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  1. Hello everyone!

    Despite having joined the community only a few moments ago, I decided to start looking for partners immediately. This is Lady Godiva, an Archaeologist with a passion for writing in general and a soft spot for 1x1 role playing. But let's get to the main points, shall we?

    My occupation has left me with a crippling preference for historical elements which I prefer to combine with Fantasy settings. From the intrigue filled halls of warrior Kings to a plague infested Steam-punk Metropolis, I will put as much of my creative energy in this world as possible. I will less often agree to a Modern Setting, but do not hesitate to throw ideas at me.

    Maturity is part of any story, be it in language or how human relationships develop, so I would rather write with someone above the age of eighteen. That does not mean that the story will be festered with steamy situations of endless romp under the sheets. I play men and women, adults and usually above the age of twenty four. Anthropomorphic characters or teen boys and girls in constant anguish are, sadly, not my cup of tea.

    A word count is not the sole requirement of writing: if emotion, setting and general impression can be conveyed with one or two paragraphs, I am very happy indeed, but no less. I might get carried off myself and write a lot more if the plot interests me. I enjoy planning a lot and might spend hours discussing the fold of a dress or the setting of a major scene, so I ask you to bear with me. Communication is key, as well as honesty; if it goes stale, I would very much like to know.

    Thank you so, so much, for reading all that. Send me a personal nudge through PM or reply here and I will do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

    Happy role-playing!
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  2. This is wonderful! I absolutely love historical fiction with a twist of something out-of-the-element. My initial sights are set on 17th century France, ancient Rome or Victorian England, but don't hesitate to throw some of your personal favorites my way and we'll see what's possible!
  3. There is one more spot available. Thank you all!
  4. Back from a short hiatus and looking for one more partner!
  5. One more spot available!
  6. I would love to take that spot.
  7. Due to some drop outs I have decided to pen two spots.
  8. Hello! Historical fantasy (or historical alone) always piques my interest. Care to toss around some ideas? If we stumble across common ground, maybe we could turn it into a story!
  9. Now would you like a steampunk mixed with fantasy? i do not have a plot in mind but we can discuss stuff.
  10. If you still have spots available I wouldn't mind discussing some ideas.
  11. Two more spots open, my friends!
  12. I, for one, am interested. May I say that I sympathise with your irritation for these brooding teen-age vampire/demon/were-wolfs (Strike out that which do not apply). I am interested in something with a Steam-punk setting.
  13. One last spot open!

    If I have failed, by mistake, to contact any of you lovely people through PM, give me a nudge please.
  14. Thanks to everyone who asked by now, there are two spots I want to fill at present. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Do not hesitate to send me ideas. :)
  15. One spot left!
  16. If that spot is still open I would be willing to give it a shot!
  17. One more spot, sweetlings, and I shall close the thread for now.
  18. One more spot friends and happy New Year!
  19. Hm.

    If you have a spot open, I wouldn't mind discussing this or that.

    Cheers and Happy New Years and all that.
  20. Still looking, my friends!
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