Lady And The Tramp

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  1. It was a cold winter’s night in London. The wind howling as old news papers, crisp packets and other litter blow across the street. A few street lamps are lit up, most have been damaged by vandals or bulbs just never replaced. One of the street lights near a small railway tunnel buzzes and flickers on and off. Under the railway tunnel lays a guy, early 20's, shivering under a thin blue tatted blanket. His think hair bushy and over grown, the stubble on his face getting thicker as he has not had a shave for weeks. The guy takes a deep breath and smells the rubbish from the torn rubbish bags at the other end of the tunnel, the smell of urine from people who use the tunnel to pee in on drunken nights out. The guy blows out a sneeze which echoes through out the tunnel, he uses his rough, dry hands to cover his month and nose. The guy looks to the opening end of the tunnel, snow flakes start to fall and blow around in the cold wind.

    Head lights approach the opening end of the tunnel, the guy screws up his tired eyes as the bright lights beam in his face. The head lights dim, a very clean, new looking car with black side windows pulls up. The engine so quiet and smooth it’s like its not running at all. The rear door opens, black high heals stomp to the floor, one then the other, as the rear door closes the guy sees more, black tight leggings, a short leather jacket covering a dark top, a very beautiful posh looking woman with long black hair. As she walks over to him, a driver sits in the car in what looks like a black suite, he’s watching her every move. As she walks over to the guy who’s laid in his thin blue cover, the guy notices her gold rings, shiny bracelets and gold necklace with a diamond dangling on it. She stands tall in front of him and says

    "What’s your name?"

    The guy: "Jame..its James”

    The women says: "Maria, please to meet you Jame's"

    Jame's shivers as the coldness start to get to him more as the snow falls heavier.

    "Maria": "you look awfully cold Jame's, Please, get in"

    As Maria opens the car door Jame's feels the heat from in side the car, it feels nice, he can not resist

    Jame's: "Are...Are you sure miss?”

    Maria: "Yes, Do as you’re told and get in!”

    James struggles to get on to his feet as he try’s to move his stiff legs and body. The women gets in the car and waits for jame's to make he’s way over, he grabs the door and pulls him self inside. Although he knew he smelt really bad, Maria and the driver never said anything. James felt very relaxed to sit in a nice warm comfy chair, he never thought to question what was happening and why.