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  1. Hi. Trying again to strike up some role plays, though this time I'm going to be more specific. I'm pansexual, but have been wanting to get into FxF scenarios lately.

    Still open to any clever men, or women who can play men, with an enticing idea.

    I can play dominate role if wanted, but will also do submissive as well.

    Be aware I have a fairly busy and erratic daily schedule, so I won't be able to post multiple times a day.

    I expect literacy and proper grammar. If English isn't your first language, please let me know so I'm not confused.

    And at least three paragraph responses for me to work off.

    Anway, here are my genre interests:

    Slice of life

    And here are some fandoms I'm interested in, though I have to insist on OCs as playing canon characters hasn't turned out well for me.

    Star Wars
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter

    Now, onto plots and character. These will be updated later.

    Doctor Who(spoiler alerts)

    The Doctor has succeeded in bringing Gallifrey back from the pocket universe, and has chosen to live out the last of his regenerations as The Curator, staying out of the affairs of the universe he has saved and shaped all of his long life. The Time Lords have been slowly regaining their place in their universe after their experience in the Last Great Time War showed them what monsters they could become.

    While her civilization as a whole struggles to find itself, a young Time Lady and her friend (either gender works) take the controls of a TARDIS and embark on their own journey of adventure and romance across space and time.

    Not much to put here honestly. I just woke one morning this week and had the idea that it would be fun to play a genie.

    Macabre Kitten
    Delila is a woman on a mission. In her public life, she's an unassuming woman who punches her time card and collects her check just like anyone else you pass on the street. Two-thirds of her daily activities are aimed at covering up the last third, which is spent on tracking and (if they haven't been playing nice) executing criminals who evade the conventional justice system.

    But that gets lonely, and fate brings her a kindred spirit. Not for the faint of heart.
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  2. Finallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Someone who wants to do a Fallout Fandom.

    I would totally do that with you. I can play male (Which is preferred) and I'm working on my Females which I could also play. Up to you ^^
  3. Okay, I take it as a no.
  4. Cool!

    Also did a slight edit of the Doctor Who idea.
  5. Wait. So do you want to do Fallout with me?
  6. The College idea caught my interests. FxF? Let me know if you're open to accepting. :)
  7. Giving this a bump! I've been deprived of the internet and want to indulge myself now that I got a shiny new laptop.
  8. I'll join if your still looking have been craving fxf as well
  9. BUMP! And Updated the main thread with a new idea.
  10. Bumping this up!
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