Lady Gaga is amazing!

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    I think this is such a beautiful example that doing crazy fucking costumes and trendy pop music doesn't mean an artist isn't still an AMAZING talent.

    Although I think seeing her all Princessy was way more shocking than her weird outfits. XD
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  3. This is excellent. Didn't expect "The Sound of Music" to begin playing. Already enjoy Lady Gaga, but this seems to go back to what she was doing before The Fame Monster. Stage music and the such.
  4. All I could think
  5. Wow, that is pretty amazing.
  6. I've always loved her ever since I watched a video of her doing one of her songs acapella. Her voice is amazing, no matter what she sings.
  7. Gotta love Gaga.
  8. This is very beautifully done. Really shows that she's not just some pageant but an actual artist.

    And like Diana said, she's in a dress and normal looking, which throws me off something fierce. I've never seen this much of her face at any one time in all my life.

    The song melted my goddamn face off though.
  9. How can we be sure that even WAS Gaga?

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  10. Outstanding performance, definitely.

    I still find most Lady Gaga stuff to be "meh" though.
  11. How can we be sure YOU are even Asmodeus, and not just some net creep who hijacked his account after he stepped down as Mod?
  12. It just means she's a sell-out :D

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, I mean let's be honest here; I would do it given the chance. Still, I wish she'd do more with her talent. I mean, this right here is pretty good stuff
  13. I wish YOU'D do more with your talent.

    *pushes Kestrel over*

  14. Found this a few years ago, excellent bit before the Fame Monster. Bach when she was still Stefani.​
  15. He makes a good point.

    She makes a good point.
  16. Sell-out how?
    She's always been a pop idol.
  17. Nobody's always been a pop-idol :P

    But let me rephrase this; I would personally prefer it if Lady Gaga focused her talents on other projects like the one shown in this video, rather than create low-brow pop-music.

    Does that make more sense?
  18. Yes. And that might've been her plan all along - to first make microwave music and then focus her talent on music of a "higher standard" once she'd established herself.

    It would've made more sense to call her a sell out if she'd make "underground" music before her Po-Po-Po-Po-Po-Po-Pokerface hit was released.
  19. Yeah. She ain't no Tegan and Sara.
  20. I think someone threw me an interview saying something like that way back. She's pretty established by now, though.

    Also I think we have a small difference in our definition of selling out.
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