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Hey everyone! It's a great pleasure to meet you all and I can't wait to get started here. My name is Baylee but I prefer to go by Jade or one of many variations of my username: WeepingLiberty. I am a 19 year old part-time college student at a local community college and work at a GameStop. My favorite TV show is Doctor Who and my favorite Movie is Lord of the Rings... If that doesn't scream nerd, I don't know what does. Well, I guess my love for all things anime might add to that, but in my defense it's my dream to become an actor (voice or big screen). XD

I am new to this site but not to roleplaying. I've been addicted to this activity for as long as I can remember, starting off with just a couple of friends before branching out into website forums and then onto sites dedicated to roleplaying. Due to a recommendation from a friend, I have decided to add Iwaku Roleplaying to my list of active sites along with Roleplayer Guild and Elliquiy (an adult roleplaying site). If any of you inhabit either of those sites, my username is the same so feel free to drop by and say hello. The activity on both those sites has, unfortunately lessened with the start of the new school year... So I'm hoping I can find some new RP partners here on Iwaku.

As I'm sure you've gathered, I participate in RPs of any rating so don't be shy to ask me to join anything. I do, however have a preference to forums but occasionally I'll make an exception. (I know this all shows up in the Resume bits but I thought I'd just say it again)

Additionally, I am incredibly easy going and love to help. If you ever run into trouble coming up with, or flushing out ideas, just give me a shout! My only price is a small little seat on the action that ensues from those ideas. ^.^ Just kidding on the price, but I do love to help.

Alright... Well I've spent enough time procrastinating this public speaking assignment that's due tomorrow. I'll be floating about to familiarize myself with the site while writing this outline. Can't wait to start writing with y'all.

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Hello and welcome, Jade! I hope you enjoy yourself here. Doctor Who is awesome btw. :thumbsup:
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