back pain

  10. Emotional

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. How many of you when it is that time of month get hungry, cranky, bloated, need for chocolate and crippling Cramps I mean like crying in a ball wanting to die.

    sorry guys this one's for the ladies
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  2. Cramps, back pains like someone's stomping on me with metal boots x.x And crying. Oh gosh the crying. Anything will make me weep x.x
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  3. same
  4. I actually have no physical problems at all. No cramps. No back pain. Not normally anyway. Once every year I get a 'Super' period and that's when everything in my body decides that it's going to reject the idea I'm supposed to go through it and revolt against me, then I have every damn PMS symptom you can think of.

    Usually the worse I ever get is chocolate cravings and being emotionally sensitive to the point that everything makes me cry.
  5. damn you lucky
  6. My time of the month differs from month to month. Generally I have three types of periods:

    1. The good one

    This one isn't too bad. Just blood and some small cramps. It generally comes the month after I have had a really bad period. I can have some salt or sugar cravings.

    2. Let me sleeeep

    For one to two periods after a good period I have the middle ground where I'm really tired, have some random cramping and milder back pains and stomach ache, I can get headaches really easily as well, but nothing extremely major. I can make it through a day with pain killers. Chocolate is a must during these periods.

    Once every third to forth period I get these suuuuper bad cramps, stomach ache that goes all the way to the back like a knife and sometimes make me unable to move, I go between not being able to poop and then suddenly it turns into diarrhea. (Last one depends a bit, sometimes it's just diarrhea, sometimes it's just constipation and other times it goes between the two.) It's hell on earth D: Usually I can contain parts of the pain with pain killers, but it never helps completely. For the most parts I have no desire to eat during these times, and if I try to eat I tend to just feel sick because of it, so I don't eat that much.

    Mentally though, I have never gotten mood swings or anything. If I'm really tired I might complain about my periods, but that's all that happens xD
  7. bruh I get that mine a normally raging ass holes. And only time I can seem to go number 2 consistently. annoyingly so I have to take my tampons out to do so. I hate my period and dont
  8. As a teenager, I would feel bloated but that's it o_o some migraines as well. I never had any cramps.

    Between 19-20, I would feel bloated and cranky, but still no cramps.

    I started taking the pill at 21, and MAN the cramps began. In almost 10 years of period, nothing D: and then bam all the cramps retroactively. The worse was when I started stopping the pill and had to take a plan B, jesus the next period was the apocalypse...

    I get depressed and angry, I don't eat (even though I should), and my head hurts. I stopped taking the pill so the cramps aren't that bad now. I just feel so, so heavy and god forbid I sneeze (insert swirling world of doom and much more).

    Midol saves my life and allows me to be functional enough for work, that's for sure o_o
  9. Same thing happened to me x.x The pill screwed me up well and good, it did.
  10. ouch
  11. I have recently discovered that being a hemophilia carrier turns your period in to the Apocalypse. D:< Apparently I am literally bleeding to death once a month.

    10 hour overnight pads? Yeah, no. 1 hour. 1 hour and I need to change my pants, sonofabitch.

    Because of the cramping and the migraine, I spend that week heavily medicated on a non-stop stream of painkillers, water, and anything that'll build up my blood and body stores faster. D: Protein, iron, etc.

    And now that I am getting older I get the moodswings. I never had them when I was a teenager or in my early twenties. But every year I notice it affects my moods more. @__@ I lose ALL patience for bullshit and will get really pissed really fast. I want to cry and kill myself. And get really, really randy but then not want to do anything about it because I feel gross. D:<
  12. I'm actually usually pretty good on all of this. If anything I have serious PMS, Rain suffers for it XD Hella cranky for no reason. Only randomly do I get cramps. I never really understood for years what girls were complaining about until I had one bad month @_@ I now understand all the pictures on the internet about dying during your period. Not fun. But I'm still lucky, most of the time no pain, just a little cranky XD
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  13. Intense cramps, migraines, nausea, and feeling the overwhelming need to kill myself is what made me start taking birth control to stop my periods. I still let myself have a period every 3-4 months, but they're tame compared to what my periods are like without the HBC. Almost no cramps and a light flow that lasts about three days. Otherwise I'd be out for an entire week with a very heavy flow.

    God bless HBC.
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  14. I get a roulette wheel of 3-5 different problems each month! The crowd favourites seem to be:

    • Nausea
    • Headaches
    • Muscle aches
    But I've also had
    • Mood swings / irritability
    • Hunger
    • Insomnia
    • Back pain
    • Exhaustion
    • Weird cravings
    • Cramps
    • Fainting spells
    • Light headedness/dizziness

    Overall though, I don't mind my period that much. It lasts less than a week for me usually, and using a cup has given me a sense of understanding and connectedness to my body that adds quite a bit of positivity. Also took the environmental guilt, financial strain, TSS fear, and a lot of the physical discomfort away. Getting off hormonal birth control evened out the emotional roller coaster quite a lot, too
  15. As a man, I receive all of these pains second-hand and sympathetically, because reasons.

  16. I know I'm a guy, but I also know it's never good to mess with your hormones. In other words, a "rubber" has no side-effects (unless it breaks).
  17. Or you're allergic to latex. >_>
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  18. Idk man, this is a pretty ignorant thing to say. Though HBC can have an adverse affect on some women, the use of them is not dangerous. Like all medication, they can have side effects. Not every brand or form of HBC works the same, either.

    Plus, I know a lot of women simply don't want to leave birth control measures up to men. It's good to have a backup that you can control.
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  19. Well, yes... there is that.

    I don't think so: Birth Control Pills

    I still stand on my claim it isn't good to mess with nature, when it comes to hormones. For guys, all you have to do is look at the side effects of steroids. Better to find some other way. But if you insist, be aware, it CAN mess you up. So can plenty of other medications. Plus, my comment was towards someone who was messed up by Birth Control Pills.
  20. Birth control pill is the best thing to happen for women after the right to vote.

    FYI, broaden your research -- there are different kinds of pills, separated by generation. Some are stronger, some lighter on hormones -- but they all prevent up to 99% (approx) of unplanned pregnancies.
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