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  1. All of my role-plays are m/m at the moment, and I'd really like one or two F/F role-plays on top of that! I'm up for many things, and in general I am pretty flexible. There's only one little 'note' I have at the moment regarding what I'd like to play:

    I'd say about 80% of the time I end up playing the "dominant" role, whether it be in personality, sexuality or both, so at the moment I would really like to try my hand at portraying a sweeter, more submissive character. I just need that change of pace!

    Note that this doesn't mean you need to play a dominant/alpha/whatever character yourself. I don't really subscribe to those archetypes unless the role-play calls for it, I.E BDSM. Characters are more complex than that!

    No rape, bathroom play, pedophilia or bestiality.

    Writing Habits:
    Usually my introductions end up being a bit on the longer side, but my regular posts vary in length. I don't have a word minimum; I just need something to reply to, and all is well. :)

    I'm not really a rapid-fire role-player. Right now I am also recovering from some nasty things, so there are times I may not be able to reply for a day or two. If I feel like I'll be gone for a while, I'll be sure to let you know.

    I'm big on character development and plot. Even if it's a smutty role-play.

    - Mature woman/young woman. By "mature" I don't mean necessarily in age (though an older age would be nice,) but more so in experience. Perhaps the older woman could be in a position of authority over the younger woman, I.E. teacher/student, boss/intern, sorceress/apprentice, etc.

    - Master/Slave. Although I mentioned wanting to try submissive roles, in this case I just frickin' love playing dominatrixes, so I'd be fine playing the 'master.' Honestly, I'm thinking less about master/slave and more master/servant or something a bit more consensual.

    - Vampire/human - I have a plot for this one based off of a manga ("Model" by Lee So Young.)

    - Monster Girls. I love monster girls. Any kind of monster girls. Yeah.

    - Pokemon. I'd really love to do something Pokemon related!

    - A twisted Alice in Wonderland, Little Mermaid or Little Red Riding Hood.

    - Silly romantic nonsense. Sometimes you just want somma' that, know what I'm sayin'

    - Androids

    - High fantasy

    - Any ideas you may have

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  2. Where have you beenn all my life?! Haha, I would love to do some FxF. I'm interested in your masterxservant one or possibly one of the fairy tales. I like the sounds of all of them. As for dom/sub for something like masterxservant I think it would be interesting if the servant was slightly dom too? I think I could make it work if you were interested. :) Let me know!
  3. Im interested in the vampire/human one, id love to hear the plot you have in mind for it :-)
  4. I would enjoy anything to do with pokemon! PM me I'd you're interested.
  5. @Swords and quills
    I'll send a PM over! I truly love me some pokemans.

    @Bolour Kardia
    All right! Essentially, both the human and vampire are artists. The vampire has been very well known to various communities for a very long time, and has raked in a significant fortune from doing portraits. One evening, the vampire gets drunk off of her rocker, and ends up getting taking home by a fling. Unfortunately, the fling backs out at the last moment, and leaves her at his apartment with his unsuspecting room mate. Vampire doesn't know where she is, smells the room mate, feeds off the room mate, passes out. The next morning, the human finds our intrepid vampire on the floor by her bed, rightfully freaks out, wakes vampire up. At some point the vampire notices that she is an artist, and offers to take her to her mansion for lessons. The payment? Blood.

    Lots of wiggle room, even for how they meet; this is just what I have written as an introduction, but I can happily adapt to something else. Mostly - two artists, one a vampire, vampire takes human into her home, takes her blood as payment, stuff ensues!

    A dom servant sounds like it would be amazing! I have a thing for "bossy bottoms." :3 If you were interested in the fairy tales as well, we could maybe incorporate it into something like Little Red Riding hood, where Red finds the wolf injured, and takes her in as a servant (or visa versa.)
  6. I would do the dom servant one but not with the fairy tale if that's okay. I'm sure we could figure something else out.
  7. I sent you a message, if you're interested, feel free to send one back ^_^
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