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  1. So I have a lady werewolf I have been wanting to use and am hoping to find someone interested in doing an RP that would allow me to do so. I have a few ideas as to the plot that we could use, some loosely based on the biography in the blog post for her. However I am not picky and will happily plot with whomever is interested. I would prefer the genre to be modern times (this year) or even a little further into the future. Think of the show Almost Human (if you've heard of it) and you'll have an idea for how far into the future I might like. (I have an idea for that as well).

    Just a few things you should know if you haven't looked at my resume:

    - I post some lengthy replies, depending on how inspired I am. I do my best to give at least three meaty paragraphs for my partners.
    -While I don't respect you to have the same goal as me in regards to post length, I do want posts that give me something to play with. Quality over quantity.
    - I do love plotting as we RP, so we know in which direction we want to take things. Don't be afraid to speak up if you want to add things, drop things, or need me to edit a post just a bit.
    - I will aim to go no longer than three days without getting a reply up, it all depends on how many people reply at the same time and how busy life outside of Iwaku is. If I'm going to be longer I will be sure to let you know. On average I try for every second day.
    Here is the link to the blog post for my lady werewolf. PM if you're interested.
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